Pregnancy loss

The loss of a baby is a devastating thing – for the mother, but also for the family and the wider community. Find out about what care and support is needed.


Miscarriages - symptoms, causes and how to cope

Sadly, miscarriage is very common – one in four women who become pregnant miscarry at least once. Late miscarriage is less common – but still heartbreaking. Find out what the signs are – and how to cope with it.

Supporting someone after the loss of a baby

It can be very difficult to know what to say or do when someone you know has been affected by such a tragedy – whether it's a stillbirth or miscarriage. Here are some ways to help you both cope with it.


A stillbirth is when a baby sadly dies after 24 weeks of pregnancy. The most important thing in the immediate aftermath is to treat yourself with kindness and seek support wherever you feel most able – and there is a wealth of support out there.

The Mumsnet Miscarriage Care campaign

The Mumsnet Miscarriage Care campaign aims to ensure that all miscarrying women get the good, respectful, empathetic care that they need.