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The best pillows according to Mumsnet users

Did you know that the right pillow could be the key to unlocking a deeper, healthier level of sleep? If your Fitbit has been hinting that you don’t get enough REM sleep or you always seem to wake up tired, it might be time to switch things up. 

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 2, 2022

Girl smiling with pillows

Just like shopping for a mattress, you should think about your usual sleeping position, desired firmness and any aches or pains you’ve been experiencing. Take these into account when buying a pillow to give yourself the best chance of finding one that will support your posture, ease snoring or improve the quality of sleep you get every time you hit the hay.

Read on for the best pillows - as chosen by Mumsnetters.

1. ZenPur Snoring Relief Memory Foam Neck Pillow

“I bought my son this bamboo pillow from Amazon (he's a side sleeper who suffers from neck aches) and he's doing very well with it. It offers orthopaedic neck support and, having rested my head on it when it first arrived, I'd say it's very comfortable too.”

This ZenPur memory foam pillow is designed to cradle your neck, which is usually put under extra strain when you sleep on your side. Thanks to its unique ergonomic design, when you lay down it aligns your neck and spine, relieving pressure points and strain. It even helps to ease snoring so your other half can benefit too. With the support this pillow provides, you can wake up feeling refreshed, pain-free and ready to take on the day.

Price: £37

2. John Lewis Synthetic Soft Touch Pillow

“I really suffered from neck pain but this pillow from John Lewis has helped me hugely.”

It may not be memory foam, but this medium/firm pillow from John Lewis is designed with both side and back sleepers in mind. Like the ZenPur option, it helps to keep your spine straight and comfortable, making your sleep more fluid and less disturbed. Plus, its microfibre cover is extra soft and plump for added ‘ahhhh’.

Price: £10

3. Soak and Sleep Luxury Silk Pillow

“I have a silk-filled pillow from Soak and Sleep. It’s firm and non-poofy. It doesn’t give me a sweaty scalp like others do. I love it.”

Mumsnetters like this silk pillow from Soak and Sleep because it’s both moisture wicking and ideal for allergy sufferers. Moving from side to side in your sleep also puts extra pressure on your hair follicles, causing tugging, friction and your scalp to overheat.

Having a silk-filled pillow like this one will help with the overheating but if you really want to treat your hair, you could also invest in a silk pillow cover. Your hair will glide instead of pull as you change positions so you’ll wake up tangle-free, cool, supported and well rested all at once.

Price: From: £75

4. Tempur Original Memory Foam Pillow, £99

“I have a Tempur ‘Original’ pillow. It's incredible. If I ever lost it, I would buy another one. I've even been known to take it with me when I travel for work. I used to be a pillow-cuddler but with this one, I sleep in a much more still and natural position.”

Filled with micro-cushions, this speciality memory foam pillow by Tempur provides excellent support, softness and balance while you sleep. It’s made from the same material that makes their mattresses great, giving you access to complete comfort all night long no matter what your sleeping position is or how many shapes you make in a bid to get cosy.

Price: £95

5. Dunelm Feels Like Memory Foam Pillow

“We have some of these from Dunelm and we sleep on them every night. They’re great. I used to suffer from chronic neck and shoulder ache from using computers all day but using this has cured it.”

Most suited to those of you who sleep on your side, this pillow from Dunelm may not technically be memory foam, but it certainly acts like it and Mumsnetters say it works just as well, if not better at providing pressure relief. Plus, at £18, it’s a solid, more affordable alternative.

Price: £18

6. Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow

“I highly recommend the Silentnight anti-snore pillow. It really works and is not too different from a regular pillow.”

“Definitely invest in an anti-snore pillow like this one. I don't think they are very expensive and they do work (can anyone tell I have a husband who snores?).”

If there’s one anti-snore pillow that got Mumsnetters talking, it’s this one from Silentnight. Designed for front and back sleepers, it offers orthopaedic support to both the head and neck, encouraging clearer breathing. If you have a loud sleeper as a loved one, try them with this. After all, at just £10 it’s a small price to pay for a silent night.

Price: £10

7. Mamas and Papas Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow

“I've got a Mamas & Papas own-brand pregnancy pillow and I love it.”

Another favourite is the Mamas & Papas pregnancy pillow. Mumsnetters recommend this one because it can be used for sleeping, bottle-feeding, resting and breastfeeding – or even just general body support. The cover is soft to the touch, the cushioning moulds to your shape so it will hug your bump, back and knees comfortably, while the narrow design makes it easy to store and manoeuvre.

Price: £39

8. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

“I have the most amazing travel pillow, which was recommended to me by a friend. It has been life-changing. It’s really comfy and supportive on flights – now six of my friends have one and love them as much as I do! I never thought a neck pillow would be this good.”

You’re at the airport. You see a store selling travel pillows and, on a whim, you decide you really need one – after all, you’re flying long haul. Five hours in and you’re not impressed. It’s heavy, pushes you forward too much and your neck aches. Well, it seems like Mumnetters understand this agony all too well, until now.

This Evolution Classic Pillow claims to be the first travel pillow made from high-quality memory foam. Mumsnetters say it does everything you need it to be and more. It supports your neck without putting you in an awkward angle, causing discomfort and neck strain. It even comes with a media pouch, which will fit your phone for hands-free listening.

Price: £29.99

9. Soak and Sleep Travel Pillow

“I don't like solid neck pillows as I find they push my head forward and down as well as being too hard and rigid. I have this one from Soak and Sleep that weighs next to nothing and rolls up quite small. It's beautifully soft and malleable.”

If you’re looking for a travel pillow that looks more like a pillow and less like a neck brace, try this one from Soak and Sleep. Its compact design makes for easy packing, so you can sleep soundly wherever you go, whether you’re away for business, pleasure or both. It’s designed to provide solid neck support without being too thin or too bulky.

If you don’t tend to sleep well in hotel rooms and need something more tailored to your needs, this one could be a good happy medium. Take it camping, roll it up in your backpack and sleep soundly, always.

Price: £14

10. This Works Sleep Pillow Spray

“I've been using This Works sleep pillow spray and I love it.”

“This Works is amazing!”

When you’re feeling anxious or have a lot on your mind, counting sheep doesn’t always do the job. That’s where sleep sprays come in handy. Usually lavender scented, they work by calming your senses and slowing your breathing to a relaxed state, helping you to drift off soundly. Having something lovely to smell and breathe in can distract you from your thoughts and Mumsnetters particularly like the This Works pillow spray.

Price: £19.50

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