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Mumsnet Employee Parental Leave Policy

We know that family comes first. No parent who works at Mumsnet has to pretend that their children don’t exist, and if you work here we promise you’ll never have to miss a school sports day (unless you want to).

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Apr 17, 2024

Mumsnet parental leave policy

Because we have the biggest and best focus group of parents in the form of our millions of users, we also know what helps parents to smash it at work. Some of us want non-standard working patterns or job shares. Some want to schedule meetings in core hours only or be able to join meetings remotely. Some want to just go to work and leave all thoughts of childcare behind for a few glorious hours.

Committed employees, whether new mothers or new fathers, need financial support through the early months. We need to know our line manager is going to be sympathetic and practical, open to ad-hoc requests when things get tricky, and will take our personal circumstances into account. Treating parents well is a core issue for us. Of course we want to hire talented people and hang on to them for dear life, but this isn’t only about good business practice. Far-sighted and equitable parental and flexibility policies help to close the gender pay gap, address the motherhood penalty, improve gender balance within organisations and across sectors, revolutionise the way domestic work is shared within households, enable fathers to take the fullest possible roles in their children’s lives, and allow all kinds of parents in all kinds of families - that is to say, Mumsnet’s users - to be happier and more fulfilled.

Alongside all the statutory benefits you’re entitled to, we offer:

Equal, enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption paid leave for qualifying employees

If you’ve worked with us for 12 months or more prior to conception, whether you’re a new mother or a new father, you’re entitled to our enhanced parental pay: in addition to statutory entitlements, you will receive 12 weeks paid leave at 90% of your salary.

Flexibility wherever possible

We’ll always consider any request to work flexibly seriously and try to adapt if we possibly can. If you need flexibility, just let us know.

 Keeping in touch days

You can keep in touch by coming in on designated days through your maternity, paternity or adoption leave, if you want to.