Best maternity and nursing bras 2018

We tested 16 of the UK's top maternity bras, and the runaway winner was the Emma Jane Mia. We loved its high levels of both support and comfort, as well as its reasonable price tag, and found it ticked all the boxes for a maternity or nursing bra.

Best Maternity Bra 2018

Emma Jane Mia

Maternity bras are simply more supportive (and hopefully, comfortable) versions of regular bras. Features include wider straps, a cotton lining, extra hooks and eyes on the band, and the cups don't tend to be underwired.

There are a lot of maternity bras out there – so it's important you choose the right type, and size. To do so, it's best to get fitted professionally throughout your pregnancy, due to your changing shape and size. Most women switch to a maternity bra at around 8-10 weeks.

There are a few different types of maternity bra, depending on when or what you'll be using it for. These include:

  • Regular maternity bras
  • Nursing bras – the same as a normal maternity bra, just with clasps or panels for easy access to nipples for breastfeeding
  • Sports maternity bras – usually have a T-back design and firmer straps to give you more support
  • Maternity or nursing bra tops – these combine a nursing bra with a tank top.

Still not sure where to start? Take a look at our Buyer's Guide for more information.

After weeks of lengthy research and thorough testing of the best maternity and nursing bras around, we decided that the Emma Jane Mia provided the best value for most mothers.

It’s an absolute all-rounder and scored highly across the board. What is particularly special about this bra is the excellent support, comfort and shape it offers.

The Emma Jane Mia (£17.50 on ASOS) is a nursing bra so can be used from pregnancy and beyond, and is adjustable for inevitable changes in breast size. While it may look a little plain, this bra really does the job for its bargain price tag.


  • Flexible sizing for changes in breast size
  • Breathable and soft material to stop overheating and protect sensitive nipples
  • Good coverage of the breast; no side boob or bra showing through the armhole


  • Not padded, so no cold nipple defence
  • Does not go up to larger bust sizes

Price: £17.50 from ASOS

Sizes: 32-38 B-F Cups

All prices on this page correct at time of writing

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How we tested

We scoured the Mumsnet Talk boards, and the rest of the internet, for the most popular maternity and nursing bras on the market and looked at which ones were being rated highly – including some of the very newest products around. From there we came up with a list of the bras we wanted to test.

Each of the maternity and/or nursing bras was thoroughly tested over a period of two months. Our testing included both daytime wear and use overnight while sleeping. We made sure to cover a variety of uses including wear during pregnancy yoga and light exercise. Read more about the test

With all this in mind, we awarded the Emma Jane Mia Best Maternity Bra 2018.

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More Mumsnet Best maternity bras

M&s bralet on model

Best Bra for Pregnancy 2018

M&S Louisa Lace Bralet

We found that a lot of women opt to continue using regular bras during the pregnancy journey, so we made sure to include these in our testing. One of those that came out top was the Louisa Lace – for its very comfortable fit at a very affordable price.

Retailing at less than any other leading maternity bra on the market, The M&S Louisa Lace bralet (£9.50 from M&S) has a thick chest band which prevents any pinching on your sides and chest and the low neckline sits nicely under a lower-cut top. The bralet does however come in clothes sizes rather than bra sizes which means a fitting is definitely required to get the right size and support.

  • Mesh inner lining soft on delicate areas
  • Sizes: 8-18 (dress size)

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Woman wearing mumba maya freedom bra nursing a baby

Best Maternity Bra for Breastfeeding 2018

Mumba Maya Freedom Bra

If you choose to breastfeed, it can help to have a bra that makes feeding as easy as it can. The Maya Freedom has been specifically designed with this in mind – from the soft fabric to its feeding clips reminders.

While The Mumba Maya Freedom Bra (£34.99 from Ebay) is very simple in style, it more than makes up for that in levels of comfort. Its double-layered seamless fabric and elastication make it very unlikely to pinch or irritate, and the adjustable chest band is well padded and feels gentle on your back.

  • Soft materials suitable for sensitive or irritated skin
  • Feeding clips that remind you which side you are feeding on

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Hot milk show off luxe maternity bra

Best Bra for Non-Wired Support 2018

Hot Milk Show Off Luxe

It's not too much to ask to get great support and style in a maternity bra. As a non-wired beautifully-designed nylon silk bra, the Show Off Luxe does just that. It also provides a lovely silhouette, even among our larger-breasted testers.

The Hot Milk Show Off Luxe (£35.95 from Hot Milk) is a snug and secure fit, which with bras is the payoff for great support and lift. The soft fabric lining does stop it from pinching or squishing, so it's still comfortable. It's also fitted with simple feeding clips and a discretion panel along the neckline so you have some coverage when the drop-cup is down.

  • A-H cup sizes
  • Non-wired soft cup
  • Elasticated across the top of the cup to allow for growth

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Hot milk temptation maternity bra

Best Maternity Bra for Style 2018

Hot Milk Temptation

If you're after a bit of luxury and a boost in what can be a trying time, a stylish maternity bra might be just the ticket. With its chic lace overlay, the Temptation certainly looks great. Also, unlike most other bras we tested, this nursing bra is designed to grow with the wearer.

In addition, The Hot Milk Temptation (£45.95 from Hot Milk) is both supportive and comfortable due to its flexi-wire and elasticated lining, and the absence of padding.

  • A-H cup sizes
  • Flexi-wired – wired bra designed to support your bust and not dig in
  • Fitted with feeding clips, can be used one-handed

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How we test

We've put hundreds of products through our exhaustive testing process, to produce reviews that are accurate, honest and trustworthy. Here's what we did to test maternity and nursing bras to find the best of the best.

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