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Best mattress toppers for 2022 - tried and tested by Mumsnet users

A mattress topper can make a real difference to your bed and quality of sleep. With hundreds to choose from, we’ve researched what’s out there and put together a list of the very best mattress toppers to buy right now.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 22, 2022

Mattress toppers

If sleep is a priority for you (and we’d be surprised to find a parent for whom it isn't a priority), a mattress topper can make all the difference. 

You might want a softer feel or a warmer bed, or just something that stops you from feeling the springs in your on-its-last-legs mattress. The right mattress topper can do all of those things and more.

From traditional duck-and-goose feather toppers to more modern memory-foam styles, there are hundreds of mattress toppers to choose from and models to suit every purse too. So we’ve saved you the legwork by rounding up the best of what’s on the market right now. 

How we chose our recommendations

Before we began our search for the best products, we sought advice from sleep experts on what a mattress topper should do and how to choose the best one for you. 

The Sleep Advisors say that a mattress topper can not only enhance the feel of your mattress but also extend its life: “Despite not being necessary, a mattress topper can help keep you cosy, regulate your body temperature and provide additional support during sleep. Also, if you choose your mattress topper well, it can extend your mattress’ life for a couple more years.” They advise becoming familiar with the various types of mattress topper to find out which one will do the job you want it to do. 

We next headed for Mumsnet’s forums to find out what sleep issues Mumsnetters were commonly having and which mattress toppers had worked for them… or not. 

Armed with that information, we thoroughly researched the market, looking at bestsellers and customer reviews over time, and also studying other independent expert review websites including Which? to take a poll of which brands performed best in testing.

From there, we pooled all the best products and cross-referenced our findings to come up with this final shortlist.

Here are the 10 best mattress toppers to buy in 2022.

1. Best overall mattress topper: Eve Sleep Mattress Topper

Eve mattress cover

Price: From £199 | Buy now from Eve Sleep

“It's brilliant and our bed feels amazing. Best money I ever spent.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user dotdotdotmustdash)

Whether you want some extra squish to your sleep or just want to extend the life of your current mattress, the Eve Sleep Mattress Topper is a simple solution. 

The topper is created from a durable 3cm-thick base foam with a 2cm-layer of open cell foam on top, which together offer lots of support for those who like a slightly firm mattress feel. The base foam is the same material used in the original Eve mattress, so if you’re a fan of that then you’ll know you’ll sleep well on this.

And if you really had your heart set on a memory foam mattress but don’t have the budget for it, this is a more purse-friendly way to bag yourself the same sort of support. Owners of the Eve topper say it’s also great at reducing the movement you feel from your sleeping partner during the night. 

It’s brilliant at keeping sleepers cool too, so is a great choice for anyone going through the menopause. Eve says it’s 30% more breathable than traditional memory foam, which can feel sticky if you’re a hot sleeper.

The foam wicks away moisture and releases it into the air, so you never have to wake up sweaty. We like the fact that the top cover zips off and can be thrown in the washing machine when you want to freshen up your bedding too.

Elastic straps at both ends keep the Eve topper firmly in place on your bed and you can use them to keep it rolled up if you’re storing or moving it. Eve offers a no-quibble 30-days return policy so you’ve nothing to lose by trying it out, and the mattress topper comes with a two-year guarantee to boot.


  • Great support
  • Extends the life of an old mattress
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Washable, removable cover


  • Too firm for some

Key specs

  • Type: Memory foam
  • Thickness: 5cm
  • Fill material: Foam (polyester and polypropylene)
  • Sizes: Single, small double, double, king, superking
  • Warranty: 2 years and 30-day money-back guarantee (Eve will collect the mattress topper and refund you if you don’t like it)

2. Best budget mattress topper: High Living Microfibre Mattress Topper

High Living mattress topper

Price: From £31.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“I just bought this one from Amazon and it's lovely - really comfortable.” (Rated by Mumsnet user happy97)

For a quick and cheap improvement to a mattress that’s past its best, you can’t go far wrong with this hollowfibre mattress topper from High Living for Amazon. 

It’s incredibly thick at 10cm, though some reviews claim it doesn’t feel that thick straight out of the box - it might need a good shake - and squishes down a lot as soon as you lie on it.

But, there’s no getting away from it - this mattress topper makes a huge difference in terms of comfort, particularly if you’re starting to feel springs through your mattress. 

The polyester hollowfibre filling isn’t as supportive as some memory foam mattresses, but it’s lovely and thick and the topper is baffle-box stitched to keep all the filling spread evenly across the topper. Four straps slip under the mattress itself to keep the topper firmly in place.

The topper is made from hypoallergenic materials and can go in the washing machine too, so it’s easy to care for and is also a good choice for allergy sufferers. 


  • Good price
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine-washable


  • Some reviews say it’s not as thick as advertised

Key specs

  • Type: Hollowfibre polyester
  • Thickness: 10cm
  • Fill material: Virgin hollowfibre
  • Sizes: Single, double, king, superking
  • Warranty: None listed

3. Best mattress topper for back pain: John Lewis & Partners Synthetic Soft Touch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

John Lewis mattress topper

Price: From £75 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

“I got ours from John Lewis – they have made a huge difference to the beds and the quality of sleep!” (Recommended by Mumsnet user MrsJohnDeere)

With a luxury feel and lots of practical features, this 6cm-thick topper from bedding gurus John Lewis & Partners is a great buy and gets rave reviews everywhere. 

Like the Eve Sleep Mattress Topper, it’s made from two layers, but has a softer, less structured feel than its pricier competitor. A firmer base layer offers a bit of support and the upper layer is there to add comfort. Mumsnetters say it’s great for anyone who tends to wake with aches and pains due to the combination of support and comfort. 

It has a lovely hotel feel but is made from polyester rather than feather, making it suitable for allergy sufferers. The top layer can be removed, washed at 40 degrees and even tumble-dried. 

Elastic straps keep it steady on the bed, and it’s easy to fold and store away. It’s worth knowing, however, that customer reviews say it’s very warm. So, if you’re generally cold in bed, you’ll find it nice and snug but, if you tend to run hot, you might prefer something like the Eve topper that will help keep you cool throughout the night.


  • Great price
  • Machine-washable and tumble dries


  • Can feel too warm for some

Key specs

  • Type: Synthetic
  • Thickness: 6cm
  • Fill material: polyester
  • Sizes: Single, small double, double, king, superking
  • Warranty: 2 years

4. Best mattress topper for pregnancy: Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper

Silentnight topper

Price: From £33.10 | Buy now from Amazon

This super-comfy topper from Silentnight is a great buy for pregnancy or as a topper for a spare room. It’s not going to break the bank, but offers instant comfort that rivals its more expensive counterparts. 

It’s super lightweight and thinner than some so it would store away easily if you only wanted to use it for a short time. As well as feeling soft and squishy, it’s also great for keeping you cooler at night, which is often an issue in pregnancy.

The air mesh panels on the side allow air to circulate throughout the night. It’s also hypoallergenic so won’t irritate sensitive pregnancy skin.

Straps keep the topper in place on the bed and the topper itself is stitched to prevent the filling from moving around and becoming lumpy. We also like the fact that it can be bunged in the washing machine, and both reviewers and Mumsnetters say it dries really fast, making it a very practical choice for most families. 


  • Very good price
  • Available in a thicker size
  • Machine-washable


Key specs

  • Type: Hollowfibre
  • Thickness: 3cm
  • Fill material: Polyester
  • Sizes: Single, double, king, superking
  • Warranty: 2 years

5. Best mattress topper for hard mattresses: Teddy Bear Cream Mattress Enhancer

Dunelm Teddy Bear

Price: From £11.20 | Buy now from Dunelm

“I had a teddy bear mattress protector and it was lovely - thick and comfy, though it started to make me too warm a few years ago." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Oldraver)

If what you really want is just a bit of warmth and comfort, the Teddy Bear Mattress Enchancer from Dunelm will make any bed feel like home.

It’s a big favourite of Mumsnetters who swear by its comforting texture and were impressed by the price too.

Made from 100% polyester, the topper has a soft topside to keep you toasty in winter and the underside is a microfibre fleece for cooling you on stickier summer nights. Its polyester filling makes it really easy to care for and it washes and dries (on cool) with not a hint of fuss, while elasticated corner straps hold it firmly to your mattress.


  • Reversible to be warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Machine-washable
  • Good price


  • Not as supportive as some of the foam mattress toppers

Key specs

  • Type: Teddy bear
  • Thickness: 3cm
  • Fill material: Polyester
  • Sizes: Single, double, king
  • Warranty: None listed

6. Best natural mattress topper: Soak & Sleep New Zealand Wool Mattress Topper

Soak and Sleep topper

Price: From £77 | Buy now from Soak & Sleep

If you like the idea of sleeping on natural and sustainable materials, wool is a good option. It doesn’t have the associated allergy issues that feathers can bring, and has the benefit of being naturally warm when it’s cold and cooling when it’s hot, so it’s great if you’re menopausal or generally run hot or cold at night.

Because it creates a bit of a microclimate, wool also means you can happily share a bed with someone who is a 'cold’ person, even if you’re a ‘hot’ type, and vice versa.

The cover is made from unbleached cotton and is filled with a 3cm layer of pure New Zealand Mitchell wool, which is both sustainable and recyclable. Soak & Sleep also claims that sleeping on wool increases REM sleep quality by 25%. Wool also tends to repel dust mites, so this is a good choice for sneezy, snuffly types. 

A flat finish means you can sleep comfortably in any position and the wool inside is carded, with a quilted finish on the outside to keep it spread evenly, though occasionally rotating the topper and giving it a pat and a plump will help keep it at its best.

It's washable at 30 degrees but it’s best to have it washed professionally. Soak & Sleep recommend you use a cover to protect it on the bed too.

This mattress topper is certainly at the top end of the market but, considering the beautiful natural materials used, we think it’s a fair price. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Sustainable materials


  • Pricey
  • Best washed professionally

Key specs

  • Type: Natural fibre
  • Thickness: 3cm
  • Fill material: Wool
  • Sizes: Single, small single, double, small double, king, superking, emperor. Soak & Sleep also do cot bed and Euro bed sizes
  • Warranty: 5 years

7. Best soft mattress topper: Argos Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Soft mattress topper

Price: From £45 | Buy now from Argos

“I love it. Memory foam like an egg box pointy pattern. The best one ever. My bed feels amazing now.” (Rated by Mumsnet user tinkerbellone)

This is a really good price for a memory foam mattress topper and many Mumsnetters say it has improved their sleep, bringing a soft, squishy feel to older mattresses that are past their best. It’s especially good if you’re starting to feel the springs through your mattress but can’t stretch to a new one just yet.

The 5cm-thick memory foam offers good support and is heat-responsive, so you shouldn't get sweaty in bed, and gently supports your body by moulding to your shape. The ‘egg box’ texture is reported to be super-comfy too.

The topper comes with a soft, washable microfibre cover and there are elastic corner straps to prevent it from moving around under your bed sheets, though some reviewers say their topper ends up pushed off the edge of the bed by morning.


  • Great price
  • Heat-responsive
  • Includes a washable cover


  • Has straps but some reviews suggests the topper still moves about a bit

Key specs

  • Type: Memory foam
  • Thickness: 5cm
  • Fill material: Polyester foam
  • Sizes: Single, double, king
  • Warranty: None listed

8. Best luxury mattress topper: The White Company Platinum Goose Down Mattress Topper

The White Company mattress topper

Price: From £114 (was from £190) | Buy now from The White Company

Mumsnetters are generally big fans of The White Company, in particular their bedding, so if you prioritise your sleep above all else, this mattress topper really is like sleeping on a cloud. 

It's made from a thick base layer of white goose feathers for support, with a top layer of goose down and plump goose feather for gentle comfort. The cover is 300-thread-count cotton, carefully stitched to prevent the filling from flattening or moving around, and robust straps keep it in place on your mattress. The top layer can be easily detached and washed at 60 degrees, though The White Company recommends professional laundering if you can. 

It must be noted that this topper is a lot more expensive than others on the market, but it really is excellent quality. If you already have a decent mattress that has a tendency to feels too firm, this topper would be the fluffy, puffy icing on the cake. 


  • Supremely comfortable
  • Top layer washes at 60 for hygiene


  • Very expensive, particularly in the larger sizes
  • Requires a fair amount of looking after
  • Might not be suitable for allergy sufferers

Key specs

  • Type: Feather and down
  • Thickness: 5cm
  • Fill material: Goose feather
  • Sizes: Single, double, king, superking, emperor
  • Warranty: None listed

9. Best bamboo mattress topper: Panda The Topper

Panda The Topper

Price: From £94.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“We just bought a Panda topper and I'm now literally so excited to go to bed every night. Highly recommend it. Let it air overnight before you use it though. You also get a 30-day no questions asked return period.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user LegArmpits)

Experts and consumers rave about the Panda topper in recent months and it’s easy to see why. Those with back and orthopaedic problems have found enormous relief in its supportive comfort and its gel-infused memory foam is great at keeping you cool in bed. 

The memory foam gently contours to your body, which is what makes it so supportive. A bamboo cover wicks away moisture and is removable for washing, and the memory foam is injected with a cooling gel that's designed to regulate your temperature. Reviews suggest that actually, like many memory foam mattress toppers, it's still a little warmer than usual, but it’s a good compromise nonetheless. 

We were impressed by the fact that it not only has straps to keep it steady, but the base also has micro-silicone grips to stop it from slipping about - something that can be a problem with some of the cheaper mattress toppers around. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cooling feel
  • Supportive
  • Great for those with back pain


  • No single bed option
  • Some reviews say the memory foam still feels warm

Key specs

  • Type: Memory foam
  • Thickness: 5cm
  • Fill material: Gel-infused memory foam
  • Sizes: Small double, double, king (plus EU sizes)
  • Warranty: 10 years (plus a 30-day no-quibble exchange)

10. Best feather mattress topper: M&S Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper

M&S mattress topper

Price: From £79 | Buy now from M&S

If you have your heart set on a luxurious feather mattress topper but can’t stretch to The White Company's version, this topper from M&S is an ideal alternative.

Lightweight and billed as a mattress enhancer rather than a topper, it adds a bit of extra cosiness when you're tucked up in bed. 

It has a cotton down-proof cover that stops the feathers from escaping or moving about, and a set of robust straps keep it in place on the mattress. 

Our one complaint is that, in care terms, it’s even less flexible than The White Company Platinum Goose Down Topper. It can’t be washed, tumble-dried or dry-cleaned, and the cover isn't removable either. So if you’re a parent to a potty training toddler who often ends up sneaking into your bed in the night, you might want to consider something a bit more robust when it comes to cleaning.

Other than that though, this mattress topper gives a lovely soft feel to any not-so-nice mattresses for a not-so-outrageous price at all. 


  • Soft and light so easy to store
  • Well-priced for a feather mattress topper


  • Can’t be washed
  • No cover

Key specs

  • Type: Feather and down enhancer
  • Thickness: Not listed
  • Fill material: Duck feather and down
  • Sizes: Single, double, king, superking
  • Warranty: None listed

Does a mattress topper really help?  

Yes, it really can. Not only can a good mattress topper change the feel of your mattress, adding support and comfort where you need it most, it can also extend the life of your mattress.

A mattress topper is no replacement for a mattress that’s totally had it, but it might help you get another couple of years out of a mattress that's past its best.

Some people with back or hip pain find certain mattress toppers can help. They can also help you to feel warmer or cooler in bed, which is why many invest in one during pregnancy to keep them cool or to help with hot, sweaty nights during menopause.

Lots of Mumsnetters say that a mattress topper made the difference between dreading getting into bed and looking forward to it all day long. 

What's the difference between a mattress pad, mattress topper and mattress protector?

Sleep experts at The Sleep Foundation say, “The terms 'mattress pad' and 'mattress topper' are often used interchangeably, but this is technically incorrect. Pads are thinner than toppers and designed to provide minor comfort adjustments. Some pads are also waterproof and can protect the mattress from liquid damage. Toppers provide a significant comfort adjustment, and are almost never waterproof.” 

It’s a similar difference with a mattress protector - the clue is in the name. A protector is only there to protect the mattress and lengthen its life, while a topper will also offer extra comfort and support. You might also see mattress toppers referred to as ‘mattress enhancers,’ which are essentially the same thing. 

What are the different types of mattress topper? 

Memory foam

A memory foam mattress topper moulds to your body, supporting you in your sleep. If you can’t spring for a memory foam mattress, a topper will give you that supportive feel for much less money. 

Memory foam mattress toppers are generally good for people with bad backs or aching joints and they’re good for reducing motion transfer, solving the issue of wriggly bedfellows.

They can feel a bit hot as they mould around your body. If you’re a hot sleeper, you might like to look at gel foam mattress toppers, which will help keep you cooler.

Feather and down

Stuffed with feathers (usually goose or duck), this type of mattress topper has a soft, pillowy feel and is what a lot of hotels use if that’s what you’re after. It may not be suitable for people with allergies though.


Like feather toppers, wool mattress toppers are all-natural and ideal for those with allergies as dust mites aren’t keen on wool. Wool is great at keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wool mattress toppers tend to last for years, though usually need to be dry cleaned as many can’t go in the washing machine.


Another natural option (latex is made from a liquid found in the rubber tree), latex mattress toppers give a firm feel with a bit of bounce, and help to prevent motion transfer in the same way that memory foam does.


Silk mattress toppers give a luxury feel and repel dust mites so are a great option for allergy sufferers. Silk is also good for regulating body temperature.

Synthetic materials

This includes many types of mattress topper such as hollowfibre (for support) and microfibre (for comfort).

These are mostly made from polyester and are usually cheaper than natural fibre toppers. They can feel much thicker when new but some will eventually lose their height and can become lumpy. On the plus side, you can usually shove them in the washing machine with no concerns.

What type of mattress topper is best?

As with choosing a mattress, it’s less about what’s best and more about what suits you. You might want memory foam mattress topper if you have back problems or need support.

If you want a softer sleep environment, you’d be better off going for feather or polyester fill, which has more of a thick duvet feel. 

How should I choose a mattress topper?

First, think carefully about what you want to change about your mattress. Experts at The Sleep Advisors point out that toppers can do lots of things, but they can’t work miracles.

So if your mattress is saggy in the middle, you really just need a new mattress. If, however, it’s just ageing a bit or you want to change the feel of it, there’s a topper our there for you. Here are a few considerations:

  • Do you need additional support? If so, a memory foam mattress topper can help. Look for orthopaedic toppers and products specifically designed to help with back pain. 
  • Is your mattress the problem? If your mattress is getting uncomfortable and you can feel the springs, a memory foam mattress topper can help as it will smooth out any lumps and bumps beneath. Look for thicker sizes of around 5cm
  • What about temperature? If you feel too hot in bed, remember that a memory foam mattress topper may well increase the heat. Some are designed to be cooling, like the Panda topper we’ve reviewed here, but look for a topper that offers a no-quibble refund if you don’t get on with it. Wool can actually be a great temperature-regulator, keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer. If, on the other hand, you just want to feel cooler, natural fibres and a cotton cover will help. Manmade fibres inside a mattress topper can also be breathable, but look for something that’s a bit thinner and lighter. 
  • Comfort: For a hotel feel, you can’t beat a feather mattress topper, unless you suffer from allergies. In which case, ditch the feathers and look for bamboo or manmade fibres which won’t irritate. 

Once you know what sort of mattress topper you want, you should be able to find a few within your budget. Things to look out for are a nice long guarantee (particularly if you’re going for a more expensive topper), good strong stitching, baffle-box stitching (a grid style that stops the filling from moving about) and really robust-looking straps to slip over the mattress and keep the topper in place.

How thick should a mattress topper be?

It depends on what you want and the materials used. A memory foam mattress topper, for example, won’t need to be thick to offer support. But a general rule of thumb is that the thicker the mattress topper, the more comfort you'll feel. They generally range between 3cm and 5cm.

How much should I spend on a mattress topper?

There’s something for every budget and it’s not always a case of spend more, get better quality. You can buy some really good synthetic mattress toppers for as little as £20 but, if you spend a bit more (around £50-£100), you should notice the difference.

Some of the new memory foam mattresses can cost as much as £1,000 and very plush Hungarian goose down versions will set you back a few hundred.

How should I clean a mattress topper?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your mattress topper. Some need to be dry-cleaned, while others can be put straight in the washing machine or have a removable cover that you can wash to freshen it up.

If your topper is tumble-dryer friendly, add some tumble dryer balls to fluff it up in the machine, or air-dry, turning regularly to ensure the filling is evenly distributed.

Memory foam toppers often can’t be machine-washed, but you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt and spot clean when you need to.

What is the best mattress topper?

The Eve Sleep Mattress Topper is the best mattress topper to buy right now for its all-round support and cooling properties that make for a really sound sleep, no matter your needs. 

Why you should trust us

At Mumsnet, we know a thing or two about sleep and we also know a bit about buying the best and getting the best value for money.

Our consumer writers have decades of experience at tracking down the best brands and products and ensuring they represent best value for money. We also listen carefully to Mumsnet users about their real experiences with each product we recommend because we know that if Mumsnetters are recommending a product, it will have been thoroughly put through its paces.