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Best food processor for blending, chopping and dicing 2023

The best food processors can help you chop, dice, grate and blend your way to delicious family meals. We take a look at the top models, whatever your budget or kitchen size.

By Natasha Gregson | Last updated May 19, 2023

Selection of the best food processors

We updated this guide on 19 May to ensure everything was in stock, up to date, and still the very best of the best.

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen chopping, dicing, and grating ingredients for your family meals? Unlock the full potential of your kitchen with the best food processor, which can help you breeze through food prep in no time. 

Much like the best air fryer and top slow cooker, these clever kitchen appliances will transform the way you prepare meals and introduce you to new cuisines. Say goodbye to tedious prep work and enjoy more time and fun cooking as these clever gadgets take care of the hard work for you, saving you time in the long run.

A food processor may still be something you only get out of the cupboard on special occasions but many people now use them as more of an everyday item. Those that look neat, don’t take up too much space, and have attachments you can simply sling in the dishwasher lend themselves well to this, but there are all sorts of specialist tools and attachments to consider. 

There are hundreds of great food processors on the market that you can treat almost like your own at-home sous chef, but it can be tricky narrowing down which one to choose. Much like a food processor does in the kitchen, we've done the hard work for you, and have taken a look at the best and rounded up the ones that made the final, ahem, cut. Our comprehensive guide features top gadgets, carefully chosen based on industry expert reviews and authentic customer feedback, including recommendations from Mumsnet users, the largest online network of parents in the UK.

Best food processors at a glance

  • Best overall: Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto IQ BN800UK, £170
  • Best budget: Russell Hobbs 24732 Desire Food Processor, £58
  • Best compact: Cuisinart FP8U Easy Prep Pro Blender, £111
  • Best for style: Kitchen Aid 5KFP0919 2.1 Litre Food Processor, £142
  • Best luxury: Magimix 5200XL Premium, £369
  • Best with a large capacity: Bosch MultiTalent 8, £175
  • Best for easy storage: Bosch MCM3501MGB MultiTalent3 Food Processor, £99
  • Best for baking: Sage The Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro 3.7L, £300
  • Best basic: Kenwood FDM302SS MultiPro Compact Food Processor, £120
  • Best value: Tefal Double Force Pro DO821840 Multifunction Food Processor, £127

1. Overall best food processor: Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto IQ BN800UK

Ninja food processor

Price on writing: £170 | Buy now from John Lewis

Key specs

Capacity: 1.8L bowl, 2.1L jug, 700ml cup | Size: H44.5 x W19 x D25 cm | Attachments: 1.8L food processor bowl, 2.1L jug, 700ml cup with lid, pro extractor blade, stacked blade, chopping blade, dough tool, slicing/grating disc | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Three | Power: 1200W

What we like

  • Extremely versatile
  • Attachments all dishwasher safe on top shelf
  • Easy to use

What we don't like

  • Larger than some
  • On the noisier side

What Mumsnet users say

“I have a pretty old Braun food processor but it never comes out of the cupboard since I bought a small Ninja one that came with two jug type bases, one smaller than the other. It’s quick to get out and use, and a doddle to clean.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Darklane)

Our verdict

Ninja is a fairly new kid on the block in terms of food processors but it’s taken the market by storm in recent years. We think this 3-in-1 model with Auto IQ is a really smart piece of kitchen kit. 

In case you’re wondering, the ‘Auto IQ’ bit refers to the smart programmes that were originally developed for the blender market to allow a machine to pulse, blend and pause at all the right times to give the perfect consistency, and the Ninja has several inbuilt programmes for various foodstuffs using Auto IQ. It has blend, chop, mix and puree settings as well as three speeds and a pulse button. 

The three-in-one bit also means that for your money you get a food processor, blender and a personal blender (a cup), which makes it a pretty good value purchase, we think. 

The instructions and controls are very easy to work out and the machine comes with a recipe book to get you started, too. The only place this model lets itself down is on the noise. Not so ‘ninja’ there, sadly. But if you want a really versatile processor with a great blender thrown in, this is a brilliant buy. With one of these on hand, you'll soon be scouring all your best cookbooks to find recipes which make use of it!

2. Best budget food processor: Russell Hobbs 24732 Desire Food Processor

Russell Hobbs food processor

Price on writing: £58 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Capacity: 2.5L bowl, 1.5L blender | Size: 21.4D x 24.7W x 40.4H cm | Attachments: Blender jug, processor jug, chopper, mixer, creamer, dough hook, pusher, slicing/shredding disc | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Two | Power:  600W

What we like

  • Budget price
  • Comes with blender jug

What we don't like

  • Feels less robust than some
  • A little noisy in use

What Mumsnet users say

“I got this one for my sister for Christmas last year (she asked for a food processor) and she has always been quite complimentary about it.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Blondie1984)

"I have a food processor - Russell Hobbs I think - that I use all the time. It's dishwasher friendly and use it for slicing, grating and blending, making falafel, hummus etc. Not a baker so a Magimix and dough hooks etc would be lost on me. Not top of the range but works at treat and no need for heaving a big beast around the kitchen." (Vetted by Mumsnet user Ginger153)

Our verdict

This is a bit of a no-frills model in that it’s not quite as swish and whizzy as some, but you won’t find many food processors for around the £50 mark that do as good a job - and it has a blender jug too.

It does feel a little less ‘expensive’ than some of the pricier models, but it still comes with lots of useful attachments to make quick work of a multitude of chopping and blending jobs. It has two speeds as well as a pulse setting, which gives you control when working, and the creamer disc is good for making smooth soups and sauces like mayonnaise. All the attachments can simply be thrown in the dishwasher, too, making the clean-up job a lot less hassle. 

It might be a budget model, but a lot of thoughtful design has gone into making this matte black budget beauty look pretty cool. It would be welcome on our worktop right alongside the best bread maker.

3. Best compact food processor: Cuisinart FP8U Easy Prep Pro Blender

Cusinart food processor

Price on writing: £111 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Capacity: 1.9L | Size: 19D x 23W x 37.5H cm | Attachments: 0.7l bowl, 1.9l bowl, small chopping blade, large chopping blade, fine grating/slicing disc, medium grating/slicing disc | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Two | Power: 350W

What we like

  • Small footprint
  • Good price

What we don't like

  • Power not as high as some
  • No storage for the blade and discs

What Mumsnet users say

“I have a Cuisinart and it’s excellent. It’s also considerably cheaper and smaller than a Magimix, although I have owned a Magimix before, but now they’re far too expensive which is a shame.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user AlternativePerspective)

Our verdict

If you’re short on cupboard space or want a blender that can stay out and in use at all times, this model from Cuisinart is a clever buy. It’s great at really basic jobs like grating carrots, making pesto etc. so it's handy to have out on the counter, and its nice small footprint means it won’t be in the way - just pop it back in the cupboard next to your pressure cooker and Tupperware when you're done!

The two bowl sizes are useful, so you don’t have to wash up a huge item when you only want to chop a handful of herbs quickly, and the various attachments do a range of different chopping jobs - we’d quite like to have had a dedicated storage box to keep them in to stop them blunting though. All in all, it’s a good purchase as a first food processor or as a basic machine for chopping and dicing and other everyday kitchen jobs.

4. Best food processor for style: Kitchen Aid 5KFP0919 2.1 Litre Food Processor

KitchenAid processor

Price on writing: £142 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Capacity: 2.1L | Size: ‎42H x 19.5W x 19.5D cm | Attachments: 2.1L bowl, dough blade, multipurpose blade, three slice discs | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Two | Power: 350W

What we like

  • Stylish design
  • Relatively quiet
  • Compact size

What we don't like

  • Large families may want a higher capacity
  • Non-slip feet could grip better

What Mumsnet users say

"My husband bought me a KitchenAid one, and so far I'm pretty pleased with it. It's great for pastry, cakes and whipping... It's fairly compact out on the worktop if you've got the height to store it with the gubbins on - mine doesn't fit under our cupboards with the lid on." (Brand tried and tested by Mumsnet user JaneEyre70)

Our verdict

KitchenAid is a brand beloved of Mumsnetters for its excellent quality and stylish, slightly retro good looks. You’d be very happy to have this sturdy food processor sitting proudly on your work surface and it does an excellent job.

A pulse button and two speeds give you all the control you want, and the machine is really easy and intuitive to use and assemble. While it’s impressively powerful for its compact size, it’s actually pretty quiet in use too, so no shouting at your dinner guests over the whirr of the processor. 

We're impressed with the easy, safe storage too; the different discs can be kept and stacked in the processor, so they're easy to find and you won't have to worry about losing them at the back of a kitchen cupboard.

It performs really well; everything from veg to cheese is prepped efficiently, and it's also great at whipping up sauces. However, the capacity is lower than some models which can be tricky when you're prepping a large amount of food. The non-slip feet could be a little grippier, too, so the appliance stays firmly in place, but overall we think this would make a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

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5. Best luxury food processor: Magimix 5200XL Premium

Magimix food processor

Price on writing: £369 | Buy now from John Lewis

Key specs

Capacity: 3.6L | Size: 44.5H x 26W x 26D cm | Attachments: Two grating discs, two slicing discs, two stainless steel Sabatier blades, dough blade, egg whisk, three ABS and BPA-free bowls, three disc creative kit, BlenderMix ring, citrus press with two cones, extra press XL kit | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: One | Power: 1100W

What we like

  • Large capacity, great for bulk cooking
  • Powerful motor
  • Premium design and quality

What we don't like

  • Quite heavy
  • Expensive
  • Small bowls can only be used stacked

What Mumsnet users say

“I have that Magimix. I love it; it’s been used three or four times a week for two years and works as well as the day I got it.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user Lastqueenofscotland)

Our verdict

If you’re looking for the food processor of your dreams, look no further than this rather swanky premium model from Magimix.  

It’s a bit of a beast and feels quite heavy, so you might not want to be lifting it in and out of the cupboards all the time, but we think it deserves a place to call its own on the worktop anyway.  

It comes with three bowls, which stack neatly inside each other - the only downside to this is that the small ones only work inside the biggest one, so if you aren’t careful with spills, you can end up washing all three. But it’s great to have those different sized bowls, so you can as easily whip up a massive batch of bread dough as you can whisk a single egg. The largest bowl is 3.6L so it’s great when you’re cooking for a crowd. It has a plethora of attachments to play with too - 23 in total - so there aren’t many jobs it can’t do.

With 1100W of power, it speeds through heavy-duty work like kneading dough with no problem at all and is lightning fast when it comes to chopping veg. Its sturdiness means it won’t judder all over the counter as you work yet it’s also surprisingly quiet given its power. 

6. Best food processor with a large capacity: Bosch MultiTalent 8

Bosch MultiTalent processor

Price on writing: £175 | Buy now from AO

Key specs

Capacity: 3.9L | Size: H43 x W25 x D30 cm | Attachments: 3.9L bowl, plastic kneading hook, plastic mixing bowl, plastic blender attachment, chips cutting disc, reversible shredding disc, stirrer, reversible slicing disc, stuffer, universal knife, citrus press | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Variable, adjusted with dial | Power: 1,200W

What we like

  • Large capacity
  • Excellent power output
  • Variable speed

What we don't like

  • Requires a lot of storage space

What Mumsnet users say

"I have a Bosch food processor with lots of add ons. Mine is a few years old but this is similar one. The discs I have grate cheese, slice veg and one makes chips - they are short curled chips but still chips. It also has discs for things like cream - it will whip cream in seconds. It has a really fast motor which makes a huge difference." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user sashh)

Our verdict

If you’re cooking for large numbers, power and size are your watchwords and both are delivered in spades by the Bosch MultiTalent. Its 3.9L bowl is one of the biggest we’ve seen and it has a thwacking 1,200W to help it power through whatever you care to throw at it. 

Paired with the dough hook, the large bowl will take care of up to 1.5kg of dough, but it also has lots of attachments including a disc for cutting chips, a whisk to do the job of a stand mixer, and a citrus press, as well as a virtually unbreakable Tritan blender attachment for soups and smoothies. Best of all, it comes with an accessories bag to keep everything together.

In total, this machine has around 50 functions, so whether you’re chopping, kneading, pureeing, grating or mixing, it’s more than up to the job. You can buy additional attachments, too, if you want to extend its use. Thankfully, all those attachments go in the dishwasher and it’s very easy to wash, with no silly nooks and crannies to get clogged up with cake mix. 

Completely variable speed settings and an easy-to-use dial lets you speed up or down as you need and there’s a pulse function, too, as well as an auto-pulse. Meanwhile Smart Tool Detection means the machine automatically works out the ideal speed for each task. Very clever. 

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7. Best easy-to-store food processor: Bosch MCM3501MGB MultiTalent3 Food Processor

Bosch food processor

Price on writing: £99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Capacity: 2.3L | Size: H36.9cm x W26.3cm x D39.7cm | Attachments: 2.3 l mixing bowl, plastic dough tool, whisking disc, 1L liquidiser, grinder, chopper, slicing, grating and beating discs | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Two | Power: 800W

What we like

  • Good functionality
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Stores easily

What we don't like

  • Instructions could be clearer
  • Capacity smaller than some

Our verdict

For a small machine this is pretty multi-functional and, despite having fewer attachments than some more luxury models, it still has 50 functions and won’t crowd out your kitchen cupboards either. We loved the fact that the discs and blades all stack neatly inside the bowl when not in use, too. 

The machine is nice and light so it is easy to get in and out of the cupboard, and can be stored away neatly next to your lunch boxes and Instant Pot when not in use. It also has a small footprint and isn’t too tall, so it tucks neatly into a corner on your worktop, fitting easily under kitchen wall units. 

It’s really easy to put together and intuitive to use, but the instructions could be a little clearer. We love the strong suction cups underneath to prevent it moving around when in use. 

The accessories are dishwasher-proof, so once you’ve finished chopping, blending and mixing, you can chuck it all in the dishwasher without another thought, something that will be music to busy parents' ears!

8. Best food processor for baking: Sage The Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro 3.7L

Sage processor

Price on writing: £300 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Capacity: 3.7L | Size: 45.3D x 60.5W x 31.5H cm | Attachments: Stacked four-blade chopping knife, large and mini bowls, variable slicing disc, storage box with micro-serrated disc, julienne disc, French fry disc, whisking disc, mini blade, dough blade | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Two | Power: 2000W

What we like

  • Excellent power capability
  • Lots of blades and discs
  • Great capacity

What we don't like

  • Pretty expensive
  • Not all parts are dishwasher safe

What Mumsnet users say

“I now have a Sage food processor which cost Father Christmas an arm and a leg a few years ago but it is glorious.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Elphabathegreen)

Our verdict

Bakers and general foodies will love the Sage Kitchen Wizz. More a hobby than a simple kitchen appliance, this clever machine uses precision blades to chop, slice, puree and grate exactly how you want. 

Its dough blade, combined with a powerful motor, is just brilliant at creating elastic dough, whether you're making breads, bakes or pizzas - making this an excellent accompaniment to your bread maker.

But this is no one trick pony, the Sage Wizz is also fabulous for achieving a professional look for a raft of kitchen jobs, such as julienned vegetables and chips. 

The slicing disc has 24 settings so you can adjust it to get exactly the thickness you want, and the feeder tube is wide so you can chuck whole potatoes in and get chips out. For smooth things like soup there’s a quad blade which can pulverise things to a velvet consistency twice as fast as normal.

There’s some smart tech in there, too: an LCD display shows you how long is left to go on your job, and there’s also a multi-directional timer, which counts both up and down - you won’t understand how useful this is until you’ve tried it. Plus, like all Sage appliances, it has understated good looks and will sit well in any kitchen. 

9. Best basic food processor: Kenwood FDM302SS MultiPro Compact Food Processor

Kenwood processor

Price on writing: £120 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Capacity: 2.1L | Size: 23D x 20W x 36.5H cm | Attachments: 2.1 litre bowl, 1.2 litre liquidiser, stainless steel knife blade, slicing and grating discs, dough tool, whisk tool, multi mill | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Two | Power: 800W

What we like

  • Good price
  • Lots of attachments
  • Blender included

What we don't like

  • You need to pay more for the model with inbuilt scales

What Mumsnet users say

“Love mine for baking. I use the sharp blade for 'all-in-one' cakes and the plastic blade for dough/rubbing fat into flour for scones etc. I have also used the slicing functions to make soups occasionally and it works well.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Dotoallasyouwouldbedoneby)

Our verdict

We’ll be honest, you can probably find a cheaper food processor, but we think this one is excellent value. For its relatively modest price tag, it is excellent quality and has loads of great features and extras. 

Firstly, it comes with a blender jug, so you don’t have to choose between blender and food processor. If you make soups or smoothies regularly, this is a real bonus. There’s also a dough hook, whisk, slicing and grating discs and a mill for grinding spices, so it does a fair amount of jobs. 

The machine has rubberised feet to keep it steady on the work surface when in use and generally has a robust, sturdy feel to it. The glass blender jug particularly feels really well-made. 

If you want to spend a little more, Kenwood does a slightly more expensive model of the Multi-Pro which has a built-in scale, useful for baking. But as a family-friendly, well-priced food processor, we think this one is hard to beat. 

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10. Best value food processor: Tefal Double Force Pro DO821840 Multifunction Food Processor

Tefal processor

Price on writing: £127 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Capacity: 3L | Size: 23D x 28W x 40H cm | Attachments: 3L bowl, 2L blending jug, dough tool, whisk, emulsifying tool, chopper, two grating discs | Pulse function: Yes | Power levels: Two | Power: 1000W

What we like

  • Two powerful motors
  • Excellent blender attachment

What we don't like

  • Instructions aren’t terribly comprehensive

Our verdict

Lots of food processors come with a blender attachment these days, and vice versa, but this one offers something a little different. It has two motors - one designed for speed and one for power, which allows it to truly be both a blender and a processor without compromise. It also has six speed options for lots of control.

The Double Force also has an array of attachments to help you knead dough, whisk, emulsify, grate, chop herbs and more.

The generous 3L capacity means you can prep food in bulk and the powerful motors make chopping and whizzing through virtually anything a doddle. And serious consideration has been given to ease of use, with the bowl locking in from either the left or right side, which is handy if you’re left-handed, and the chopper bowl dropping straight onto the middle. Powelix blades are 30% faster and last twice as long, so this powerful little number should be with you and going strong for many years. 

Tefal is a stalwart brand when it comes to kitchen gadgets - they also feature in our best deep fat fryer and best sandwich toaster round-ups, too!

What is a food processor?

A food processor is a nifty appliance that takes care of tedious food prep, including chopping, slicing, and dicing, freeing up your time and hands in the kitchen.

They usually have a big bowl where you chuck in your ingredients, whether it's onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, or even nuts. Then, you hit a button, and voila! The processor whizzes your ingredients around at lightning speed, slicing and dicing them into perfect little pieces. It's like having your very own sous chef to do all the grunt work for you.

Food processors aren't just for chopping veggies, though. You can use them to whip up smooth and creamy hummus, create delicious pesto sauces, or some models even have fancy attachments for grating cheese, kneading dough, and juicing fruits.

What's the difference between a food processor and a blender?

While they do similar jobs, generally speaking, food processors are used for making things that end up solid, such as meatballs, breadcrumbs, pastry etc. and blenders are for things that end up liquid, like soups, sauces and smoothies. Obviously both liquid and solid ingredients can go into both to an extent but it’s about what you want to make. 

Having said that, both food processors and blenders now come with so many attachments, you'll find you can almost get everything you need out of one or the other if you pick carefully, so you need to think about what you want to use it for most. 

It’s also worth remembering that food processors tend to have bigger bowls so are better for blitzing larger amounts of food.

What can a food processor be used for?

Lots of things! The more attachments yours comes with, the more jobs it will do essentially. As well as chopping things very small with a blade (for example, turning stale bread into breadcrumbs or chopping an onion in double quick time), if you have the right attachments they can also whip, knead, whisk, slice, grate and mix, allowing you to make everything from cold desserts to fresh bread.  

What should I look for when buying a food processor? 

Here are a few considerations to think about before putting your hand in your pocket. 

  • Size: Think about where you will store it and how much space the attachments and bowls will take up, as well as the machine itself. Does it come with storage for accessories or do they all pack neatly into the bowl when not in use?
  • Weight: Will it be easy to get in and out of the cupboard, or can you leave it in a corner of the work surface?
  • Ease of cleaning: Are the attachments and bowls dishwasher safe? If not, are they easy to wash by hand, with no awkward corners?
  • Attachments: What jobs do you want to use it for and does it come with the right attachments to do that? It will be more expensive for an all-singing, all-dancing model, so make sure you're prioritising the functions you'll get some good use out of.
  • Settings: What functions does it have? E.g. is there a pulse function to give you plenty of control? How many speed settings are there? Does it have any automatic programmes so you don’t have to stand over it resetting the buttons? 
  • Feeding tube: Is there a large feeding tube so you don’t have to chop things too small and can feed them in while the processor is still running to save time?
  • Suction or non-slip feet: Look for models that feel stable and have non-slip or suction bottoms to reduce movement on the work surface when in use. 

What food processor should I buy?

We think the Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto IQ BN800UK is a really solid buy that does everything you’ll need and a little bit more. With Auto IQ, it knows exactly when to pulse, blend, and pause to give you the perfect consistency, plus the controls are a breeze to figure out, and they even throw in a recipe book to help you get started.

The only downside is that it's not the quietest machine out there, but if you're after a versatile, high-quality processor, we think it's worth every penny.

What size food processor do I need?

It depends on what you need it for. If you’re a small household a mini chopper might do you as well as a food processor and these can do really tiny amounts of food. But if you’re regularly bulk cooking you’ll want to look at something with a large capacity such as the Sage one, which comes with a 3.7L capacity. 

For the average family, however, a 2L model should be fine.  

How we chose food processors

Recommendations from real Mumsnet users 

To help you choose the top food processor for 2023, we first sought out the trusted opinions of Mumsnet users to get their feedback on the gadgets they own and would recommend based on their tried-and-tested experience. 

We also looked out for any negative reviews, where Mumsnetters highlighted products that they felt were poor quality, incredibly noisy, or failed to work effectively. 

Expert opinions

Next up, we considered reviews and feedback from trusted food industry experts. We want to be confident that the products we recommend are fit for purpose, so we looked out for award-winning products or those that were well regarded in the marketplace, including those recommended by consumer champions.

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive shortlist of the processors that can really help to make your life easier, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites such as Amazon, Argos and John Lewis to get wider consumer experiences regarding the products we've recommended. 

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Her passion for food and cooking informs her research on the latest time-saving kitchen gadgets, and she has written for Mumsnet on everything from the best slow cookers to organising your kitchen cupboards

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