Best baby bouncers

We put 10 of the UK’s top baby bouncers to the test, and our absolute favourite was the Fisher Price Kick 'n Play

Best Baby Bouncer 2018

Fisher Price Kick 'n Play Bouncer

Bouncers and rockers give new parents some much-needed hands free time. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know which product is right for your family.

Do you need an electronic bouncer or will a baby-activated one do the trick? Is a toy bar worth the money? Do you really need to shell out for an expensive one or will a cheaper option do the job just as well? We set out to answer all these questions (and more) in our Buyer’s Guide which covers everything you need to think about before you part with your money.

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After months of testing, the lightweight and portable Kick ‘n Play bouncer (£40 on Amazon), impressed us with the sheer number of useful features it offers which is why we've awarded it Mumsnet Best Bouncer 2018. It's an exceptional all-rounder, wonderfully entertaining and brilliant at soothing your baby.

The Fisher Price Kick ‘n Play is a bit of a nuisance to assemble – a screwdriver, batteries and a bit of patience are required – but we think it’s well worth the effort.


  • Lots of baby-activated features to keep your baby entertained
  • Hanging toy bar (can be removed for sleep time)
  • Lightweight and easy to move from room to room
  • Fun and bright design


  • Needs to be dismantled in order to be stored flat
  • Batteries not included

RRP: £59.99

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How we tested baby bouncers:
After 8 hours of research we compiled a list of 10 of the bestselling bouncers and rockers to put through our rigorous testing process where one tester put the bouncers through the wringer to determine which ones were the best in terms of safety, comfort, entertainment and value for money. We tested the following bouncers over a period of three months:

Fisher Price Kick ‘n Play Musical Bouncer: Mumsnet Best Baby Bouncer
BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss: Best Baby Bouncer for Style
Nuna Leaf Grow: Best Luxury Baby Bouncer
Skip Hop Uplift: Best Baby Bouncer for Innovation
Red Kite Cozy Bounce: Best Budget Baby Bouncer
Stokke Steps Bouncer
Chicco Balloon Bouncer
Joie Baby Two in One
Mamas and Papas Wave Rocker
Fisher Price Woodland Baby Bouncer

Our tester was encouraged to be as heavy handed as possible with the bouncers, putting them through a range of everyday situations. She dropped them on the floor, washed them umpteen times, and rated them on how well they entertained and soothed her baby.

After months of bouncing, washing and dropping, we're convinced that the Fisher Price Kick n Play is the best bouncer for most families.

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Red kite bouncer with happy baby teaser wide

Best Budget Baby Bouncer 2018

Red Kite Cozy Bounce

The Red Kite Cozy Bounce (£25 on Amazon) is simple and easy to use, probably due to the fact there aren’t stacks of extra features to get your head around. It’s a really good, solid bouncer at a fantastic price.

Although the bouncer can’t recline in multiple ways, it does bounce enough to keep your baby entertained. Our tester’s baby seemed very content in it and happily played for 20 minutes with the toy bar and its squeakers and rattles.

The Red Kite bouncer is really lightweight and can be scooped up in one arm and moved from room to room.

  • Detachable toy bar
  • Vibration and musical options
  • Suitable from birth until six months

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Best Baby Bouncer for Style 2018

BabyBjorn Bliss

The Babyjörn Bliss (£110 on Amazon) is the most stylish baby bouncer on the market. It’s sleek, streamlined and eye-catching in its simplicity. The grey base and neutral colours set it apart from more colourful models.

There’s more to the Bliss than just its looks. It’s been designed in collaboration with paediatricians to grow with your baby from birth until two years old. The lovely bouncing motion, activated by your baby’s movements, is definitely its standout feature.

  • Three incline positions
  • Eight colour options
  • Very responsive bounce activated by baby’s movement
  • Quilted cotton or breathable, fast-drying mesh

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Nuna leaf grow is a designer living room

Best Luxury Baby Bouncer 2018

Nuna Leaf Grow

The Nuna Leaf Grow (£200 on Uber Kids) is stylish, comfortable and incredibly well designed.

This super-duper upgrade is all about the sway. Rather than bouncing your baby up and down, the Nuna Leaf Grow has a gentle side-to-side gliding movement – like a falling leaf.

The bouncer can be adjusted in height, so your baby can bounce or nap in it. When they’ve outgrown this stage, the Nuna Leaf Grow can be used as a toddler seat. It’ll grow with your family and goes some way to justifying the hefty price tag.

  • Motion-activated and motor-free
  • Locks into position for feeding and playtime
  • Suitable from birth until toddler
  • Three sitting positions
  • Three-point harness

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Skip hop on the ground with mother and baby

Best Baby Bouncer for Innovation 2018

Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level

The Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level (£110 on Amazon) is clever. It starts as a bouncer and can be elevated all the way to sofa level (and everywhere in between), keeping your baby in sight, happy and safely supported at all times.

With no assembly required and a load of extra features, this bouncer is a winner in more ways than one.

The ingenious multi-level feature makes engaging with your baby so much easier and is the perfect way to integrate them into family mealtimes or other social events. We’re amazed no one else thought of it before, frankly.

  • Multi-level feature
  • Five-point harness
  • Washable seat cover
  • Infant insert

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