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The best pregnancy pillows 2023, tried and tested

Getting a good night's sleep when you're pregnant can be a real challenge, which is where a pregnancy pillow comes in handy, supporting your growing bump and easing back pain. We've tried and tested the top picks to help you find the best pregnancy pillow for you and your growing bump.

By Jenny Wonnacott | Last updated May 23, 2023

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Growing a new human inside of you is tough work, not least when you're plagued by changing hormones, endless trips to the loo and aches and pains round the clock. As a result, getting a decent night's kip can feel almost impossible and that's when a pregnancy pillow - also known as a maternity pillow - can really come into its own.

Finding a good pregnancy pillow can help ease aches and pains, particularly in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. There are a few different types to choose from, but the best pregnancy pillow should support your growing bump first and foremost, with some also providing a comfortable wedge for your legs as well as back support. Many can also be adapted for use as a nursing pillow or infant support cushion once your baby has made their appearance.

To help you find the best pregnancy pillow for you and your bump, we've thoroughly researched recommendations from the Mumsnet forums and cross-referenced with maternity experts and consumer reviews across the internet, including consulting senior midwife Marie Louise, also known as The Modern Midwife. Our parent tester, Laura, a mum-to-be in her third trimester, put each pillow through its paces to help narrow the shortlist down to the top picks below, and we've also included a handy 'best of the rest' guide to include some other popular pregnancy pillow options.

As home to the largest online network of parents in the UK, Mumsnet is a wealth of useful recommendations for the entire pregnancy and parenting journey, from the best pregnancy test on day one to the stretch mark cream you'll love to rub on your growing bump. 

Here are the best pregnancy pillows 2023.

The best pregnancy pillows 2023: at a glance

'Ensuring your pelvis is in alignment can reduce PGP. A pregnancy pillow may help when positioned correctly.'

- The Modern Midwife, Marie Louise.

Pregnancy pillows: what do the experts say?

We asked experienced senior midwife Marie Louise, author of The Modern Midwife's Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, whether she recommends a pregnancy pillow to help with sleep during pregnancy.

'Yes I do, mainly to aid comfort for mums and their growing bumps. Getting into a position that supports your back and pelvis can be hard. You often need to separate the knees with a pillow of some sort to achieve this.'

How can the best pregnancy pillow help ease back ache, sciatica and pelvic pain during pregnancy?

'There’s never any guarantees and sometimes you can do everything possible to prevent/manage this but these pregnancy pains may still appear,' explains Marie. 'That said, looking after your posture is key. It’s recommended mums fall asleep on their side by 28 weeks of pregnancy - the third trimester. This optimises blood flow to you and your baby.

'When laying on your side it can be hard to keep your pelvis aligned. Mums tend to have one leg raised up over the other, which can increase statin on the pelvis/ligaments. Ensuring your pelvis is in alignment can reduce PGP. A pregnancy pillow may help when positioned correctly. Or if you use one that’s been especially designed for this.'

Why is it important pregnant women don't sleep on their back? Can a pregnancy pillow help with this?

'As your baby grows alongside the fluid around your baby and amazing placenta - the weight of your uterus increases. This can put pressure on major blood vessels and can reduce blood flow to the baby.

'Some pillows you can buy support you to remain in side laying position. Or encourage you to fall asleep in that position and research shows the position you fall asleep in is often the one in which you remain in for longest.' 

1. Best overall pregnancy pillow: Mamas & Papas Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow

Price on writing: £45 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

Key specs

Pillow type: V shaped whole body pillow | Suitable for infant support: Yes | Size: 19 x 19 x 143cm

What we love

  • Supports your bump, back and knees
  • Narrow design
  • Extremely soft to the touch

What to know

  • Only available in two colours
  • No option to buy additional covers
  • Not easy to store

What Mumsnet users say

"I did lots of research before I decided to buy one and I've just got the Mamas and Papas pregnancy pillow. It's a good price compared to some others but i think it's amazing! It's long enough to go between the knees but also to rest your head on when sleeping on your side(depending on how tall you are!) And because it's curved it has room for your bump."  (Recommended by Mumsnet user Panauchocolat25)

"I got the Mamas and Papas one. It’s been useful to ensure I stay on my side as much as possible when I’m asleep." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Murph90)

Our verdict

Our rating: 4/5

The Mamas & Papas Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow is a comfy and simple V-shaped, full body pregnancy pillow – but (good news!) it's a whole lot narrower than most.

Its thin shape means that it feels neither claustrophobic nor restrictive, which tends to be the case for some of the bigger maternity pillows, and there’s even enough room in bed for you, the pillow and your partner. Win!

You may find it a useful support during the early, achey stages of labour (alongside a good TENs machine and your best birthing ball) and it's narrow enough that you can bring it along to hospital with you if you need to.

While it may not be the easiest pillow to store, its versatility is a real benefit as it can later be used for breast or bottle feeding once your baby is born. 

Read our Mamas & Papas Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow Review here.

2. Best budget pregnancy pillow: SleepyNights Love2Sleep V-Shaped Pregnancy Support Pillow

love 2 sleep pregnancy pillow

Price on writing: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Pillow type: V-shaped pillow | Suitable for infant support: Not specified | Size: Not specified

What we love

  • Firm, but comfy
  • Cheap!

What to know

  • Doesn't come with any instructions
  • Cover not automatically included in price

What Mumsnet users say

"I used a V shaped pillow to support my behind my back and a regular pillow between my knees to support. Much cheaper than a pregnancy pillow and really helped. Also been very useful whilst feeding." (Product type recommended by Mumsnet user Oakeyy)

Our verdict

Our rating: 3/5

The Love2Sleep V-shaped pillow may not have much in the way of bells and whistles, but at under £10 it offers great value for money.

While it's not quite the right shape to be used for sleeping, it nevertheless gives good support if you're relaxing while sitting up in bed or on the sofa reading or watching TV. 

If you're looking for a bit of extra support but don't want to spend the big bucks on the likes of the bbhugme or the Dreamgenii, this could be a great option to try out. And, like the Little Chick, it's small and versatile, offering orthopaedic support for back pain - you could be using it for years to come. 

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3. Best luxury pregnancy pillow: bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

Price on writing: £130 | Buy now from John Lewis

Key specs

Pillow type: Full-length body pillow | Suitable for infant support: Not specified (but Mumsnetters say yes) | Size: 150 x 20cm

What we love

  • Really soft
  • Filling helps to relieve pressure in key areas

What to know

  • Pricey
  • Tricky to keep clean

What Mumsnet users say

"BB Hug Me. It’s a bit pricey, but worth the extra if you can. Things I particularly like are that you can adjust the firmness and fold it in different shapes and angles depending on aches of the day." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user CatHatSat)

"Another vote for the bbhugme. I was apprehensive about buying it because it is expensive but I'm SO glad I did! It's like a giant sausage and I like the way you can alter the firmness of it by squeezing the ends together to make it firmer or releasing them to make it softer." (Recommended by Mumsnet user Colinthecaterpillar35)

Our verdict

Our rating: 4/5

Mumsnet users have raved about the bbhugme for years ("I would marry mine if possible!" - Mumsnet user alpinia) and we're not surprised.

Moulding to the shape of your body while keeping you cool and comfy throughout the night, the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow offers support to your pelvis, abdomen, lower back, knees and ankles. Developed by Norwegian Health Professionals, it offers a five-point support and comes with easily-removable covers you can pop in the washing machine right alongside your favourite maternity clothes.

Yes, it's a little on the pricey side (although currently on offer down from £153) but with so many glowing reviews, many Mumsnetters clearly view their bbhugme as essential as the best prenatal vitamins when it comes to pregnancy must-haves.

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4. Best wedge-shaped pillow: Little Chick London 4-in-1 Support Cushion

Price on writing: £23 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Pillow type: Wedge cushion | Suitable for infant support: Yes | Size: 30 x 30 x 11cm

What we love

  • Unobtrusive
  • Cover is naturally antimicrobial (stops the growth of unwanted bacteria), moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Supports your tummy, back and hips – designed to contour the shape of your bump

What to know 

  • Doesn't come with any instructions

What Mumsnet users say

"I just use a little wedge under my bump, [it's] is great for me, just holds the weight of the actual bump." (Pillow type tried and tested by Mumsnet user 8dpwoah)

"I got a small wedge and I liked it so much and it made such a difference that I got another one to put behind me. Now using it for tummy time for my son so it's still in daily use." (Pillow type vetted by Mumsnet user villainousbroodmare)

Our verdict

Our rating: 4/5

The Little Chick London 4-in-1 Support Cushion provides support for your belly, back and hips during pregnancy.

This neat, versatile little pillow can be tucked behind you for a bit of extra comfort while you crack open your pregnancy books and is small and compact enough to be packed in your hospital bag too. Best of all, it's under £30 and can be used long after pregnancy, either as an infant support pillow or just an extra bit of support for whoever might need it.

Read our Little Chick London's 4-in-1 Support Cushion Review here.

5. Best pregnancy pillow for back support: Dreamgenii Pregnancy, Support and Feeding Pillow

dreamgenii pregnancy pillow

Price on writing: From £41 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Pillow type: Full body pillow with integrated back | Suitable for infant support: Yes | Size: 55 x 50 x 19cm

What we love

  • Integrated back support
  • Can be used after pregnancy for feeding

What to know

  • Shape may not be suitable if you're a little on the tall side
  • Some Mumsnet users say it feels too firm and flat

What Mumsnet users say

"I also had a Dreamgenii and it definitely helped with the sleep positions. I always fancied one of the huge 9ft ones but didn’t know where I’d store it!" (Recommended by Mumsnet user chylerv)

"I love mine, stops me rolling over onto my stomach and is very comfortable. I wish I had bought it sooner." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Ripasso)

Our verdict

Our rating: 3/5

The unique shape of the Dreamgenii should discourage you from rolling onto your back during the night, which can be dangerous after the first trimester. 

The pillow consists of a full-length section that's attached to a padded back support. It looks pretty sizeable, but it's surprisingly unobtrusive.

Much like the best pelvic floor trainer, it can take some getting used to, but many Mumsnet users swear by it as a pregnancy must-have right up there with their favourite maternity jeans.

6. Best pregnancy pillow for firm support: Summer Infant Ultimate Body Comfort Pillow

summer infant body support pillow

Price on writing: £40 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Pillow type: Curved body pillow | Suitable for infant support: Yes | Size: 38 x 17 x 32cm

What we love

  • Firm and supportive
  • Offers good longevity

What to know

  • Material doesn't feel very soft or 'premium' in quality
  • Toddler insert needs to be removed if you're using it as a full body pillow, which leaves the zip teeth exposed

What Mumsnet users say

"I've got one I bought a couple of years ago. Think it's called the Summer Infant Pillow. It's like a "C" shape and the shape seems to work but it's the only one I've tried." (Advice from Mumsnet user ElderMillennial)

Our verdict

Our rating: 3/5

If you're looking for a product to see you through the final leg of your pregnancy, the Summer Infant Ultimate Body Comfort Pillow could well be it.

Offering support to your tummy, back and hips, this pillow can then be used after pregnancy as a coiled nest for your baby or toddler, making it one of the best gifts for new mums as well as mums-to-be.

7. Best multi-use pregnancy pillow: BellaMoon Full Moon Pregnancy and Nursing Bundle

bellamoon full moon pregnancy pillow

Price on writing: £210 | Buy now from BellaMoon

Key specs

Pillow Type: Full body C-shape and nursing nest | Suitable for infant support: Yes | Size: 75 x 47cm x 1.4m

What we love

  • Has multiple uses
  • Supports neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs
  • Helps to establish and extend breastfeeding

What to know

  • Expensive
  • Only worth the money if you plan to use it for nursing
  • Takes up a lot of room in bed

Our verdict

Our rating: 3/5

The BellaMoon Full Moon Pregnancy and Nursing Bundle is a maternity, breastfeeding and infant support pillow that can be used right up until your baby is 18 months old.

With several different functions, it provides all the flexibility that any new parent will need. It can be used as a pregnancy pillow, infant feeding pillow, nighttime lateral feeding pod, breastfeeding day bed, breastfeeding privacy cover, baby lounger and tummy-time pillow.

During pregnancy, it also can be used in different configurations to alleviate aches and pains, and made smaller or larger at the drop of a hat. Read our BellaMoon Full Moon Review here. 

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Pregnancy pillows: the best of the rest

As well as the aforementioned MNHQ-tested pregnancy pillows, we've been on the lookout for more of the top-ranking pregnancy support pillows available in 2023. The following three products rank consistently highly among Mumsnet users and consumers across the internet as well as industry experts. 

8. Best wearable pregnancy pillow: Babymoov Dream Belt

Price on writing: £38 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Pillow type: Belt | Suitable for infant support: No | Size: M - XL (adjusts to fit UK size 12 - 20)

What we love

  • Makes it easy to find the comfiest position
  • Stretches to accommodate each stage of pregnancy
  • Made with memory foam

What to know

  • Some reviewers reported issues with sizing

What Mumsnet users say

"Loving my Babymoov Dream Belt." (Recommended by Mumsnet user Llondbol)

"I got something completely different a Babymoov Dream belt. I felt I needed support under my bump when side lying and found it a pain to readjust pillows every time I turned over. The belt was great." (Tried and tested by mais)

Our verdict

Our rating: 3/5

If you'd like a bit of extra support for your growing bump but just can't get comfortable with a conventional pregnancy pillow (if there is such a thing!) then the Babymoov Dream Belt might be the best pregnancy pillow option for you. Like with the best pregnancy support belt, it works by wrapping around your body to support your bump and features memory foam padding so you essentially bring your pillow with you as you move around in bed (and out of it!).

One downside is that it doesn't provide the extra support a whole-body pillow like the bbhugme or Dreamgenii might, but it also won't take up extra space in bed and the fact it stays in one place means you won't have to spend time re-adjusting it after every trip to the toilet! 

9. Best pregnancy pillow for back pain: SnuzCurve Pregnancy Pillow

Price on writing: £50 | Buy now from Snuz

Key specs

Pillow type: Full body pillow| Suitable for infant support: No | Size: 135 x 30 x 25cm

What we love

  • Guides you into the correct sleep position
  • Creates a neutral spine posture to reduce back pain
  • In-built KneeBlade design

What to know

  • Not breathable

What Mumsnet users say

"SnuzCurve here! It's relatively new out and I already had a different one, but was desperate as I had awful sciatica and SI joint pain. It really helped." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Weathergirl1)

Our verdict

Our rating: 4/5

A new entry for the buyers' guide, the SnuzCurve pregnancy pillow has been designed by a 'panel of experts' including physiotherapists, chiropractors and midwives to deliver a pillow which has been structurally designed to keep you in the safest and most comfortable position. The KneeBlade section helps guide your legs into the optimum sleeping position to support your growing bump while taking pressure off your back and joints. 

It's a little pricier than the likes of the Mamas & Papas pillow, but each SnuzCurve also comes with a free sleep support video series which updates you on your changing body each month, so you do get a bit more for your buck with this pillow. Pop on your favourite maternity pyjamas and snuggle in.

10. Best breathable pregnancy pillow: Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow

Price on writing: £59 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Pillow type: Whole body pillow | Suitable for infant support: Yes | Size: 166 x 17 x 17cm

What we love

  • Breathable material helps stave off overheating
  • Ergonomic shape moulds to body
  • Can be used as a breastfeeding pillow too

What to know

  • Pricey

What Mumsnet users say

"I got a Purflo and I love it! Lovely and firm. Nice for between legs at night or as a back support on the couch or as neck and leg support if I’m watching tv in bed!" (Endorsed by Mumsnet user WaltzedIntoIt)

Our verdict

Our rating: 4/5

We love the simplicity of this pregnancy pillow and the super soft jersey of the cover, but really it's the breathable '3D spacer mesh' which sets the Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow apart. The breathable part moulds around your bump to help you avoid overheating at night, and also comes in handy if you choose to use the pillow as a nursing aide as your newborn will undoubtedly fall asleep on it when feeding. 

The mouldable shaping of this pillow means it can be used as back support as well as a wedge between your legs and under the bump, and it can also be used as a tummy time pillow for your baby once they're born. 

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11. Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow: Kally Sleep U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Price on writing: From £64 | Buy now from Kally Sleep

Key specs

Pillow type: Whole body U-shape pillow | Suitable for infant support: Not specified | Size: 150 x 33cm

What we love

  • Anti-allergy materials
  • U-shape means less tossing and turning

What to know

  • Pricey
  • Takes up a lot of space in bed

What Mumsnet users say

"I went for the Kally Sleep big U-Shaped one and love it! Two months in it hasn’t lost its shape, supports my back/legs/anywhere and I feel like I’m tucked up in a lovely nest." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user HotToddyColdSauvignon)

Our verdict

Our rating: 3/5

If you find yourself tossing and turning a lot at night trying to get comfy, this U-shaped pillow from Kally Sleep could be just the thing. Its versatile design means you can cuddle up to one side while the other wedges in to support your back, and there's no need to re-shape it if you want to switch sides - bonus!

The pillow is firm enough to suit most comfort levels and features a breathable, cotton outer layer to help keep you nice and cool. The only issue we can find is its size - as one of the biggest pillows on our list, it may make you feel a little crowded, particularly if you share a bed with your other half.

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Which type of pregnancy pillow is best?

The best pregnancy pillow will provide support for you and your bump and - ideally - ease the pressure that pregnancy can place on your back, hips and joints at the same time. Particularly if you suffer from PGP (pelvic girdle pain), using a specially-designed pillow to support your body at rest can be a pregnancy game-changer. 

Why use a pregnancy pillow?

While maternity pillows aren't for everyone, they can be useful in a number of ways. They can:

  • Help you to sleep in the correct position – it's recommended that pregnant women in their third trimester sleep on their side to promote good blood flow and make sure all those vital nutrients reach the baby (it also decreases the risk of stillbirth)
  • Provide support and reduce discomfort when trying to sleep in the correct position
  • Relieve heartburn – sleeping on your side with your knees bent can help with this, and a well-placed pillow can prevent you from rolling onto your back
  • Alleviate aches and pains, including back ache, leg cramps and ligament pain in your lower belly or groin – sleeping in the right position can work wonders

How do I choose a pregnancy pillow?

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing the best pregnancy pillow for you. Small or large? U-shaped or C-shaped? V-shaped or wedge? Below we've rounded up the main points of each type and an explanation of how best to use them:

1. Pregnancy wedge pillow or multi-purpose pillow

  • One of the cheapest options
  • Versatile and handy for travelling
  • Can be used for nursing
  • Doesn't take up too much space
  • Not restrictive – particularly useful if you're suffering from night sweats

How to use

Place this pillow under your tummy when sleeping on your side to reduce hip and back strain, use it behind your back or neck, or put it under your regular pillow to elevate your head.

2. Bolster pillow

  • Runs along the entire length of your body
  • Moulds to your body (if flexible) – straight bolster pillows won't do this
  • Really useful around the 20th week of pregnancy when you're more likely to have aches and pains

How to use

A bolster pillow is designed to be hugged – place your arms and legs around the pillow with the centre of the pillow supporting your middle.

3. Full body pregnancy pillow

  • Comes in a variety of shapes, the most common being C-shaped, V-shaped and U-shaped
  • Supports neck, back, lower back, bump and legs all at once
  • Can be used beyond pregnancy as a feeding or tummy-time pillow
  • Can be used as support after a c-section to take the weight off your stomach and thighs

How to use

If you have a C-shaped or V-shaped pillow, the 'C' or 'V' goes between your legs, you rest your head at the top of the 'C' or 'V' and your back or bump is supported by the curve.

A U-shaped pregnancy pillow wraps around your entire body, providing support on both sides and preventing you from rolling onto your back during the night.

There are a variety of other shapes available too, including ‘J’, ‘O’, 'L' and ‘E’ – all designed to offer support in a way that is most comfortable for you.

Other things to consider

1. How much does a pregnancy pillow cost?

Prices range from £10 to over £100, so think about how much use you'll get from the pillow – and how much a decent night's sleep is worth.

2. How big is it?

Size matters, so you don't want to invest in a pillow that's either too big or too small for your needs.

Is there enough room in your bed? How heavy is it? Can it be store easily when not in use? Does it make you feel restricted or claustrophobic?

3. Versatility

Think about what you want from a maternity pillow – how, and where, can it be used and would it function as a nursing pillow after pregnancy?

Asking questions like this will help you determine which kind of pillow is right for you.

4. Material and filling

This can make a real difference to the amount of support a pillow provides, and also how well it keeps its shape.

Is the fabric hypoallergenic or breathable? And what kind of filling does it have – hollowfibre? Micropearls?#

Which is the best pregnancy pillow?

We believe the best pregnancy pillow currently available is the Mamas & Papas Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow. It scored highly in our product testing, offers full body support and comes at a far more affordable price than the bbhugme and Dreamgenii. In terms of popularity, the bbhugme is the best pregnancy pillow, with Mumsnet users raving about its versatility and quality.

What month do you start using a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows can be used at any time during pregnancy, though most mums-to-be begin to appreciate the extra support during the second and third trimesters when the bump begins to put more strain on the rest of their body. This is also the time when medical experts recommend you sleep on your side, and a good pregnancy pillow will support this sleeping position, with some helping you to avoid rolling onto your back. 

How we tested

We spent 15 hours combing the Mumsnet forums and other review sites, making note of the popular products still receiving good feedback, and speaking to pregnancy and childbirth experts. This included Val Willcox, Practice Manager for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), and Kate Pinney, Midwife Manager at Tommy's.

Equipped with this information, we created a longlist of 30 Mumsnet user and expert product recommendations to consider. After digging deeper, this list was then narrowed down further to a shortlist of 17 pillows to test.

Partnering with parent tester, Laura, a first-time mum-to-be in her third trimester, all the pillows were tested side by side over the course of three months.

pregnant woman touching belly

Why you should trust us

While it would, of course, be quicker and cheaper to send each product out to a different tester, we believe that consistent scoring and like-for-like comparisons are crucial.

After extensive research, we selected the 17 most highly recommended pillows to put through our testing process. Each pillow was scored on these key areas: comfort and safety, ease of use day-to-day, aesthetics, cleanliness and value for money. Those with the highest score were then awarded a Mumsnet Best badge and five others given honourable mentions.

Comfort and safety

We looked at factors including:

  • Quality of sleep – Laura used each pillow for several days and nights in a row to see if it made any difference to her quality of sleep or the amount of sleep she got
  • Aches and pains – did the pillow ease or provoke any aches or pains?
  • How quickly and easily was it to get comfy with the pillow and how many times did she wake or need to shift position during the night?
  • Filling and material – what kind of filling did each pillow have? Could the pillow be moulded to your body? Was it soft enough?

Day-to-day use

  • Each pillow was used in bed, on the sofa while watching TV or reading, in the car, and at a desk at work (if feasible)
  • Laura paid close attention to how much support the pillow gave in each scenario and how it stood up to daily use
  • She also considered each pillow's longevity despite only being in her third trimester – could she envision it being used for nursing or as a support option after pregnancy?

Aesthetics and cleanliness

We assessed:

  • Whether the pillow was easy to clean – each product was washed and dried using the supplied washing instructions
  • If stains came out in the first wash and if there was any shrinkage, fading of pattern or reduction in softness
  • Whether the product came with a spare cover
  • The overall design – which pillow would you be proud to have in your home? Was there a good colour and fabric selection?

Value for money

We considered:

  • Whether the pillows represented good value for money and whether they offered anything more than a normal pillow

All prices on this page correct at time of writing