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Mumsnet Rated

You might have noticed certain products carrying a badge called Mumsnet Rated. Here's how it works: For a product or service to be awarded Mumsnet Rated, it needs to have been tested and reviewed by a sample of Mumsnet users (usually 250, but this can be tailored).

After testing the product or service, testers are asked to complete a short survey to review it. A survey question determines whether the product can be awarded Mumsnet Rated. We ask testers if they would recommend the product or service to friends and/or family if it came up in conversation.

If the product or service scores positively on these questions with 80% or more of testers who complete feedback, it's awarded Mumsnet Rated.

If you'd like to find out more about how your product or service could win Mumsnet Rated, please email [email protected].

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