The best toasters around - as chosen by Mumsnetters

best toasters

Fed up of sub-standard toast? These are the best toasters money can buy, as selected by our expert testers: the sourdough savants, crumpet connoisseurs and bagel buffs of the Mumsnet Talk boards.

Things to consider before buying a toaster

Toasters are the source of a surprising amount of angst for many Mumsnetters, with entire threads dedicated to bemoaning their inability to evenly toast a whole slice of bread. As a result, this round-up will only feature toasters whose grilling abilities have been endorsed by Mumsnetters.

I find it amazing that a species that can travel to the moon and send probes to the edges of the solar system can't produce a toaster that a normal slice of bread fits in. When I become prime minister, the first thing I'll do is create a standard size for a slice of bread and then require all manufacturers of toasters to base their production lines on this value. This problem has irritated me for years.

What do you want to toast? If you want to toast something other than a bog-standard loaf, you've got to make sure your machine is up to the task. For perfectly toasted sourdough and pitta breads, a long-slot toaster is your best bet. If you can't live without hot buttered crumpets (nor can we), you'll need one with extra-wide or adjustable slots.

How much toast do you want to eat at once? If something-on-toast is a staple quick and easy meal in your house, a four-slice toaster will make getting tea on the table even faster. Alternatively, if your kids have a bloodhound's ability to track down any snack you might be enjoying in order to request a bite, it's probably worth investing in a four-slice toaster. That way, everyone gets a slice of their own and you can eat in peace. Bliss.

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What are the best four-slice toasters?

2. Morphy Richards Evoke 4 Slice Toaster, from £39

2. Morphy Richards Evoke 4 Slice Toaster, from £39

Available in seven different colours, this Morphy Richards toaster makes a chic addition to any kitchen counter and there's a kettle to match, too. It has a cord storage function to prevent unsightly tangled wires and keep your kitchen clutter-free. As well as variable browning control, it also has a defrost setting and a reheat setting which allows you to warm your toast back up if you forget about it (or get called away on urgent business by your toddler). Crucially, it's big enough to properly toast a standard slice of bread – though you might have to be a little bit creative…

“I have a Morphy Richards Evoke after using one in a holiday cottage and being amazed it fitted our bread (Warburtons Farmhouse). It fits fine if you put it in landscape.”

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3. De'Longhi Icona Vintage Four-Slice Toaster, from £69

3. De'Longhi Icona Vintage Four-Slice Toaster, from £69

Attention all bagel lovers: the De'Longhi Icona Vintage toaster has a specific bagel setting to ensure the cut side is golden and crisp – but absolutely not burnt – for a perfect bagel every time. It also has lots of other handy features: it will defrost frozen bread, reheat cold toast, and the high-lift function stops teacakes and the like from getting trapped in the slots (and keeps you from burning your fingers trying to get them out). Available in neutral beige or powder blue, this toaster is sure to add a touch of retro flair to your worktops. Of course, there is a matching kettle and – if you really want to push the boat out – a matching coffee machine too.

“I have a De'Longhi one and it's great.”

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4. Argos Cookworks Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster, £15.99

4. Argos Cookworks Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster, £15.99

Some Mumsnetters swear that the only way to achieve truly great toast is to buy a long-slot toaster that can accommodate four slices, then toast your bread landscape, two slices at a time. Although this Argos toaster isn't massively exciting to look at, Mumsnetters rate it because it gets the job done. It has seven different toast settings, a defrost setting, and you can vary the width of the slots to ensure perfect results no matter what you're grilling. Most importantly, it should help you banish the irritating uncooked strip at the top of your bread. Plus, it's great for toasting longer items like pitta breads or sourdough.

“The best way to do it is to lay the bread sideways in a long slot four-slice toaster. I had one from Argos that was about £20.”

“I have a four-slice Cookworks toaster that can cope with bread, waffles, scotch pancakes.”

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What are the best two-slice toasters?

1. Breville Two-Slice Toaster, £29.99

1. Breville Two-Slice Toaster, £29.99

As if they could hear Mumsnetters' cries of frustration, some bright spark over at Breville decided to invent a toaster that is specifically designed to accommodate a slice of Warburtons bread. It may sound blindingly obvious, but you'd be surprised how many toasters don't fit a standard slice of supermarket bread. Mumsnetters have been reduced to wandering around the John Lewis small electricals department with cardboard slices, testing them out.

This toaster has extra deep slots to ensure thorough toasting but also has a high-lift function, meaning you can extract smaller items like crumpets and bagels without burning your fingers. It has a lift and look function so you can keep an eye on the progress of your toast and the variable width slots mean it can grill all manner of baked goods to perfection.

“We have a Breville four-slice – 50/50 and Best of Both fit without having to flip. It’s a revelation after our old one.”

“I have the Breville two-slice one – it's good. You can lift the toast up to check it without cancelling the cycle.”

“After years of irritation, it’s perfect.”

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2. Dualit New-Gen Two-Slice Toaster, £149.50

2. Dualit New-Gen Two-Slice Toaster, £149.50

It's not cheap, but some Mumsnetters are willing to pay for decades of perfect toast – one Mumsnetter claims to have had her Dualit toaster for twenty (!) years. So, what do you get for this rather hefty price tag? Well, apparently it can generate toast at a rate of 65 slices per hour so you won't have to wait long for your snack to be ready. You can save electricity by selecting whether one or both slots are in use and you can switch between toast, bagel/teacake, or defrost settings too. Plus, if you buy it from John Lewis it comes with a five-year guarantee. Finally, though form is obviously not as important as function, it looks very sleek – it will be sat on your kitchen counter all day every day, after all.

For larger families and serious toast fiends, there is a four-slice option available. It's also worth noting that, although there's a lot of love for Dualit toasters on Mumsnet, they don't rate the kettles at all. If you're keen to have a matching toaster and kettle set, there are plenty of other stainless steel options on the market.

“We have a Dualit and it is fine with standard size slices. Yes, they are expensive but we have had ours for about 20 years now and it has never let us down.”

“This [insufficiently toasted bread] was my rant, until we got a Dualit about three months ago. I expect it to outlive me at the price it cost…”

“Get a Dualit. It will bring you years of hot and delicious action. Can you guarantee the same of a new husband?”

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