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About Us

Mumsnet was conceived in early 2000 when Justine Roberts embarked on a disastrous family holiday. Her idea was to create a website where parents could swap advice about not just holidays but all the other stuff parents talk about.

Twenty years later and who'd have thought it would come to this? Mumsnet is now the UK’s biggest network for parents, with around 8 million unique visitors per month clocking up around 100 million page views.

Find out more about what Justine thinks about Mumsnet, how it started, what our vision is (yes, we have one), and what one thing makes Mumsnet tick in the video above.

For the story of Mumsnet as told through the lens of being a 'customer pioneer' – going first to make things better for customers in a sector by innovating on their behalf - click here.

Our aim is to:

  • Make parents' lives easier by pooling knowledge, advice and support.

  • We try, as far as possible to let the conversation flow and not to over-moderate. Mumsnet is a site for grown-ups.

Our advertising policy

Mumsnet is a business funded mainly by advertising and we try to be a profitable one but our overarching aim is not the pursuit of profits. We are independently owned and we endeavour to conduct business in an ethical manner.

With this in mind, we won’t accept advertising from companies, for products or in formats that we believe are contrary to our mission – which is to make parents’ lives easier. Examples of the types of advertisers we turn away include payday loan companies, cryptocurrencies, pornographic content, and multi-level marketing schemes. The types of product advertising that we turn down are gambling, follow-on formula milk (designed to avoid the ban on formula milk advertising), and products that we think make women or children feel bad about their bodies or that play on boring gender stereotypes.

We wouldn’t work with companies like Nestle, as long as they continue to aggressively market formula in breach of international standards, Seaworld, or Clarion Events (which runs the Baby Show – a huge potential market for Mumsnet – but also currently runs arms fairs).

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Mumsnet campaigns

Mumsnet is a community and is not a lobby group. We are independently funded and have no particular political axe to grind. That said our members are very active when it comes to something they feel strongly about.

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Mumsnet editorial

Our team of experienced journalists write all the articles on our site. We strive to offer valuable recommendations and trustworthy advice, whether we support you on your pregnancy journey or provide the latest advice on newborn essentials. When it comes to recommending products, our commitment to impartiality ensures that our content is unbiased and reliable, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence.

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