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Join Mumsnet Voices

We know and love that you Mumsnet users aren’t shy to tell us what you think on any and all subjects! Tell us what you think and we’ll make sure your voices are heard by those who can make change happen - whether that’s big brands, the media or government.

We’re guided by our mission to make parents’ lives easier, so sign up and tell us how.

Mumsnet voices

Why should I take part?

You’ll help create better experiences

Using your invaluable feedback we often work with brands and government to create better experiences for parents with their products and services. What you tell us today will shape what is created tomorrow.

Vouchers and prize draws

Every month we give away at least three £150 vouchers to those who complete our surveys. The more surveys you complete, the more chances you have of winning.

Free products and services

Joining Mumsnet Voices is the only way to access most Mumsnet product tests. We’ve tested everything from Peloton bikes to baby monitors, sanitary shorts, and food delivery services this year.

Influencing policy decisions

The Mumsnet Campaigns team uses results from Mumsnet Voices in direct conversation with MPs to make sure women’s voices are being heard at the highest levels of government.

Join Mumsnet voices

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Frequently asked questions

The research we run through Mumsnet Voices might be used by the Mumsnet campaigns team in conversations with MPs to ensure women’s voices are heard in government; by brands who want to understand the real needs of parents; or in the media to encourage a conversation surrounding issues that impact women or parents.

We incentivise the vast majority of Mumsnet Voices projects. If you take part in a focus group you’ll receive a voucher as a thanks for your time; you’ll usually receive a free product or access to a service (plus entry into a prize draw) if you take part in a product test; and for each survey you complete, you’ll receive one entry into our monthly prize draw where three Mumsnet users win a £150 voucher for a store of their choice.

We might invite you to take part in any of the following:

  • Surveys (where we’ll want to hear about your experiences and thoughts so that we can communicate them with brands, government and the media)
  • Focus groups (these could take part over Zoom, in person, or in a private area of the Mumsnet site)
  • Product tests (where you’ll receive a product or service in exchange for your feedback)
  • Discussions on the Mumsnet site (where we’ll ask you to post your thoughts on a topic in exchange for entry into a prize draw)

Yes, but we’re most likely to run projects that are relevant to women or parents living in the UK. You may not receive regular invites to participate if you don’t fall into this demographic.

Once you’ve joined and shared demographic information, we’ll start to contact you with relevant projects via email. You’ll be able to complete any surveys we send to you, or sign up to be a participant in other research projects (like focus groups or product tests).

This will depend on which projects we’re running and whether they’re relevant to you. If you’re worried about your email inbox becoming overwhelmed, you can choose how often you’re happy to be contacted with Mumsnet Voices projects, and we’ll make sure we don’t contact you any more frequently.

All of the data you provide as a part of your Mumsnet Voices membership is confidential to MNHQ, and we’ll use the information you provide when you sign up to send you relevant projects (meaning you’ll receive fewer irrelevant emails!). Any membership information we share with clients will be in aggregate (ie “10% of members live in London”).

If you share additional information when signing up to a specific project (like a focus group or product test), this information may be shared with the brand sponsor if necessary, but only with your express explicit permission.

If you decide Mumsnet Voices isn’t for you, then you can opt out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any Mumsnet Voices email, or by emailing us at [email protected]