The 7 best trampolines for kids

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Children love trampolines and having one in the garden can be a great way to keep them entertained – as well as ensuring they get plenty of exercise. Read on as we reveal the seven best trampolines to buy in 2020, as recommended by parents.

Quite possibly one of the best outdoor toys you can buy, a trampoline is a failsafe option for families with some sort of outdoor space, whether that be a small patio or a large sprawling garden.

So if you're after a trampoline that'll last for years to come (and not prove too much of an eyesore for neighbours), you've come to the right place.

We spent time researching the best trampolines on the UK market, enlisting the help of parents on the Mumsnet forums as well as consulting online bestseller lists in addition to brand scores from reputable review sites such as Which?.

We also reviewed the latest safety guidelines, as laid out by experts from organisations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), to make sure that every product we were recommending met or exceeded European safety regulations.

So whether you're after an in-ground trampoline or one fit for gymnasts in the making, the verdict's in.

Here are the best trampolines for kids.

1. Best Trampoline for Small Spaces: Plum Kids 4.5ft Trampoline

1. Best Trampoline for Small Spaces: Plum Kids 4.5ft Trampoline

Plum trampolines are popular with Mumsnet users and, with this colourful model in blue, you can see why.

Its enclosure adds an additional layer of safety, which is ideal for children needing that extra bit of reassurance. The frame is made from galvanised steel for a longer lifespan and protection against rust, while the zinc-coated steel springs increase durability.

The weather-resistant safety padding also covers the frame and springs, giving protection as children get on and off the trampoline.

Great for

  • Kids needing a confidence boost
  • Small gardens

Need to know

  • Size: 180 × 140 × 140cm
  • RRP: £120

What parents say

“For about four years now, we've owned a trampoline by Plum and it has been good. The thing I liked about the Plum one was that you can replace the parts. Over the four years, I have replaced the pad which perished (it is left out all winter, often without the cover on) and we have also replaced the net, which ripped when we moved house. But we've had no problems with it at all, and ours gets used a lot!”

Buy now from Plum Play

2. Best Value Trampoline: Sportspower 10ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline

2. Best Value Trampoline: Sportspower 10ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline

This sturdy outdoor trampoline from Sportspower is for children aged six and above.

While it does take a while to assemble (approximately two hours), the trampoline's galvanised premium steel frame has a rust-resistant finish, offering maximum durability for long-lasting use.

As well as strong springs for optimum bouncing, the Sportspower also boasts an enclosure, which can later be used as a cover to protect the trampoline when its safely folded away.

This model is also available in different sizes (8ft, 12ft and 14ft) and comes with a 305cm safety mat.

Great for

  • Those on a tighter budget
  • Big gardens

Need to know

  • Size: 250 × 305 × 305cm
  • RRP: £120

What parents say

“We have a Sportspower 10ft trampoline with a safety net and it's been fab."

“We also have the 10ft one from Argos. We’ve had it six months and no problems. In fact, we just moved house and it came apart and went together quite easily too.”

Buy now from Argos

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3. Best Luxury Trampoline: Springfree Large Square Trampoline

3. Best Luxury Trampoline: Springfree Large Square Trampoline

The Mumnset consensus on Springfree trampolines? If you can afford one, get one.

While nobody is denying the hefty price tag, you won't hear any quibbling about quality either – so much so that you’ll probably end up enjoying this trampoline as much as your kids.

Springfree's Large Square Trampoline has a soft bounce and its 11ft jumping surface is equivalent to that of a 14ft square trampoline with springs. So it allows you to maximise your jumping surface while saving valuable garden space. Plus, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Great for

  • Active jumpers
  • Those with a large budget

Need to know

  • Size: 280 × 335 × 335cm
  • RRP: £1,395

What parents say

“We have a large rectangular Springfree. It has spring-loaded rods instead of the usual metal springs, and it doesn't have a central sweet spot but a more even bounce. Also you don't bounce as high so it's less dangerous.”

“We have a Springfree one. It has a humongous weight limit and the safety net is impenetrable – even if you run at it at top speed. It's just so much better quality than all the others.”

“We have a Springfree and it is fab. I would never get anything else. We've had ours coming up three years and it is very well used (five kids, all year round). It's still in perfect condition.”

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4. Best Trampoline for Younger Children: Chad Valley 6ft Trampoline

4. Best Trampoline for Younger Children: Chad Valley 6ft Trampoline

For slightly younger children just starting out, the Chad Valley 6ft Trampoline is a brilliant choice.

With a tough bounce mat, weather-resistant padding and a steel enclosure top ring for added safety, this compact trampoline will work well in smaller outdoor spaces – and it won't break the bank either.

Great for

  • Younger children
  • Those on a budget

Need to know

  • Size: 195 × 183 × 183cm
  • RRP: £85

What parents say

“Six feet is a great size for little ones. They can climb on and off themselves and the bounce isn’t too massive so they don’t go too high. It’s also pretty difficult to get more than one on at a time, making it easy to enforce the rules when others come over.”

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5. Best In-Ground Trampoline: Evostar 14ft In-Ground Trampoline

5. Best In-Ground Trampoline: Evostar 14ft In-Ground Trampoline

If you're after a trampoline that sits almost at ground level so as to not compromise on space or garden aesthethics, look no further than the Evostar 14ft In-Ground Trampoline.

Seamlessly blending into a garden of any size, the Evostar has UV-treated padding that overlaps its jumping mat (made of heavy-duty mesh), providing extra safety for jumpers.

While it may not have an enclosure as seen on above-ground trampolines, this in-ground solution is ideal for open play for children aged six and above.

Great for

  • Those who want a trampoline that'll blend in well with the design of their garden
  • Older children

Need to know

  • Size: 426 × 23cm
  • RRP: £329.95

What parents say

“We've had an in-ground trampoline for years."

Buy now from All Round Fun

6. Best Trampoline for Larger Spaces: Jumpking ZorbPOD Trampoline

6. Best Trampoline for Larger Spaces: Jumpking ZorbPOD Trampoline

Jumpking is the biggest trampoline manufacturer in the world and the brand is rated very highly by Mumsnet users.

This 14ft ZorbPOD is one of their more innovative designs with an enclosure that's higher than most standard trampolines, giving bouncers the feeling of being inside a giant globe.

A statement piece that takes a fraction of the time to assemble than other trampolines (such as the Sportspower 10ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline), the Jumpking also comes with a 10-year guarantee on the frame and a five-year guarantee on the bed and springs.

Great for

  • Bounce
  • Large gardens

Need to know

  • Size: 320cm x 365cm
  • RRP: £669

What parents say

“We have a Jumpking trampoline with a net that is sewn in all around the bottom. I got it a year ago for my son (and me!) and it's fab. It has been in the garden all year with no cover and looks as good as new still. Has a great bounce and is really safe as there is no way the kids can fall out or get caught in the springs. My son absolutely loves it.”

“Jumpking – just about the best you can get.”

Buy now from Jumpking

7. Best Indoor Trampoline: Chad Valley 3ft Indoor Kids Trampoline

7. Best Indoor Trampoline: Chad Valley 3ft Indoor Kids Trampoline

If you don't have a garden and need a trampoline that's lightweight and compact, the Chad Valley 3ft Indoor Kids Trampoline may be just the ticket.

With a Stretch-Tech material that distributes weight evenly, the Chad Valley will encourage active play and keep kids entertained for hours indoors. It also has padded edges for safer bouncing.

Great for

  • Young children
  • Flats or small houses

Need to know

  • Size: 85 × 90 × 90cm
  • RRP: £35

What parents say

“The Argos trampoline is great. My niece has one.”

Buy now from Argos

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Things to consider when buying a trampoline

Here are a few key things to think about before you invest in a trampoline for you and your family.

Trampoline safety

Trampolining can be an exhilarating activity for children, but safety should always be the number one priority.

RoSPA states that garden trampolining isn't suitable for children under the age of six as they are not sufficiently developed to control their bouncing. They also advise that children using a trampoline be supervised by an adult at all times.

So while many of the outdoor trampolines we've recommended have a three-or-over age range, we'd recommend that you follow safety guidelines as set out by experts.

Rebounders are a good option to use indoors with older children, but indoor trampolines with a safety bar will be suitable for little'uns.

Common outdoor trampoline injuries include sprains or fractures caused by awkward landings, many of which occur when two or more people are using the trampoline at the same time (it should always be one at a time).

As such, it's important for parents to lay down some ground rules. Tell your children to bounce sensibly – no somersaults or back-flips – and, if they do misbehave, don't be afraid to ban trampoline time if they don't take your rules seriously.

When it comes to buying a safe trampoline, look for models with safety pads that cover the springs and frame, or enclosures (ie netting) that should prevent children from bouncing off the trampoline.

Outdoor trampolines should be placed on a soft lawn or similarly cushioned surface with a safe zone of 2.5 metres. If you do place the trampoline on a harder surface, such as concrete, always use a safety mat.

All trampolines should comply with European safety standard EN71-14:2014.

“My kids love the trampoline. It's good exercise if you can't be bothered to go out with bikes, walking or swimming – and the safety net has kept them on it. I would set some rules though such as: one at a time, only use it under supervision and no crazy moves. Always follow the set-up instructions properly.”

What is the best size trampoline to buy?

What size trampoline you buy will ultimately depend on how much space you have, but ideally you'll want to get the biggest trampoline you can to allow your children to grow into it.

An 8ft trampoline is ideal according to parents on Mumsnet.

What shape should I get?

Consider a rectangular or oval trampoline if your garden is on the smaller side, as they fit neatly into a corner. Rectangular trampolines also tend to be bouncier. Round trampolines are the most common and offer a light bounce, while octagonal ones are a bit more interesting and give a good vertical bounce.

If you're concerned about your lawn, and are planning to move the trampoline regularly to avoid dead patches in the grass, then consider the weight of the thing when purchasing – some of them are pretty hefty.

Should I buy an in-ground or above-ground trampoline?

When it comes to space, aesthetics and safety (less distance to fall), in-ground trampolines are a popular option.

You should be able to set the trampoline into the ground yourself by digging a big hole, but you'll need to know about retaining walls, drainage and such. Might be one for the professionals unless you're very handy.

Above-ground trampolines are easier to assemble, but larger ones could take up most of your garden and potentially irritate the neighbours.

“We dug our trampoline into the ground at the back corner of the garden. It has green cushions (padded edges) and you can't see it now from the house which is good. Trampolines definitely need an enclosure in my view and should be at least a couple of metres from hedges or fences.”

How much should I spend?

Trampolines range in price from approximately £30 to over £1,000.

As with anything, the most expensive product won't necessarily be the best, so consider your budget as well as how much outdoor space you have before you buy.

What is the best brand of trampoline to buy?

Parents and experts alike rate brands like Plum, Jumpking, Sportspower and TP very highly, however most of their products can be pricey.

More budget-friendly brands include the likes of Chad Valley (stocked by Argos).

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