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100 beautiful Welsh baby names and meanings for girls and boys

Wales is a country of rich poetic history, ringing with musicality. From its beautiful coastlines, to the peaks of Snowdonia, it is surely a lovely place to have ties with. Have you considered a popular Welsh name for your baby?

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Sep 30, 2022

Naming your new baby is an exciting moment, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many ways of approaching it. How do you narrow down your search? Do you want to choose an extremely popular name that is likely to be one of four in the class, or do you want your child to be the only ‘Bleddyn’ in the school?

Perhaps you are just searching for a link to your Welsh heritage. These 100 Welsh baby names are an inspirational repository of poetic association, and are sure to offer ideas for an adorable baby name.

Did you know? Many Welsh names originate from Celtic language, and have been in use for centuries. Because of this, it is common for Welsh names to have similar spelling, with varied meanings. Many traditional Welsh names have a clear meaning, so finding a baby name can be a task when you consider what is important to you. 

What are the most common Welsh names?

According to recent data, the most common Welsh names are Dylan and Harri for boys. For girls: Megan and Bethan. 

What is the most popular name in Wales?

According to ONS data, the most popular name in Wales for boys is Oliver. The most popular name for girls is Olivia.

Welsh baby girl names

  1. Aderyn - of Welsh origin, meaning, bird.
  2. Aelfwin - meaning ruler of Elves.
  3. Alys - of Welsh, English and Germanic origin, meaning: ‘noble’, ‘nobility’, this spelling is the Welsh version of Alice.
  4. Aneira -  of Welsh origin, meaning ‘snow’. A gorgeous choice for a winter baby
  5. Angharad - A well known one of Welsh origin, meaning: ‘first dear child’, ‘Beloved’, ‘much loved’, lovely sentiment for your little one, Hari for short? Very cute.
  6. Anwen - of Welsh origin,  meaning ‘fair’, ‘pure’, ‘white’ and ‘very beautiful’.
  7. Bethan - The Welsh diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning ‘dedicated to God’. 
  8. Betsan - also  a Welsh diminutive of Elizabeth.
  9. Blodwyn - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘white flower’. Keen readers will know that in some of the earliest Welsh stories, collected in The Mabinogion, ‘Blodeuwedd’ is a woman created out of flowers. A lovely piece of literary history to inspire a future book-worm.
  10. Branwen - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘white crow’ or ‘fair raven’.
  11. Bronwen - From the Welsh elements for ‘breast’ and ‘white’, meaning ‘fair’, ‘blessed’.
  12. Cadi - of Welsh origin. This one is the affectionate form of Catrin. Super cute for a little one.
  13. Carys - from the Welsh word for ‘love’. Carys means ‘loved one’.
  14. Ceinwen - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘beautiful’, ‘white’ and ‘blessed’. Winnie for short?
  15. Celyn - of Celtic and Welsh origin, taken from the Gaelic word for 'Holly'.
  16. Cerys - another spelling of ‘Carys’. Also from the Welsh word for ‘love’. This one might follow in the footsteps of Radio 6 DJ and former singer, Cerys Matthews, who’s ‘Rs’ simply roll off the tongue. Elite company!
  17. Daisy -  from Old English and Welsh origin, meaning ‘day’, ‘eye’ and ‘flower’. A classic and popular baby name for girls.
  18. Delwyn -  of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fair’ and ‘pretty’.
  19. Deryn - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘little bird’.
  20. Dilys - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘true’, ‘genuine’, and ‘perfect’. 
  21. Dina - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘girl from the valley’.
  22. Dylan - a gorgeous and trendy gender neutral choice.This one is from Welsh, meaning ‘of the sea’.
  23. Eilys - of Welsh origin, meaning 'snowdrop'.
  24. Eirwen - of Welsh origin, similarly meaning ‘white snow’.
  25. Eirys - the Welsh derivative of Iris, meaning: ‘English flower’, ‘rainbow’, ‘goddess’.
  26. Elan -  of Welsh origin, meaning ‘the bright or shining one’. For your own bright spark!  
  27. Elen - meaning ‘Daughter of Llywelyn the Great’.
  28. Eleri - thought by some to be the Welsh version of ‘Hilary’, meaning: ‘cheerful’, ‘light-hearted’ or ‘merry’. However, Eleri may also refer to the Welsh river, also known as Afon Leri. Either way we think it’s an adorable choice
  29. Enid - of Welsh origin, meaning, ‘soul’.
  30. Ffion - a unique feel to this one. Of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fox-glove’.
  31. Fionn - similar spelling, but different meaning here. Fionn is derived from Welsh, meaning ‘blonde’.
  32. Gaynor - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘white’, ‘smooth’, ‘soft’.
  33. Gladys - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘royalty’, ‘princess’. This one is a timeless Welsh baby name choice.
  34. Guinevere -  recalling King Arthur’s wife. This one means ‘fair’, ‘white’ and ‘blessed’.
  35. Gwen - a trendy monosyllable in this one. Of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fair’, ‘white’, ‘blessed’.
  36. Gwenda - another variant of Gwendolen, meaning ‘fair’, ‘white’, ‘blessed’.
  37. Gwyneth - most recognisable perhaps because of Gwyneth Paltrow,  this one is derived from the Welsh word ‘gwynaeth’, which means ‘happiness.’
  38. Haf - meaning summer, a bright choice.
  39. Heulwen - another warming choice of Welsh origin, meaning ‘sun-blessed’.
  40. Isobel - a popular choice of French, Welsh, Scottish, Spanish, Scandinavian and Hebrew origin, meaning: ‘God's promise’, ‘God is my oath’.
  41. Kendra - of Welsh, Celtic, and Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘keen power’, ‘water baby’, ‘mystical power’ or ‘wise Woman’.
  42. Lili -  the Welsh version of ‘Lily’, meaning ‘flower’.
  43. Lowri - the Welsh version of ‘Laura’, meaning ‘laurel’.
  44. Mabli - the Welsh version of Mabel, meaning ‘loveable’. A Welsh twist on a name to bring it back into fashion
  45. Mabyn - of Cornish and Welsh descent meaning, ‘ever-young’.
  46. Mared - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘Pearl’.
  47. Rhian - meaning ‘maiden’.
  48. Seren - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘little star’. Seren is bound to brighten up any room!
  49. Sian - meaning, ‘The lord is gracious’. It is the Welsh variant of Jane.
  50. Wren - stylish and unusual, this one is from Welsh origin, meaning ‘ruler’.

Welsh baby boy names

  1. Aled - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘child’.
  2. Alwyn - a good one for Lord of The Rings fans. Alwyn means: ‘friend of elves’.
  3. Arthur - of Welsh descent, meaning: ‘Bear’, ‘stone’, ‘bear-man’, ‘noble’, or ‘courageous’.
  4. Barrie - This is the Anglicised version of the Irish Gaelic name Barra, which itself is a form of Fionnbarr, meaning: ‘spear’
  5. Bleddyn - of Welsh origin, pronounced ‘Ble-thin’. It has been translated as meaning ‘wolf’. This one is packed with powerful associations and is a unique choice!
  6. Brynn - of Welsh origin, meaning: ‘hill’.
  7. Caden - of Welsh, Irish, and Scottish origin, meaning: ‘spirit of battle’ or ‘fighter’.
  8. Cai - of Scottish and Welsh origin, meaning: ‘rejoice’ - to remind you little one to take joy.
  9. Cedwyn - the name of a Welsh saint, meaning: ‘Hard And Fair’.
  10. Cole - of English, Scottish, and Welsh origin, meaning: ‘Dark’, ‘black’, ‘coal’, or ‘king’. 
  11. Dafydd - the Welsh variant of David. Pronounced ‘DAV-ith’". Daf" rhymes with "have", and ‘ydd’ rhymes with ‘with’. It means ‘beloved’.
  12. Dillon - of Gaelic, Irish, and Welsh descent, meaning: ‘Lion’, ‘Loyal’.
  13. Dylan - meaning ‘Son of the sea’, ‘born from the ocean’.
  14. Ellis -  of Welsh, but originally from ‘Elijah’, the Hebrew word for ‘Lord’.
  15. Elwyn - meaning ‘fair’ and ‘friend of the elves’.
  16. Evan - meaning ‘young warrior’, ‘God is good’, ‘God is Gracious’. It can also be spelled ‘Ifan’. 
  17. Floyd - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘flood’. This one can’t go without mentioning the boxer, Floyd Mayweather, so it might be worth considering if you’re a boxing fan!
  18. Gareth - of Welsh, Old Celtic and Old Norse origin, meaning ‘Gentle’. Famous Welsh Gareth’s include the footballer Gareth Bale. This is the perfect choice for a future footballer. 
  19. Geraint - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘loved one’.
  20. Gethin - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘dusky’.
  21. Glyn - meaning ‘valley’ or ‘glen’.
  22. Haiden - meaning: ‘From The Hay Downs’. A wonderfully unique set of associations, making this a really interesting choice for your baby name.
  23. Huw - the Welsh variant of Hugh, meaning: ‘intelligent’.
  24. Idris - of Welsh, Arabic, and Muslim, meaning ‘fiery Lord’. Made famous in recent years by British heart-throb actor: Idris Elba - some very cool footsteps to follow in!
  25. Iestyn - the Welsh variant of Justin, meaning ‘fair’. It is pronounced ‘yestin’.
  26. Ifor - of Welsh origin, meaning, ‘Archer’. It is pronounced ‘EYE + VUH’.
  27. Inigo - of Basque, Welsh and Latin origin, from the word: ‘unknowing’. Inigo oozes originality and is a lovely unique choice for your baby.
  28. Ioan - the Welsh variant of John, meaning: ‘graced by God’.
  29. Lewys - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fame and war’.
  30. Llewellyn - a famous name of Welsh origin, meaning: ‘Like a lion’, ‘leader’. If you’re after one with a traditional feel, this is for you!
  31. Llion - derived from the name of ‘Caerleon’, a legendary Welsh giant and king, whose name is derived from Welsh ‘caer’, meaning ‘fortress’.
  32. Lloyd - of Welsh origin, from a surname which was derived from the Welsh word, ‘llwyd’, meaning ‘grey’, ‘wisdom’.
  33. Luc - the Welsh variant of Luke, meaning ‘light’, ‘illumination’.
  34. Maddex - originally of English origin, meaning ‘Son Of Madoc’ 
  35. Maddock - related to ‘Maddex’, this one means ‘charitable’ and ‘benevolent’.
  36. Math - of Welsh origin. This name is made famous by The Mabinogion - in which Math is the name of the king whose story forms one of its branches. A rich literary history in this one, making it a unique choice! 
  37. Meirion - of Welsh origin, derived from the old county of Merionethshire. It also means ‘manly’.
  38. Merlin - a famous name of Welsh and Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘small falcon’. For your magical little one!
  39. Meyrick - of Welsh origin, also spelt ‘meurig’ in Welsh pronounced mayrick or myrick. This is certainly an unusual choice.
  40. Morgan - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘circling sea’, ‘great brightness’ or ‘bright sea dweller’. 
  41. Osian - of Welsh origin, and another good one for literature lovers. It is derived from the Irish legendary poet and warrior Oisín, and means ‘little deer’. Osian was the 22nd most popular name for baby boys in Wales in 2017.
  42. Owain - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘well-born’.
  43. Rafe - This one is such a sweet and unique choice, meaning ‘wolf counsel’. How many people can say that’s what their name means?
  44. Rhidian - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘red’.
  45. Selyf - the Welsh variant of Solomon, meaning ‘peace’.
  46. Seren - a lovely and unique choice. This one is of Welsh origin, and means ‘star’.
  47. Taliesin - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘intelligent’.
  48. Taran - a cracker of a name! This one of Welsh origin means ‘thunder’. This one is sure to inspire compliments with its unique meaning.
  49. Teilo - the name of a 6th century Welsh Saint who has a cathedral named after him in Llanduff. An interesting alternative to ‘Taylor’.
  50. Wynn - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fair’.
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