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200 Welsh baby names for girls and boys

Want to pay tribute to your Welsh roots with your baby’s name? Or simply opt for something traditional, yet unique? We’ve rounded up our pick of the top 200+ Welsh names for girls and boys.

By Kat Romero | Last updated Feb 29, 2024

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Finding a name for your newborn baby can be a daunting but exciting task. With so many options to choose from, most expectant parents do their research to find the ideal moniker for their new bundle of joy.

If you want a strong baby name that will stand out and be unique, have you considered one of Welsh heritage? You may even be Welsh or have Welsh family and this could be the ideal way to pay tribute.

Many popular Welsh baby names are steeped in history as they originate from Celtic language. Many have beautiful and powerful meanings, although the spellings can prove difficult. Just make sure you know how to pronounce the name before you choose it.

Despite the historical nature of the names, there's many Welsh monikers that have become very trendy. According to a recent Mumsnet thread, many users love the idea of Siân, Anwen and Rhian for a baby girl.

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What are the top baby names in Wales?

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the most popular baby girl names in Wales in 2022 were Olivia, Amelia and Isla, whilst for boys it was Noah, Oliver and Arthur. 

Some traditional baby names have stood the test of time, with Osian and Finley making an appearance in the top 20. 

How we chose the top Welsh baby names for girls and boys

We looked at the ONS to see which names had been most commonly chosen for babies in Wales in recent years, scoured the internet to find the most traditional and obscure names of Welsh descent, and consulted our own trusted Baby Names forum to get both popular and unique Welsh baby name recommendations from parents. 

Popular Welsh baby girl names

1. Alaw - of Welsh origin, meaning 'melody'

2. Alys (or Alis) - of Welsh, English and Germanic origin, meaning: ‘noble’, ‘nobility’. This spelling is the Welsh version of Alice

3. Anwen - of Welsh origin,  meaning ‘fair’, ‘pure’, ‘white’ and ‘very beautiful’

4. Awen - of Welsh origin, meaning 'muse' or 'inspiration'

5. Bethan - the Welsh diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning ‘dedicated to God’. This name has proved very popular on our forums, however some Mumsnetters feel it’s a bit dated

6. Bronwen - from the Welsh elements for ‘breast’ and ‘white’, meaning ‘fair’ or ‘blessed

7. Cadi - of Welsh origin. This one is the affectionate form of Catrin. Super cute for a little one

8. Carys - from the Welsh word for ‘love’ and means ‘loved one’. Pronounced ka-ris

9. Derwen -  meaning oak tree

10. Eleri - thought by some to be the Welsh version of ‘Hilary’, meaning ‘cheerful’, ‘light-hearted’ or ‘merry’. However, Eleri may also refer to the Welsh river, also known as Afon Leri. Either way, we think it’s an adorable choice. Pronounced e-leh-ree

11. Ffion - a unique feel to this one. Of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fox-glove’. Pronounced fi-yon

12. Irwen - the female form of Irwyn, meaning 'green', 'fresh' or 'white'

13. Lili - the Welsh version of ‘Lily’, meaning ‘flower’

14. Lowri - of Welsh origin, meaning 'laurel'

15. Mabli - the Welsh version of Mabel, meaning ‘loveable’. A Welsh twist on a name to bring it back into fashion. Pronounced mab(like cab)-lee

16. Megan - originally from Latin origin and a diminutive of Margaret, this a popular name for girls in Wales

17. Rhian - meaning ‘maiden’

18. Rhiannon - of Welsh origin, meaning 'great queen' or 'goddess'. The namesake of a popular song by the band Fleetwood Mac

19. Seren - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘little star’. Seren is bound to brighten up any room! Pronounced seh-ren

20. Siân - meaning ‘the lord is gracious’. It is the Welsh variant of Jane

Popular Welsh baby boy names

21. Aled - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘child’. It is also the name of a river in Denbighshire

22. Brân - meaning 'crow' or 'raven'

23. Bryn - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘hill’

24. Cai (or Cei) - the Welsh form of Kay, one of King Arthur's knights

25. Dafydd - the Welsh variant of David. Pronounced dav-ith. It means ‘beloved’. But some of our Mumsnetters say the spelling could be confusing

26. Elis - an anglicised Welsh name, but originally from ‘Elijah’, the Hebrew word for ‘Lord’

27. Gethin - of Welsh origin, meaning 'dark-skinned'

28. Gruffydd (or Gruffudd) - of Welsh origin, meaning 'strong lord'. Pronounced Griffith

29. Ifan - meaning ‘young warrior’, ‘God is good’ or ‘God is Gracious’

30. Ieuan - the Welsh form of Ewan

31. Macsen - pronounced max-en, it means ‘potential for greatness’

32. Rhys - of Welsh origin, meaning 'enthusiastic'

33. Wyn - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fair’

Top baby girl names in Wales 

These are the most popular girl names in Wales, in order of popularity, according to the ONS. NB: Most of the names on this list aren't of Welsh origin.

34. Olivia - of Latin origin, meaning ‘olive tree’

35. Amelia -  the english-variant of the name Amalia, which is of Hebrew origin and means ‘work’

36. Isla - of Spanish descent which means 'island'

37. Rosie - a feminine name of Latin origin that means ‘rose’

38. Ava - the roots are uncertain although it’s thought to be of Latin descent and mean ‘bird-like’ 

39. Lily - a name that symbolises innocence and means ‘pure’ 

40. Mia - this name is believed to come from the ancient Egyptian word for Mr. Despite its popularity, it’s a classic. One of our Mumsnetters noted, “I'm a midwife and it's a very popular name”

41. Ella - a name with German, Hebrew and English origins and means ‘goddess’ or ‘fairy maiden’

42. Willow - meaning ‘willow tree’ and ‘freedom’. One of our Mumsnetters said, “I love Willow! I wouldn't care how popular it is. I think it's so pretty”

43. Freya - a name of Scandinavian roots that means ‘noble lady’. Many of our Mumsnetters noted that, despite being popular, it didn’t feel like a name that was everywhere. One said: “I love the name. It's girly but not frilly”

44. Ivy - a British name that means ‘climbing evergreen plant’. Despite being a botanical name, our Mumsnetters said it didn’t feel as girly as other names. “Strong, yes, in that it's not twee and cutesy” 

45. Elsie - sometimes used as a nickname for Elizabeth. The name Elsie means ‘pledged to God’

46. Grace - a biblical name meaning ‘goodness’ and ‘generosity'

47. Millie - of Latin origin and also derived from the German names Millicent, Melicent and Mildred

48. Evie - a Hebrew name that means ‘life’

49. Poppy - originates from Latin and simply means ‘red flower’ 

50. Sophia - a Greek name that means ‘wisdom’. You can also use the Spanish spelling Sofia

51. Erin - a gorgeous Gaelic name that means ‘peace’ and ‘poetic’. It has good word of mouth in our forums too. One user noted, “It's a lovely name. All the Erins I know are very likeable people, so I tend to think their parents must be really nice and kind”

52. Harper - this name traces back to the Medieval era and means ‘person who plays a harp’ 

53. Mali - a common name in Africa, but it also has roots in Wales and means ‘wished for child’. The Welsh form of Molly

54. Florence - of Latin origin, the name means ‘blossoming, flourishing, prosperous’. Our users also love the adorable nicknames you can choose too, including Flo, Florrie, Flossie or Floss 

55. Evelyn - a British name that means ‘desired’, ‘island’ and ‘wished for’. Despite having popularity decades again, our Mumsnetters feel it has retained a classic quality

56. Phoebe - a name of Greek origin that means ‘bright or radiant.’ Our Mumsnetters love it but say that it reminds them of Phoebe from Friends. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

57. Mila - a feminine name of Spanish origin that means ‘miracles’. It has become very popular in recent years due to the actress Mila Kunis

58. Isabella - a gorgeous Italian name that means ‘devoted to God’. Can also be shortened to Issy, Izzy or Bella

59. Emily - derived from the Roman namesake Aemilia, it means ‘rival’, ‘laborious’ and ‘eager’

60. Hallie - a gender-neutral name of British origin and it means ‘dweller at the meadow’ or ‘praise the Lord’

61. Lottie - a diminutive form of the name Charlotte. Some Mumsnetters feel it’s twee but others insist it’s a classic

62. Isabelle - a beautiful girl's name of Hebrew and French origins, meaning ‘pledged to God’ 

63. Sienna - derived from the ancient Italian city Siena, it can also mean ‘orange red’. Princess Beatrice chose this moniker for her daughter

64. Bonnie - a classic Scottish name that has gained huge popularity nationwide. It means ‘pretty’ 

65. Aurora - a Disney classic, this name feels regal yet magical. It means ‘dawn’ in Latin but also comes from the aurora borealis light display

66. Aria - it means ‘song’ or ‘melody’ in Italian. Many of our Mumsnetters love it but some worry it’s too closely linked to Game of Thrones

67. Penelope - a feminine name of Greek origin meaning ‘weaver’. Kourtney Kardashian and Tina Fey used this for their daughters

68. Charlotte - an oldie but a classic. A name of French origin that means ‘free man’ or ‘petite,’ and is the feminine form of Charles

69. Maisie - you can also spell it Maisy or Mazie and this name means ‘pearl’

70. Imogen - it comes from the Celtic name Innogen and means ‘maiden’. Popular on our forums too, one user notes, “I have three nieces and two of them are called Imogen! They are 16 years apart - one is in the UK and one is in Australia. To me that illustrates Imogen is timeless”

71. Ruby - a beautiful Latin name that means ‘deep red precious stone’. One of our Mumsnetters said, “Ruby is elegant yet cute and suits all ages”

72. Luna - a Latin name meaning ‘moon’. It gained a lot of popularity due to its prominence in Harry Potter. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend also used it for their first daughter

73. Violet - an English name of Latin origin that means ‘purple’. One of our Mumsnet users said, “My paternal grandmother's name was Violet. It's a beautiful name”

Top baby boy names in Wales

These are the most popular boy names in Wales, in order of popularity, according to the ONS. NB: Most of the names on this list aren't of Welsh origin.

74. Noah - a biblical name, it is derived from Noach which is a Hebrew name meaning ‘rest or repose.’ It’s very popular with our Mumsnet users, as one said, “Beautiful name, cute enough and sounds great at all ages”

75. Oliver - this name comes from Olivier, an Old French form of the Germanic name Alfher

76. Arthur - the name can mean ‘Thor, the eagle’ and ‘strong man’. Pronounced arr-thirr

77. Theo - a gender-neutral baby name that has a very strong meaning, which is ‘God’s gift’

78. Leo - a masculine name that comes from the Greek word meaning ‘lion’

79. Charlie - deriving from the Germanic word ‘karal’, this name means ‘free man’ 

80. Archie - a German name that means ‘genuinely bold’ and ‘brave’. Some of our users love this name, whilst others feel it’s a little old-fashioned77.

81. George - coming from the Greek name Georgios, which means ‘farmer’ and ‘earthworker’. Kate Middleton and Prince William chose to use this name for their firstborn and many of our users praised how strong a choice it is. “I've always liked it. A good, strong name that is suitable for both a baby and a grown man,” one said

82. Jac (or Jack) - a British name that originated in Medieval England as a variant to John and Jacob

83. Oscar - this name has its roots in Irish culture and folklore and means ‘God spear,’ ‘deer-lover,’ or ‘champion warrior’

84. Finley - with its roots in Ireland, this name means ‘fair-haired courageous one'

85. Freddie - a short form of the names Frederick, Frederica and Winifred, Freddie means ‘peaceful ruler’ and ‘power’

86. Tommy - meaning 'twin', this name comes from the Greek moniker Thomas and the Aramaic name Ta'oma'

87. Jacob - another popular biblical choice, this name comes from the Hebrew Ya'aqov and can mean ‘to follow’ or ‘be behind’

88. Alfie - an English name that means ‘sage’ and ‘wise’ 

89. Harry - a popular name amongst the royal family, this name has Germanic roots and means ‘home ruler’

90. Osian - of Welsh origin, and another good baby name for literature lovers. It’s derived from the Irish legendary poet and warrior Oisín, and means ‘little deer’. Osian was the 22nd most popular name for baby boys in Wales in 2017. Pronounced osh-an

91. Roman - a name of various origins but typically associated with its Hebrew roots and meaning ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’

92. Elijah - this name comes from the Hebrew name Eliyyahu and means ‘Yahweh is my God’ 

93. Theodore - a name with ancient roots, it means ‘gift of God. You could always shorten it to Teddy, which has become a very popular name in recent years 

94. Thomas - this moniker comes from the Hebrew word ta'om and means ‘twin’. Many of our Mumsnetters feel the name has a timeless and classic feel. One user even said, “I've never met a Thomas or Tom I didn’t like”

95. William - this name has classic English roots and means ‘strong-willed warrior’ 

96. Arlo - this name has gained huge popularity in recent years but actually dates back to the Middle Ages and means ‘fortified hill’. When discussed in our forums, many parents love it but noted how popular it has become

97. Henry - of German descent, this name means ‘house ruler’

98. Luca - a gender-neutral name of Italian descent, ‘meaning bringing of light’

99. Albie - the masculine version of Alba, this means ‘white, bright and noble’ 

100. Dylan - it may mean ‘son of the sea’ but this name has also become a gender-neutral option

101. Harrison - a British name that means ‘son of Harry’. It appeared to be quite a divisive choice on our Mumsnet forums, with many feeling it works better as a surname

102. Isaac - a Hebrew name that means ‘one who laughs or rejoices’. Our Mumsnetters adore this choice, particularly the upbeat meaning. Pronounced yss-ack

103. Lucas - a Latin name that means ‘bringer of light’. Could be a great choice for Stars Wars fans!

104. Harri (or Hari) - meaning ‘house owner', the 'lord of the manor' and also 'to rule’. This is a variant of the more popular spelling for Harry

105. Mason - of British origin, meaning 'stone worker'

106. Jaxon - a modern British name that means son of Jack. Another divisive choice for our users, with many arguing that the spelling Jackson was more timeless

107. Hunter - a British name that means, rather obviously, ‘to hunt’. Many of our Mumsnetters associate it with Gladiators and some felt it was too violent a name for a little boy

108. Reuben - of Hebrew origin, meaning 'behold, a son'

109. Rowan - of Irish and Scottish origin, meaning 'red-haired'. A gender-neutral name

110. Louie - an alternative of Louis, meaning 'famous warrior'

111. Teddy - once a shortened version of Theodore, Teddy has become a very popular name in its own right. Although be warned that if you do opt for this name for your little boy, it’s likely they’ll be one of many!

112. Tomos - the Welsh variation of the name Tommy, which means ‘twin’

113. Logan - a name traditionally of Scottish descent that comes from the Gaelic word lagan or lag, which means ‘hollow’

114. Ezra - comes from the Hebrew word azar, which means ‘help’, ‘aid’ or ‘protect’

115. Hudson - an English name that means ‘son of Hudd’. Many of our users love the nod to New York and the Hudson River

116. Max - of Latin origin and derived from the name Maximilian, meaning 'greatest'

117. Ronnie - meaning 'advice' or 'ruler', it is a diminutive of the Norse name Ronald

118. Ollie - of Latin origin, meaning 'olive tree'. Traditionally a nickname for Oliver.

119. Rory - an Anglicised name derived from the Old Irish name Ruaidhrí, meaning 'red king'

120. Sebastian - of Latin origin, meaning 'revered'

Unusual Welsh baby girl names

121. Aneira -  of Welsh origin, meaning ‘snow’. A gorgeous choice for a winter baby. Pronounced ann-ey-rah

122. Blodwen - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘white flower’. Budding historians will know that in some of the earliest Welsh stories, collected in The Mabinogion, ‘Blodeuwedd’ is a woman created out of flowers. A lovely piece of literary history to inspire a future book-worm

123. Branwen - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘white crow’ or ‘fair raven’. Pronounced  bran-wen

124. Ceinwen - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘beautiful’, ‘white’ and ‘blessed’. Winnie for short? This can be pronounced kayn-wen

125. Dilys - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘true’, ‘genuine’, and ‘perfect’

125. Haf - meaning summer, a bright choice. Pronounced with a long vowel sound

126. Heulwen - another warming choice of Welsh origin, meaning ‘sun-blessed’. It’s pronounced hool-wen

127. Nia - this traditionally has Swahili origins and means ‘lustrous, goal, or purpose’. Also the Welsh form of Niamh

128. Telyn - meaning 'harp'

Unusual Welsh baby boy names 

129. Bleddyn - of Welsh origin. It has been translated as meaning ‘wolf’. This one is packed with powerful associations and is a unique baby name. Pronounced bleh-thin

130. Carwyn (or Caerwyn) - comprises the elements 'car' (love) and '(g)wyn' (white, fair or blessed)

131. Cedwyn - the name of a Welsh saint, meaning 'hard’ and ‘fair’ (or blessed)

132. Delwyn - pronounced del-win, it means ‘fair’, 'white', 'blessed' and ‘pretty’

133. Geraint - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘loved one’. Pronounced ger-rint ('ger' rhymes with fair and 'rint' rhymes with pint)

134. Iestyn - the Welsh variant of Justin, meaning ‘fair’. It’s pronounced yes-tin

135. Ifor - of Welsh origin, meaning, ‘Archer’. It is pronounced eye-vuh

136. Ioan - the Welsh variant of John, meaning ‘graced by God’. Pronounced yo-an

137. Lewys - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fame and war’. Pronounced leh-wis

138. Llewelyn - a famous name of Welsh origin, meaning: ‘like a lion’ or ‘leader’. Pronounced thloo-well-in

139. Llion - derived from the name of ‘Caerleon’, a legendary Welsh giant and king, whose name is derived from Welsh ‘caer’, meaning ‘fortress’. Pronounced th-ly-ohn

140. Lloyd - of Welsh origin, from a surname which was derived from the Welsh word, ‘llwyd’, meaning ‘grey’ or ‘wisdom’

141. Luc - the Welsh variant of Luke, meaning ‘light’, ‘illumination’

142. Madoc - originally of English origin, meaning ‘Son of Madoc’

143. Selyf - the Welsh variant of Solomon, meaning ‘peace’. Pronounced sell-iv

144. Taliesin - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘intelligent’. Pronounced ta-lee-eh-sun

145. Taran - a cracker of a name! This one of Welsh origin means ‘thunder’. This one is sure to inspire compliments with its unique meaning. Pronounced tar-an

146. Teilo - the name of a 6th century Welsh Saint who has a cathedral named after him in Llandaff. An interesting alternative to ‘Taylor’

Traditional Welsh baby girl names

147. Angharad - meaning ‘loved one’ or ‘dear’ one, this Welsh name has been used for centuries

148. Beca - the shortened form of Rebecca, which means 'to tie' or 'bind'

149. Begw - this name is the shortened form of Megan that means ‘strong as pearl’. Pronounced be-wuh

150. Betsan - also a Welsh diminutive of Elizabeth

151. Blodeuwedd - a unique name that means ‘flower face’. Pronounced bluh-die-weth

152. Catrin - the Welsh form of Catherine, which means ‘pure’

153. Dafina - the Welsh spelling of Davina, which means ‘beloved’

154. Ebrill - this name is the Welsh word for April

155. Ffraid - this is the Welsh form of Bridget and means ‘strong’. Pronounced fry-d

156. Lona - a feminine version of Leon, which comes from the Greek word meaning 'lion'

157. Mererid - the Welsh form of Margaret that means ‘pearl’. Pronounced merr-err-id

158. Myfanwy - a gorgeous name for your little one that means ‘my lovely little one’. Pronounced muh-van-wee

159. Non - meaning ‘nun’, the legendary St. Non was the mother of St. David

160. Olwenna - a variant of the Welsh girl’s name Olwen, which means ‘white footprint’. Pronounced phonetically 

161. Rhonwen - meaning ‘fair’ and ‘slender’

Traditional Welsh baby boy names

162. Adda - the Welsh version of Adam, meaning ‘son of the red earth’

163. Afagddu - a moody name with a gothic meaning of 'total darkness' and the name of a man in the Mabinogion. Pronounced av-ag-thee

164. Broderick - a strong name that means ‘descendent of Bruadar’. Pronounced phonetically 

165. Cadfael - meaning ‘battle prince’, this moniker is pronounced kad-vile.

166. Caradoc - pronounced phonetically, it means ‘beloved’ or ‘strong’

167. Efan - a gorgeous name that means ‘God is gracious’

168. Eirwyn - meaning ‘golden and pure’, this comes from the Welsh words Eira and Gwyn. Pronounced er-win

169. Elfyn - meaning 'elf friend' and pronounced el-fin

170. Gareth - a common name outside of Wales too, with many actors and sportsmen bearing the moniker. It means ‘gentle person’

171. Gavin - another classic name that is popular in and outside of Wales, meaning ‘white hawk’. It's a variation on the medieval name Gawain

172. Huw - the Welsh variant of Hugh, this name means ‘bright mind’

173. Ianto - meaning ‘gift of God’ and pronounced yan-toh. Despite its classic roots, many of our Mumsnetters appear divided over using it as a baby name 

174. Iorwerth - a traditional Welsh name comprising 'iôr' (lord) and 'berth' (handsome)

175. Math - of Welsh origin. This name is made famous by The Mabinogion in which Math is the name of the king whose story forms one of its branches. A rich literary history in this one, making it a unique choice!

176. Meirion - of Welsh origin, this name is derived from the old county of Merionethshire. It also means ‘manly’

177. Morgan - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘circling sea’, ‘great brightness’ or ‘bright sea dweller’. Some of our Mumsnet users are torn over whether this suited a boy or girl more

178. Owain - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘well-born’. Pronounced oh-whine. Despite some confusion over the pronunciation, this seems to be a well-liked Welsh name amongst Mumsnet users

179. Rhidian - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘red’. Pronounced rhid-yan

180. Urien - a strong name that means ‘privileged birth’ and is pronounced irr-yen

Cute Welsh baby girl names 

181. Dilys - pronounced dihl-ihss, this is such a cute choice that means 'genuine'. It has proved a hit on our forums, with one user saying, “It has the advantage of being one of the easier Welsh names to spell”

182. Gladys - pronounced glad-ihss, we love how this once old-fashioned baby name has come back in style. It means ‘land’, ‘nation’ and ‘sovereignty’

183. Glenda - a name that means ‘pure’ and ‘good’, we think this name is due a revival

184. Gwendolen (or Gwen) - pronounced gwehn-dol-en, this name is truly unique and means ‘fair bow’ or ‘blessed ring’

185. Mari (or Mair) - the Welsh form of Mary

186. Mabli - pronounced ma-blee, this name sounds exactly like its meaning, which is ‘loveable’ 

187. Meinir - pronounced mayn-eer, this name means 'maiden'

188. Nerys - this cool name means ‘lady’, 'noblewoman' or 'hero'

189. Tarian - a strong name that means ‘shield’. It’s pronounced tar-yan

190. Tesni - another name that’s a nod to the sun, this means sun’s warmth. It’s pronounced phonetically

Cute Welsh baby boy names

191. Carwyn - pronounced car-win, this adorable name means ‘love’ and ‘blessed’

192. Celyn - a perfect name for the festive season, meaning 'holly'. It’s pronounced kel-in

193. Ceri - pronounced like Kerri, this name means 'to be loved'. Also a girls' name

194. Dai - this bold name means 'beloved' and is pronounced like dye

195. Glyn - meaning 'valley of water'

196. Heulog - pronounced hay-log, this happy and upbeat name means ‘sunny’

197. Pryderi - pronounced pri-deh-ree, this unusual baby name means 'care'

198. Talfryn - a strong and geographical name that means ‘high hill’ and is pronounced tahl-vrrin

199. Trefor - pronounced trev-orr, the meaning of this unique name is ‘big village’

200. Yale - like the American Ivy league school, this name could mean your little one is destined for academic success. Pronounced yail, it means ‘fertile upland’ and is the Anglicised form of Iâl

What Welsh name means ‘love’?

The Welsh baby girl name Carys means ‘love’ or ‘loved one’.

What Welsh name means ‘light’?

The Welsh name Lleucu, pronounced hlay-kee, is the Welsh variant of Lucy, meaning ‘light’.

How to name your baby

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