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Morgan for a boy

18 replies

beans1992 · 18/04/2022 18:47

After many many posts and a lot of discussion I think Morgan is the front runner for a boys name. My only worry is that it’s thought of more for girls? Would he spend his whole life being mistake for a girl? Or is it genuinely unisex?

We are not finding out the gender but I don’t like it so much for a girl.

How many - if any - do you know and which gender? Any baby/toddler boys? Thanks!

OP posts:
kerosene20 · 18/04/2022 18:56

Definitely a girls name to me, sorry.

Thefrenchconnection1 · 18/04/2022 18:58

I think of boys.

SleepyRoo · 18/04/2022 18:58

I know a teen with that name. Suits him

Chewbecca · 18/04/2022 19:04

I used to work with a Morgan - male, Australian. Lovely chap.

Seainasive · 18/04/2022 19:04

I only know a male Morgan. Lovely name

Timmytoo · 18/04/2022 19:09

It's my daughters second name so I obviously love it. It's definitely unisex as I know a male Morgan and Enid Blyton used it in a Famous Five book for a male character.

toastofthetown · 18/04/2022 19:16

Morgan was used for around three times as many boys as girls last year in England and Wales, and has pretty consistently used by more boys than girls.

Here's the data if you are curious:

KirstenBlest · 18/04/2022 19:17

Boy's name, but I know a Mawgan (boy) and Morgane (French)

Morgan the organ would put me off

ohidoliketobe · 18/04/2022 19:19

1 of each, both in their 20s. Its genuinely a unisex name

BestIsWest · 18/04/2022 19:21

I know five, all in their twenties. Only one is a girl.

stairgates · 18/04/2022 19:24

Boys name to me

beans1992 · 18/04/2022 19:25

Thank you so much for the responses! This is really reassuring!

OP posts:
Saltnpepperr · 18/04/2022 21:29

I prefer it as a boys name and I know a couple. Much prefer it for a boy!

LunaLoveFood · 18/04/2022 21:31

I know 3 Morgans, they are all boys.

Qwill · 18/04/2022 21:38

I know two boy Morgans and they are American, and one girl Morgan and she’s Scottish, so it could be a geographic thing?

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 18/04/2022 21:39

Definetly a boys name round here.

Luredbyapomegranate · 18/04/2022 22:46

I associate it with Morgan le Faye, but I think it’s unisex.

beans1992 · 19/04/2022 07:29

@BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz do you mind me asking where you are? UK?

OP posts:
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