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200+ top Scottish baby names with unique meanings

Want to give your baby a name that has a Scottish flair? There’s a great choice of monikers that hail from the land of the brave - from traditional Scottish baby names to truly unique and modern names for both girls and boys.

By Kat Romero & Laura Westerman | Last updated Sep 22, 2023

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Scotland is a country steeped in a wonderfully rich history and if you live there or have visited, there’s no doubt you will have become acquainted with the array of unique and beautiful Scottish names. 

So many traditional Scottish baby names are seeing a resurgence in popularity, including Isla, Rory and Angus. 

Not only do Scottish names sound great on the ear, they also carry wonderful meanings and interesting origins. 

So many of our Mumsnet users have opted for Scottish baby names, with our Baby Names forum filled with ideas and thoughts on a variety of popular options and some wonderfully unusual baby names too. So if you’re eager to give your baby a name from the Scots, we’ve rounded up our list of the top 200.

What is a popular Scottish baby name?

Some of the most popular baby names in Scotland include Eilidh, Bonnie and Skye for girls and Harris, Rory and Blake for boys. 

For a more traditional baby name, Maisie has seen a soar in popularity in recent years and placed in the top 50 girls names of 2022. Similarly, Logan and Rowan have become strong choices for boys. 

How we chose the top Scottish baby names for boys and girls

We consulted the National Records of Scotland to find the most popular baby names in Scotland for 2022 (published in March 2023) but also trawled trusted baby names data across the wider web to uncover the most popular, unique and traditional Scottish names. We also scoured the Mumsnet Baby Names forum to get their unbiased and unfiltered opinions from our network of parents.

Most popular baby girl names in Scotland

Ranked in order of popularity

  1. Olivia - of Latin origin. It’s derived from the word ‘oliva,’ which means ‘olive tree’

  2. Isla - a Scottish name, derived from the Scottish Gaelic word for ‘island’. The name Isla is often associated with the natural beauty of Scotland and the serene qualities of islands

  3. Freya - a marmite name but a powerful one, derived from the Old Norse goddess of love, ‘Freyja’

  4. Millie - a diminutive form of several names, including Mildred and Millicent, which have Old English origins. While Millie doesn't have a specific meaning of its own, it is often associated with gentleness and kindness

  5. Emily - of Latin origin and is derived from the name Aemilia, which was used in ancient Rome, meaning ‘rival’

  6. Amelia - of Germanic origin and is derived from the name Amalia, which means ‘work’ or ‘industrious’

  7. Grace - of English origin, derived from the word ‘grace’ which means ‘elegance’, ‘charm’ and 'divine favour'

  8. Sophie - of Greek origin, meaning ‘wisdom’

  9. Ella - of Germanic origin, meaning ‘other’, ‘goddess’ or ‘fairy maiden’

  10. Ava - of Latin origin, meaning ‘bird’ or ‘birdlike’. Also of Persian origin meaning ‘voice’ or ‘call’

  11. Lily - of English origin and is derived from the name of the flower

  12. Charlotte - of French origin, meaning ‘petite’, the feminine form of Charles. As one of our Mumsnetters pointed out, it’s both ‘beautiful and timeless’

  13. Sophia - Scottish origins lie in the word ‘Beathag’, which means ‘wise and intelligent.’ Some of our Mumsnetters feel this name has become too popular and opted for it as a middle name instead

  14. Aria - this name has multiple origins, including Italian and Hebrew. It is often associated with music, as it means ‘air’ or ‘melody’ in Italian

  15. Harper - of English origin and originally referred to someone who played the harp or made harps

  16. Ivy - of English origin and is named after the climbing plant known for its evergreen leaves

  17. Evie - a lighter twist on Eve, meaning ‘life’

  18. Lucy - of Latin origin and is derived from the name Lucia, meaning ‘light’

  19. Mia - from Hebrew, meaning ‘ocean goddess’ or ‘queen’

  20. Rosie - from several places in Scotland, including Caithness and Orkney. From the Scottish Gaelic, ‘Ros’, meaning ‘wooded’ also drawn from the Latin word ‘rosa’, meaning, you guessed it, ‘rose’!

  21. Sofia - of Greek origin and it means ‘wisdom’

  22. Eilidh - a Scottish Gaelic name, meaning ‘radiant one’

  23. Orla - a name of Celtic origin, meaning ‘golden princess’

  24. Maisie - of Scottish origin and is a diminutive of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’

  25. Daisy - from the Old English word ‘dægeseage’, which means ‘day’s eye’

  26. Willow - isn’t this a sweet one? From the Old English ‘welig’ which means ‘willow tree’, Willow is a unique name for your baby girl

  27. Jessica - of Hebrew origin and is derived from the name Yiskah meaning ‘to behold’ or ‘foresight’

  28. Ruby - of Latin origin and is named after the precious gemstone

  29. Ellie - often used as a diminutive of names like Eleanor. Of English origin, meaning ‘light’

  30. Anna - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘graceful’

  31. Bonnie - an undeniably Scottish name, this means ‘pretty’

  32. Elsie - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘pledged to God’

  33. Esme - derived from Old French, meaning ‘to respect’ or ‘admire’. Our Mumsnetters love this name, although many can't agree on whether it needs to be spelt with an accent on the second ‘e’ or not

  34. Maya - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘water’

  35. Sienna - of Italian origin, meaning ‘orange-red’. This name is growing rapidly in popularity

  36. Mila - popularised by the actress Mila Kunis, it is now one of the most popular baby names for girls, meaning ‘gracious’. Our Mumsnetters feel this is a classic and timeless choice

  37. Robyn - of course, iconically connected with two wonderful pop stars: Miss Robyn Fenty (Rihanna) and Robyn of the 2013 classic, ‘I Keep Dancing on My Own’. Of Norman origin, it appropriately means ‘fame’ or ‘bright’

  38. Isabella - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘pledged to God’

  39. Georgia - derived from the Greek name Georgios which means ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker’. Famous feminisations of the name George now count Georgia O’Keefe, the painter, among its alumni

  40. Hannah - of Hebrew origin. It comes from the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Channah), which means ‘grace’ or ‘favour’

  41. Poppy - this name peaked at number five in UK’s most popular baby names in 2014. It is of Latin origin, meaning ‘red flower’

  42. Eva - is the Anglicisation of the Gaelic Aoife, meaning ‘shining’ or ‘radiant’

  43. Ayla - a Scottish name meaning, ‘from a strong and resilient place’. A lovely one if you’re looking for a name connected to Scottish heritage

  44. Layla - from Arabic origins meaning ‘night’. Due to its rich history, many of our Mumsnet users feel it's a name that suits all ages

  45. Callie - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘from the forest’

  46. Skye - of Scottish origin and is often associated with the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It is often interpreted to mean ‘heaven’ or ‘sky’

  47. Hallie - of Old Norse origin, meaning ‘dweller in the meadow’

  48. Holly - of English origin and means holly tree

  49. Maeve - of Irish origin and is derived from the name Medb in Old Irish. Medb was a legendary queen in Irish mythology, known for her beauty and power. The name is also associated with the Irish word ‘maol’, which means ‘bald’ or ‘smooth’

  50. Emma - derived from the Germanic word ‘ermen’, meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. This name was a little divisive with our Mumsnet users as some find it ‘bland’ while others love it

Most popular baby boy names in Scotland

Ranked in order of popularity

51. Noah - coming from the Hebrew word ‘noach’, this name means ‘comfort’ and ‘rest’ 

52. Jack - meaning ‘healthy, strong, and full of energy’. This one is a classic choice for a reason, short, sweet and straight to the point

53. Leo - from the Latin word for lion. Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson opted for this name for her first son. A lot of our Mumsnetters love how strong it sounds

54. Harris - of Scottish and English origin, meaning ‘son of Harry’

55. Luca - of Latin origin, meaning ‘bringer of light’

56. Oliver - one of the most consistently popular baby names. Oliver, from the Old Norse Óleifr is certainly a classic choice. The issue with common names, as identified by Mumsnetters, is that you may wish to avoid your child becoming one of three (or more) class Olivers

57. Rory - of Gaelic origin, this one means ‘red-king’. A classic name that has its roots in Scottish and Irish, it’s a very popular choice. Our Mumsnetters also think it's a name that works well with a strong middle name

58. Archie - of English origin and is often used as a diminutive or nickname for Archibald. It was traditionally a common name in Scotland and means ‘genuinely bold’ or ‘brave’

59. Alfie - a diminutive or nickname for the name Alfred, which has Old English and Germanic origins. Alfred means ‘elf counsel’ or ‘wise counsellor’

60. James - of course Scotland has had a James on the throne, so if you want to go regal, choose this one, meaning ‘he who grasps the heel’

61. Theo - a short form of the name Theodore, which has Greek origins. Theodore means ‘gift of God’

62. Finlay - of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning ‘fair warrior’

63. Lewis - of Scottish and English origin, meaning ‘famous warrior’

64. Alexander - from Greek origin, meaning ‘defender of men’

65. Charlie - of German origin meaning, ‘free man’. This can also be a unisex name for a girl, becoming a shortened version of Charlotte

66. Brodie (or Brody) - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘muddy place’

67. Lucas - we all know a Lucas. But let’s face it, it’s because it’s a good name. Like Luke and Luca, it means 'bringer of light'. For a charmer who can brighten up any room

68. Finn - of Irish and Nordic origin, meaning ‘fair’ or ‘wanderer’

69. Logan - such a sweet one! Drawn from the Gaelic word, ‘lagan’ or ‘lag’, which means ‘little hollow’

70. Thomas - this comes from the Hebrew word for ‘twin’

71. Mason - derived from the Old French for ‘stone-mason’, and growing ever more popular

72. Oscar - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘friend of deer’. Whilst a very loved choice, some of our Mumsnet users worry it’s too popular

73. Max - from the Latin name Maximilian, meaning ‘the greatest’

74. Muhammad - top choice for the UK for the fifth year running in 2021, Muhammad remains high up the list. It means, ‘praiseworthy’ in Arabic, after the prophet and founder of Islam

75. Tommy - like Thomas, this means ‘twin’

76. Freddie - meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. For a pretty popular name, this one has some standout alumni, none more than the late Freddie Mercury. Not bad company to keep

77. Jacob - a popular Old Testament name meaning ‘supplanter’

78. Cameron - originating from the Gaelic word for 'crooked nose'

79. Jude - meaning ‘praised.’ Hopefully this child grows up to be a fan of the Beatles. Either way, they are going to endure a lifetime of people singing in their faces. Is that so bad?

80. Arthur - of Celtic origin, meaning ‘bear’. Most of our Mumsnetters agree that this name is such a cute choice

81. Daniel - origins trace back to the Old Testament where it is defined as ‘God is my judge’. A good one for the strong-willed and independently minded

82. Kai - of various origins, meaning ‘fire’

83. Harry - a name brought initially by Norman invaders, meaning ‘home ruler’. It’s a classic royal choice, considering Prince Harry, and has been one of the top baby boy names for years

84. Blake - of Scottish descent, meaning ‘dark-haired’ or ‘swarthy’. A popular name with celebs, with Rochelle and Marvin Humes choosing it for their son

85. Ollie - looking for a twist on an old classic? This one shortens one of the most enduringly popular Scottish baby boy names, Oliver, originating in the Scottish borderlands and meaning ‘bearer of the olive branch’. Why not speculatively name a child who might be good at making peace with his siblings (if he has any)?

86. Harrison - of Anglo-Saxon descent meaning ‘son of Harry’. One Mumsnet user worried that the name sounded a bit ‘chavvy’ but others insisted it was a classic and strong name

87. Hunter - of Anglo-Scottish origin, meaning, unsurprisingly, ‘someone who hunts’

88. Roman -  originally meaning, ‘citizen of Rome’, made popular recently by the likes of Cate Blanchett and Debra Messing, who each chose this one for their baby boys. Big readers might appreciate that ‘roman’ is the French word for novel

89. Adam - a strong name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘son of the soil’

90. William - of Old German origin, William has lasted through the years to remain a classic baby boy’s name, meaning ‘resolute’

91. Arlo - now androgynous and cool. If you have ambitions for your child one day becoming a chic singer like Arlo Parks, choose this one, meaning ‘stone or rock hill’

92. Caleb - of Hebrew origin meaning ‘devotion to God’. It’s become a cool choice in recent years thanks to the lead singer of Kings of Leon

93. Reuben - originally Hebrew, refers to the saying, ‘behold, a son.’ Hugely popular on the Mumsnet forums!

94. Ethan - of Hebrew origin meaning ‘firm, enduring, long-lived’. Some of our Mumsnetters feel this name had become dated after seeing its popularity rise in the 90s

95. Liam - a shortened version of the Gaelic name, Uilliam, meaning ‘helmet of will’

96. George - of Greek origin and means ‘farmer' or ‘earthworker’

97. Sonny - a modern English name, meaning ‘son’ or ‘little son’

98. Nathan - of Hebrew origin and means ‘gift of God’

99. Angus - of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning ‘one choice’ or ‘unique’

100. Jamie - a variant of the name James, which is of Hebrew origin and means ‘supplanter’ or ‘one who follows’

Modern Scottish baby girl names 

101. Aine - while not exclusive to Scotland, this name has been used in various Celtric cultures and means ‘joy’. It’s pronounced ‘awn-yuh’

102. Ainsley - this name has become hugely popular since the early noughties but its roots are in Scotland and it comes from the Old English word for 'solitary' or 'hermitage'. Some of our Mumsnetters couldn’t help but think of the chef Ainsley Harriott, whilst others love the uniqueness of the name

103. Afton - this gender-neutral baby name has its roots in Scotland and means 'evening'

104. Beitidh - This name is pronounced like Betty and means 'my God is plentiful'

105. Bethóc -  meaning ‘life’ and was the name of the eldest daughter and heir of Malcolm II of Scotland

106. Blair - this name gained huge prominence due to Gossip Girl and is a gender-neutral name that means ‘plain’ or ‘meadow’. It originated from the Scottish Gaelic word blár and can also be used as a surname

107. Camryn - a very unique choice for a girl, you can use Cam for short. A modern variant of the name Cameron, which has Scottish origins and means ‘crooked nose’ or ‘bent nose’

108. Eimhir - this unique name is pronounced ee-mehr and has its roots in Gaelic mythology. Emer, which is how it's spelt in Irish, was believed to have six gifts of womanhood, which included wisdom and grace

109. Elsbeth - this name is the Scottish version of Elizabeth and has the meaning 'my God is an oath'

110. Iona - meaning 'dove' but is also the name of a small island off the southwest coast of Mull in the Inner Hebrides

111. Mysie - a diminutive form of the name Margaret, it means ‘pearl’ or ‘child of light’

112. Senga - an unusual choice but it comes from the Gaelic word that means ‘slender’

113. Sheona - a variant of the more traditional name Shona, this means 'Yahweh is gracious'

114. Sileas - a gorgeously old-fashioned baby name that sounds so modern and fresh. It means ‘heaven’ 

115. Úna (or Oona) - this name is actually one of the oldest in Scotland but it's become a modern classic, with TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong most recently using it for her baby daughter. It means 'lamb'

116. Teasag - meaning ‘god is Gracious’, this unique name is pronounced chet-sa

117. Yaldi - an interesting choice as it is actually Scottish slang for ‘excitement’ and ‘joy’

Modern Scottish baby boy names 

118. Blaine - traditionally a surname, this unique moniker means ‘yellow’. It seemed to divide opinion on our forums though…

119. Boyd - this name has both Scottish and Irish origins and also means ‘yellow’ 

120. Dalziel - Meaning ‘bright dale’, this name may cause a bit of confusion with its pronunciation. Typically, it’s pronounced dee-ell

121. Forbes - this name may have you thinking about fortune, due to the popular magazine. And that makes sense as it means ‘prosperous’

122. Gavan - this is a unique take on the classic Gavin and also means ‘white hawk’

123. Gillespie - the anglicised version of the Gaelic name Gille Easbaig and means ‘servant of the bishop’

124. Grayson - a pet form of the given name, Gregory, which means ‘watchful’

125. Hamilton - a great choice for musical lovers, this Scottish name derives from the town of the same moniker

126. Keir - also the name of the current Labour leader, this name means ‘dark’

127. Knox (or Knoxx) - once a traditional surname, this has now become a popular choice for first names, with Kelly Clarkson using it as well as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

128. Niall - of Celtic origin, this name is definitely growing in popularity due to a certain member of One Direction. It means ‘champion’

129. Payton - of Scottish and Irish origin. A hugely popular name in the US, this can be used for both boys and girls and means ‘royal’

130. Sloan (or Sloane) - a bold choice with battle roots as it means ‘military leader’

131. Tasgall - this unusual choice is Scottish Gaelic and means ‘God’s helmet’

132. Tate - you may be mistaken for thinking of this as just a surname but Tate has really grown in popularity in recent years and simply means ‘joyous’

133. Thane - this distinctive name means ‘land holder’

134. Tavish - the Scottish alternative to Thomas, which means ‘twin’

Unique Scottish baby girl names 

135. Aileana - simply means 'from the green meadow'. A gorgeous nature baby name

136. Dallis - of Scottish origin, this gender-neutral name means 'from the dales' or can also mean 'the valley meadows' and comes from the Gaelic name Dallas. 

137. Fia -  this name’s meaning is often given as ‘deer’ and can also mean wild. Our Mumsnetters love how beautiful this name sounds

138. Kenna - of Gaelic origin, this is the female form of Kenneth, which means 'fire-born' or 'handsome'

139. Maclean - a gender-neutral name of Scottish origin that means 'son of the servant of John' 

140. Mirren - you may think of it as the surname of the famous actor Helen, but Mirren is a name of Scottish, Irish and Gaelic descent and means ‘drop of the sea', 'bitter', or 'beloved’

141. Morven - meaning ‘big hill’ or ‘large mountain’

142. Nighean - this translates to mean 'the young woman'. It’s pronounced like the male name Ian but with an 'n'

143. Saundra - meaning 'warrior', this name is a variant of the classic Alexandra

144. Sawney - a strong name, this means 'defender of men' 

145. Torra - a rare name steeped in royal connotations, as it translates to mean 'from the castle'

146. Vanora - from Welsh origin, this means 'white wave'

147. Wylie - Game of Thrones star Lena Headey chose this gender-neutral name for her son but it is a popular choice for girls too

Unique Scottish baby boy names 

148. Aonghus - this unusual name is the Gaelic form of 'Angus'

149. Bretton - this name means 'a native of Brittany France', but is actually of Scottish origin

150. Brochan - you can't get more traditional than this meaning as it translates to 'porridge'

151. Brodrick - this name is a descendant of Bruadar and means 'brother'

152. Camdan - it means 'from the winding valley'

153. Dalzell - meaning 'bright' or 'white'

154. Ellair - this Scottish name means 'butler' or 'steward'

155. Eunan - a name that'll keep your baby feeling young for eternity, its meaning is 'born of youth'

156. Fergus - a bold choice for a little boy, this name means 'man of force'

157. Iagan - a name that could be perfect for a little firecracker, it means 'little fire'

158. Kendrix - sounds a little like Kendrick, this Scots name means 'royal chieftain'

159. Leathan - of Scottish and Gaelic meaning, this name means 'river'. Perfect for the outdoorsy type. It has also become a popular baby gender-neutral baby name in recent years

160. Munro - this unique baby name means 'man from River Roe' or 'mouth of the River Roe'

161. Naughton - pronounced like the popular host Graham Norton's surname, this name means 'pure'

162. Neilan - a great and powerful choice for future winners, this name means 'champion'

163. Ossian - this is a masculine name which means 'fawn' and is based on the Gaelic name 'Oisin'. It’s pronounced ush-een

164. Pherson - a Scottish name that simply means to be employed by a parson, which is a member of the clergy

165. Rosston - an alternative to Ross, this name means 'headland or cape'

166. Struan - of Scottish Gaelic origin, meaning ‘little stream’ or ‘small river’ Pronounced stroo-ahn

167. Teigue - meaning poet, this name is actually one of the rarest Scottish names so ideal if you want something truly unique. It’s pronounced tahg

168. Torion - another strong choice meaning 'chief', this name is related to the Gaelic name Torin

Traditional Scottish baby girl names

169. Adair - this gender-neutral name has Old German and Gaelic origins and means ‘oak’. Traditionally a Scottish surname, it can also be used as a first name

170. Aileen - the Scottish spelling of the name Eileen, this means ‘of the moon’

171. Aisla - a variant of Isla, this name is derived from a Scottish island and means ‘elf victory’

172. Catriona - the Gaelic form of the name Catherine, which means ‘pure’. A variation you could also use is Catrine

173. Eithne - meaning ‘kernel’ or ‘grain’, this name is pronounced ‘en-ya’

174. Elspeth - the Scottish form of Elizabeth and means ‘my God is an oath’

175. Fiona - a hugely popular Scottish name, it means ‘fair’ or ‘white’. You can also use Fifi or Fi for short

176. Ishbel - a rare but beautiful choice that means ‘light from God’

177. Kirstie - this name enjoyed huge popularity in the 70s, 80s and 90s and is a Scottish pet name for Christine, meaning ‘follower of Christ’

178. Lorna - this name refers to the laurel tree and was actually created by the author R. D. Blackmore for the title character in his 1869 novel Lorna Doone

179. Lindsey - this traditional Scottish name means ‘linden trees by the brook’ or ‘island of linden trees’

180. Mara - this name has a gorgeous meaning as ‘one who is forever beautiful’

181. Mairi - this name is the Gaelic version of ‘Mary’. Pronounced ma-ree, this name has proved popular with our Mumsnetters

182. Morag - one of the most famed traditional names, it comes from the Scots 'mor', meaning great

183. Moyra (or Moira) - a unique spin on the traditional Moira, which means 'star of the sea', this modern and unique spelling is really eye-catching

184. Rhona (or Rona) - this strong name means ‘mighty’ and it's thought to be derived from Rona, the name of a Scottish island

185. Rowan - meaning a type of European tree, also known as Mountain Ash. Many of our Mumsnetters love this name and think it sounds timeless

186. Seonaid - this distinctive name is the Gaelic form of Janet. You can use Shon for short. It’s pronounced like Sinead

187. Susan - a reliable classic that means ‘graceful’ or ‘lily’. Plus, you can use Sue or Susie for short. Some of our Mumsnetters feel Susan is too old for a baby or child but love the shortened options

Traditional Scottish baby boy names 

188. Arran - this name means ‘island dweller’

189. Athol - a classic from the Old Scots that means 'new Ireland'

190. Callan - a slightly unusual name and means ‘battle mighty’ or ‘rock’. You can use Cal for short, which is pretty adorable

191. Callum - this name is of Scottish Gaelic descent and means ‘dove’. It's proved a very popular choice on our forums

192. Donal - a strong choice that means 'world mighty'

193. Douglas - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘dweller by the dark stream’ or ‘from the dark river’. Many parents opt for Doug for short

194. Drostan - this distinctive name means ‘born of drest'. It's a Scottish or Pictish cognate with Tristan

195. Ewan - the anglicised form of the Scottish Gaelic Eòghan and translates to 'born of yew'

196. Floyd - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘grey-haired’ or ‘flood. Now commonly associated with a certain boxer

197. Gregor - a bold choice meaning ‘alert’ or ‘watchful’. Also a unique shortening of the name Gregory

198. Hamish - an oldie but a classic, this name is actually the Scottish version of James and means ‘supplanter’

199. Ian - you may associate this with one of the longest-serving characters on EastEnders but would you believe Ian also means ‘gracious gift from God’?

200. Innes - coming from the Gaelic ‘aonghas', which means, ‘of the island’

201. Lachlan - a gorgeous choice that means ‘from the land of the lochs’. Some people opt for Lachie for short, which sounds adorable

202. Lyall - this name derives from early Scotland from the Old Norse ‘liulfr’ meaning ‘wolf’

203. Murray - such a quintessential Scottish name, it means ‘lord’ 

204. Sholto - this name may be a little too unique for some but it'll certainly be a rare choice. A name of beginnings, meaning ‘seedsower’, Sholto is both nurturing and different

205. Uist - deriving from another island in Scotland, this takes its name from the second largest island in the Outer Hebrides

What is the rarest name in Scotland?

For a boy, the name Struan, pronounced stroo-ahn, is very rare. It was originally derived from the Gaelic word for 'stream' but is also thought to be a territorial name from the Perthshire location of the same name.

For a girl, a rare but beautiful choice is Morven, pronounced phonetically. The Celtic meaning of the name means 'lives by the sea' but the Scottish meaning is ‘big peak’.

How to choose a baby name

For more unusual baby name inspiration or opinions on your baby name ideas, head on over to our Baby Names Talk forum. Or get weekly insight into your pregnancy and baby's development with our Pregnancy newsletter.

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