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100 nature inspired baby names for girls and boys

Are you a lover of all things outdoors? Looking for a way to incorporate a bit of nature’s healing properties into the name of your new baby? Overwhelmed by climate doom? Check out this gorgeous list of 100 nature inspired names.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Oct 13, 2022

There are many things to take into consideration when dreaming up your perfect baby name. Of  course there is the age-old question: Do you want a name that’s going to make your child fit in, or stand out? What are the potential pitfalls of giving them a name no one knows how to spell? And on and on. But most importantly, the search for a baby name is the search for a word which fits a character, something you love saying. 

If you’re trying to find a method of approach that doesn’t result in the usual Jacks or Olivia's, you might consider this list of baby names inspired by nature. Do you get that feeling of peace when you breathe in the smell of Autumn leaves on the ground? Do you love the feeling of sand between your toes?

We’ve got a list of names that will help you connect those feelings of joy with the ones you love the most. 

What is a unique name from nature?

Some rare nature inspired choices from the US might be: Sage, River, Briar, Dahlia, or Fox.

Nature-themed names for girls

  1. Acacia - of Greek origin, meaning, ‘thorn’, ‘point’, ‘spine’ or ‘thorny tree’. The Acacia tree is said to symbolize the resurrection, a grand association, Kacey for short is quite sweet too.
  2. Alani - a rare nature name of Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘orange tree’.
  3. Arlo - of Celtic, Italian, Spanish, and Old English origin, meaning: 'Fortified hill'. Represented by the androgynous singer-songwriter, Arlo Parks at the moment, if you’re looking for a name for a future musician, this one’s for you. It’s a great gender neutral choice. 
  4. Ashley - of Old English origin, meaning ‘from the meadow’ or ‘from the field’.
  5. Ayla -  of Hebrew and Turkish  origin. This one describes the circle of light around the sun or moon. Beautiful and original!
  6. Coral - of Latin origin, meaning ‘rock’ or ‘maiden of the sea’.
  7. Cordelia - of English, Latin, and Celtic origin, meaning, ‘daughter of the sea’, ‘heart’ or ‘jewel of the sea’. A sparkling choice, and ‘Cody’ for short is very cute. 
  8. Dallas - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘the waterfall field’.
  9. Daphne - of Greek origin, meaning ‘laurel tree’. Mumsnet users thought it had a ‘vintage feel’.
  10. Elana - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘tree’ or ‘Oak Tree’.
  11. Elodie - a gorgeous and unique choice of French, Greek, and Spanish origin, meaning ‘treasure’ or ‘mountain flower’.
  12. Elowen - an older feel to this one. Of Cornish descent, it means ‘Elm Tree’. A unique choice for a girl because it doesn’t end with a vowel! 
  13. Fiorella - of Italian origin, meaning ‘flower’.
  14. Flora - a lovely classic choice of Latin and Scottish origin, meaning ‘goddess of flowers and the spring’.
  15. Hadley - of Old English origin, meaning ‘field of heather'.
  16. Haley - of Old English origin, meaning ‘hay clearing’.
  17. Hazel - of English origin, drawn from the Hazel tree. Hazel has a lovely retro feel to it. A great nature-inspired name choice!
  18. Heligan - another rare one of Cornish origin, meaning ‘gardens of Heligan’ or ‘Willow tree’.
  19. Ianthe - from Greek mythology,  it  was the name of the daughter of Oceanus, meaning 'of the Ocean'. Ianthe can also mean 'violet flower'.
  20. Iris - of Greek origin, meaning ‘rainbow’, ‘flower’, and ‘eye’. 
  21. Jasmine - of Persian, English, American Indian, American  and Arabic, Jasmine refers to the jasmine flower and will live long in the memory as the princess in Aladdin. 
  22. Julie - from Latin, meaning ‘youthful’, ‘Rose’, or ‘Beautiful flower’. Could also be shortened to Jules for a sharper, more unisex twist! 
  23. Kaya - of Japanese, Turkish, American Indian, Scandinavian, and African origin with varied meaning: ‘Restful place’, ‘yew tree’, ‘forgiveness’, ‘home’, ‘stone’, ‘willow’ and ‘wise’. Kaya has many different associations, so works if you’re looking for a versatile nature-inspired baby name.
  24. Kiah - of American origin, meaning ‘person of Earth,’ ‘start of the season,’ and ‘God is strength.’ With translations like these, Kiah is perfect for a baby born at the start of a new season.
  25. Leigh - of English origin, meaning, ‘a field’ or ‘of the meadow’.
  26. Lilac - of French  origin, meaning: ‘flower’.
  27. Lilly - of English and Latin origin (lilium), meaning Lily flower; which itself is a symbol of purity, innocence and beauty. We all know a Lilly (or a Lilly), it is a popular choice for a reason!
  28. Maeva - of French and Latin origin, meaning ‘welcome’ or ‘purple flower’. 
  29. Mallie - of Latin origin, meaning ‘star of the sea’. A unique twist on the always-popular ‘Mollie’.
  30. Mara - of Hebrew, Persian, Greek, and Scottish origin, meaning ‘one who is forever beautiful’ or ‘sea’ in Scots gaelic.
  31. Maria - a feisty choice! Of Latin origin, meaning ‘sea of bitterness’. For your very own little diva!
  32. Mariam - the Arabic derivative of Mary/Marian, meaning ‘star of the sea’.
  33. Myrtle - of Greek origin, referring to an evergreen shrub, found in the mediterranean, bringer of good fortune to brides. It is unforgettably characterised in the Harry Potter books, with ‘moaning Myrtle’, being one of the ghosts that haunts Hogwarts.
  34. Novalee - of American origin, meaning ‘new field’.
  35. Ocean - of American origin. Does what it says on the tin, meaning: ‘ocean’. 
  36. Olwen - a unique Welsh name, from a story in the Mabinogion - meaning ‘white footprint’ because white flowers grew in her steps.
  37. Polly - of Irish and Aramaic origin, meaning ‘star of the ocean’, ‘small’ 
  38. Poppy - of Greek and English origin - it is an abbreviation of ‘Kaliope’ in Greek, and is drawn from the poppy flower.
  39. Riley - of Irish origin, meaning: ‘small stream’, ‘valiant’, and ‘rye meadow’. Riley is the name of the protagonist in the tear-jerking Pixar masterpiece Inside Out. 
  40. Rose - of Latin origin, drawn from the rose flower.
  41. Rosemary - also of Latin origin, meaning ‘sea dew’. It is an emblem of remembrance.
  42. Saffron - of Arabic origin, it is a flower and a spice. Saz for short?
  43. Shamim - of Persian origin, meaning the ‘scent of a flower’.
  44. Shion - of Japanese, Hebrew, English, Korean, Chinese and American origin. This one can mean: ‘kingdom of God’, ‘sound of tide’, ‘as beautiful as poetry’, ‘God is gracious’ or ‘one who does not forget’. With so many translations, you’re bound to find something you like!
  45. Silvia - of Latin origin, meaning ‘lumber’, ‘woods’, or ‘forest’. It is a beautiful choice for a little explorer!
  46. Summer - of Old English and American origin, meaning the season of summer.
  47. Sylvia - of Latin origin. An alternative spelling of Silvia, meaning ‘woods’ or ‘forest’.
  48. Talia - of Greek and Hebrew origin, meaning ‘beloved’, ‘dew from heaven’, or ‘blooming flower’.
  49. Violet - of English, French and Latin origin. Violet  is one of the earliest flower names, first used in the 1830s. Lettie for short is pretty unique too.
  50. Willow - a lovely choice of English origin, recalling the Willow tree.

Nature-themed names for boys

  1. Aaron - of Hebrew and Latin origin, meaning ‘strong mountain’ or ‘shining light’.
  2. Alan - of Celtic origin, meaning, ‘rock’.
  3. Alf -  a diminutive of Alfred, meaning ‘Mountain climber’.
  4. Arlo - of Celtic, Italian, Spanish, and Old English origin, meaning: 'Fortified hill'. 
  5. Arthur - of Gaelic, Latin, and Welsh origin, meaning ‘bear’, ‘stone’, or ‘bear man’. Arthur is a classic choice for a courageous little boy!
  6. Ash -  from the Hebrew title Asher, ‘happy’, also referring to the Ash Tree.
  7. Ashby - originally a place name, taken from Old Norse, meaning 'ash tree farm'.
  8. Bamber - a unique choice of German origin, meaning: ‘tree trunk’. You can probably  guarantee that  yours will  be the only Bamber in the class.
  9. Bentley - of English origin, meaning ‘clearing covered with bent grass’.
  10. Bernard - of German origin, meaning 'bear-hard', or 'strong as a bear'. Any use of Bernard now recalls David McKee’s 1980 modern classic children’s book Not Now Bernard. 
  11. Brock - of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘badger’.
  12. Bruce - of English origin, meaning ‘woods’ or ‘willowlands’.
  13. Cairn - of Scottish origin, referring to the stones marking the summit of a hill or mountain. This one is a great choice if you’re looking for something a bit different.
  14. Callan - of Scottish and Celtic origin, meaning ‘battle mighty’ or ‘rock’. A little twist on Callum.
  15. Cliff - Lots of famous Cliffs. This classic of a name is derived from the Old English word ‘clif,’ which means ‘cliff’, ‘rock’, or ‘steep descent’.
  16. Craig - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘rock-dweller’.
  17. Dara - of Irish origin, meaning ‘oak tree’.
  18. Douglas - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘dweller by the dark stream’ or ‘from the dark river’.
  19. Elon - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘tree’, or ‘oak tree’. A baby called Elon does currently share a namesake in Elon Musk. Take this one on at your own risk!
  20. Elwood - of Old English origin, meaning ‘of the ancient forest’.
  21. Evan - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘young warrior’, ‘God is good’, or ‘rock’. It’s the Welsh variant of ‘John’ and a lovely choice for a determined little one.
  22. Ferris - on the theme of rocks. This one of Celtic origin means, appropriately, ‘rock’.
  23. Gideon - of Hebrew origin: A Hewer is one who hews, cuts trees. 
  24. Hartley  - of English origin, meaning ‘Hart wood’. This conjures up a beautiful image of a wood-filled with deer, an excellent nature-inspired baby name.
  25. Ivo - of Bulgarian and  French origin, meaning ‘Yew tree’.
  26. Jarrah - of Australian origin. It is taken from a tree native to Western Australia, derived from the Aboriginal word ‘Djaril’.
  27. Lark - of English origin, describing a type of bird.
  28. Lawrence - of Irish and Latin origin. Laurentum was a city south of Rome known for its laurel trees. Laurie for short is absolutely adorable.
  29. Lennox - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘elm grove’.
  30. Leonard - of Germanic and Italian origin, meaning ‘brave as a lion’ or ‘lion-hearted’.
  31. Luarsab - of Persian  origin. This unique choice means ‘red horse’.
  32. Lyndon - of Old English origin,  meaning ‘lime tree’.
  33. Marshall - of French origin, this one means ‘caretaker of horses’. A unique choice, especially good if you love horses.
  34. Montague - of French origin, meaning ‘pointed mountain’.
  35. Nash - of Old English origin, meaning ‘at the ash tree’, ‘cliff’ or ‘headland’. Nash could be a bit of a wildcard. Not for the faint of heart, one Mumsnet user described it as ‘awful’. 
  36. Oliver - one of the most popular choices of baby name in the UK. Olive, of Latin origin, means ‘olive tree’.
  37. Perry - of Old English origin, meaning ‘wanderer’, or the ‘dweller by the pear tree’.
  38. Philip - of Greek, meaning ‘lover of horses’. Alternative spellings include ‘Felipe’.
  39. Phoenix - of Greek origin, referring to the famous bird that regenerates itself. Phoenix could either be super cool or super uncool. Your call!
  40. Rio - of Spanish and Japanese origin, meaning ‘river’. Made famous of course, by the England footballer, Rio Ferdinand.
  41. Robin - of English and French origin, meaning ‘songbird’ or ‘famous brilliance’.
  42. Rocky - of English and American origin, meaning ‘rock’ or ‘rest’. Can be used for a boy or a girl. 
  43. Ross - of Scottish and German origin, meaning ‘wood’, ‘red’, ‘rose-colored’, or ‘Wooded headland’.
  44. Rowan - of Celtic and English origin, meaning ‘little red one’, ‘tree’, or ‘from the mountain’. 
  45. Ruan - a unique choice of Irish, Nordic, and Cornish origin, meaning ‘little red one’ or ‘rowan tree’. Another one that could be cool or could be a difficult choice. 
  46. Tor - of Nordic origin, meaning ‘thunder’, ‘turtle-dove’, or ‘craggy hilltop’. This punchy monosyllable is sure to catch everyone's eye.
  47. Torben - of Danish origin, meaning ‘thunder bear’ or ‘bear of thunder’. Much like ‘Tor’, this one is a unique choice, and Toby for short isn’t bad either.
  48. Torbjorn - on the same theme, this one of Scandinavian origin means ‘mountain bear’.
  49. Torren - of Australian origin. This one is the name of a river in Adelaide, 
  50. Woody - an adorable choice! Of American origin,  meaning ‘from the lane in the woods’, this one has some classic namesakes. From Toy Story’s ‘Woody’ to Woody Harrelson, this boy is in some stellar company!
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