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300+ modern baby names for girls and boys

Welcome to the 21st century, where you can tear up the rule book for your baby’s name. Take a look at our list of 300 modern baby names that parents are loving right now.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Feb 19, 2024

baby. sitting in dungarees and hat

Times are changing, but the task of choosing a name for your baby is as important as ever. It’s a delicate balance between trying to set your child apart from the rest, but allowing them to grow up without a name no one knows how to spell.

While old-fashioned baby names make a regular appearance in the most popular baby names chart, many modern baby names are inspired by nature or geography, or influenced by characters from modern TV and film. The result? We’ve seen many unique baby names having a sudden surge in popularity. 

In recent years, modern unisex baby names have also become more favoured, with parents preferring to allow their child to express gender identity without their name predetermining it. Modern choices like Kit, Ever and Rio are just some examples of popular gender-neutral baby names.

Check out this list of modern baby names to find something you and your child are going to love. Or if you’re just curious about what exactly constitutes a baby name these days, this is the list for you.

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What are modern baby names?

A modern baby name is a name that has become more popular in recent years. This may be a newly coined name, a name with a unique or updated spelling, or a name that has suddenly increased in popularity due to an appearance in a TV show or film. Some modern baby names may also be twists on traditional names, or inspired by our natural surroundings. 

Many Mumsnet users dislike some of the ‘yoonique’ spellings of more ‘made-up’ names, particularly when it comes to spelling and pronunciation. Others, however, praise these more individual choices and find them to be less overused, actually avoiding baby names that make the top 100 charts on purpose.

Almost all parents choose the name they give their child with utmost love and thought. We might not care for the name someone else chooses, it’s no different to how we decorate our houses or what style we dress ourselves in - we're not all the same” - Mumsnet user WaffleAndGelato

How we chose the top modern baby names

Every year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) collects birth registration data to analyse the frequency of baby name choices, before ranking them based on popularity and creating an official top 100 chart, categorised by gender.

To bring you this list of the best modern baby names, we first researched the latest ONS data from 2021 (which was released in October 2022) to gain insights into the latest trends in baby names. We then scoured through our own Baby Names forum to learn more about the modern baby names that are regularly making the wishlists of expectant parents.

Modern baby girl names

  1. Aisha: of Arabic origin, meaning ‘alive’ or ‘living’ 

  2. Alaia: a gender-neutral Basque name meaning ‘joyful’

  3. Alba: of Latin origin, meaning ‘dawn’ or ‘white’ 

  4. Alora: of Latin origin, meaning ‘my beautiful dream’. A unique choice with beautiful associations

  5. Alys: of Germanic origin, this modern-day variation of Alice means ‘noble’ or ‘of noble birth’ 

  6. Amaya: of Japanese origin, meaning ‘night rain’ 

  7. Amelia: of Germanic, Greek, and Italian origin, meaning ‘industriousness’

  8. Amethyst: is a name of Greek origin, given to a particular variation of violet quartz, meaning ‘intoxicate’. Go for Amethyst if you’re seeking a more unique take on precious stone names like Ruby

  9. Amina: of Arabic origin, meaning ‘trustworthy’ or ‘faithful’ 

  10. Amiri: of Swahili origin, meaning ‘prince’ or ‘leader’ 

  11. Anais: of French origin, believed to be a deviation from the name Anahita, which means ‘pure’ 

  12. Anastasia: of Greek origin, meaning ‘resurrection’ this name has seen just that in recent years  

  13. Anya: of Russian origin, meaning ‘favour’ or ‘grace’ 

  14. Arrabella: of Latin origin, meaning ‘yielding to prayer’, this girl’s name has had a regular slot in the top 100 girls’ names in recent years based on the latest ONS data

  15. Ashlyn: is a diminutive of the Irish name, Aisling and is one of the latest baby names that works for both boys and girls. It means ‘dream’

  16. Aspen: of English origin, with links to the tree of the same name. Also on our modern baby boy names list below

  17. Aria: of Italian origin, this name means ‘air’ or ‘melody’ and is currently the 37th most popular girls' name in the UK

  18. Astrid: of Old Norse origin, meaning ‘divine strength’ 

  19. Athena: of Greek origin, Athena is the goddess of wisdom and courage 

  20. Aubrey: This name, as well as variations such as Aubrie and Aubriee, have seen a big growth in popularity in recent years. The name is of Germanic origin, meaning ‘ruler of the elves’ - a potential option for your winter baby?  

  21. Aura: of Latin and French origin, meaning ‘breath’

  22. Aurora: Whilst the film Sleeping Beauty hit our screen back in the late 1950s, this name has made quite the comeback in recent years, currently 56 in the girls’ name rankings according to the ONS. The name is actually of Roman origin, named after the goddess of dawn

  23. Autumn: of English origin named after the season - ideal for those born between the September and October when the leaves are crunching underfoot 

  24. Avalon: of Celtic origin, meaning ‘island of apples’

  25. Avery: of Old English origin, meaning ‘ruler of the elves’ as per Aubrey above 

  26. Aviana: is a Greenlandic name, a variant of the Greenlandic name Avek, meaning ‘family’. It has been a popular name for girls in Greenland in recent years

  27. Ayla: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘oak tree’ 

  28. Azalea: of Greek origin, meaning ‘dry’

  29. Billie: of English origin, modern-day twist on William or Wilhelmena, this name has increasingly been used for both genders 

  30. Blair: of Scottish origin, meaning ‘plain’, ‘meadow’ or ‘field’, this unsex name has had a real surge as a girls name since 2020

  31. Brielle: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘heroine of god’

  32. Brooke: of English origin, meaning ‘natural stream’, or if you want the less popular spelling, Brook makes a great alternative

  33. Callie: of Greek origin, meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘lovely’ 

  34. Clara: of Latin origin, meaning ‘clear’ and ‘bright’ 

  35. Cleo: of Greek origin, short for Cleopatra, meaning the Egyptian Queen

  36. Clementine (or Clemmie): of Latin origin, meaning ‘mild’ 

  37. Connie (or Conny): of Latin origin, short for the traditional name Constance, this name means ‘constant’ or ‘steadfast’ 

  38. Coraline: of American origin, meaning ‘from the coral of the sea’

  39. Darcey: of Irish origin, this old-fashioned name has made a huge comeback in recent years including deviations such as Darcey-May and Darcey-Rose

  40. Delilah: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘delicate’ 

  41. Demi: of French origin, meaning ‘small’ 

  42. Delaney: of Irish origin, meaning ‘dark challenger’

  43. Dream: of Old English origin, meaning ‘joy’ or ‘music’ 

  44. Dua: of Arabic origin, meaning ‘prayer’, this has had a surge in popularity over the last two years, most likely down to the popularity of singer Dua Lipa

  45. Eden: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘delight’ or ‘paradise’ 

  46. Effie: of Greek origin, meaning ‘well spoken’ or elegant 

  47. Eira: of Welsh origin, meaning ‘snow’ 

  48. Elena: a Latinised version of the original Hebrew name, ‘Eliyanah’. Elena is a ‘shining ray of light’. For a baby girl who will brighten up any room

  49. Eloise: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘healthy’

  50. Eliana: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God has answered’ 

  51. Eliza: of Hebrew origin, derived from Elizabeth, meaning ‘God is my oath’ 

  52. Ella: a popular girl’s name, Ella is of ancient Germanic origin, meaning 'other', 'fairy maiden' or 'goddess'

  53. Elodie: of French origin, meaning ‘wealthy’ 

  54. Ember: of British origin, meaning ‘spark’

  55. Emery: of British origin, meaning ‘power’

  56. Erin: of Irish origin, meaning ‘peace’ or ‘Ireland’ 

  57. Esme: of old French origin, meaning ‘esteemed’ 

  58. Fatima: of Arabic origin, named after Fatimah, the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad

  59. Ffion: of Welsh origin, meaning ‘foxglove’ 

  60. Frankie: of English origin, a shortened version of the name Francis or Frances, meaning ‘free one’

  61. Freya: of Norse origin, named after the Norse god of love and fertility 

  62. Hadley: of Old English origin, meaning ‘field of heather’

  63. Hallie: of Old Norse origin, meaning ‘dweller of the hall’ 

  64. Harlow: of Old English origin, meaning ‘army hill’

  65. Harper: if it's good enough for Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for us! A harper is someone who plays the harp and is also the name of the Beckhams’ third child

  66. Hattie: derived from the English name ‘Harriet’ meaning ‘ruler of the household’ - which could be apt for your firstborn daughter

  67. Haven: derived from the Old English ‘haefen’, a ‘haven’ is a place in which you take shelter

  68. Indie: a gender-neutral name of American origin, meaning ‘independent’

  69. Indigo: where modern meets cool. Of English and Greek origin, Indigo means ‘deep blue dye’

  70. Iris - this once traditional name of Greek origin, meaning rainbow, has made a big comeback over recent years, often chosen as a name for babies born after loss

  71. Ivy: of Old English origin, meaning ‘climbing ivy’

  72. Jade: of Spanish origin meaning ‘precious gemstone’

  73. Jolie: a name of French origin, meaning ‘pretty’

  74. Jules: a great gender-neutral modern choice. Following the trend of diminutive shorter names becoming the popular choice over the extended version!

  75. Khaleesi: one of the latest baby names to take off after the success of Game of Thrones. It means 'queen'

  76. Kiara: of Italian origin and a variant of Chiara, meaning ‘bright’ or ‘clear’ 

  77. Kyla: of Irish origin, meaning ‘crown of laurel’

  78. Kylie: doesn’t get more modern than being named after a Kardashian! Of Australian origin, Kylie means ‘boomerang’

  79. Lacey: of Old French origin, meaning ‘from Lassy’ 

  80. Lainey: of Old French origin and a twist on the name Elaine, this one instantly takes us back to the epic coming-of-age movie She’s All That

  81. Lani: of Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘heaven’ or ‘sky’

  82. Lara: of Latin origin, meaning ‘protection’ 

  83. Layla: of Arabic origin, meaning ‘night’ this name is often associated with mystery 

  84. Leilani - of Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘heavenly flower’ 

  85. Lena: of Greek origin, meaning ‘light’ or ‘alluring’ 

  86. Lexi: of Greek origin, formed from the name Alexandra or Alexis, meaning ‘defender of the people’ 

  87. Lillian: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘vow’

  88. Lola: of Spanish origin, meaning ‘sorrows’, a modern choice derived from the name Dolores

  89. Lottie: of English origin, formed from the name Charlotte, a great choice for parents seeking a cute name with a traditional link 

  90. Luna: another good one for Harry Potter fans, who will know Luna from its portrayal by the dreamy Luna Lovegood across the franchise. It has Latin origins and means ‘moon’

  91. Lyra: of Greek origin, meaning this melodic name finds its roots in Orpheus's mythological lyre, meaning ‘harp’

  92. Maddison: of Old English origin, meaning ‘son of Maud’ 

  93. Maeve: also features in our traditional names list, but thanks to the Netflix series Sex Education, this name has been given a big boost up the top 100 girls names list based on the latest ONS Data

  94. Maisie (or Maisy): of English origin, formed from the name Margaret, this name means ‘pearl’ 

  95. Makenna: of Irish and African origin, meaning ‘happy one’

  96. Maple: of British origin, meaning ‘one who lives near maple trees’

  97. Marnie: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘rejoice’ 

  98. Maya: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘water’ or ‘illusion, this name is currently the 29th most popular girl’s name according to ONS data. With Maya Jama now on our screens during both summer and winter as the host of Love Island, we can envisage lots more Mayas making an appearance in 2024

  99. Mazie: an alternative spelling to the Scottish name Maisie and Maisy, meaning ‘child of light’

  100. Meadow: of American origin, meaning ‘field of grass’ or ‘vegetation’

  101. Melody: of Greek origin, meaning ‘music’ or ‘song’ 

  102. Mila: of Slavic origin, meaning ‘gracious’, you may immediately think of natural beauty and actress Mila Kunis 

  103. Millie: a modern twist on the name Milred, meaning ‘gentle strength’ 

  104. Navaeh: a modern name, created from spelling Heaven backwards - this name is still relatively rare, but jumped 35 places in 2021, so definitely one to consider if you’re looking for a unique choice

  105. Navy: of English origin, meaning a ‘fleet of ships’

  106. Niamh: of Irish origin, meaning ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’. If you’re worried about the spelling, the Nordic name Neve is also a popular modern choice 

  107. Nina: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘little girl’ 

  108. Nova: of Latin origin, meaning ‘new’, but you may want to avoid it if you have a Spanish family due to it’s direct translation of ‘no go’ in español

  109. Nola: of Irish origin, meaning ‘fair shoulder’ 

  110. Nyla: of Arabic origin, this name means ‘the achiever’ or ‘the successful one’ - a bit of positive affirmation going on here!

  111. Oakley: a gender-neutral choice of English origin, meaning ‘meadow of oak trees’ 

  112. Ophelia: of Greek origin, meaning ‘aid’ or ‘help’, this name is perhaps best known for being the heroine in heartbreaking Shakespearean tale Hamlet. Ophelia has seen a big surge in popularity, jumping 64 places in 2021 according to ONS data

  113. Orla: of Irish origin, meaning ‘golden princess’

  114. Ottilie: a French origin, meaning ‘prosperous in battle’, this name (and a variety of similar spellings) has seen some big leaps up the girl’s name charts in 2021

  115. Paisley: of Scottish origin meaning ‘church’ 

  116. Palmer: of Old English origins meaning ‘pilgrim’ and ‘he who holds the palm’

  117. Pascale: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘passover’

  118. Phoebe: of Greek origin, meaning ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’ 

  119. Piper: of English origin, derived from a musician of the flute or pipes 

  120. Quinn: of Irish or Gaelic origin, meaning ‘descendent of the leader’ 

  121. Raya: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘friend’ or ‘companion’ jumped 190 places in 2021, likely due to the Disney movie Raya and the Last Dragon’

  122. Robyn: of Old French origin, meaning ‘famous one’ - a popular winter choice and twist on the traditional name Robin 

  123. Rue: of English origin, this is a beautiful name, but its literal meaning of ‘regret’ is perhaps a brave choice for your child

  124. Sage: of English origin, named after the aromatic herb. Also on our boys’ list

  125. Saiorse: of Irish origin, meaning ’freedom’ and pronounced sur-sha

  126. Savannah: of English origin, meaning ‘open plain’ 

  127. Scout: Harper Lee is credited with popularising this name, after the plucky protagonist of To Kill A Mockingbird. Of Old French origin, it means ‘to listen’

  128. Serenity: of Latin and French origins, meaning ‘calm’

  129. Sienna: of Italian origin, meaning ‘orange-red’, this name is currently number 16 in the UK’s most popular girls’ names

  130. Skye: many different origins, including Scottish, Dutch and English, with meanings ranging from ‘from the isle of Skye’, to ‘sheltering’ to ‘cloud’, you’re sure to find something you like here

  131. Sloane: of Irish origin, meaning ‘raider’ or ‘warrior’, it's particularly popular in America - most notably in tennis star Sloane Stevens. If you want to follow in her footsteps, choose this big hitter of a modern name

  132. Snow: a surname turned given name, snow means ‘light-haired’ or just ‘snow’

  133. Star: of English origin, meaning ‘star’

  134. Summer: of English origin, representing our favourite season. We haven’t had much of one this year, so naming your child may be the only way to guarantee having a summer in your life!

  135. Talia: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘dew of God’

  136. Teagan: of Irish origin, meaning ‘poet’, ‘philosopher’

  137. Thea: of Greek origin, meaning ‘goddess’ 

  138. Tia: of Spanish origin, meaning ‘aunt’ 

  139. Tilly: of Gemanic origin, meaning ‘mighty in battle’, this name is short for Matilda. Steadily in the top 200, this and iterations such as Tilda may increase further following the release of Matilda the Musical 

  140. Violet: in keeping with names like ‘Indigo’, Violet is another trendy name after a colour. Originally from the Latin ‘viola’, it means ‘purple’

  141. Vivienne: derived from the Latin word Vivianus, meaning ‘alive’

  142. Waverly: an English girl's name that means ‘meadow of quivering aspens.’ Not a bad image to conjure every time you call her name

  143. Wednesday: named after the Germanic God Woden, the hit TV series of Addam’s family spin-off, Wednesday’could see a big surge in this name over the coming years

  144. Willow: of English origin, after the willow tree, a symbol of grace and strength. A beautiful modern baby girl name

  145. Wren: of British origin. A wren is a small brown songbird found in England. Another modern monosyllabic choice

  146. Zahra: of Arabic origin, this name has multiple meanings including ‘beautiful’, ‘bright’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘shining’ - all wonderful traits for your daughter

  147. Zendeya: of Zimbabwean origin, meaning ‘to give thanks to God’

  148. Ziana: of Arabic origin, meaning ‘brave’ and ‘bold’ 

  149. Zoey (or Zoe or Zoë): of English origin, meaning ‘life’

  150. Zoya: of Russian origin, meaning ‘life’

What Mumsnetters say about modern baby girl names

"My 15-year-old daughter is Astrid. She loves her name" - Mumsnet user, schoolsoutforever

"I think [Maeve is] cool. It reminds me of Thandie Newton's character in Westworld and she's a badass!" - Mumsnet user, ParadiseLaundry

"My friend wants to call his baby Ember if it's a girl. I absolutely love it!" - Mumsnet user, HalloHello

Modern baby boy names

151. Aadi: of Arabic origin, meaning ‘first’ 

152. Ace: of Latin origin, meaning ‘one’, ‘unity’

153. Adler: a baby boy name of German origin, meaning ‘eagle’

154. Addison: of Old English origin, meaning "son of Adam" Originally a masculine name, Addison has become more gender-neutral in modern times

155. Aiden: of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘little fire’ - this is a modern version of the traditional Irish name Aodhan 

156. Ajay - of Indian origin, meaning ‘unconquered’ 

157. Albie: of Latin origin meaning ‘white’, ‘bright’ or ‘noble’ 

158. Aspen: of geographical origin, Aspen is named after both a town in Colorado and the beautiful heart-shaped leaves of the aspen tree

159. Atlas: of Greek origin, meaning ‘to carry - this is a modern choice with a reference to ancient Greek mythology

160. Archer: of English origin, meaning 'bowman'

161. Arlo: pronounced ar-low, this name is of Old English origin, meaning 'fortified hill'

162. Asher: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘happy’ and ‘blessed’ 

163. Ayden: of Irish origin, this gender-neutral choice means  ‘little fire’  

164. Axel: of Icelandic origin, meaning ‘Father of peace’. This popular Scandinavia name will be a hit with Guns N' Roses fans. It’s been steadily increasing in popularity over the last 5 years according to the latest ONS data, now sitting at the 138th most popular boys’ name in the UK

165. Azaan: of Arabic origin, meaning ‘announcement’ or ‘call to prayer"

166. Bear: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘bear’. Bang on trend if you’re looking to keep in with celebrity name trends, with Edward Michael (aka Bear Grylls) sporting it as his name on screen

167. Beau: of French origin, meaning ‘handsome’ and the name chosen for Spice Girl Emma Bunton’s son, this name also sits just outside of the top 100 boys’ names according to the recent ONS data. Even the combined name Bear-Beau has made an appearance - with three babies bearing that name in 2021.

168. Beckham: of English origin, meaning ‘homestead by the stream’. Do we need to mention Becks?

169. Blake: of British origin meaning ‘black’ or ‘dark’ 

170. Bo: of Norse origin, meaning ‘to live’

171. Bodie: of Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘shelter’

172. Bowie: a name with plenty of star power, Bowie is of Scottish origin and means ‘yellow-haired’ and has risen in popularity following the death of legend David Bowie in 2016

173. Brody: of Irish origin, meaning ‘ditch’ 

174. Cade: modern baby names seem to have a gender-neutral theme. This one, of English origin, means ‘barrel’ or ‘round’, and can be used for boys or girls

175. Caden: of Welsh and Irish origin, ‘spirit of battle’ or ‘fighter’

176. Camden: a gender-neutral name of Scottish origin, meaning ‘winding valley’

177. Carson: of Scottish origin, meaning ‘marsh-dweller’ 

178. Carter: of Irish, Scottish and English origin, referring to the occupation of someone who transports goods, this name has been a popular top 100 boys name for a few years on the trot

179. Cassius: of Latin origin, meaning ‘helmeted warrior’ 

180. Cash: of Latin origin, meaning ‘hollow’

181. Casper: of Old English origin, meaning ‘treasure bearer’, this boy’s name, perhaps inspired by the friendly ghost, has been consistently popular since 2018 

182. Chester: of Latin origin, meaning ‘camp of soldiers’

183. Cillian: of Irish origin meaning ‘bright-headed’ this isn’t a particularly new name, but thanks to his deadpan facial reactions, actor and meme sensation Cillian Murphy may trigger an increase in popularity over the coming years

184. Cody: of Irish origin, meaning ‘decent and helpful one’

185. Coen: of Dutch origin meaning ‘bold advisor’. It's a shortened form of Coenraad, and is growing in popularity, making it an excellent modern choice

186. Cohen: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘priest’

187. Cole: of Old English origin meaning ‘coal’ or ‘charcoal’ 

188. Colton: of British origin, meaning ‘coal town’

189. Cooper: of English origin, meaning ‘barrel maker’ - a modern gender-neutral option

190. Crew: of English and Welsh origin, meaning ‘weir’ or ‘stream’

191. Cruz: of Portuguese origin and traditionally a surname, meaning ‘cross’. The name of Beckham’s youngest son, we’ve seen a big surge in babies named Cruz over recent years

192. Draco: Harry Potter lovers, this one’s for you, especially if you’re a fan of the villainous anti-hero, Draco Malfoy. It’s bound to turn heads. Of Greek origin, meaning ‘dragon’

193. Eden: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘place of pleasure and delight’, this name (or the alternative spelling Edan) may have biblical roots, but makes a great modern-day choice too

194. Eli: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘high’ or ‘elevated’ 

195. Ellis: of Welsh origin - a gender-neutral name meaning ‘kind’

196. Emerson: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘brave’ or ‘powerful’ - this one is another empowering unisex choice 

197. Emmett: of Old English origin, meaning ‘universal’, and the name of a modern-day LEGO character - ‘everything is awesome’ with this name choice

198. Erik (or Eric): of Old Norse origin, this variant of the name Eric, has become a modern alternative, perhaps driven by the popularity of the Netflix series Sex Education 

199. Ever: another gender-neutral choice, meaning ‘always’.

200. Ezekiel: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘strength of God’ 

201. Ezra: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘helper’, Ezra has raised through the top 100 boys’ namea in recent years, most likely influenced by the popular singer and songwriter, George Ezra

202. Finn: of Irish origin meaning ‘fair’, this has become more popular in recent years thanks to the crime drama series, Peaky Blinders

203. Fletcher: of Old English origin meaning ‘arrow maker’

204. Fox: simple and sleek, with a little bit of wild, this name is of English origin, meaning ‘cunning

205. Franklin: of Old English origin, meaning ‘freeman’ 

206. Grayson: of English origin, meaning, perhaps not surprisingly, ‘son of the grey-haired man'

207. Harris: of Old English origin meaning ‘son of Harry’ 

208. Hayes: While traditionally a surname throughout England, Scotland and Wales, this name meaning ‘hedged area’ is now being used as a modern first name for boys 

209. Hendrix: of Germanic origin, originally a surname meaning ‘ruler of the home’,  this name has often been used in honour of famous 60s musician Jimi Hendrix

210. Hudson: of Old English origin, meaning ‘son of Hugh’

211. Hugo: of Germanic origin meaning ‘bright in mind’ 

212. Hunter: of English origin meaning ‘someone who hunts’ 

213. Huxley: of English origin, meaning ‘Hugh’s meadow’

214. Idris: of Arabic origin, this name has increased in popularity over recent years thanks to Luther star and potential James Bond, Idris Elba. It means ‘studious’ or ‘smart’ 

215. Jace: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘healer’

216. Jayden: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘thankful’ and ‘God will judge’ 

217. Jax: a short form of Jaxon, meaning ‘God is gracious’

218. Jenson: of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘son of Jens’ 

219. Jett: of English origin, meaning ‘jet black’

220. Jonah: of Hebrew origin meaning ‘dove’ 

221. Josiah: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God supports and heals’

222. Jude: of Hebrew origin, Jude has several meanings, including ‘praised’ ‘prince’ ‘judge’

223. Kai: of Welsh origin, meaning ‘keeper of the keys'. Kai entered the top 100 names for boys for the first time in 2021 according to recent ONS data

224. Kian: of Gaelic origin and a form of Cian, meaning ‘ancient’ 

225. Kingsley: of Old English origin, meaning ‘from the king's wood, glade or meadow’

226. Knox: of Scottish origin, meaning ‘rounded hill’

227. Koda: one of the latest modern baby names of Japanese origin. And the best part is it works for boys or girls. For more unisex names, check out our list of 100 gender-neutral baby names

228. Kylian: of Irish origin, meaning ‘little warrior’

229. Kylo: A gender-neutral name of Latin origin meaning ‘sky’ or ‘heavenly’  

230. Legend: an unusual choice of British origin, meaning ‘history’.

231. Lennox: of Scottish origin, Lennox is a gender-neutral name meaning ’elm grove’ 

232. Levi: whilst officially an old traditional name with biblical roots, this Old English name has seen a revival in modern times. It means ‘joined in harmony’

233. Lincoln: of Old Engish origin, meaning ‘lake’ or ‘town by the pool’

234. Logan: of Scottish origin, meaning ‘hollow’

235. Lorenzo: of Italian origin, meaning ‘wise and strong’ 

236. Luca: of Latin origin, meaning ‘bringer of light’ recently entered the top 30 for the first time following the release of the Disney Pixar movie of the same name

237. Lucas: of Latin origin, as per Luca above, this name has been slowly working its way up the list of top 100 boys’ names for the last few years, now the 22nd most popular boys’ name according to recent ONS data

238. Lucifer: of Latin origin, meaning ‘morning star’, this name makes a modern choice for fans of the TV series of the same name

239. Maddox: of Welsh origin, meaning ‘son of Maddock’.

240. Marley: of Old English origin, this gender-neutral name means ‘pleasant wood’

241. Matteo: of Hebrew origins, this once traditional name is making a comeback (along with similar spellings such as Mattheo, Mattheus and Matteus). It means ‘gift of God’ 

242. Mason: of French origin, meaning ‘stoneworker’ - this name is traditionally a masculine choice, but is now seen to be a gender-neutral option

243. Maverick: of American origin. A maverick is an individual who plays by their own rules and for lovers of Top Gun - your baby will certainly stand out from the crowd with this choice!

244. Milan: of Slavic origin, meaning ‘kind and loving’, this is one of several geographical names that have boosted in popularity in recent years 

245. Milo: of Slavic origin meaning ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’ 

246. Monty: of Old English origin, meaning ‘mountain’

247. Myles: a twist on the name Mikes, of Latin origin, meaning ‘soldier’ 

248. Neo: of Greek origin, meaning ‘new’

249. Nico: of Italian origin, meaning ‘victory of the people” 

250. Oakley: of English origin, meaning ‘meadow of oak trees’

251. Ocean: of Greek origin, meaning ‘sea’. Poetry lovers will know that Ocean Vuong, of T.S Elliot prize-winning renown, is hot property right now, making this baby name bang on trend and super modern

252. Otis: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘wealthy’, this name entered the top 100 boys’ name chart for the first time in 2020 following the success of the hit Netflix series Sex Education - it has maintained this spot ever since

253. Otto: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘wealth’ 

254. Parker: of Old English meaning 'park keeper' and makes a good current gender-neutral choice. In 2021, it was also used as the start of double-barrelled names such as Parker-James, Parker-Jay and Parker-John 

255. Paxton: of Old English origin, meaning ‘peace town’

256. Phoenix: of Greek origin, meaning ‘bird of immortality’. Phoenix is a modern name sure to attract interest for its bright associations

257. Rafferty: of Irish origin, meaning ‘prosperity

258. Rayan: of Persian origin meaning ‘wise’ or ‘smart’ 

259. Reggie: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘King’, Reggie is a modern-day twist on the traditional name Reginald

260. Remington: a unique baby name with old roots. A gender-neutral choice of Old English origin, meaning ‘raven-family town’

261. Reuben: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘behold, a son’ 

262. Rhodes: derived from the Old English surname Rhoades and the word ‘rod’ - meaning ‘clearing in the woods’ - this one conjures images of forests, fields, and gardens

263. Riley: of Old English origin meaning ‘woods’ and ‘clearing’

264. Rio: of Spanish origin, meaning ‘river’

265. River: of British origin, meaning ‘flowing water’, this is a unisex option that has also been used for girls, specifically singer Kelly Clarkson’s daughter River Rose

266. Rocco: of Italian origin meaning ‘rest’, this name is one of the top 200 boys’ names in 2021, possibly influenced by Madonna’s eldest son of the same name

267. Roman: of Hebrew origin meaning ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ 

268. Ronnie:  of Old Norse origin, a modern-day twist on the names Ronald or Veronica, meaning ‘ruler’ 

269. Rowan - of Gaelic origin, meaning: ‘little red-head’, also the flowering tree with red berries

270. Royal: of English origin, meaning ‘of the king’

271. Rupert: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘fame’ and ‘glory’, you may have grown up with Rupert the bear, but this name has come right back into fashion, entering the top 100 boys’ names for the first time in 2021 according to ONS data 

272. Rye: comes from the Gaelic word rí, which means ‘king’

273. Ryker: of German origin, meaning ‘rich’

274. Rylan: of Old English origin, meaning ‘land where Rye is grown’. Rylan Clarke, former X-Factor contestant and reality TV star, can’t go without mention here

275. Sage: of English origin, meaning ‘wise’ or ‘healthy’

276. Saint: of Latin origin, meaning ‘holy’, this name has risen hugely since the birth of Kim Kardashians’ son of the same name

277. Sawyer: of Old English origin, meaning ‘woodcutter’ 

278. Seth: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘appointed’ 

279. Shepherd: usually a surname, but give this one a  modern update by using it as a first name, meaning ‘keeper’ or ‘sheep herder’

280. Silas: of Latin origin, meaning ‘forest’ or ‘woods’ - a great choice for families who love the great outdoors

281. Sonny: of Old English origin, and there’s no prize for the meaning of this one - ‘son’

282. Soren: of Latin origin, meaning ‘stern’ or ‘strict’ 

283. Sullivan: of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘dark eyes’ 

284. Tate: a gender-neutral name of English origin, meaning 'cheerful'

285. Teddy: a shortened version of the names Theodore or Edward, meaning  ‘wealthy protector’

286. Thatcher: of English origin, meaning ‘roof thatcher’

287. Theo: of Greek origin meaning ‘God's gift’ 

288. Tripp: of French origin, meaning ‘one who tripped’

289. Vinnie (or Vinny): a modern-day twist on traditional name Vincent, meaning ‘to conquer’

290. Waylen: of Old English origin meaning ‘land by the road’

291. Wells: from the Old English word ‘waella’, which means ‘well’ or ‘spring’. Wells means ‘from the well’

292. Wilder: another one that is usually a surname, of English descent, meaning ‘untamed’.

293. Wolf: of Norse origin, meaning ‘wolf child’

294. Wren: of English origin, this unisex name means ‘small bird’ after the bird of the same name

295. Xander: of Green origin, meaning ‘defender of humankind’ 

296. Xavier: of Green origin, this name stems from the name Alexander and shares the same meaning as Xander above

297. Zachery: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘the Lord recalled’ - a modern-day spelling of the name Zachary or Zachariah

298. Zayn: of Arabic origin meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘grace’, this name is a modern variation of the name Zain. One for the One Direction fans, perhaps?

299. Zen: of Japanese origin, meaning ‘meditation’

300. Ziggy: of German origin, the recent death of David Bowie has led to an increase of both genders being named Ziggy

301. Zion: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘highest point’ or ‘heaven’

What Mumsnetters say about modern baby boy names

"Silas is a bit like Seth which I love and Arlo [...] just [sounds] handsome somehow!" Mumsnet user, user1491572121

"Huxley. Hux for short" - Mumsnet user, FeedMyFaceWithBattenberg

"Theo - just because it’s a great name!" - Mumsnet user, sweetnosugar

How to name your baby

What's the most popular baby name in 2024?

According to data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the most popular name for boys was Noah, while Olivia remains the most frequently used name for girls.

What is a modern boy's name?

Noah is the top choice at the moment, of course, having risen from fifth most popular to first most popular since 2020. Brody has jumped up 36 places since 2020, indicating that people consider it a trendy choice.

What is a modern girl’s name?

One name that works for both girls and boys that is hot property at the moment, is Arlo, climbing several places in the ONS rankings for the top 1000 baby names in England and Wales.

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