Preparing for life with a newborn

About to welcome a new baby into the world? Feel (somewhat) prepared for impending parenthood with advice and reassurance from others who've been there, done that and got the drool-stained T-shirt to show for it.

What to buy for a new baby

pregnant mother shop for baby

First child on the way? There's no need to fill your home with the entire baby department. Here's the kit you actually need – and the top products which come recommended.

Top tips for new parents

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Mums and dads who've already been down the newborn rabbit hole offer tried-and-tested advice to help you through the early days with a baby.

Mumsnet Reviews

From baby car seats to nursing bras, we've spent hours researching and testing products so you don't have to.

Looking after a newborn - FAQs

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Whether you're a first time parent or just struggling to remember what you did last time round, let Mumsnetters help answer those niggling questions about newborns.

Waiting for baby to arrive

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Trying to take your mind off the impending birth but also feeling the need to prepare like you've never prepared before? Sit down, relax – the final stretch of pregnancy calls for some self-indulgence.

First-time parents - you'll be OK!

It doesn't matter if you're new to this, everyone has to learn the parenting ropes at some point – and those with a little more experience have words of wisdom to share.

Best books for new parents

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Want some insight, unpatronising advice, or just a bit of a laugh? These books on pregnancy, parenting babies and beyond are essential reading.

What to pack in your hospital bag

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Waiting for D-day to arrive? Make sure you're fully prepared, with everything you need ready for labour and your baby's first days in the big wide world.

Newborn baby sleep advice

Here you'll find answers to parents' most common questions, as well as practical solutions for approaching your own baby sleep challenges from the experts.

Coping with sleep deprivation

crying baby won't sleep

Babies and broken nights go hand in hand. Fellow sufferers (and survivors) share their stories and strategies for getting through the tiresome phase – both pre-birth and post-baby.