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140 top cute boy names for 2024

Searching for a cute name for your baby boy? Step this way, because we’ve lined up 140 of the most popular cute baby boy names and unusual cute baby names for boys to spark your imagination. 

By Louise Baty | Last updated Apr 9, 2024

Cute baby boy on mother's lap in nursery

There are so many gorgeous names for baby boys, you might find yourself feeling like there’s actually too much choice. Sound familiar? Well, stop stressing because,  if you’re looking for a cute name for your little dreamboat but still haven’t hit on the perfect choice, we’re here to help. 

Mumsnet’s aim is to make parents’ lives easier and, bearing in mind that naming babies can be a tricky business, we like to offer lots of naming inspiration and guidance surrounding the subject of baby names. Looking for cute baby names? We’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ve selected 140 of the most popular cute names for baby boys right now, along with some more unique - and incredibly cute - options for you to consider for your newborn son.

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How we chose the top cute baby boy names

We started our baby name search with the most popular names for girls and boys registered in England and Wales in 2021, as recorded by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

How the ONS compiles their list of baby names

Each year, the ONS collects yearly birth registration data and ranks first names according to frequency (popularity) as well as dividing by sex. The yearly ‘top 100’ and ‘top 10’ lists for baby boy names and baby girl names offer insight and guidance into naming trends and fashions - ideal if you’re looking for a cute name for your newborn.

While the figures for 2022 haven’t been released yet, we’ve selected the cutest names for baby boys taken from the ONS’s top 100 list from 2021. 

During our research, we also selected some popular and unique baby boy names which were mentioned, discussed and loved by Mumsnetters on our Baby Names forum. Additionally, we included the cutest picks from our other baby name articles, including cute baby names for 2024, most popular baby names, top baby boy names, unusual baby names, and the most popular Welsh baby names, Scottish baby names and Irish baby names

Quick heads up - if you’re also looking for baby girl names, take a look at the top cute girl names for 2024.

Popular cute boy names

1. Adam

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Man

2. Albie

  • Origin: English (diminutive of Albert)

  • Meaning: Noble 

3. Alfie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Elf counsel

4. Alex

  • Origin: Greek (diminutive of Alexander)

  • Meaning: Defending men

5. Archie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Genuine

6. Arthur

  • Origin: Celtic, Welsh

  • Meaning: Bear-like

7. Arlo

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Fortified hill

8. Ashley

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Ash tree meadow

9. Benjamin (Benji for short)

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Son of my right hand

10. Billy (or Billie)

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Helmeted protector

11. Bobby (or Bobbie)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Bright fame

12. Brody (or Brodie)

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Muddy place

13. Casper (or Caspar)

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Treasure bearer

14. Charlie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Free man 

15. Chester

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Fortress

16. Dexter

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Dyer, right-handed

17. Dylan

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: Son of the sea

18. Elijah

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Yahweh is my God

19. Elliot

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Yaweh is my God

  1. Ellis

  • Origin: Hebrew (derived from Elijah)

  • Meaning: Kind or my God is Yahweh

21. Ethan

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Strong or steadfast

22. Evan

  • Origin: Welsh (derived from Iefan) 

  • Meaning: Young warrior or God is good/gracious

23. Ezra

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Help or helper

24. Felix

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Happy or lucky

25. Finn

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Fair

26. Finley

  • Origin: Scottish, Irish

  • Meaning: Fair warrior

27. Flynn

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Reddish complexion

28. Frankie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Free or honest

29. Freddie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Peaceful ruler

30. Harvey

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Army warrior 

31. Harry

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Ruler of the household 

32. Hugo

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Spirit

33. Isaac

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: He will laugh

34. Ivan

  • Origin: Slavic, Hebrew

  • Meaning: God is gracious

35. Jacob

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Supplanter

  1. Jack

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: God is gracious  

37. Jamie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Supplanter

38. James

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Supplanter

39. Jesse 

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: God exists

40. Joe (or Jo)

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: God is gracious

41. Jonah

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Dove

42. Jordan

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: To flow down or descend

43. Jude

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Praised

44.  Leo

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Lion 

45. Levi

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Joined

46. Liam

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Resolute protector, strong-willed warrior

47. Louie

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Famous warrior

48. Luca

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Light

49. Mackenzie

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Son of the bright one

50. Matty

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Gift of God

51. Max

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Greatest

52. Milo

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Merciful

53. Myles

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: soldier or merciful

54. Nate 

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Gift of God

55. Nico

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Victory of God

56. Noah (or Noa)

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Rest or comfort

57. Oliver (Ollie for short)

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Olive tree

58. Oscar

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Spear of the God 

59. Peter

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Rock or stone

60. Ralph

  • Origin: Old Norse

  • Meaning: Wolf counsel

61. Reagan

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Little king

62. Reggie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Rule

63. Reuben

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Behold, a son

64. Rory

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Red king

65. Rupert

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Famous/fame or bright

66. Sam

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Told by God

67. Sonny

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Son

68. Theo

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Gift of God

69. Thomas (or Tom)

  • Origin: Aramaic

  • Meaning: Twin 

70. Teddy

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Gift of God

71. Tommy

  • Origin: Aramaic

  • Meaning: Twin 

72. Wilbur

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Strong-willed defender

73. Xander 

  • Origin: Greek (diminutive of Alexander)

  • Meaning: Defender of the people

74. Zac (or Zack)

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: God has remembered

75. Zachary

  • Origin: Hebrew, Greek

  • Meaning: God remembers

What Mumsnetters say about popular cute boy names

“I have a Leo so I applaud your taste!” - Mumsnet user, Aria999

Rory is, IMO, the quintessential modern British boy name. Go for it.” - Mumsnet user, Creepygnochi

“I really like Zac. It sounds cool and is traditional but still sounds modern and is easy to say.” - Mumsnet user, Sandysandwich

Cute and unique boy names

76. Abel

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Breath

77. Ace

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: One who excels, number one

78. Adi

  • Origin: Sanskrit

  • Meaning: First or beginning

79. Ambrose

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Immortal

80. Archer

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Bowman

81. Ari

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Lion or eagle

82. August

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Majestic

83. Atticus

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Man of Attica

84. Austin

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Great

85. Ashton

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Ash tree town

86. Axel

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Father of peace

87. Bailey

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Bailiff, steward

88. Bear

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Bear

89. Beck

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Stream

90. Birch

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Type of tree

91. Bramble

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Thorny shrub or plant

92. Bo

  • Origin: Norse, Chinese

  • Meaning: To live or wide wave

93. Bondi

  • Origin: Australian

  • Meaning: Waves

94. Bowie

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Yellow-haired

95. Bram

  • Origin: Hebrew, Dutch (short form of Abraham)

  • Meaning: Father of a multitude

96. Clement

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Gentle, mild, good and merciful

97. Clyde

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Friendly and also refers to Glasgow’s River Clyde

98.   Dorian

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Of the Dorian tribe

99. Edgar

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Spear carrier or protector of the good

100.  Enzo

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Ruler of the home

101.  Fletcher

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Arrow-maker

102. Fox

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Cunning

103. Hadley

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Heather-covered meadow

104. Harlow

  • Origin: English

  •  Meaning: Rock hill or army hill

105. Huxley

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Meadow

106. Indie (or Indy)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Independence

107. Idris

  • Origin: Arabic 

  • Meaning: Studious or smart

108. Jago

  • Origin: Spanish, Cornish (form of James or Jacob)

  • Meaning: Supplanter

109. Jax

  • Origin: English (diminutive of Jackson)

  • Meaning: Son of Jack or God is gracious

110. Jett

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Jet black

111. Jules

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Youthful, downy

112. Kofi

  • Origin: Akan (Ghanaian)

  • Meaning: Born on Friday

113. Lars

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Germanic

  • Meaning: Crowned with laurel

114. Leif

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Old Norse

  • Meaning: Descendant, heir

115.  Linus

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Flax

116. Lorcan

  • Origin: Irish Gaelic

  • Meaning: Fierce or little fierce one

117. Micah

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Who is like God

118. Moss

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Small, soft plant

119. Nolan

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Descendant of a champion

120. Oakley

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Oak tree clearing 

121. Oisín

  • Origin: Irish Gaelic

  • Meaning: Little deer

122. Quentin

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Born in the fifth month

123. Rafferty

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Abundance or one who will prosper

124. Roman

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Of Rome 

125. Rumi

  • Origin: Japanese

  • Peaceful or flow

126. Stevie

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Crown

127. Tate

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Cheerful

128. Tatum

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Cheerful

129. Taylor

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Cutter of cloth

130. Tristan

  • Origin: Celtic

  • Meaning: Sad or melancholy

131. Troy

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Foot soldier

132. Vale

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Valley

133. Victor

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Conqueror

134. Wesley

  • Old English

  • Western Meadow

135. Willoughby

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Willow farm

136. Wyatt

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Brave in battle

137. Yari

  • Origin: Japanese, Persian, Italian, Hebrew

  • Meaning: Spear, friendship or gold

138. Zebedee

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Gift of God

139. Zeke

  • Origin: Hebrew  (diminutive of Ezekiel)

  • Meaning: God will strengthen

140. Ziggy

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Victorious protector

What Mumsnetters say about cute and unique names for boys

“I've always like months of the year as names. Most recently I've liked August for a boy.” - Mumsnet user, GR8GAL

“I've always loved Moss, Roman and Ari for a boy.” - Mumsnet user, aperolspritzbasicbitch 

“Zeke’s nicely unusual.” - Mumsnet user, Luredbyapomegranate

How to choose a cute boy name

  • Most people think of names ending in a ‘y’ or ‘ie’ as sounding cute, such as Teddy or Willoughby. 

  • Short, striking one syllable names can be cute yet powerful - how about Axel or Max?

  • Embrace a cultured name, which evokes history or literature, such as Troy, Roman or Atticus.

  • Choose an adorable meaning, such as Tate which means ‘cheerful’ or Isaac which means ‘he will laugh’. Cute, right?

  • Look to the great outdoors for a cute boy name, such as Fox, River, Bramble, Boss or Beck.

  • Looking for a popular baby name? Pick one of the top 100 on the latest ONS list.

  • If you fancy going for something more unusual, avoid baby naming trends and choose one well outside the ONS top 100 list.

  • Bear in mind that your baby boy is going to grow up to become a hulking teen, who may choose for a less cutesy option, as this Mumsnetter explains: “We have a Teddy and that's his name on birth certificate. He goes by Ted now he's older.” 

  • If you want a longer name for the birth certificate, choose one with cute shortenings such as Thomas (Tom/Tommy), Rafferty (Raff/Raffy) and Zebedee (Zeb).

What is the cutest name ever for a boy? 

With so many cute baby boy names around, it’s hard to select the top picks. In order to decide the cutest names ever for a boy, we headed to our Baby Names forum as well as scouring the ONS Top 100 list and other online resources. 

So <drum roll please> here are the results…

Cutest popular name? It’s Teddy! Can you really find a cuter name? Traditionally short for the classic and well-loved Edward, Teddy is now a delightful standalone name and growing in popularity, year on year. We can understand why too. Seriously, who wouldn’t want cuddles with their very own little snuggly newborn teddy bear?  

And how about the top unusual cute baby name? We think you can’t go far wrong with a gorgeous nature-inspired choice? For that reason, we’ve chosen River as the cutest unusual baby name for 2024. Not only is it super adorable, it would suit any outdoorsy little chap, who enjoys getting muddy in his wellies. We love it.

About the author

Louise Baty writes parenting content for Mumsnet, producing product round-ups, travel guides and baby name articles. She’s also written content for Mumsnet’s sister site, Gransnet. 

Originally from West Yorkshire and now based in Nottinghamshire, Louise has worked as a features writer for consumer magazines and national newspapers for 20 years. She specialises in parenting and lifestyle features and emotional true life first-person interviews and has authored four non-fiction books on parenting and grandparenting.

Mum to two tweenagers, Louise’s own baby name choosing days may be long gone. However, she admits to having spent a LONG time deciding on her DCs’ names, together with her DP. 

For this reason, Louise has a particular interest in baby names. She understands how difficult it can be to narrow down a short list from your long list of baby names, either during pregnancy or during the sleep-deprived days following the birth of your baby. By compiling comprehensive and easy-to-follow baby name round-ups for Mumsnet, she hopes to provide inspiration and support to parents-to-be who are looking for the perfect name for their baby.