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140 top cute girl names for 2024

If you’re looking for a cute baby girl name and feel in need of some help, we’re here for you. Read on for 140 of the cutest names for baby girls in 2024, which should give you plenty of name inspiration

By Louise Baty | Last updated Apr 9, 2024

Cute baby lying on blanket

Naming your baby girl is one of the biggest decisions of your life. If you’re looking for a cute baby name for your newborn daughter, you might feel a tad overwhelmed. 

Let’s face it - there’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to selecting the perfect name for your new baby. Whether you want a cute popular name or an uncommon name that’s cute for baby girls, we know you want to get it right.

We offer lots of advice on choosing baby names on Mumsnet and in this article, we’ve rounded up 140 of the cutest girl names out there for 2024. With our help, we hope that you’ll find just the right name for your baby girl. You can thank us later.

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How we chose the top cute baby girl names

We started our baby name search with the most popular names for girls and boys registered in England and Wales in 2021, as recorded by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

How the ONS compiles their list of baby names

The ONS collects yearly birth registration data in order to analyse the frequency with which names are used for new babies. Names are then ranked in popularity and divided by sex. When the yearly ‘top 100’ and ‘top 10’ lists for baby girl names and baby boy names are released, they offer intriguing insights into the very latest naming trends.

As yet, the figures for 2022 haven’t been released. We’ll be sure to update you once they have as naming trends do tend to fluctuate, year on year, with some names rising, others falling and certain names making a new appearance in the ‘most popular’ lists. 

For this top 100+ cute girl names for 2024 article, we’ve selected the cutest names for baby girls that we can find to help you make that all-important name choice.

So how did we pick our longlist of names? Well, in addition to including a selection of the cutest baby names from ONS’s top 100 list, we also picked some of our favourite sweet names for baby girls from our other baby name articles, including 200 cute baby names for 2024, most popular baby names, top baby girl names, unusual baby names,  old-fashioned baby names and also the most popular Welsh baby names, Scottish baby names and Irish baby names.

There’s no time like the present so grab yourself a brew, a notepad and a pen, if you want to make a shortlist. It’s time to read up on the cutest baby girl names for 2024.

Popular cute girl names

1. Ada   

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Noble

2. Alice

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Noble  

3. Amelia

  • Origin: Latin, German

  • Meaning: Work hard

4. Aoife

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Beauty or radiance

5. Aria 

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Air or melody

6. Annie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Grace

7.  Ava

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Bird

8. Ayla  

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Oak tree

9. Bella 

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Beautiful

10. Bethan

  • Origin: Welsh, Hebrew

  • Meaning: God is my oath or dedicated to God

11. Bonnie

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Beautiful, cheerful 

12. Chloe

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Green shoot (meaning new growth)

13. Clara 

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Clear and bright

14. Daisy

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: From the flower

15. Darcie (or Darcey)

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Dark, from the town of Archy in France

16. Eden

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Paradise     

 17. Ella   

  • Origin: German, English

  • Meaning: All, completely or fairy maiden

18. Elodie

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Foreign riches

19. Elsie  

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Pledged to God

20. Emma

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Whole or great   

  21. Erin   

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Ireland

22. Esme

  • Origin: French 

  • Meaning: To love  

 23. Eva

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Life or breathe

24. Evelyn

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Wished for child

 25. Evie   

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: To live

26. Freya

  • Origin: Old Norse 

  • Meaning: Noble woman

27.  Gracie 

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Grace of God

28. Hallie (or Halle)

  • Origin: English 

  • Meaning: Dweller at the hall meadow

29. Harper

  • Origin: English, Scottish, Irish

  • Meaning: Harp

30. Heidi

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Of noble birth

31. Holly 

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Holly tree

32. Iris     

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Rainbow

33.  Isla

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: From Islay, an island in the Scottish Hebrides

34. Ivy 

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: The evergreen Ivy plant

35. Jasmine

  • Origin: Persian

  • Meaning: Gift from God

36. Laila

  • Origin: Arabic

  • Meaning: Night beauty

37. Lara  

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Laurel leaf

38. Lily (or Lillie)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: The flower

39. Lola

  • Origin: Spanish

  • Meaning: Lady of sorrows

40. Lottie

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Strong woman

41. Lila (or Lyla)

  • Origin: Persian

  • Meaning: Youthful innocence 

42. Liv

  • Origin: Old Norse

  • Meaning: Life, protection, shelter or warmth   

43. Lucy  

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Light

44. Luna

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Moon

45. Lola

  • Origin: Spanish

  • Meaning: Lady of sorrows 

 46. Lyra  

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: A small harp

47. Mabel

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Loveable

48. Maeve 

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Intoxicating or she who rules 

49. Maisie 

  • Origin: Scottish 

  • Meaning: Pearl

50. Margot

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Pearl

51. Maryam

  • Origin: Arabic

  • Meaning: Drop of the sea  

52. Matilda

  • Origin: German 

  • Meaning: Strength in battle

53. Mia

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Mine

54. Molly (or Mollie)

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Star of the sea

55. Megan

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Pearl

56. Millie

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Gentle strength

57. Myla 

  • Origin: Latin, German, French

  • Meaning: Soldier or merciful

58. Nancy

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Grace 

59. Olive 

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Olive tree

60. Orla  

  • Origin: Irish 

  • Meaning: Golden princess

61. Penelope (or Penny)        

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: One who weaves

62. Rose 

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Rose flower

63. Ruby 

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: From the gemstone

64. Sadie

  • Origin: Hebrew, English 

  • Meaning: Princess

 65. Saoirse

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning Freedom

66. Sara

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Princess

67. Scarlett

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Red

68. Seren 

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: Little star

69. Sophia

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Wisdom

70. Sophie 

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Wisdom

71. Summer

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Season of the year when weather is warmest

72. Thea

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Goddess

73. Violet

  • Origin: Latin 

  • Meaning: The colour purple

74. Willow

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Willow tree

75. Zara  

  • Origin: Arabic

  • Meaning: Blossoming flower

What Mumsnetters say about popular cute baby girl names

“Ava… Beautiful name. I think pairing it with a longer middle name like Elizabeth, Meredith and Catherine works well.” - Mumsnet user, NannyR

“I love Mabel. It was on my shortlist 14 years ago and I sometimes have pangs of regret for not using it.” - Mumsnet user, KitNCaboodle

“Summer? Lovely name! Works well for grownups I think.” - Mumsnet user, WashableVelvet

Cute and unique girl names 

76. Alessia

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Defender of mankind

77. Alora

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: My beautiful dream

78. Amaya (or Amaia)

  • Origin: Japanese, Spanish, Arabic

  • Meaning: Night rain, mother city or the end

79. Amethyst

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: The precious stone or intoxicate

80. April

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: To blossom 

81. Aspen (or Aspyn)

  • Origin: English origin

  • Meaning: The Aspen tree

82. Ariadne

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Most holy

83. Aubrey (or Aubrie/Aubriee)

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Ruler of the elves

84. Betty

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Consecrated to God

85. Bibi

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: The exalted one 

86. Billie

  • Origin: German name

  • Meaning: High protector

87. Birdie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Refers to a little bird 

88. Blair

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Field or meadow

89. Bluebell

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Refers to the bluebell flower

90. Bo

  • Origin: Old Norse

  • Meaning: To live

91. Bronte

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Thunder

92. Chiara 

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Bright and luminous

93. Coco

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Victorious 

94. Cressida

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Gold

95. Daphne

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Laurel tree

96. Dulcie

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Sweet or pleasant

97. Dot

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Gift of God

98. Emerald

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Rebirth and love (referring to the gemstone) 

99. Ember

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: The burning remains of a fire 

100. Eleri 

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: River in Wales

101. Etta

  • Origin: English, Italian

  • Meaning: Little rose

102 Fallon (or Falon)

  • Origin: Irish origin

  • Meaning: Superior or descended from ruler

103. Fifi

  • Origin: Hebrew, French

  • Meaning: God gives  

104. Fleur

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Flower

105. Flora

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Flourishing

106. Gaia

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: The Earth

107. Gloria

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Glory

108. Honey

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Nectar

109. India

  • Origin: Sanskrit, Old English

  • Meaning: From the river Indus 

110. Indie (or Indy)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Independence

111. Jaime (or Jamie)

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Supplanter or one that follows

112. Joy

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Contentment

113. Juno

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Youthful

114. Kai

  • Origin: Hawaiian, Japanese

  • Meaning: Sea, ocean or keeper of the keys

115. Katia

  • Origin: Russian

  • Meaning: Pure

116. Kiki

  • Origin: French, Spanish

  • Meaning: Double happiness or noble

117. Loren

  • Origin: Latin origin

  • Meaning: Laurel

118. Lulu

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Famous warrior 

119. Lux

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Light

120. Malin

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Little strong warrior

121. Monroe

  • Origin Scottish, Irish

  • Meaning: Mouth of the River Roe,  in Northern Ireland

122. Morgan

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: Circling sea, great brightness or bright sea dweller

123. Morven

  • Origin: Scottish, Irish

  • Meaning: Child of the sea or big peak

124. Nala (or Nahla)

  • Origin: African (Swahili), Arabic

  • Meaning: Queen

125. Nelly (or Nellie)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Light or bright

126. Nina

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Full of grace

127. Opal

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Precious gem

128. Raine (or Rain)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Rain or queen

129. Raya

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Friend 

130. Remi (or Remy)

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Rower

131. Rumi

  • Origin: Japanese 

  • Meaning: Peaceful or flow

132. Safia

  • Origin: Arabic

  • Meaning: Pure or wise

133. Sage

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Wise

134. Stevie

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Crown

135. Suki

  • Origin: Japanese

  • Meaning: Beloved 

136. Thuli

  • Origin: Zulu (South Africa)

  • Meaning: Quiet

137. Tiggy

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Poet

138. Vita

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Life

139. Winnie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Holy reconciliation 

140. Zama

  • Origin: Zulu/Xhosa (South Africa)

  • Meaning: To try 

What Mumsnetters say about unique and cute baby girl names

“I'm Welsh and a Welsh speaker. Eleri is a very pretty name - not too common in babies or very young children these days.” - Mumsnet user, user1469770863

“I like Nahla and would also pronounce it the Arabic way - Nah-La. Pretty!” - Mumsnet user, MrsCaecilius

“Suki? I think it’s fabulous! I see her growing up to be cool and confident - that’s the vibes it gives me.” - Mumsnet user, fairycupcakes

How to choose a cute girl name

  • Names ending in a ‘y’ or ‘ie’ sound are naturally cute - Betty, Tiggy and Lottie, for example. However, the ‘y’ or ‘ie’ ending is by no means an essential characteristic for a baby girl's name to be considered cute. 

  • Cute names can be striking and strong as well as sweet - think punchy one syllable names with significant meanings such as Nala (or Nahla). which means ‘queen’ or Sage, which means ‘wise’.

  • Choose a cute meaning, such as Ava which means ‘little bird’ or Suki which means ‘beloved’.

  • Look to nature for inspiration and consider cute baby girl names including Rose, Lily, Aspen and Birdie.

  • Your baby girl is going to be a precious jewel, right? So think about pretty jewel-inspired names such as Ruby, Opal, Emerald and Amethyst. The bonus of this is that your girl will have a signature jewel her whole life, which is great for birthday gifts.

  • If you’re looking for a popular baby name, pick one of the top 100 on the latest ONS list.

  • If you fancy going for something more unusual, keep abreast of naming trends and don’t jump on them. Look for a name outside the ONS top 100 list.

  • When choosing a cute name, keep in mind that your cute ickle baby is going to be a grown adult one day. Try to imagine your preferred name being used by a –moody– teen, a 20-something working in an office or a pensioner. If you reckon that the cute name you have in mind would work for all stages of life, you might just have found The One.

What is the cutest name ever for a girl? 

There are so many cute names on our list, it’s hard to choose the top picks. If we had to REALLY narrow it down, we think one of the cutest, popular names for a girl - as preferred by Mumsnetters and according to the latest ONS top 100 list - is Mabel. It’s been in the top 100 since 2019 and is steadily rising in popularity with new parents. It’s also gaining popularity year on year on our Mumsnet Baby Name forum. Short and sweet, Mabel means ‘loveable’ which is pretty adorable, we’re sure you’ll agree.

If you prefer to think outside the box a little, we reckon Dulcie is the cutest unique name for a baby girl. It’s well outside the ONS top 100 list, meaning it’s not an overly popular choice, as yet. Plus, it means ‘sweetness’ and can you seriously get any cuter than that?

About the author

Louise Baty writes parenting content for Mumsnet, producing product round-ups, travel guides and baby name articles. She’s also written content for Mumsnet’s sister site, Gransnet. 

Originally from West Yorkshire and now based in Nottinghamshire, Louise has worked as a features writer for consumer magazines and national newspapers for 20 years. She specialises in parenting and lifestyle features and emotional true life first-person interviews and has authored four non-fiction books on parenting and grandparenting.

Mum to two tweenagers, Louise’s own baby name choosing days may be long gone. However, she admits to having spent a LONG time deciding on her DCs’ names, together with her DP. 

For this reason, Louise has a particular interest in baby names. She understands how difficult it can be to narrow down a short list from your long list of baby names, either during pregnancy or during the sleep-deprived days following the birth of your baby. By compiling comprehensive and easy-to-follow baby name round-ups for Mumsnet, she hopes to provide inspiration and support to parents-to-be who are looking for the perfect name for their baby.