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300+ unisex baby names: top gender-neutral names for babies

Historically, you may have considered boys’ and girls’ names separately when expecting a baby. These days, there's a growing trend of unisex baby names, which make a great modern-day alternative. Here are our favourites.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Feb 29, 2024

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Most of the time, when searching for baby names, we're accustomed to seeing two different lists: one for girls and one for boys. But in recent years, the number of parents looking for gender-neutral baby names has significantly increased.

A string of celebrities have opted for non-gendered names for their children: Kristen Bell named her second daughter Justice, while Megan Fox opted for Journey as the name of her third son. 

It's not just a Hollywood phenomenon though. When Nameberry and the New York Times looked back at the last 100 years of baby names, they found an 88% increase in the use of gender-neutral names between 1985 and 2015.

If you love celebrity trends, or you’re keen to give your child a unique unisex name, then look no further than this list of 300 gender-neutral baby names. Whether you want to opt for a traditional baby names or more modern baby name, we’ve got the inspiration to cover them all in our recently updated baby name guides.

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How we chose our top unisex baby names 

Every year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) collects birth registration data to analyse the frequency of name choices, before ranking them based on popularity and creating an official top 100 chart, categorised by gender.

To bring you this list of the best gender-neutral baby names, we first researched the latest ONS data from 2021 (which was released in October 2022) to gain insights into the latest baby names trends. We looked at highly ranking names that had been chosen for both boys and girls, as well as names inspired by locations, nature or surnames to make unique gender-neutral monikers. 

To get wider views on the unisex baby names featured, we then scoured through our own Baby Names forum to learn more about the gender-neutral, unisex or non-binary baby names that Mumsnet users have considered or used for their babies. 

Most popular unisex baby names 

  1. Addison - of English origin, meaning ‘son of Adam’ 

  2. Aubrey - of both English and French origin, meaning ‘ruler of the elves’ 

  3. Avery - of English origin, also meaning ‘ruler of the elves’ 

  4. Bobbie (or Bobby) - derived from the name Robert or Roberta, of Germanic origin, meaning ‘bright’ 

  5. Bowie - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘yellow haired’. This name has soured in popularity as a unisex name following the passing of performing sensation David Bowie

  6. Casey - of Irish origin, meaning ‘vigilant’ 

  7. Cassidy - of Irish origin, meaning ‘curly-haired’

  8. Charlie - a sweet name of Germanic origin, meaning ‘free man’

  9. Dakota - of Native American origin, meaning ‘friend’ or ‘ally’ 

  10. Drew - of Welsh, Greek and Scottish origin, meaning ‘strong’

  11. Eden - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘place of pleasure’ 

  12. Ellis - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘kind’ 

  13. Frankie - of French origin, meaning ‘free one’

  14. Harley - of English origin, meaning ‘hare’s meadow’ 

  15. Harlow - of English origin, meaning ‘rock hill’ 

  16. Harper - of English origin, referring to a musician who plays the harp 

  17. Remy (or Remi) - of French and Latin origin, meaning ‘remedy’ or ‘medic’

  18. Riley -  of Old English, Irish and Celtic origin, meaning 'small stream’, ‘valiant’ or ‘a rye meadow’

  19. River - of English origin, meaning ‘flowing body of water’ 

  20. Ronnie (or Ronny) -  usually a shortened version of the names Ronald or Veronica. Ronald is of Scottish origin, meaning ‘rulers counsel’ while Veronica is of Latin origin, meaning ‘true image’ 

  21. Rowan - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘little red-head'. Aso the flowering tree with red berries

  22. Royal - of English origin, meaning ‘regal’

Unique unisex baby names

23. Aries - of Latin origin, meaning ‘ram’. This star sign also makes a unique choice for babies born between March 21st and April 19th

24. Armani - look, it’s going to be difficult to shake off the designer brand associations here, but Armani is a unique gender-neutral choice meaning ‘child of Armano’ or ‘warrior’

25. Asa - made famous recently by Sex Education star, Asa Butterfield. This is a super trendy choice of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘healer’

26. Atlas - of Greek origin, meaning ‘to carry’ 

27. Cy - of Greek origin, meaning ‘sun’ 

28. Cyan - of American origin, named after the blue-green colour of the same name 

29. Cypress - of Greek origin, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘muscular’

30. Dawson - of English origin, meaning ‘son of David’ 

31. Denver - of English origin, meaning ‘green valley’ 

32. Dune - of English origin, named after sand dunes 

33. Easton - of English origin, meaning East town

34. Edin - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘paradise’ or ‘delight’

35. Ember - of English origin, named after the burning, hot remains of a fire 

36. Esra - of Hebrew origin and a twist on the name Ezra, it means ‘help’ or ‘helper’

37. Everest - of English origin, named after the highest mountain in the world (or in some cases, after one of the pups from children’s hit TV show PAW Patrol)

38. Ezra - like Esra above, this name is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘helper’ 

39. Fallon - of Irish origin, meaning ‘superior’ or ‘descended from ruler’ 

40. Grey (or Gray) - of English origin, meaning ‘someone with grey hair’ 

41. Guadalupe - a rare baby name, this one is of Spanish origin, meaning ‘river of the wolf’. Pretty cool if you ask us

42. Hero - of Greek origin, meaning ‘brave one of the people’

43. Hollis - a gender-neutral twist on the name ‘Holly’, meaning ‘Holly tree’

44. Jaylin - another interesting American choice, this one means ‘calm’

45. Jett - of English origin, meaning ‘black stone’ 

46. Lennox - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘elm grove’

47. Lexington - Lexi for short, anyone? This one means ‘town of the new law’. This name is putting a new marker down, for sure!

48. Loren - of Latin origin, meaning ‘laurel’ 

49. Lux - of Latin origin, meaning ‘light’. Lux is sure to brighten up your world

50. Milan - of Slavic origin, meaning: ‘kind’, ‘loving’ and ‘gracious’

51. Monroe - of Scottish and Irish Gaelic origin, meaning ‘mouth of the River Roe’, located in Northern Ireland

52. Neo - of Greek origin, meaning ‘new’. This could be a great choice for Matrix fans or fans of the American singer-songwriter of the same name

53. Storm - of English origin, this name, along with other words relating to weather and geographic locations, has become a cool and unique unisex choice. It alludes to power, strength and unpredictability

54. Tanner - originally an Old English surname, meaning ‘leather worker’ 

55. Tate - of Old English and Old Norse origins and originally a surname 

56. Timber - of American origin, meaning (you guessed it) ‘wood’

57. True - if you want to be forever tied to the Kardashians through the names of your children, choose this one

58. Yuri - of Russian or Slavic origin meaning ‘land worker’ 

59. Zephyr - of Greek origin, meaning ‘west wind’. A great choice for those who want a baby name that's connected with nature 

60. Zuri - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is my strength’  

Classic unisex baby names

61. Ashley - of Old English origin, meaning ‘ash tree meadow’ 

62. Basil - of Greek origin, meaning ‘king’ or ‘royal’ 

63. Billie (or Billy) - of Old English origin, meaning ‘protection’, Billie is a super trendy unisex baby name choice right now. Of course, with enduring connections to the singer, Billie Holiday, you can’t go wrong with this one.

64. Cam - a shortened version of the Scottish name Cameron below 

65. Cameron - a traditional Scottish name of Celtic and Gaelic origin, meaning ‘crooked nose’ or ‘crooked hill’. Whilst traditionally a male name, we’ve also seen this widely used for girls, including actress Cameron Diaz

66. Campbell - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘wry mouthed’

67. Carter - of Old English origin, used to describe someone ‘who transports goods by cart’ 

68. Casey - is of Celtic origin, a popular gender-neutral choice. This one means ‘vigilant’

69. Chris - of English origin, usually short for Christopher or Christine, meaning ‘one who carried Christ’ 

70. Cleo - is another really cool gender-neutral name choice. Of Greek origin, Cleo means ‘to praise’

71. Cody - from ‘Concord’, meaning ‘harmony’

72. Dale - of Old English origin, meaning ‘valley’. Another unisex name inspired by nature and the great outdoors 

73. Darian - of Persian origin, meaning ‘he who possesses; he who holds firm the good; possessing goodness.’

74. Dylan - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘son of the sea’ 

75. Eddie -  of Old English origin derived from the name Eadwine or Edward, meaning ‘rich’ or ‘happy’

76. Elliot - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘the Lord is my God’

77. Evan - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘Young warrior', 'God is good', 'rock' or 'God is gracious’

78. Finley - With Irish origins, Finley means ‘fair-haired courageous one’

79. Finn - of Irish origin, meaning ‘fair’ 

80. Flynn - originally an Irish surname, meaning ‘ruddy’, this name may feel familiar from Flynn Rider in Tangled

81. Francis (or Frances) - a more formal take on ‘Frankie’. This one is of Latin origin, meaning ‘Frenchman’

82. Gene - of Greek origin, meaning ‘noble’

83. George (or Georgie) - of Greek origin, derived from the name Georgios, meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker’ 

84. Gerry - of German origin, meaning ‘brave’ and ‘ruling spear’

85. Harry - of Germanic origin, meaning ‘power’ or ‘ruler’, this traditional boys' name derived from the name Henry is also used as a shortened form of the name Harriet, gaining traction as a unisex name in recent years

86. Hayden - of Old English and Germanic roots, meaning ‘of the hay fields’ 

87. Jack (or Jac) - of English origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’, both Jack and Jac have become gender neutral over recent years, due to the shortening of Jacqueline and Jackie. 

88. Jackie - of English origins meaning ‘may God protect’

89. Jamie - is of Hebrew, Latin and Persian origin. It means ‘supplanting’ or ‘seizing by the heel’

90. Jean - of English origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’ 

91. Jessie (or Jesse) - a gender-neutral classic. A feminine form of John, meaning ‘God has been gracious.’ Jessie has always been a trendy androgynous name for girls and boys alike!

92. Jodie (or Jody) - meaning ‘Jewish woman’, but this name is for boys and girls

93. Johnnie (of Johnny) - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’

94. Jordan - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘to flow down’ 

95. Jules - of French origin, meaning ‘youthful’ 

96. Julian - a wonderfully grand name, meaning ‘youthful’ or ‘young’. One of the most famous Julians being, of course, Julian of Norwich - holy figure and original prose stylist. This one is sure to endure!

97. Jude - is an excellent gender-neutral name choice. Jude, is of Hebrew origins and means ‘praise’. It’s got a ring to it, hey?

98. Kelly - of Irish origin, meaning ‘warrior’ 

99. Kerry - of Irish origin, meaning ‘dark-haired’ or ‘dark one’

100. Lee - a unisex name derived from the English surname, meaning ‘clearing’ or ‘meadow’

101. Leighton - of English origin, meaning ‘place of the meadow’ 

102. Lennon - of Irish origin, with the meaning lover, this name has become popular due to the late Beatles star John Lennon. While currently more popular as a boy’s name, there were 31 girls called Lennon in 2021

103. Lesley - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘garden of holly’ 

104. Lincoln - of Old English origin, referring to the town of the same name, this name has the meaning ‘lake’ or ‘pool colony’ 

105. Logan - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘little hollow’ 

106. Lou - from Louis or Louise, meaning ‘famed warrior’. Although it has an unfortunate homonym in ‘loo’, still a choice that oozes unisex trendiness

107. Marion - a unique gender-neutral choice of French origin, meaning ‘star of the sea’ or ‘beloved’. Marion is a rare and unique individual

108. Max - shortened from ‘Maximilian’ or ‘Maxine’ and recently portrayed on the hit show Stranger Things as a skater girl with a soft heart, ‘Max’. This one is of Latin origin, meaning ‘the greatest’

109. Morgan - another one of Welsh origin, and a great unisex name choice, with a lovely meaning ‘sea-song’ or ‘sea-born’

110. Noel - if you’re looking for a festive theme year round, this one means both ‘Christmas’ and shares an Irish version, derived from the Celtic god of pleasure, ‘Nollag’

111. Ollie - a gender-neutral riff on two of the most popular names for girls and boys, ‘Oliver’ and ‘Olivia’, this one means ‘olive tree’, ‘olive branch’ or ‘peace’. A good one if you’re looking to modernise two classic baby names.

112. Ray (or Rae) - of English, German and French origin, meaning ‘wise protector’

113. Reese (or Reece) - Legally Blonde’s Reese Witherspoon can’t go without a mention here. It means, aptly, ‘ardent’ or ‘fiery’. For Hollywood’s next superstar!

114. Rene - of French origin, meaning ‘born again’ or ‘reborn’

115. Robbie - of German origin, a pet form of Robert, meaning ‘fame’ or ‘bright’

116. Robin (or Robyn) - of English and French origin, meaning ‘songbird’ or ‘brilliance’. Lovely things to be associated with

117. Rory - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘red’ or ‘rust-coloured’, it's the Anglicised spelling of Ruaridh/Ruaraidh/Ruari

118. Ryan - of Irish origin, meaning ‘little king’. While this name is mostly used for boys, the name is also being used as a shortened version of the girl’s name Ryanna

119. Sam - a shortened form of ‘Samuel’ or ‘Samantha’. This one is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God told’

120. Sammie - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘name of God’ or ‘God has heard’

121. Shane - of Irish origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’. This one has a pop culture gender-neutral analogue in the famous androgynous heart-throb, ‘Shane’, of L-Word notoriety

122. Sidney (or Sydney) - of English origin, meaning ‘wide meadow’, this traditional boys’ name was also chosen for 27 girls in 2021

123. Tommie (or Tommy) - related to the Aramaic name, ‘Thomas’. Tommie means ‘twin’

124. Tony (or Toni) - of Latin origin, meaning ‘priceless one’ 

125. Tracy - of Greek origin, meaning ‘from the area of Thracius’

126. Terry (or Terrie) - of English origin, meaning ‘power of the tribe’, this traditionally male name is now being used as a gender-neutral option with alternative spellings like Terrie and Terrie-Anne

127. Theo - of Greek origin, meaning ‘God’s gift’, the 15th most popular boys’ name in 2021, is also a great unisex choice, with it also being a shortened version of the name Theodora 

128. Wyatt - of English origin, meaning ‘brave warrior’ 

129. Will - of English origin, meaning ‘resolute protector’ 

Cool unisex baby names

130. Archer - of Latin origin, meaning ‘bowman’ 

131. Arden - of English origin, meaning ‘great forest’.

132. Arlo - of Spanish origin, meaning ‘between two hills’ 

133. Asher - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘happy’ and ‘blessed’ 

134. Aster - of Greek origin, meaning ‘flower’, the choice for 32 girls and seven boys in 2021

135. Auden - of English origin, meaning ‘old friend’ 

136. August - not just for summer babies, this name is of Latin origin and means ‘to increase’ 

137. Azariah - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God has helped’

138. Bailey - of Old English origin, meaning ‘steward of the King’s castle’ 

139. Bay - of English origin, meaning ‘bathe’ 

140. Bellamy - of French origin, meaning ‘good friend’

141. Berlin - of Germanic origin, meaning ‘borderline’ and the name of the German capital. One of many geographical names that have risen in popularity over recent years

142. Blair -  of Scottish origin, meaning ‘meadow’ 

143. Blake - of Old English origin, meaning ‘black’ or ‘dark’ 

144. Breck - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘freckled’ 

145. Briar - of English and Scottish origin, meaning ‘thorny bush of wild roses or brambles’

146. Brook (or Brooke) - of Old English and Germanic origin, meaning ‘small stream’. A popular choice with lovers of the great outdoors

147. Brooklyn - of English origin, meaning ‘broken land’ 

148. Bryn (or Brynn) - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘mount’ or ‘hill’ 

149. Carey - of Irish origin, meaning: ‘dark’ or ‘black’

150. Carlisle - of Old English origin, meaning ‘from the protected tower’ 

151. Carson - of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning ‘son of the marsh dwellers’ 

152. Chance - of Middle Eastern origin, meaning ‘good fortune’. This unisex baby name was chosen by non-other than Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan 

153. Clarke - of Latin origin, meaning ‘scholar’, this name could be apt if you’re hoping to raise the studious type!

154. Clay - of English origin, meaning ‘clay worker’ 

155. Cole - of Greek origin, meaning ‘victory of the people’ 

156. Darby - of English origin, meaning ‘deer park’ 

157. Ellison - of English origin, meaning ‘son of Ellis’, this gender-neutral baby name was originally a boys' name, but has also been used as a unique unisex option in recent years

158. Emmie (or Emmy) - whilst traditionally a girl’s name, the name Emmie can also be short for Emerson or Emmett. It’s of Germanic origin and means ‘whole’ 

159. Emery - of English origin, meaning ‘power’ 

160. Ever - of American origin,  meaning ‘always’

161. Hadley - of Old English origin, meaning ‘heather meadow’

162. Hal - a short form of the name, ‘Harry’, this one means ‘home ruler’

163. Hale - of English origin, used to describe ‘someone who lives in a hollow’ 

164. Honor (or Honour) - of English origin, meaning ‘dignity’ or 'reputation’

165. Hudson - of English origin, meaning ‘son of Hugh’, this once traditional boys' name has become more gender-neutral in recent years

166. Hunter - a famous and very trendy unisex choice, of English and Scottish origin, meaning ‘someone who hunts’. It is currently rocked by Hunter Schafer of HBO’s Euphoria, the coolest show on TV. This one is sure to turn heads!

167. Iman - of Arabic origin, meaning ‘faith’ and ‘belief’. Geat traits to instil in your newborn 

168. Indigo - of English and Greek origin, this unisex choice refers to a deep purple/blue colour, making the perfect choice for a blue-eyed beauty

169. Indiana - meaning ‘land of Indians’. Nameberry has seen a significant rise in the use of this name in 2022. Indie is a pretty cool nickname too. The abbreviated ‘Indie’ is also super cute

170. Ira - ‘watchful one’ 

171. Isa - of Germanic origin, meaning ‘strong-willed’

172. Jaden (or Jayden) - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God has heard’

173. Jael - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘to be useful’ 

174. Jalen - of American origin, meaning 'calm’ or ‘tranquil’

175. Justice - speaks for itself, meaning ‘to deliver what is just’. To inspire a future law-maker!

176. Kai (or Khai) - a name of manifold origins, with meanings ranging from 'ocean’ to ‘food’. This one is sure to turn heads.

177. Keegan - of Irish origin, meaning ‘small flame’ 

178. Kennedy - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘helmeted head’ 

179. Kester - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘carrier of Christ’ 

180. Khari - of Swahili origin, meaning ‘like a King’

181. Kingsley - of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘from king's meadow’

182. Kodi (or Cody) - of American origin, meaning ‘helpful’ 

183. Kris - another Kardashian connection with this one the namesake of their matriarch, Kris Jenner. Kris, of Greek origin, means ‘carrier of Christ’

184. Laine - of English origin, meaning ‘pathway’ 

185. Larkin - of Irish origin, meaning ‘fierce’. Synonymous with a confident and determined child

186. Maddox - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘good fortune’ and the name of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s eldest child

187. Madison - of Germanic origin, meaning ‘descendent of the mighty warrior’ 

188. Marley - of English origin, meaning ‘marshy meadow’ 

189. Marlow - of English origin, meaning ‘driftwood’ 

190. Marvel - of Spanish routes, meaning ‘extraordinary’, a popular choice amongst comic lovers and Spiderman fanatics

191. Mason - derived from the English surname, meaning ‘stoneworker’ 

192. Mckenna - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘son of Kenneth’ 

193. Mackenzie - of Scottish origin, meaning ‘attractive’ or ‘pleasant to look at’, making it an ideal unisex choice for your beautiful baby

194. Merrill - of English origin meaning ‘sea-bright’

195. Merritt - derived from an Old English surname, Merritt means ‘boundary gate’

196. Micah - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘who is like God’

197. Miley - of African origin, meaning vine, this unisex name is subconsciously linked to the singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus. 

198. Miller - originally an American surname, meaning ‘one who grinds grain’, this name has proven to be a popular unisex first and middle name in recent years 

199. Mo - a shortened version of several names including Mohammed, Maureen, Moses and even Monica, this name provides plenty of freedom for your child’s identity

200. Nico - of Italian origin, meaning ‘victory of the people’ 

201. Noor - of Arabic origin, meaning ‘divine light’ 

202. Nova - of Latin origin, meaning ‘new’ and a choice well suited to your brand new arrival 

203. Oakley - of English origin, meaning ‘meadow of oak trees’

204. Onyx - a unique baby name choice. This one is of English origin, meaning ‘black gemstone’

205. Parker - of English origin, meaning ‘park keeper’ 

206. Paxton - of English origin, meaning ‘peace town’ 

207. Perry (or Perrie) - of English origin, meaning ‘pear tree’, perhaps given a boost in popularity by Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards

208. Peyton - this one is for the sporty kids, made famous by the legendary NFL Quarterback, Peyton Manning. It means ‘fighting man's estate’

209. Presley - of English origin, meaning ‘priest’s meadow’, this gender-neutral pick makes a great choice for fans of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley 

210. Quinn - of  Irish origin, meaning ‘wisdom’, ‘reason’ and ‘intelligence’

211. Rafferty - of Irish origin, meaning ‘abundance’ 

212. Raleigh - of English origin, meaning ‘deer’s meadow’ 

213. Ramsey - of English origin, meaning ‘low lying land’ 

214. Rayan (or Raayan) - of Arabic origin, meaning ‘door of heaven’ 

215. Rayne (or Rain or Raine) - of Latin origin meaning ‘helpful friend’ or ‘counsel’, this name is also a twist on the name ‘Rain’ or 'Raine'

216. Rian - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘king’ 

217. Ripley - of old English origin, meaning ‘strips of land’ 

218. Rumi - of Japanese origin, meaning ‘beauty’. We love this modern yet meaningful unisex choice 

219. Rylen - is a variation of the name Rylan, of Old English origin, meaning ‘island meadow’ 

220. Sage - of Latin, English and French origin, meaning 'wise' or 'sensible'

221. Salem - of Arabic origin, meaning ‘peaceful’ or ‘complete’

222. Santana- of Spanish origin, meaning ‘follower of St Anne’

223. Sasha - of Greek origin, meaning ‘defender

224. Sawyer - of English origin, meaning ‘woodcutter’

225. Sayer - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘wood worker’

226. Shay - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘fortunate’ 

227. Sheridan - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘seeker’

228. Shiloh -  of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘tranquil’ and another name selected by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 

229. Skylar (or Skyler) - of English and Scottish origin, meaning ‘from nature'

230. Sloane - of Irish origin, meaning ‘raider’ or ‘warrior’ 

231. Sol -  an alternative spelling of ‘Saul’, this one is of Hebrew origin, and means ‘prayer for’ or ‘peace’

232. Sonny - traditionally a boy’s name, meaning ‘son’, this name is now used as a gender-neutral option, and an alternative spelling of nature choice Sunny

233. Spencer - of British origin, this surname originally referred to the person who ‘dispenced funds of wealthy households’ 

234. Stevie - another adorable unisex name, derived from ‘Stephanos’, meaning 'crown'. Let’s hope this one’s got a good singing voice as they will inevitably draw comments about Stevie Wonder and Stevie Nicks alike!

235. Sullivan - of Irish origin, meaning ‘dark eyes’. We love the use of ‘Sully’ as a nickname

236. Taylor - of French origin, originally relating to the occupation of someone who ‘cut cloth’ 

237. Tatum - of English origin, meaning ‘cheerful’

238. Val - of Latin origin, meaning ‘valiant’ 

239. Vale - of Latin origin, meaning ‘farewell’ 

240. Veer - of Sanskrit origin, meaning brave, this once traditional boys' name makes an empowering choice for girls too 

241. Vick - of Latin origin, meaning ‘champion’ 

242. Walker - of Old English origin, referring to the occupation of someone who trampled cloth to strengthen it

Cute unisex baby names

243. Alexis (or Alex) - of Greek origin, meaning 'to defend' or 'to protect'

244. Ace - of Latin origin meaning ‘one’ or ‘expert’ 

245. Angel - of Greek and Hebrew origin, meaning ‘messenger of God’

246. Ariel -  a strong choice for lovers of Shakespeare, calling to mind an iconic early androgynous character, Ariel, from The Tempest. This one means ‘lion of God’

247. Beau - of French origin, meaning ‘handsome’, or Latin origin, meaning ‘beautiful’, this name is also often used as the second half of a hyphenated first name

248. Blue - of English origin, this colourful name saw a surge in popularity following the birth of Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy 

249. Bo - of Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘to live’, we love the simplicity of this gender-neutral choice 

250. Cove - of recent popularity after the pandemic. Perhaps new parents were searching for peace. This one means: ‘small bay’.

251. Devan (or Devon) - of French origin, meaning ‘divine’

252. Echo - of Latin or Greek origin, meaning ‘reflected sound’ we love the natural feel of this name

253. Eden - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘place of pleasure’ 

254. Jazz - of American origin, inspired by the jazz music era, this name can be a shortened version of the names Jasmine, Jaswinder or Jack, but is also a great unisex option for those who love to dance

255. Jem - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘sent by God’. There’s also a nod back to the hugely underrated 80s cartoon of the same name 

256. Jersey - of English origin, meaning ‘grassy island’ 

257. Kirby - a rich historical name with English and Irish heritage, Kirby means ‘settlement by a church’. It’s also a super cute Nintendo character

258. Kit - a shortened form of Christopher or Christian, of Greek and Hebrew origin, this name means ‘bearer of Christ’. Isn’t this one cool for a boy or a girl?

259. Leaf - of Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘heir’ 

260. Ocean - of Greek origin, meaning, ‘sea’. If you’re looking for a name to inspire a future poet, this is the one for you, after the 2017 T.S Elliot Prize winner, Ocean Vuong. Or maybe you just love the sea!

261. October - of American origin, referring to the tenth month, a popular autumn baby choice, but you may have some explaining to do if your baby is born earlier in the year

262. Phoenix - of Greek origin, in homage to the mythological bird who rises from the ashes. There’s a subtle link to Harry Potter here for Potterheads too

263. Reed - a variant of the name Reid, meaning ‘red’, this English name is another great nature baby name

264. Reef - of English origin, named after the underwater reef of coral or rock 

265. Rio (or Reo) - of Spanish origin, meaning ‘river’. Famous Rio’s include former England and Man Utd centre-back, Rio Ferdinand

266. Rudy - of Germanic origin, originally short for Rudolph, this now unisex name means ‘famous wolf’

267. Wren - of English origin, named after the adorable songbird

Non-binary baby names

268. Ales – of Germanic origin, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘bright’ 

269. Ali - of Arabic origin, meaning ‘high’ or ‘elevated’

270. Alva - a unique name of Swedish and Norwegian origin, meaning ‘brightness’

271. Amari - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘eternal’

272. Amos - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘carried by God’ 

273. Brighton -  of English origin, meaning ‘beautiful town’

274. Cal - a shortened form of ‘Callum’, from the Latin, meaning ‘dove'

275. Channing - of French and Old English origin, meaning both ‘young wolf’ and ‘church official’

276. Hart - of Old English origin, meaning ‘stag’ 

277. Haven - of Old English origin, meaning ‘safe harbour’ or ‘sanctuary’, but you may struggle to get away from the links to the popular UK holiday park

278. Holland - not surprisingly, this geographical name is of Dutch origin and makes a unique non-binary choice

279. Jan - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’

280. July - the month of the Roman calendar, named after Julias Caesar, this name is an obvious unisex choice for summer babies 

281. Jupiter - is of Latin origin, meaning ‘God of the day’

282. Landry - of French origin, meaning ‘ruler’

283. Lake - of Old English origin, and originally a surname meaning ‘body of water’, this name is also gaining traction as a non-binary first name 

284. Lane - of English origin, meaning ‘small pathway’ 

285. Loki - of Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘trickster God’. This name has been popular amongst boys but is now used as a gender-neutral choice

286. London - the capital city, this name is a unique choice actually means ‘from the great river’ 

287. Moss - of English origin, meaning ‘born of a God’

288. Navy - this name isn’t generally linked to the military but instead a variant of the name ‘Naveen’ meaning ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ in Sanskrit 

289. Revel - of English origin, meaning ‘rejoice’

290. Saige - variant of 'Sage' of Latin origin, meaning ‘wise’ 

291. Scout - of Old French origins, meaning ‘to listen’, this name was chosen for 17 girls and four boys in 2021

292. Seven - of Turkish and American origin, meaning ‘loving one’, this number-based name has seen an increase, along with Stranger Things ‘Eleven’ 

293. Teo - of Spanish origin, short for Theo, meaning ‘devine gift’ 

294. Tig - of Italian origin, meaning ‘worthy of one’s parents’ 

295. Vesper - of Latin origin, meaning ‘evening’, this name is also shared by the iconic Italian motorbike 

296. Waverly - of English origin, meaning 'meadow of quivering aspens'

297. West - directional names have risen in popularity, since Kim and Kanye named their daughter North. While extremely rare, we could see this one making a unique choice in the years to come 

298. Windsor - a unisex English name, meaning ‘riverbank with a winch’, we may see this name increase in popularity following the passing of Queen Elizabeth

299. Winter (or Wynter) - while Summer is a popular name for girls, this name derived from the coldest season is a great unisex name

300. Wolf -  of Germanic origin, meaning ‘travelling wolf’, this may be a brave but powerful choice

301. Zen - of Japanese origin, meaning ‘meditation’ 

302. Ziggy - of Germanic origin, meaning victory, this name was given to 14 girls and 136 boys in 2021, most likely influenced by the passing of David Bowie

Should I give my child a gender-neutral name?

A gender-neutral name can be an advantage for a child: from signing up for events or having their name read out in a register, they can’t automatically be profiled as male or female. However, some Mumsnet users feel that supposedly gender-neutral names still tend to lean towards ‘boy’ or ‘girl', with pre-existing assumptions about a name’s gender that could create some mix-ups.

On the plus side, gender-neutral names open up possibilities for parents and allow your child more freedom to express their individuality as they grow up, without their given name influencing gender identity, norms and behaviours. 

A gender-neutral or non-binary name can also help change stereotypes and move away from old conventions, which may be appealing to parents who have experienced gender bias or discrimination growing up. 

What Mumsnetters say about unisex baby names

“I have a unisex name. It is often viewed as advantageous as people can't know what gender you are until they meet you, but the reality is they make assumptions anyway - I am often expected to be a man. Almost everyone will make an unconscious assumption based on their own experiences” - Mumsnet user SummaLuvin

"Rio is nice 🤩" - Mumsnet user, PlantPotting

"Sasha is pretty and, although it was originally a [nickname] for Alexandra, I think it works okay as a standalone name. Jessie is cute but I feel it sounds nicer as a [nickname] for Jessamine or Jessica personally. Sage is beautiful, but as it's unusual she may need a confident personality to pull it off - it's quite a hippy/arty name" - Mumsnet user, IamnotwhouthinkIam

How to name your baby

What is the best unisex name?

The best gender-neutral baby names have the same guiding principles as the best names for either gender. It’s about finding something that you love, and balancing that against the realities of places like school and social groups. Also, if the aim is a genuinely neutral name, go for ones that are equally used for boys as they are for girls: Charlie, for example, or Sid.

What is the most common gender-neutral name?

According to Marie Claire and the ONS, the most popular unisex names are Frankie (1,010 boys, 363 girls), River (339 girls, 334 boys), and Remy/Remi (393 boys, 330 girls).

What are the most unusual unisex names?

According to Nameberry, the most unique unisex names are Royal, which shot up in popularity after the 2013 birth of Prince George, Neo, meaning ‘new’ or ‘new gift’, and Scout, made famous by the character in To Kill A Mockingbird.

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