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100 gender-neutral baby names - great unisex names for babies

Mostly we think of boys and girls names separately. But there's a growing trend of unisex names to consider. Here are our favourites. 

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Sep 22, 2022

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Most of the time, when searching for baby names - we're accustomed to seeing two lists: one for girls and one for boys. But in recent years, the number of parents looking for gender neutral names for their babies has significantly increased. A string of celebrities have opted for non-gendered names for their children: Kristen Bell named her second daughter ‘Justice’, while Megan Fox opted for ‘Journey’ for her third son. It is not just a Hollywood phenomenon though. When Nameberry and the New York Times looked back at the last 100 years of baby names, they found an 88% increase in the use of gender neutral names between 1985 and 2015. 

If you just love celebrity trends, or you’re keen to give your child a cute unisex name to start, then look no further than this list of 100 gender-neutral baby names. 

Should I give my child a gender-neutral name?

A gender-neutral name can be an advantage for a child: when signing up for things or being read out in a register, they can’t automatically be profiled as male or female. However, some Mumsnet users felt that supposedly gender neutral names still leaned towards ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ - saying ‘Robyn’ wouldn’t go both ways, for example. Most importantly, do you love the name? 

In giving your child a gender-neutral name, you may face some raised eyebrows in the family, mix-ups with party invites, potential teasing - are you willing to fight these extra battles? On  the plus-side, gender neutral names open up possibilities for both parents of boys and girls - who doesn’t want more to choose from! 

How to name your baby

100 gender-neutral baby names

  1. Alva - a unique name of Swedish and Norwegian origin, meaning ‘brightness’.
  2. Angel - of Greek and Hebrew origin, meaning ‘messenger of God’.
  3. Arden - of English origin, meaning ‘great forest’. 
  4. Ariel -  a strong choice for lover’s of Shakespeare, calling to mind an iconic early androgynous character, Ariel from The Tempest. This one means ‘lion of God’. 
  5. Armani - look, it’s going to be difficult to shake off the designer brand associations here. But Armani is a unique gender-neutral choice meaning: ‘child of Armano’ or ‘warrior’.
  6. Asa - made famous recently by Sex Education star, Asa Butterfield. This is a super trendy choice of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘healer’.
  7. Azariah - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God has helped’.
  8. Bellamy - of French origin, meaning ‘good friend’. 
  9. Billie - of Old English origin, meaning: ‘protection’, Billie is a super trendy unisex baby name choice right now. Of course with enduring connections to the singer, Billie Holiday. You can’t go wrong with this one.
  10. Briar - of English and Scottish origin, meaning ‘thorny bush of wild roses, brambles’.
  11. Brighton -  of English origin, meaning ‘Beautiful Town’.
  12. Cal - a shortened form of ‘Callum’, from the Latin, meaning ‘Dove’. 
  13. Cameron - a traditional Scottish name of Celtic and Gaelic origin, meaning: ‘crooked nose’ or ‘crooked hill’.
  14. Carey - of Irish origin, meaning: ‘dark’ or ‘black’.
  15. Casey - of Celtic origin, a popular gender-neutral choice. This one means: ‘vigilant’.
  16. Cassidy - of Irish origin, meaning ‘curly-haired’.
  17. Channing - of French and Old English origin, meaning both ‘young wolf’ and ‘church official’.
  18. Charlie - a sweet name of Germanic origin, meaning: ‘free man’.
  19. Cleo - another really cool gender-neutral name choice. Of Greek origin, Cleo means: ‘to praise’.
  20. Cody - from ‘Concord’, meaning ‘harmony’.
  21. Cove - of recent popularity after the pandemic. Perhaps new parents were searching for peace. This one means: ‘small bay’. 
  22. Cypress - of Greek origin, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘muscular’.
  23. Darian - of Persian origin, meaning ‘he who possesses; he who holds firm the good; possessing goodness.’ We think a girl can do all these things too!
  24. Devan - of French origin, meaning ‘divine’. 
  25. Drew - of Welsh, Greek, and Scottish origin, meaning: ‘strong’ and ‘manly’. Drew is a trendy one-syllable fit for a girl too.
  26. Elliot - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘the Lord is my God’.
  27. Evan - of Welsh origin, meaning ‘Young warrior, God is good, rock, God is Gracious’
  28. Ever - of American origin,  meaning ‘always’. 
  29. Finley - With Irish origins, Finley means ‘fair-haired courageous one.’
  30. Francis - a more formal take on ‘Frankie’. This one is of Latin origin, meaning: ‘Frenchman’
  31. Frankie - of French origin, meaning ‘free one’.
  32. Gerry - of German origin, meaning: ‘brave’ and ‘ruling spear’
  33. Guadalupe - a rare baby name, this one is of Spanish origin, meaning: ‘River Of The Wolf’ - pretty cool if you ask us, if a risky choice.
  34. Hadley - of Old English origin, meaning: ‘heather meadow’.
  35. Hal - a short form of the name, ‘Harry’, this one means ‘home ruler’. 
  36. Hollis - a gender neutral twist on the name ‘Holly’, meaning ‘Holly tree’. 
  37. Honor - of English origin, meaning ‘Dignity’, ‘Reputation’. 
  38. Hunter - a famous and very trendy unisex choice, of English and Scottish origin, meaning ‘Someone who hunts’. It is currently rocked by Hunter Schafer of HBO’s Euphoria, the coolest show on TV. This one is sure to turn heads!
  39. Indiana - meaning ‘land of Indians’. Nameberry has seen a significant rise in the use of this name in 2022. Indie is a pretty cool nickname too. 
  40. Jackie - of English origins meaning, ‘may God protect’.
  41. Jalen - of American origin, meaning ‘Calm’, ‘tranquil’
  42. Jamie - of Hebrew, Latin and Persian origin. It means ‘supplanting’ or ‘seizing by the heel’. 
  43. Jan - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  44. Jaylin - another interesting American choice, this one means ‘calm’.
  45. Jessie - a gender neutral classic. A feminine form of John, meaning ‘God has been gracious.’ Jessie has always been a trendy androgynous name for girls and boys alike!
  46. Jodie - meaning ‘Jewish woman’, but this name is for boys and girls!
  47. Johnnie - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’. 
  48. Jude - a super cool gender-neutral name choice. Jude, from Hebrew, meaning ‘praise’. It’s got a ring to it, hey? 
  49. Julian - a wonderfully grand name for both genders, meaning: ‘youthful’ or ‘young’. One of the most famous Julians being, of course: Julian of Norwich - Holy figure and original prose stylist. This one is sure to endure!
  50. Jupiter - of Latin origin, meaning ‘God of the day’. 
  51. Justice - speaks for itself, meaning ‘to deliver what is just’. To inspire a future law-maker! 
  52. Kai - a name of manifold origins, with meanings ranging from: ‘Ocean’, to ‘food’. This one is sure to turn heads!
  53. Kerry - of Irish origin, meaning ‘dark-haired’, ‘dark one’.
  54. Kingsley - of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘from king's meadow’.
  55. Kirby - a richly historical name with English and Irish heritage, Kirby means: ‘settlement by a church’.
  56. Kit - a shortened form of Christopher, Shortened form of Christian, of Greek and Hebrew origin, meaning ‘bearer of Christ’. Isn’t this one cool for a boy or girl? 
  57. Kris - another Kardashian connection with this one the namesake of their matriarch, Kris Jenner. Kris, of Greek origin, means ‘carrier of Christ’.
  58. Landry - of French origin, meaning ‘ruler’.
  59. Lexington - Lexi for short anyone? This one means ‘town of the new law’. This name is putting a new marker down, for sure!
  60. Lou - from Louis or Louise, meaning ‘famed warrior’. Although it has an unfortunate homonym in ‘loo’, still a choice that oozes unisex trendiness.
  61. Lux - of Latin origin, meaning ‘light’. Lux is sure to brighten up your world.
  62. Marion - a unique gender neutral choice of French origin, meaning ‘star of the sea’ or ‘beloved’. Marion is a rare and unique individual. 
  63. Max - shortened from ‘Maximillian’ or ‘Maxine’ and recently portrayed on the hit show Stranger Things in skater girl with a soft-heart, ‘Max’. This one is of Latin origin, meaning: ‘the greatest’. 
  64. Merrill - of English origin meaning: ‘sea-bright’.
  65. Merritt - Derived from an Old English surname, Merritt means ‘boundary gate’.
  66. Milan - of Slavic origin, meaning: ‘kind’, ‘loving’ and ‘gracious’. 
  67. Monroe - of Scottish and Irish Gaelic origin, meaning ‘mouth of the River Roe’, located in Northern Ireland.
  68. Morgan - another one of Welsh origin, and a great unisex name choice, with a lovely meaning: ‘sea-song’ or ‘sea-born’.
  69. Noel - if you’re looking for a festive theme year round, this one means both ‘Christmas’ and shares an Irish version, derived from the Celtic god of pleasure, ‘Nollag’. 
  70. Oakley - of English origin, meaning ‘meadow of oak trees’.
  71. Ocean - of Greek origin, meaning, ‘sea’. If you’re looking for a name to inspire a future poet, this is the one for you, after the 2017 T.S Elliot Prize winner, Ocean Vuong. Or maybe you just love the sea!
  72. Ollie - a gender neutral riff on one of the most popular names for girls and boys: ‘Oliver’ and ‘Olivia’, this one means ‘olive tree’, ‘olive branch’, ‘peace’. A good one if you’re looking to modernize two classic names.
  73. Onyx - a unique baby name choice. This one is of English origin, meaning ‘Black Gemstone’.
  74. Peyton - this one is for the sporty kids, made famous by the legendary NFL Quarterback, Peyton Manning - it means: ‘fighting man's estate’.
  75. Quinn - of  Irish origin, meaning: ‘Wisdom’, ‘reason’, ‘intelligence’.
  76. Ray - a shortened form of ‘Raymond’, meaning: ‘wise protector’.
  77. Reese - Legally Blonde’s Reese Witherspoon can’t go without a mention here. It means, aptly, ‘ardent’ or ‘fiery’. For Hollywood’s next superstar!
  78. Remy - of French and Latin origin, meaning ‘Remedy’ or ‘Medic’. We think this is a classy and unique choice for a boy or girl. 
  79. Rene - of French origin, meaning ‘born again’ or ‘reborn’.
  80. Revel - of English origin, meaning ‘rejoice’. 
  81. Riley -  of Old English, Irish and Celtic origin, this one means:  ‘A small stream’, ‘valiant’, ‘a rye meadow’. A good fit for a boy or a girl. 
  82. Rio - of Spanish origin, meaning ‘river’. Famous Rio’s include former England and Man Utd centre-back, Rio Ferdinand. 
  83. Robbie - of German origin, a pet form of Robert, meaning: ‘fame’ or ‘bright’.
  84. Robin - of English and French origin, meaning ‘songbird’ or ‘brilliance’ - lovely things to be associated with. 
  85. Rory - of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘Red’, ‘rust-colored’, it is the Anglicised spelling of Ruaridh/Ruaraidh/Ruari. 
  86. Rowan - of Gaelic origin, meaning: ‘little red-head’, also the flowering tree with red berries.
  87. Salem - of Arabic origin, meaning ‘peaceful’ or ‘complete’.
  88. Sam - a shortened form of ‘Samuel’ or ‘Samantha’. This one is of Hebrew origin, meaning: ‘God told’.
  89. Sammie - of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘name of God’, or ‘God has heard’.
  90. Santana- of Spanish origin, meaning ‘follower of St Anne’.
  91. Sasha - of Greek origin, meaning: ‘defender’
  92. Sawyer - of English origin, meaning: ‘woodcutter’.
  93. Shane - of Irish origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’. This one has a pop culture gender-neutral analogue in the famous anodrogynous heart-throb, ‘Shane’, of L-Word notoriety. 
  94. Skylar - of English and Scottish origin, meaning: ‘from nature’.
  95. Sol -  an alternative spelling of ‘Saul’, this one is of Hebrew origin, and means ‘prayer for’ or ‘peace’. For a child that brings calm! 
  96. Stevie - another adorable unisex name, derived from ‘Stephanos’, meaning crown. Let’s hope this one’s got a good singing voice as they will inevitably draw comments about Stevie Wonder and Stevie Nicks alike!
  97. Timber - bit of a strange one this, of American origin, meaning, you guessed it: ‘wood’.
  98. Tommie - related to the Aramaic name, ‘Thomas’. Tommie means ‘twin’.
  99. Tracy - of Greek origin, meaning: ‘From the area of Thracius’.
  100. True - if you want to be forever tied to the Kardashians through the names of your children, choose this one. Fingers crossed this child doesn’t lie often!

What is the best unisex name?

The best gender-neutral baby names have the same guiding principles as the best names for either gender. It’s about finding something that you love, and balancing that against the realities of places like school and social groups. Also, if the aim is a genuinely neutral name, go for ones that are equally used for boys as they are for girls: Charlie, for example, or Sid.

What is the most common gender-neutral name?

According to Marie Claire and the ONS, the most popular unisex names are: Frankie (1,010 boys, 363 girls), River (339 girls, 334 boys), and Remy/Remi (393 boys, 330 girls).

What are the most unusual unisex names?

According to Nameberry, the most unique unisex names are: Royal, which shot up in popularity  after the 2013 birth of Prince George, Neo, meaning ‘New’ or ‘new gift’ and Scout, made famous by the character in To Kill A Mockingbird.