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The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow review

The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow is filled with millions of tiny microbeads which provide flexible, yet firm, support. The beads mould themselves to your shape, providing comfort and support wherever you need it.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Apr 17, 2023

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The Theraline Pregnancy Pillow: at a glance

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow combined
  • Microbead filling conforms to the shape of your body
  • Flexible extra-long surface
  • Provides excellent back support
  • Suitable for all types of baby feeding positions
  • Theraline's pregnancy and baby feeding pillows are all free of smells and are the first products of their kind to have received a ‘Very Good’ from the German ÖKO-TEST® for the bead filling

Key specs

Pillow type: V-shaped pregnancy pillow | Outer material: 100% cotton | Inner filling: Microbead | Dimensions: 38 × 190cm | Weight: 2kg 

What we love

  • Offers support for legs, tummy and back
  • Moulds to support in any position
  • Variety of colour options available
  • Machine washable

What to know

  • The material isn’t as soft to the touch as other pillows, like The Plushy Moon
"I’ve really enjoyed the Theraline. The night I first used it was amazing - I felt comfortable again."

How comfortable and safe is The Original Theraline?

This V-shaped pillow is made from 100% cotton and feels comfortable against the skin. It’s not as soft as either the Mamas & Papas Maternity and Nursing Pillow or Theraline’s own Plushy Moon, however there is an option to buy a jersey cover which may be a little softer to the touch (although we didn't test this). There are also no tags or seams that would cause irritation.

Theraline's microbead filling really is its USP. The sand-like filling moves to accommodate your growing bump, whatever size it is and whatever stage of pregnancy you're at - whether it's been days since your positive pregnancy test or you're well into the throes of researching the best stretch mark cream and TENS machines. This means that it moulds itself around your body to help you maintain a safe and comfortable sleeping position and it'll give plenty of support at the same time. The filling makes a slight noise if you listen really carefully, but it won't cause distraction or irritation.

The pillow is light and flexible so you won't feel forced to lie a certain way. It’s long too, so you can really support your whole body (inclu

ding your head and shoulders) and target different aches and pains.

Our tester, Laura, felt really comfortable and supported using this pillow and saw a marked improvement in her aches and pains, which meant that not only did she get a good night’s sleep, but she also felt better the next day as well.

How easy is it to use and clean?

The pillow comes with adequate instructions, and it is relatively simple to use. Theraline has a very helpful site that gives lots of extra information, including details of the materials used, washing instructions, refilling instructions (you can buy replacement beads, though not directly from the UK website) and other help and advice, including a video for breastfeeding mums.

It’s easy to mould the pillow into the right position. There's no zipping or unzipping – just bend the pillow into whatever shape you need.

There are clear washing instructions on the pillow itself. The cover can be removed to wash and tumble dry, and the pillow can be machine-washed at 60 degrees, although you will need to use a laundry bag to prevent any escaping beads from damaging your washing machine.

Stains from chocolate and spilled tea and milk came out on the first wash (the pillow can be washed at quite a high temperature) using non-biological washing powder. It looked and felt clean and fresh after washing, with no bobbling or fading.

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What about day-to-day?

The Original Theraline is a really versatile pillow and the beads provide soft, but firm, support so that you feel comfortable at all times.

Its microbead filling mean that it doesn’t feel suffocating or claustrophobic, and Laura didn’t become over-heated or cramped when using the pillow at night.

While it is a full body pillow and naturally quite large, it still feels lightweight at only 2kg and it doesn’t take up too much space. There was just about enough room for her partner in the bed, although it did become a bit more of a squish as her bump expanded.

The pillow provided a really good night’s sleep, particularly in the last couple of weeks of our tester’s pregnancy, when she was very restless and uncomfortable.

It may be a big pillow, but the flexibility provided by the filling means that it can be used just about anywhere, and it’s particularly comfy for an evening with your feet up in front of the TV.

Because it’s so light, you can also take it with you on for overnight stays, long car journeys and even on holiday.

And while Laura wasn’t keen on the turquoise colour of the particular pillow she tested, she was happy to have it on display. If choosing herself, though, she would have chosen something a little more subtle.

Luckily, the pillow comes in a staggering 59 different colours and designs so it would be very difficult not to find something you like. As the pillow isn't that easy to store when not in use, it’s likely to be on display so looks are an important consideration here.

All in all, Laura really liked this pillow and found it really supportive and comfortable for everyday use.

Another vote for the Theraline. It's like having another person in bed with you, but it is amazingly comfortable and has transformed my painful pelvis.

Does it offer good value for money?

The Original Theraline is a pregnancy pillow that you can use after birth, either as support when breast or bottle feeding your baby, or even just to cuddle up with on the sofa.

Theraline recommend the pillow for feeding twins too – its size, versatility and malleability do seem to lend themselves to this (although, because Laura was in her third trimester during testing, we didn't try this ourselves).

As such, you’ll definitely get plenty of use out of this product. It’s also well made and easy to look after, so we think it’s really good value at £44.95.

Final verdict?

If you’re looking for a full body pillow that provides light, but firm, support, The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow is an excellent buy.

It’s the best of the V-shaped pillows we tested, a great all-rounder and is just the right shape to nurse with once your baby is born.

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