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Best maternity clothes: the most stylish and comfortable brands to wear throughout your pregnancy

Whether it’s for work, the gym, a special event or simply a lazy day indoors, we’ve sought out the best maternity wear for all occasions.

By Claire Marie Perry | Last updated Sep 22, 2022

Woman holding baby bump

If you’re a mum-to-be, you’re probably already aware of the general feeling of discomfort that comes with pregnancy. Team that with all of the changes your body is going through and all of a sudden finding clothes that feel nice and look flattering becomes that little bit trickier.

Whilst some mums will tell you that they just bought the next size up and did the hair band through the button hole trick, for many pregnant women that’s just not going to cut it. Maternity clothes are designed to grow with your bump and accommodate your ever-changing body whilst offering that little bit of extra comfort. They also tend to be far more flattering too so it’s definitely worth investing in a few key pieces.

Being pregnant and staying comfortable doesn’t mean you have to compensate on style, however. Gone are the days when maternity wear was all floaty dresses and billowing blouses. Most modern maternity lines cater not just for a range of occasions, but for a range of styles too. So whether it’s for a lazy day indoors or even your own baby shower, or whether your style is more ripped jeans and leopard print as opposed to tunics and tea dresses, we’ve found the best maternity ranges to keep you feeling comfortable and stylish during every trimester and beyond.

Here are the best maternity clothes brands, as recommended by mums.

1. Best overall maternity clothes: ASOS

Shop now at ASOS

“I've had a lot of good stuff this pregnancy from ASOS.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user Difficultusername)

“I mainly stick to reliable old ASOS. Lots of choice, quick delivery and easy to return which is even more important during pregnancy.” (Suggested by Mumsnet user luxxlisbon)

When it comes to maternity clothes, the ASOS DESIGN range has it all, including multi-buy basics, workwear and formal occasion wear, plus just about everything in between. Reviewers praise the quality of the material and how well their clothes fit too. 

Many of us are currently looking to tighten up our purse strings a bit – something even more important with a new baby on the way – and there are some real bargains in the range, particularly when it comes to wardrobe staples such as t-shirts and vests.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the in-house range, then ASOS offer a huge selection of third-party retailers encompassing everything from designer occasion wear to budget essentials. All this with free delivery on orders over £35 (or free next-day delivery on all orders over £10 if you sign up to ASOS Premier for £9.95 a year ) – what’s not to love?! 

2. Best budget maternity clothes: Purpless

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If you’re looking for a quick, no-nonsense, one-stop shop that's not going to cost the earth, Purpless will be just the brand for you. 

With a number of dresses, skirts, and tops all coming in at under £15, Purpless provides excellent value for money without forgoing on quality.

Whilst it’s admittedly not the most glamorous range on the market, the clothes rate highly when it comes to comfort and there are plenty of practical styles to choose from which are available in a huge variety of colours.

3. Best long-lasting maternity clothes: Seraphine

Shop now at Seraphine

“It was really important to me to buy things that I will wear a long time after baby is born because of the environmental impact, so I've gone for better quality stuff that I genuinely like and will wear after baby is born and even when I go back to work (wrap dresses etc). I found the Seraphine sale was really good for that and their clothes are comfy and good quality.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user BlueberryPancake21)

“Seraphine for sure. I still wear my maternity tops from there even though my youngest is now two.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user Alabaster1)

It wouldn’t be a best-of maternity list without the appearance of Seraphine. Whilst this isn’t the cheapest maternity range out there, it’s certainly one of the most popular with Mumsnet users due to their well-fitting, high-quality clothing.

We picked Seraphine as the best long-lasting range on two counts. Firstly, their clothes are highly durable and will stand the test of time. As they're made from the highest quality materials they’ll retain their shape post-bump so you can wear them for multiple pregnancies or even sell them on afterwards. Secondly, many of the pieces are cleverly designed for both pregnancy and to accommodate you and your baby after birth too. 

We love their bamboo range which offers stylish dresses, tops and trousers that are incredibly chic whilst remaining comfortable to wear.

4. Best maternity clothes for size inclusivity: New Look Maternity

Shop now at New Look

“I found New Look good for basics like leggings, skinny jeans and t-shirts.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user BlueBlazerBlack)

“I thought New Look had nice items (I don't usually shop there) that were inexpensive but stylish enough - some nice dresses, etc. Everything also fits true to size!” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user LASandOtto)

Coming to terms with your changing body can be tough during pregnancy, so the last thing you need is ill-fitting clothes that won’t make you feel your best.

New Look offers a range of styles to fit every body shape. With sizes ranging from six to 26 and both petite and tall ranges, whatever your size New Look literally has you covered.

Style wise, there’s plenty to choose from with everything from the archetypal maternity dungarees and smock dresses to edgier styles, so there’s something for everyone.

We particularly rated their range of jeans which come in several different lengths and sizes as well as styles.

5. Best maternity clothes for comfort: JoJo Maman Bébé

Shop now at JoJo Maman Bébé

“I recommend JoJo Maman Bébé. They do some beautiful dresses in their bump and beyond range.” (Brand recommended by Mumsnet user Marshy86)

“JoJo Maman Bébé was good quality and not too expensive.” (Tried and tested by Boringnamechanging)

Comfort doesn’t always have to be synonymous with hoodies and leggings. JoJo Maman Bébé manages to blend classic, sophisticated style with soft materials, well-fitting cuts and comfortable, supportive maternity bands, making it the ideal go-brand for when you want to throw on something comfortable that isn’t loungewear.

Their tunic dresses and wrap cardigans are perfect additions to your maternity wardrobe for days when you want something comforting to wear but still need to look that little bit smarter. 

6. Best maternity clothes for classic style: H&M MAMA

Shop now at H&M

“H&M are the best.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user Liaun)

“H&M were my favourite because the quality and cut was very flattering.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user BlueBlazerBlack)

Given that you won’t be wearing many of your maternity pieces forever, it may be that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an entirely new wardrobe. 

When it comes to creating the perfect capsule wardrobe, you’ll need key pieces that subscribe to the old ‘dress it up or dress it down’ adage. H&M is a haven for classic pieces that you can mix and match easily to create a series of outfits for a variety of occasions with just a few items. 

Many of their cotton dresses or tapered trousers are perfect for the office when worn with an open blazer or they could be teamed with a pair of trainers and a denim jacket if you’re off to brunch.

7. Best maternity clothes for nursing: Smallshow

Shop now at Amazon

If you plan on breastfeeding your little one, you’ll need to invest in nursing-friendly clothes. The clever design of the Smallshow nursing range means that you can wear their pieces all through your pregnancy and postpartum, so you won’t have to pay out for separate maternity and nursing tops.

Reviewers found the clothes washed really well too, so there’s no reason as to why they shouldn’t last throughout pregnancy and beyond.

We loved the fact that many of the Smallshow pieces, such as their nursing dresses, came in a huge variety of patterns and colours and they even do a nursing hoodie for cooler days in a range of eight different colours.

8. Best maternity clothes for the gym: Adidas Maternity

Shop now at Adidas

If you already go to the gym or do regular exercise, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to do so throughout your pregnancy

Exercising with a bump is always going to be trickier though. The Adidas range is specially designed to work with your growing bump and offer a little extra support whilst you exercise. 

In addition to their activewear, Adidas also offers the ultimate sports-luxe wear if you prefer your clothes with a sporty vibe even when you’re not hitting the gym.

9. Best maternity clothes for prints and colour: Frugi Maternity

Shop now at Frugi

“Frugi is very comfortable, fun, good quality and most of their clothes are designed for breastfeeding too.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user rvms)

“Frugi is good.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user dorothy001)

If you love striking prints and fun colours, finding maternity wear to reflect your style can be something of a challenge. Whilst we love a few pastel shades or a Breton stripe, sometimes it’s nice to stand out from the crowd and wear something a little different, and that's where Frugi comes in. 

Whether it's bold floral designs or funky animal prints, this brand has got it all. We fell in love with their stylish yet relaxed jumpsuits and dresses and they do a great sale too, so keep checking in if you want to grab a bargain.

10. Best maternity clothes for an alternative style: Topshop Maternity

Buy now from ASOS

“You can get some maternity clothes at very reasonable prices from Topshop.” (Suggested by Daffodil2018)

If you prefer your wardrobe to have a cool look, then the Topshop range available from ASOS is definitely for you. With everything from faux PVC to distressed denim, the range is packed full of trend-led pieces perfect for those who like their maternity wear with an edge.

We particularly loved their selection of ripped jeans and oversized shirts for an alternative look.

11. Best maternity clothes for wardrobe staples: Dorothy Perkins Maternity

Buy now from Dorothy Perkins

“I’ve got some bits from Dorothy Perkins and they were all great.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user MrsB2019x)

Although no longer around on the high street, Dorothy Perkins have remained a stalwart online for reliable pieces that you can grab and go without too much planning needed, and their maternity range is no different.

Full of fuss-free t-shirts, jumpers, dresses and trousers that are comfortable to wear, Dorothy Perkins is the perfect place to put together a no-nonsense wardrobe.

If you’re conscious of how much you’re spending on maternity wear, their range of smart casual pieces such as their midi dresses and trousers, will take you from day to night and they can also be layered up so you can wear them through the changing seasons. 

12. Best maternity wear for holidays: Mamalicious

Buy now from Matalan

“I'm 25 weeks now and have Mamalicious jeans a load of Mamalicious plain jersey dresses.” (Retailer recommended by Mumsnet user Amrythings)

If you’re fortunate enough to be headed to warmer climes during your pregnancy, the chances are you won’t want to spend too much money on your holiday wardrobe given how little you’re likely to wear it.

A few key pieces that you can dress up with some jewellery and accessories will give you perfect holiday-chic vibes without having to break the bank. 

Mamaliscious are a firm favourite with Mumsnetters and it’s a brand rated highly on bestseller lists too.

With their lightweight dresses, pretty tops and practical shorts and vest combos, you’ll be able to throw a few things in a suitcase and be summer ready in minutes!

13. Best maternity clothes for winter: Happy Mama

Buy now from Happy Mama

“I recommend Happy Mama. The quality is fine - easily lasted me a pregnancy and a bit afterwards.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user Ellpellwood)

Whilst it’s fairly straightforward to find a few flattering dresses or well-fitting leggings, dressing for winter when you’re pregnant can be a bit trickier.

We love the knitwear range from Happy Mama which goes beyond bog-standard chunky knits. They have a lovely range of stylish woollen dresses as well as chic jumpers and cardigans to keep you cosy without feeling frumpy.

The Happy Mama clothes are an absolute bargain too and are a brand that offer clothes that appear a lot more expensive than they actually are. We love it when that happens.

14. Best maternity clothes for lazy days: Love2Mi

Buy now from Amazon

Yes, it’s important to stay active during your pregnancy, but let’s be honest, we all know there are going to be times when going further than the couch just isn’t on the cards.

When it’s one of these days you’re going to want clothes that you can literally pull on and make yourself feel cosy and comfortable and nothing makes us feel more chilled than a pair of comfortable leggings or a snuggly hoodie.

The Love2Mi range is full of simple quality t-shirts, leggings and jumpers that you can pull on when you don’t want to think about what to wear but still respectable enough if you do have to head out to do the school run or pop to the shops.

15. Best for work wear: Isabella Oliver Maternity

Buy now from Isabella Oliver

“Isabella Oliver for dresses that I’ve worn out to brunches, lunches etc” (Recommended by Mumsnet user  PrimeraVez)

“Isabella Oliver is pricey, but I got some jeans, loose trousers and a dress in their sale and they've been my go-to things throughout the second and third trimester. (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Scirocco)

Whilst you can relax the power dressing when you’re pregnant if dressing smartly for work is something you want to maintain, Isabella Oliver has the perfect range of smarter pieces and is a favourite with our Mumsnetters.

We particularly loved their dresses which are perfect for the office but could also be dressed up with a colourful clutch and statement jewellery for a brunch or even your baby shower.

The brand is also on a mission to combat fast fashion and have made a commitment to creating sustainable and ethical clothing, meaning the majority of their maternity range will last you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. So whilst you may pay a little more for pieces in this range it might be worth it if you want clothes that are guaranteed to last.

Where is the best place to buy maternity clothes?

We found the best place to buy maternity clothes was ASOS. Not only did their in-house range make the top of our list but when it comes to a range of styles to suit every occasion and budget ASOS can’t be beaten. With a range of third-party retailers offering everything from designer occasion wear to bargain wardrobe staples, ASOS has it all.

How many sizes should I size up when pregnant?

Maternity clothes are designed to accommodate your growing bump as well the changes your body will undergo during pregnancy. For the most part, your maternity size should be the same as your pre-pregnancy size. If you’re a size 14 during pregnancy, you’ll be a size 14 in your chosen maternity range. Every pregnancy is different however so you may need to experiment a little.

How can I dress nice during pregnancy?

The most important thing when it comes to maternity clothes is that you still feel like you. If the idea of dungarees or a smock dress turns you cold, then look to some of the edgier or on-trend retailers like Topshop, ASOS and New Look, all of which offer cutting-edge, on-trend styles for mums to be.

Be confident in dressing your bump. It’s often more flattering to wear something that hugs your bump, rather than completely conceals it.

Also, think carefully about how much you need and consider taking on a quality over quantity approach. It’s perhaps best to invest in a few key pieces that are well made and flattering rather than spending your budget on a number of cheaper items that won’t wear so well.

What month do you start wearing maternity clothes?

Every pregnancy is different but most women will find that once they’re a few weeks into their second trimester they’ll begin to show and clothes will start to feel a little on the tight side. It's all about comfort however and they are no rules. If you start to feel you need that expanding waistband in your first trimester then go for it!

How we chose our recommendations

Recommendations from real Mumsnet users

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Expert opinions

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up the latest trends and fashions. To help us whittle down our shortlisted products we also took on board the top tips and advice from experts in the fashion industry to make sure we were recommending a variety of on-trend pieces as well as classic style. We wanted to do  our bit when it came to combatting fast fashion and waste so we made sure that we were selecting pieces made from materials that experts felt were well made and would last throughout pregnancy and beyond

Authentic customer reviews

Finally, we looked at maternity wear that was ranking highly on bestseller lists and analysed the ones that had first-class reviews on retailer sites. We wanted to make sure that we had a range of clothes for a number of different occasions, and styles  then took into account what reviewers were saying about value for money,  quality of the materials and how well they fit before we eventually arrived at our final selection.

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