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200 top cool names for babies in 2024

Wanna be one of the cool kids at your nearest baby group? Shades at the ready, here’s how to choose an on-trend name for your little style icon.

By Louise Baty | Last updated Apr 15, 2024

So you want a cool name for your baby girl or boy? Well, that's understandable. Nobody wants to risk making a blooper when it comes to a decision as big as naming your baby. Naturally, you want your cool kid to grow up and love their name throughout their life.

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But what exactly does ‘cool’ mean? It’s a bit of a subjective term that can mean different things to different people. For many folk, ‘cool’ is interchangeable with ‘trendy’, whether you’re leading from the front and blazing a trail, or simply coasting along with the latest baby name trends.

Mainly, we think a ‘cool name’ is something a little bit out there - but not too much - that will make folk give a little nod and say ‘Oh, now that’s a cool name’ when you introduce them to your baby.

How we chose the top cool baby names

To give you an idea of baby name trends, there’s no better place to start than the latest ONS baby name list, released in October 2022. Each year, the ONS analyses birth registrations in England and Wales, noting frequencies and listing the 100 most popular names for baby girls and baby boys. As these lists evolve year on year, they give a fascinating insight into the latest baby naming trends.

As part of our research into cool names for babies, we checked out the ONS lists for England and Wales, along with lists from the Central Statistics Office for Ireland and the National Records of Scotland

When it comes to choosing a cool name for your baby, you may opt for one from the top 100 lists - there are plenty of cool names for both boys and girls within them. Alternatively, you may actively look to choose a name way outside the ‘most popular’ lists to ensure that your baby is the only one at nursery with their name. After all, there’s nothing cooler than being an original. Mumsnet user Smogtopia reckons: “The only names really standing out as cool at the moment are names that are underused.”

When compiling this guide to cool baby names, we wanted to ensure that we were all over the very latest baby naming trends. So where did we go? TikTok. See, that’s where a host of parenting influencers share their thoughts on cool names for babies in 2024 so we knew we’d be able to hit on all the most up-to-date baby naming trends.

Naturally, we also scoured our own baby names articles - including most popular baby names, boy names and girl names. We also looked at our very own Mumsnet Baby Names forum to see what parents had to say about their favourite cool baby names and baby naming trends in general.

During our extensive research, we uncovered a few interesting 2024 baby-naming trend themes to inspire you. Here are some of them:

  • Short and striking

  • Nordic chic

  • Nature and weather

  • Surnames as first names

  • Outer space

  • Bands and musicians

  • Calendar months and days of the week

  • ‘Old money’ traditional classics

  • Wild West

  • Vintage mid-century faves

We’ve explained these trends more fully at the end of the article but, for now, let’s grab our oat milk lattes and check out the top 200 cool names for girls and boys.

Cool girl names

1. Ada

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Noble

2. Agnes

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Pure, holy

3. Alba

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Sunrise 

4. Ally (or Allie)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Noble

5. Alma

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Nourishing, kind

6. Amanda

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: To love

7. Amara (or Amarah)

  • Origin: Igbo (African)

  • Meaning: Grace or mercy

8. Anais

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Grace

9. Astrid

  • Origin: Old Norse

  • Meaning: Divinely beautiful 

10. Autumn

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Referring to the season Autumn

11. Ayda

  • Origin: Arabic, Turkish

  • Meaning: Returning visitor, moon

12. Bibi

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: The exalted one

13. Birdie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Refers to a little bird 

14. Bea

  • Origin: Italian, Latin origin (diminutive of Beatrice, Beatrix)

  • Meaning: She who blesses or bringer of joy

15. Carmen

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Song or poem

16. Caroline

  • Origin: Italian, French, Scottish

  • Meaning: Strong or free woman

17. Clementine

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Merciful or kind

18. Cleo

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Glory

19. Coco

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Victorious 

20. Coralie

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Coral

21. Daisy

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: From the flower

22. Dinah

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Vindicated  

23. Eden

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Paradise

24. Elena

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Bright, shining light

25. Elise

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Consecrated to God

26. Eira

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: Snow

27. Elizabeth         

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: My God is an oath

28. Erin   

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Ireland

29. Etta

  • Origin: English, Italian

  • Meaning: Little rose

30. Felicity

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Good fortune

31. Gia

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: God is gracious

32. Gloria

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Glory

33. Indigo

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Blue dye

34. Iris     

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Rainbow

35. Ivy

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning:  The evergreen Ivy plant

36. Jane

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: God is gracious

37. Joanie

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: God is gracious

38. June

  • Origin: Latin 

  • Meaning: Youthful, derived from the Roman Goddess Juno

39. Kate

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Pure

40. Kiki

  • Origin: French, Spanish

  • Meaning: Double happiness or noble

41. Lara  

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Laurel leaf

42. Leni

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Bright or shining

43. Lila (or Lyla)

  • Origin: Persian, Arabic

  • Meaning: Youthful innocence or night

44. Liv

  • Origin: Old Norse

  • Meaning: Life, protection, shelter or warmth

45. Lucille

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Light

46. Luella

  • Origin: French, German

  • Meaning: Famed warrior

47. Luna

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Moon

48. Lumi

  • Origin: Finnish

  • Meaning: Beauty and purity of snow

49. Mabel

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Loveable

50. Maeve 

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: She who rules 

51. Mara

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Bitter

52. Marnie

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Of the sea

53. Marianne

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved and grace

54. Marigold

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Golden flower

55. Margot

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Pearl

56. Mary

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Drop of the sea, bitter or beloved

57. May (or Mae)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: The fifth month

58. Meadow

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: A field of grass or wildflowers

59. Nala

  • Origin: African (Swahili), Arabic

  • Meaning: Queen

60. Niamh (or Neave)

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Brightness or radiance 

61. Nina

  • Origin: Native American

  • Meaning: Strong or mighty

62. Noa

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Motion or movement

63. Olive 

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Olive tree

64. Opal

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Precious gem

65. Pearl

  • Origin: Latin, English

  • Meaning: Precious

66. Penelope 

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Weaver

67. Petra

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Rock signifying strength and stability

68. Rae

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Dark bird

69. Ramona

  • Origin: Spanish, German

  • Meaning: Wise protector

70. Raya

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Friend

71. René (or Renée)

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Reborn

72. Rita

  • Origin: Spanish, Italian

  • Meaning: Pearl  

73. Romy 

  • Origin: Latin (diminutive of Rosemary)

  • Meaning: Dew of the sea

74. Rosa

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Rose flower

75. Sadie

  • Origin: Hebrew (originally a diminutive of Sarah)

  • Meaning: Princess

76. Sara

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Princess

77. Seren

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: Star

78. Sorcha (or Saoirse)

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Bright, shining

79. Stella

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Star

80. Sylvie

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: From the forest

81. Sunday

  • Origin: Norse

  • Meaning: Of the sun god Sunna

82. Tara

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Star

83. Tove

  • Origin: Scandinavian

  • Meaning: Beautiful

84. Vita

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Life

85. Vivienne

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Life

86. Wynona

  • Origin: Native American

  • Meaning: Firstborn daughter

87. Wynter (or Winter)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: The winter season

88. Zara  

  • Origin: Arabic

  • Meaning: Blossoming flower

 89. Zena

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Life or woman

What Mumsnetters say about cool girl names

“Marianne… I LOVE it. And Marianne Faithfull was/is super super cool. Uber rock chick, 60s beatnik babe/’it’ girl and Mick Jagger’s girlfriend for those who don’t know her.” - Mumsnet user, ANoiseAnnoys

“I love the name Sadie. It oozes cool.” - Mumsnet user, SilverBranchGoldenPears 

“Stella is lovely. Star would be a nice nickname.” - Mumsnet user, Ellemau

Cool boy names

90. Abel

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Breath

91. Ace

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: One who excels, number one

92. Albert

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Noble

93. Alfred

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Wise counsellor

94. Ambrose

  • Origin: Latin, Greek name

  • Meaning: Immortal

95. Angelo

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Messenger, angel 

96. Archer

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Bowman

97. Arlo

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Fortified hill

98. Arthur

  • Origin: Celtic, Welsh

  • Meaning: Bear-like

99. August

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Majestic

100. Axel

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Father of peace

101. Bear

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Bear

102. Beck

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Stream

103. Benjamin

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Son of the right hand

104. Bowie

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Blond, fair-haired

105. Brody (or Brodie)

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Broad eye

106. Buzz

  • Origin: American (derived from Busby)

  • Meaning: Village in the woods

107. Cain

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Spear, possessed

108. Caleb

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Faithful

109. Casper

  • Origin: Persian

  • Meaning: Treasurer

110. David

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Beloved

111. Dexter

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Skilled, right-handed

112. Donovan

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Dark warrior

113. Edward

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Wealthy guardian

114. Elias

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Yahweh is my God

115. Elijah

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Yahweh is my God

116. Elvis

  • Origin: Scandinavian

  • Meaning All-wise

117. Emmett

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Universal, whole

118. Enzo

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Ruler of the home

119. Evan

  • Origin: Welsh (derived from Iefan) 

  • Meaning: Young warrior or God is good/gracious

120. Ezra

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Help or helper

121. Fox

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Cunning and referring to the animal fox

122. Gabe

  • Origin: Hebrew (derived from Gabriel)

  • Meaning: Man of God

123. Gene

  • Origin: Greek (derived from Eugene)

  • Meaning: Well-born, noble

124. Harrison

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Son of Harry or son of Henry

125. Heath

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Heathland

126. Henry

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Ruler of the household

127. Hudson

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Son of Hugh

128. Hugo

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Spirit

129. Hunter

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: One who hunts

130. Huxley

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Meadow

 131. Ivan

  • Origin: Slavic

  • Meaning: God is gracious

132. Jackson

  • Origin:  English

  • Meaning: Son of Jack

 133. Jagger

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Carter or peddler

134. Jago

  • Origin: Spanish, Cornish (form of James or Jacob)

  • Meaning: Supplanter

135. Jake

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Supplanter

136. Jared

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Descent

137. Jasper

  • Origin: Persian

  • Meaning: Treasure

138. Jay

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Jaybird

139. Jed

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Beloved of the Lord

140. Jesse

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Gift

141. Jett

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Jet black

142. John

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: God is gracious

143. Jude

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Praised

144.  Kit 

  • Origin: English, Greek (diminutive of Christopher)

  • Meaning: Bearer of Christ

145. Knox (or Knoxx)

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Round hill

146. Louie

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Famous warrior

147. Lars

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Germanic

  • Meaning: Crowned with laurel

148. Leif

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Old Norse

  • Meaning: Descendant, heir

149. Lennon

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Lover

 150. Lennox

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: With many elm trees

151. Levi

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Joined

152. Liam

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Resolute protector or strong-willed warrior

153. Luca

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Light

154. Nate 

  • Origin: Hebrew (derived from Nathaniel)

  • Meaning: Gift of God

155. Ned

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Wealthy guardian

156. Nico

  • Origin: Greek  (derived from Nicholas)

  • Meaning: Victory of the people

157. Matteo

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Gift of God

158. Odin

  • Origin: Scandinavian

  • Meaning: Frenzy, rage, inspiration

159. Otis

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Wealth

160. Paul

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Humble

161.  Rafferty

  • Origin: Irish

  • Meaning: Abundance or one who will prosper

162. Rex

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: King

163. Ringo

  • Origin: Japanese

  • Meaning: Apple

164. Rocco

  • Origin: Italian

  • Meaning: Rest

165. Roman

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Of Rome

166. Rupert

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Bright fame 

167. Saul

  • Origin: Hebrew

  • Meaning: Asked for, prayed for

168. Seth

  • Meaning: Hebrew

  • Origin: Appointed, placed

169. Silas

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Forest, woods

170. Stanley

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Stony clearing

171. Tate

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Cheerful

172. Vaughan

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: Small, little

173. Wyatt

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Brave in battle

174. Xander (short for Alexander)

  • Origin: Greek

  • Meaning: Defender of the people

175. Yves

  • Origin: Breton

  • Meaning: Archer

176. Zac (or Zack/Zach)

  • Origin: Hebrew (derived from Zachary)

  • Meaning: God has remembered

177. Zane

  • Origin: Arabic

  • Meaning: Handsome

178. Zeke

  • Origin: Hebrew (derived from Ezekiel)

  • Meaning: God will strengthen

What Mumsnetters say about cool boy names

“My son is Emmett” - Mumsnet user, countydown1989

“I have a Jude who's almost nine. I know one other. It was my boy’s name since I was probably eight and my dad introduced me to the Beatles.” - Mumsnet user, MrsCharlieD

 “I really like Zac. It sounds cool and is traditional but still sounds modern and is easy to say.” - Mumsnet user, Sandysandwich

Cool gender-neutral names

179. Alexis

  • Origin: Latin

  • Meaning: Helper or defender

180. Avery

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Ruler of elves

181. Bailey

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Bailiff, steward

182. Beau

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Handsome, beautiful

183. Billy (or Billie)

  • Origin: Germanic

  • Meaning: Will, desire

184. Blake

  • Origin: Old English

  • Meaning: Black or dark

185. Blythe

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Free spirit

186. Dylan

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: Son of the sea

187. Harper

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Someone who plays the harp

188. Indy (or Indie)

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Derived from India or Indigo

189. Monroe

  • Origin: Scottish

  • Meaning: Mouth of the River Roe

190. Morgan

  • Origin: Welsh

  • Meaning: Sea circle

191. Rain

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Rain

192. Remi (or Remy)

  • Origin: French

  • Meaning: Rower

193. Raven

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Blackbird

194. Stevie

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Crown, garland

195. Storm

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Tempest

196. Syd

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Wide meadow

197. Taylor

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Tailor

198. Willow

  • Origin: English

  • Willow tree

199. Wren

  • Origin: English

  • Meaning: Small bird

200. Ziggy

  • Origin: German

  • Meaning: Victorious protector

What Mumsnetters say about cool gender-neutral names

“I think tomboy or androgynous names sound cool.” - Mumsnet user, tooorangey

“Personally I think the very coolest name of someone I know is a woman called Stevie. Not short for anything. I wish I was called that or Billie or something quite androgynous.” - Mumsnet user, MisterMagpie

How to choose a cool baby name

  • Keep it short - for many parents today, cool equates to short and striking three letter, one syllable names, which feel fresh and modern… Oh, hi there, Ace, Jett, Dot and Rae.

  • Embrace Nordic chic - names popular in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland are gaining popularity with UK parents for their simple beauty. Think Astrid, Axel, Tove and Lumi.

  • Look to nature and the weather for inspiration because names such as Daisy, Meadow, Bear, Fox, Rain and Storm are choices for cool cats right now. For cool verging on freezing cold, how about Eira, a Welsh name which means ‘snow’?

  • Love flower names? Good news, they fit in with the nature-inspired trend, but look to more underused options such as Rosa or Marigold.

  • Pick a surname for your baby’s first name. While surname names such as Parker and Taylor have long been cool over the pond in the USA, they’re now becoming increasingly popular with fashionable British parents for boys and girls.

  • Aim for the stars with a space-themed name such as Buzz (after Buzz Aldrin), Star or Stella (which means ‘star’), any of which would rocket your baby to coolness.

  • Names inspired by musicians and bands never go out of style - Ziggy and Bowie pay homage to the star man himself, David Bowie, while ONS analysts suggest that the stratospheric rise of Ezra in recent years could be, in part, down to the popularity of ‘Shotgun’ singer George Ezra.

  • Flick through your calendar for name ideas. Month, day season names are in mode right now. June, August, Sunday and Winter all spring (pun intended) to mind.

  • Opt for an ‘old money’ aka traditional aristo name with a timeless, classy vibe for your little prince or princess. Imagine swishing around a country estate with Caroline, Amanda, Vivienne and Henry and you’re on the right track, darling. And don’t forget Rupert, which made the top 100 list for the first time ever last year.

  • Go vintage - but not too far back in time. We’re all used to Victorian names which made a reappearance about 10 years ago. Now mid-century names (1950s and 1960s) are due a resurgence. We’re talking Paul, David, Mary and Gloria, which are all included in our 200 cool names lists above.

  • For another mid-century nod, how about more modern names paying tribute to stars of that era, including Lennon, Ringo, Harrison, Elvis, Monroe and Dylan?

  • To lasso a bit of the Wild West naming trend, consider names including Wyatt, Levi, Daisy and Pearl for your own little cowboy or cowgirl.

  • Keep your eye on popular culture if you’re looking for the next big baby naming trend, because new movies, TV series, music artists and bands can offer inspiration. 

What is the coolest baby name?

A popular cool, short name for boys is Jude, which has been in the ONS top 100 since 2010. No surprise really given it pays homage to one of the Beatles’ greatest hits of all time. However, at number 40, it isn't too high up the chart - a crucial consideration when you're looking for a cool name for your baby boy.

A brand-new entry to the ONS top 100 boy name list is Brody (at number 90) which offers the sort of effortless surfer cool you might like for your baby boy, even if you happen to live in rainy Lancashire. 

For girls, we like Olive (at number 74 in the chart). While it rose 25 places last year, it remains the cooler sister of Olivia, which has been top of the ONS list since 2016. Mumsnet user Hightemp confirms: “Olive… definitely for the cool mums.” 

Outside the top 100 but still fairly popular are Stella and Etta, chic names with an edge of cool which have lovely meanings - ‘star’ and ‘little rose’ respectively.

What are cool unique names? 

Gender-neutral names offer effortless cool. They’re still relatively unusual but gaining in popularity. Our favourites from our cool gender-neutral name lists are Raven and Storm, which are sure to have an impact when you introduce your little hipster at the local toddler group.

For girls, the Finnish name Lumi taps into the cool Nordic chic trend and has a lovely meaning - 'beauty' and 'purity of snow.' For boys, you can’t go far wrong with Donovan, an Irish name meaning ‘dark warrior’ which has loads of rock star cred and shortens to the undoubtedly adorable ‘Donnie’.

Believe it or not, though, some of the most unusual and freshest sounding names picked by parents today are from a few decades ago. This is where the mid-century trend comes in, with old school ‘mum and dad’ names making a comeback. As Mumsnet user CountToTen puts it: “Being called John or Jane these days is pretty unique.”

About the author

Louise Baty writes parenting content for Mumsnet, producing product round-ups, travel guides and baby name articles. She’s also written content for Mumsnet’s sister site, Gransnet. 

Originally from West Yorkshire and now based in Nottinghamshire, Louise has worked as a features writer for consumer magazines and national newspapers for 20 years. She specialises in parenting and lifestyle features and emotional true life first-person interviews and has authored four non-fiction books on parenting and grandparenting.

Mum to two tweenagers, Louise’s own baby name choosing days may be long gone. However, she admits to having spent a LONG time deciding on her DCs’ names, together with her DP. 

For this reason, Louise has a particular interest in baby names. She understands how difficult it can be to narrow down a short list from your long list of baby names, either during pregnancy or during the sleep-deprived days following the birth of your baby. By compiling comprehensive and easy-to-follow baby name round-ups for Mumsnet, she hopes to provide inspiration and support to parents-to-be who are looking for the perfect name for their baby.