17 great gifts new mums will love - recommended by those who've been there

16 December 2020

mother with newborn baby

There are very few things more overwhelming than the first hours/days/weeks after a new baby is born. Make life a little easier for any expecting mums out there with our guide to the best gifts for new mums.

What a new mother really wants is a happy, healthy baby and a good night's sleep, but since that’s not something you can buy online (as far as we’re aware), here is our roundup of the best gift ideas for new mums, recommended by those of us who’ve been there before.

1. Fancy sweets and treats


When you have to get up a billion times in the night, what you need is sugar, and who doesn’t like a nice box of chocolates?

“Chocolate, cake and champagne. These were honestly the best gifts I got after I gave birth.”

Mumsnet users recommend
Lindor milk chocolate truffles, £10 from Amazon
The Everything Luxe chocolate box, £36 from Hotel Chocolat

2. Herbal teas

If the new mum in question is breastfeeding, she may still have to keep one eye on her caffeine intake. Herbal teas are a great caffeine-free alternative.

Mumsnet users recommend
Pukka tea selection box, £14 from Amazon
Teapigs Honeybush and Rooibos tea, £12 from Amazon

3. Posh ready meals

When you’re looking after a newborn baby, there’s nothing quite like a good meal that you haven’t had to make yourself. Cook have some great meal options, and they have gift cards too. Otherwise, Waitrose, Booths and M&S are always a good choice.

“Someone bought us a bag full of Marks & Spencer ready meals. It was by far the best present we received!”

Mumsnet users recommend
Cook ready meals from £8
Marks & Spencer ready meals from £6, in store only

4. Booze

If whoever you're buying for is planning to exclusively breastfeed, it might be an idea to check if they're planning to drink. While it's safe to have one or two when breastfeeding, not all breastfeeding mothers choose to drink. But if there was anyone in the world who did deserve a drink, it would be the mum who's just gone through 36 hours of labour, so get a glass and pour generously please.

Mumsnet users recommend
Rock Rose Scottish Premium Scottish Gin, £33 from Amazon
Prosecco, £10 Marks & Spencer

5. Decent hand cream
hand cream

With all the post-nappy changing hand-washing, a good hand cream is not only nice-to-have, it's essential.

Mumsnet users recommend
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, £3 from Amazon
Aveeno Daily Moisturising Hand Cream, £4 from Amazon
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, £21 from Amazon

6. Bath salts

The opportunity to relax in a bath alone may seem far off in the future for a new mum, but it can be soothing relief for tired, aching bodies.

“Best gifts I got were bath salts which helped soothe the stitches, meals which I just had to reheat, biscuits for energy and nice squash/juice to make hydration easier.”

Mumsnet users recommend
Neal's Yard Remedies Lavender Bath Salts (350g), £15 from Amazon
Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath And Shower Oil 55ml, £45 from Amazon

7. Stretch mark cream

Sometimes the practical gifts are the best ones. Stretch mark cream isn’t exactly glamorous, but it can soothe tender skin and calm flare-ups.

Mumsnet users recommend
Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, £20 from Amazon

8. Nipple cream

Sore nipples are a nightmare – fact. A tube of nipple cream could be a godsend in the early weeks and for a first-time mum, it might not have made the pre-baby shopping list. Mumsnetters rate Lanisoh far above any other creams on the market.

“Buy her Lansinoh nipple cream and she'll love you forever! More useful than glam, but it's probably the best item I bought myself in those early days.”

Mumsnet users recommend
Lansinoh nipple cream, £9 from Amazon

9. Dry shampoo

Good luck to the new mum trying to find time to wash her hair. Sometimes it's little things like dry shampoo that make you feel like a human again.

Mumsnet users recommend
Batiste Dry Shampoo, £4 from Amazon

10. Muslin cloths
mother breastfeeding at night

Strictly speaking, this could be counted as a gift for the baby, but if you've ever caught sick in your hands, you’ll understand it’s a gift for mum too.

Mumsnet users recommend
10 Pack Organic Pure Cotton Muslin Squares, £18 from Marks & Spencer
5-pack 100% cotton muslin squares by aden + anais, £20 from Amazon

12. Portable nightlight

If you like the idea of a very practical gift, a portable nightlight is surprisingly useful for late-night breastfeeding.

Mumsnet users recommend
Baby Night Light, £16 from Amazon

13. Insulated travel mug

With parenthood comes the very likely possibility of an end to hot drinks. Travel mugs are your new best friend.

“An insulated travel mug with a lid is a great gift for a new mum. She can have a hot drink whilst feeding the baby without worrying about scalding and it'll stay hot for far longer. "

Mumsnet users recommend
Mighty Mug Go, £17 from Amazon
Reusable Glass Keep Cup, £19 from Amazon

14. Sports-top bottle

Breastfeeding makes you super thirsty, and all the moving around to find a comfortable position to breastfeed in can result in quite a few spilt drinks. The gift of a nice looking water bottle is a great idea.

Mumsnet users recommend
Chilly’s Bottles, From £15, Amazon
Black & Blum Glass Water Bottle, From £18, Amazon

15. A TV, film or audiobook subscription

What a new mum needs is rest. In the early days, she’ll probably be spending a lot of time with a baby on her boob so it’s a perfect time for binge-watching TV or listening to audiobooks.

“For all the hours feeding if it's her first; second time around, all those hours feeding will be spent trying to entertain the older one(s)!”

16. A newspaper from the day of birth

A newspaper from the day of baby’s birth is a great memento of the day and a keepsake to cherish for years to come. Plus, by the time they're 18, newspapers might not even exist any more.

17. Sophie the Giraffe

Strictly speaking, one for the baby, but then a quiet contented baby = a gift for a new mum, so we think it’s a goer.

“It is a wonder. Seriously. We bought it for our son when he was 12 weeks old and he was able to get it straight in his mouth and has barely let go of it for five months.”

Sophie the Giraffe, £12 from Amazon

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