17 best gifts for new mums: From practical to pure luxury:

18 February 2020

mother with newborn baby

There are very few things more overwhelming than the first hours/days/weeks after a new baby is born. Make life a little easier for any expecting mums out there with our guide to the best gifts for new mums

Lovely things to eat and drink


1. Fancy sweets and treats – they'll need the sugar when they have to get up a billion times a night.

2. Herbal teas – if the new mum in question is breastfeeding, she may still have to keep one eye on her caffeine intake. Herbal teas are a great caffeine-free alternative.

3. Posh ready mealsCook do some great ones, and they have gift cards too. Otherwise, Waitrose, Booths and M&S are always a good choice.

4. Booze – if whoever you're buying for is planning to exclusively breastfeed, it might be an idea to check if they're planning to drink. While it's safe to have one or two when breastfeeding, not all breastfeeding mothers choose to drink.

Tonics for TLC

hand cream

5. Decent hand cream – with all the post-nappy changing hand-washing, a good hand cream is essential.

6. Stretch mark cream – Mumsnetters love Bio-Oil.

7. Nipple cream – sore nipples are a nightmare. Mumsnetters seem to particularly rate Lanisoh, which should help – but there may still be some grinning and bearing it involved.

8. Dry shampoo – good luck to the new mum in finding time to wash her hair…

Really useful things she probably won't have thought of

mother breastfeeding at night

9. Muslin cloths – so. so. so. much. sick.

10. Portable night light – as you may have noticed, quite a few of these gifts are related to sleep or lack thereof.

11. Sports top bottle – breastfeeding makes you super thirsty, and all the moving around to find a comfortable position to breastfeed in can result in quite a few spilt drinks.

12. Sensitive stain remover – “I never had to throw away a vest, even after daily breastfed baby poonamis.”

Some light entertainment (nothing too taxing, mind)

13. DVDs, a Netflix subscription, books (of short stories), or magazines – “for all the hours feeding if it's her first; second time around, all those hours feeding will be spent trying to entertain the older one(s)!”

14. A Mumsnet book – you're welcome.

For the new arrival

newborn baby

15. A newspaper from the day of birth – by the time they're 18, newspapers might not even exist any more, so a double win.

16. Sockons – yes, these are a thing, and very useful to boot (no pun intended).

17. Sophie the Giraffe – “It is a wonder. Seriously. We bought it for DS when he was 12 weeks old and he was able to get it straight in his mouth and has barely let go of it for 5 months.”

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