Pregnancy health

Pregnancy yogaThe physical and emotional changes you undergo during pregnancy are profound, so we've got advice and information on how you can keep yourself and your baby well, on eating and exercising safely, antenatal care, tests and scans, weight gain and warning signs of a few serious pregnancy-related conditions.


Antenatal appointments

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The antenatal care you're likely to be offered, when, and what your GP or midwife will check.

Morning sickness

morning sickness

Tips for relieving nausea and advice on some of the other unpleasant parts of pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes


There are a few specific health conditions that can affect you when you're pregnant. Make sure you know the symptoms.

Pregnancy dos and don'ts

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Being told what you can and can't do is a real pain, no doubt – but it's only for 40 weeks, after all (and there is good reason for it).

Weekly pregnancy updates

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Find out what's happening to your body and your baby each week with Mumsnet's free Pregnancy Tracker app – medical facts, advice and experience all in one place.