Pregnancy health

Pregnancy yogaThe physical and emotional changes you undergo during pregnancy are profound, so we've got advice and information on how you can keep yourself and your baby well, on healthy eating and exercising safely, as well as antenatal care, tests and scans, weight gain and warning signs of a few serious pregnancy-related conditions.


Antenatal appointments

pregnancy appointment midwife

Read up on the antenatal care you're likely to be offered at each stage of pregnancy – and what your GP or midwife will check for.

Pregnancy scans

Woman holding pregnancy scan

Find out more about the tests and scans you may be offered during your pregnancy.

Exercising during pregnancy

pregnancy exercise

The best ways to keep fit and stay strong without putting strain on your body when you're expecting.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Foods to avoid

Being told what you can and can't do is a pain – but it's only for 40 weeks (and there is good reason for it).

Headaches during pregnancy

morning sickness

Some ailments like headaches and heartburn are more common during pregnancy. Find out what treatment is safe, and when to seek medical help.

Back pain during pregnancy

pregnancy back pain

Backache and pelvic pain are sadly common during pregnancy. Don't suffer in silence – find out how to ease the discomfort.

Pregnancy blood tests

It's important that your blood pressure is monitored throughout pregnancy for a number of reasons.

What to look out for


There are a few serious health conditions that can affect you when you're pregnant. Make sure you know the symptoms.

Weekly pregnancy updates

stripy babygrow

Find out what's happening to your body and your baby each week with Mumsnet's free Pregnancy Tracker app – medical facts, advice and experience all in one place.

Maternity Bras

Maternity bras

As your baby grows, so do you. You may want to invest in a few new items of clothing to help you stay comfortable through your pregnancy.