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that the landlord of my office should regularly clear away hazardous pigeon crap 2 DonnyLass 18/07/08 18:04
To sit and cry because I just ruined my wall????? 15 wabbit 18/07/08 17:54
aaarrrgggghhhh flippin bank charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 TheHolyGrail 18/07/08 16:51
Daddy's little princes syndrome 57 lucyellensmum 18/07/08 16:45
to never want to volunteer at a playgroup fundraiser again? 35 pralinegirl 18/07/08 16:25
to put a no junk mail sign on the door 15 wannaBe 18/07/08 16:00
to expect DH and my teenage boys to have *some* idea what I want for my birthday 58 mumeeee 18/07/08 15:31
Someone come and tell me I'm being crazy please...... 15 ClareVoiant 18/07/08 14:52
To be p*****d of with Sportecus 81 totalmisfit 18/07/08 14:41
Need help with my MIL. What should I do, what am I doing so wrong, and should I let her mind my little baby? Need your words of wisdom MNers 13 luvlymummy 18/07/08 14:15
to take this further? 5 noogles 18/07/08 13:47
To think BT are a bunch of wasters 8 suwoo 18/07/08 12:15
to be slightly jealous that DS MIGHT have said DaDa as his first word? 35 Elmosgirl 18/07/08 12:01
To 'phone the school at the end of our road to ask why the playground supervisors are standing around having a chat.... 14 plumandolive 18/07/08 11:14
to refuse to meet with this person alone? 17 lou031205 18/07/08 10:54
ok this should be in sn but aibu in spending £120 on software for dd 7 cory 18/07/08 10:39
to want to take my son back in a time machine to the Roman era 2 stitch 18/07/08 09:39
thinking about using the shopping centre creche whilst i do my food shopping? 38 kerryk 18/07/08 09:36
and I was just going to say about bricks 34 theSuburbanDryad 18/07/08 08:14
Another crazy bus lady 80 BalloonSlayer 18/07/08 07:26
To expect my sons school not to supply the children with guns? 41 Bronze 17/07/08 23:33 open psychogirl1's 'love letter' that has just been posted thro the door??????? 19 Psychomum5 17/07/08 23:19
to be angry that there are no female doctors..... untill wednesday!!! 140 MsDemeanor 17/07/08 22:50
to really want to go to the xmas(mn) meet up but not to want to 5 LynetteScavo 17/07/08 22:46
for work not to ring mewhile I'm in hospital having an operation? 8 cupsoftea 17/07/08 22:36
in wondering why one child invited to this party brought a water pistol?! 26 cupsoftea 17/07/08 22:29
To once, just once want the family to not be the selfish sods they always are and consider me? 3 OneLieIn 17/07/08 22:18
to want to snap dh's finger off 8 princessofpower 17/07/08 21:36
to think that children don't need presents on their siblings' birthdays? 67 mamachat 17/07/08 21:07
to compare mate's DDs private school reports with my DDs state one? 44 mummyloveslucy 17/07/08 20:44
To expect swimming lessons to be successful after 3 terms 42 squilly 17/07/08 20:33
To think that the Farnborough air show will be too loud for my 21 month old this weekend? 27 Barnical 17/07/08 20:20
to want my children to go to the same type of schools i did? DP doesn't agree.. 63 MrsMacaroon 17/07/08 19:54
to think DH is being stupid about our DVD collection? 35 TheMagnificent7 17/07/08 19:33
To expect 'people' to remember DD's 1st birthday 12 wb 17/07/08 19:31
to think the school uniform should be a colour available in the shops? 17 itati 17/07/08 19:06
to expect DH not to pick me up on my choice of words whilst having a nervous breakdown? 9 bearmama 17/07/08 19:04
To get a bit annoyed at 'blonde' jokes in the office? 23 MrsTiddles 17/07/08 19:02
to think that you should not be singed of work on full pay just because you have had an affair and cant face people 7 Spink 17/07/08 18:57
To raise an eyebrow at dd's nursery? 140 pointydog 17/07/08 18:48
to not tip the window cleaner every week?? 50 amidaiwish 17/07/08 18:48
To expect him to make some sort of an effort ??? 120 theexmrsfederer 17/07/08 18:43
To be cross at DD school for lack of communication skills. (Long) 6 LIZS 17/07/08 16:54
to think that dp is either completely destitiute and does not really own a house or go to work or that he has be the greediest man in the world and me and the dds would be much better off without him??!!!! 48 Pheebe 17/07/08 15:27
to expect Tesco not to sell me something that's nine months out of date!!!!! 14 TheHedgeWitch 17/07/08 15:12
in thinking that the word 'chav' is an overused and lazy term to describe anything we feel is vulgar ? 186 Sim43 17/07/08 15:08
to think that dh shouldn't share our personal finance matters with anyone he wants to?? 11 HappyNewYearFeet06 17/07/08 14:56
to think that 2 year old dd is not going to sleep well in a tent! 19 llynnnn 17/07/08 13:59
Or just nuts to consider taking two month old to East Africa? (long) 61 MrsBadger 17/07/08 13:45
Poxy bollocking bastard arsewipe shitehawk fuckers that are o2 94 TheMagnificent7 17/07/08 12:16
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