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to think it's ok to bring up your children wherever you damn well like? 10 HecatesTwopenceworth 27/06/09 18:28
to be offended that all my friends and DHs mates are laughing at me...please tell me I am not the only person who did not know this?? 72 notevenamousie 27/06/09 18:25
To be impressed I now have a sun tan....compared to my ginger DP 9 HecatesTwopenceworth 27/06/09 18:25
to want to chop the fingers off the little shite that stole my ds' bag? 55 CallMeMalcolm 27/06/09 17:14
to be really annoyed by this - yes I am but no more silly than the "tescos" issue 49 EugeneHCrabs 27/06/09 14:36
to be sick of being forgotten when a group of mums I like never invite me 30 3andahalfmonkeys 27/06/09 13:57
To think im making a mistake sending my DD to school in september. 13 Morloth 27/06/09 12:07
To turn my phone off 1 week before the wedding??? 9 2rebecca 27/06/09 11:06
To have wanted to shout shut up ..... 17 Kimi 27/06/09 09:49
Teacher eating peanuts 156 Blondeshavemorefun 27/06/09 09:32
about Christmas day? (Yes the discussion has already started)........ 74 SouthMum 27/06/09 08:58
to really really want to hear about this job? Now if possible. 38 dawntigga 27/06/09 08:57
To be p'd off at the way my GP is dealing with swine flu. 43 Riven 27/06/09 07:56
To have got two people who live two doors apart and have similar names and the same query mixed up? 4 dilemma456 26/06/09 23:49
To think that my dad is being abusive? 9 poshsinglemum 26/06/09 23:42
To expect a table of 5 adults to actually do something when there child is constantly attacking other children? 5 slowreadingprogress 26/06/09 23:31
who is then....tell me as I am giggling to much to see reason right now............... 13 Scorpette 26/06/09 23:30
to have suggested a change of film? 3 mamas12 26/06/09 23:15
To take my Chicken Poxy baby out on Saturday? 29 Rosieeo 26/06/09 22:29
to want to hide the 'wheres wally' book that is occupying DS2, as it is driving me insane..... 11 GhostOfPsychomum5 26/06/09 22:20
to be annoyed that my friend wont talk to me 2 imaynotbeper… 26/06/09 21:35
To be cautious about my friends new man? 10 SolidGoldBrass 26/06/09 21:35 be really annoyed at Royal Mail and/or card shops about large letter debacle 7 Bonneville 26/06/09 21:21
To have experienced my first ever car park rage today? 21 verygreenlawn 26/06/09 21:07
to be furious at National Express and fellow train users 8 cairnterrier 26/06/09 20:54
in keeping ds1 off of school for a third day unless i can get an appt with head and class teacher? 105 Longtalljosie 26/06/09 20:36
to think a carer should know better than to park on a dropped kerb 23 Blondeshavemorefun 26/06/09 20:35
to reckon that F-I-L has probably not had a live cricket in his ear for the last month? 11 Tidey 26/06/09 19:28
DH's gym session: No.1 household priority 73 dinkystinky 26/06/09 19:25
In thinking that your love of tacky pinkness and princess nonsense... 78 GodzillasBumcheek 26/06/09 19:24
To be annoyed at my mum and her attitude that successful potty training is just about how "hard" you work at it. And to be pissed off at the implication. 22 whocaresabou… 26/06/09 18:11
To think that banning teachers from being members of the BNP is outrageous! 552 moffat 26/06/09 18:10
to think that sanding our downstairs floors won't be a complete nightmare? 15 thedolly 26/06/09 17:42
To wish it would rain at Wimbledon so we can see if this new roof works? 11 PortBlacksan… 26/06/09 17:20
To hate school sports day and not want to go? 65 stealthsquiggle 26/06/09 14:23
to think it is a bit bad to trick a dp/h into having another child 155 nik83 26/06/09 14:11
To not want to take DD out of her nursery even though they are shite? 16 muminthecity 26/06/09 14:10
to be fed up with my mum (I'm only a teen by the way) 124 nappyaddict 26/06/09 13:48
AIBU to want to switch the telly off and not turn it back on for at least a month? 13 mumoverseas 26/06/09 13:33
to think it should be illegal to get your childrens ears pierced... 111 FleurDelacour 26/06/09 13:30
You shouldn't give this to a baby... 17 MamaLazarou 26/06/09 13:10
can we just have a laugh today? i've missed the mn funnies 11 saggyjuju 26/06/09 12:34
to think that Kerry Katona is indeed a stunningly beautiful girl... 26 mayorquimby 26/06/09 10:55
To not want to eat Mcd, drink while pg, and watch trash US TV shows 275 FoodieLove 26/06/09 10:26
mothers help/aupairs/nannie 3 PaulaAtMummy… 26/06/09 10:22
I'm cross with dh (again). But I have a feeling that MN is going to be on his side (again). Which might put me straight (again), which can only be a good thing. 47 kitsmummy 26/06/09 10:02
to think the Rotary eople are lovely? 16 GetOrfMoiLand 26/06/09 09:45
To be really cross that a parent sent their child to school knowing they have slap cheek 34 HappyMummyOfOne 26/06/09 09:44
to really really want this house? 8 ClaudiaSchiffer 26/06/09 08:55
to have flounced from another forum to here.... 28 pickyvic 26/06/09 01:35
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