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Pregnancy cravings: the weird and wonderful

Pregnant woman eating by fridge

We've all been there – you can't stomach a piece of toast but the idea of sardines and peanut butter is surprisingly appealing. Mumsnetters reveal some of their unusual cravings they've had during pregnancy

1. Things entirely unfit for human consumption

Dog eating biscuits

“I really wanted to eat dog biscuits when I was pregnant. I didn't but I loved the smell.”

“I craved chalk until I caved in and drove to an all-night garage and bought some. It didn't taste too good. That put an end to my cravings.”

“I actually had a desire to eat car tyres. I didn't – I stuck to pickled onion crisps.”

2. Unprecedented quantities of chocolate

Bruce eating chocolate

“Wispa Golds. Several a day all through the pregnancy. And if I threw one up, I didn't count it and ate more. God, they were happy days.”

“I was once in hospital due to complications and the nurse came to check on me in the middle of the night. When she pulled the curtain back, she found me sitting in my bed, surrounded by a huge pile of chocolate bars and empty wrappers! I was so embarrassed.”

3. Things you can glug (no, not wine)

Olive Oil

“Olive oil. I couldn't get enough of it towards the end of my pregnancy – I had to stop myself from drinking the stuff. I used to joke that the baby would just slide out easily – and he did!”

4. Washing your mouth out with soap – and sponges

Soap in mouth

“I started to get the strange urge to clean my teeth with soap. I got round it by cleaning my teeth with normal toothpaste instead, but I ended up cleaning my teeth six times some days!”

“Every time I was washing the dishes I would literally salivate at the sight and the thought of the soapy sponge. I was dreaming about buying different types of sponges, to feel and see the effect they would have on washing the dishes.”

5. The scent of soggy laundry

Emma Stone

“The smell of washing powder was just sooo beautiful… My mum found it so weird that she hid the washing powder from me.”

“I would stop the tumble drier halfway through and take out the the half-wet, half-dry towels and just sit and smell them.”

6. Midnight feasts on the sly

Woman by fridge

“Raw rhubarb. I was often found in the garden in the early hours, searching under the metal bucket that covered it!”

“Tinned peaches. It was ridiculous how much I craved them. One night I couldn't sleep so got up and went to the cupboard, opened a tin and took them back to bed with me. I fell asleep, the can slipped out my hands and the peaches and juice slithered down my husband's back. He was not impressed!”

7. Some truly innovative combinations

Joey from Friends

“Twiglets dipped into milky hot chocolate.”

“Pease pudding and caramel ice cream. Together.”

“A friend of mine used to eat pilchards with everything – including on pizza, with custard and dunked in her tea!”

8. And whatever it is – you just have to have it NOW

Verruca Salt

“I desperately wanted an Easter egg when I was pregnant. Sadly, this was in November! My husband – bless him – offered to get me chocolate but it wouldn't be the same. He found an Easter egg on Amazon but refused to pay £45 for it.”

“When I wanted something I had to have it! One particular night, I was in bed watching TV and it showed a person eating steak, egg and chips. That was it: at 11.30 pm my poor boyfriend drove to the 24 hour Tesco, bought the food, came back and cooked it for me! It was amazing!”