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Due Dec 2023 - part 6

483 replies

Nclktnntt · 06/12/2023 18:20

Follow-on from part 5 heading into delivery and motherhood.

OP posts:
Thamantha · 06/12/2023 18:30

Thanks for making the new thread @Nclktnntt !

I am now fully trying out all mechanisms to bring on earlier or easier labour. Raspberry leaf tea and a birthing ball plus 6 dates a day. Last one was born at 41+2, so trying to persuade this one to be a better time keeper. I am only 38+4 today, but tomorrow is my last day at work, so the wee one is welcome anytime.

ThomasinaLivesHere · 06/12/2023 18:50

Thanks for new thread! Looking forward to seeing more announcements 😊. It’s still 3 weeks away for me. Hospital bag now has finally got everything I need. Got peppermint tablets today - hope they’re effective.

Beans1982 · 06/12/2023 19:05

Thanks for creating the new thread @Nclktnntt
3 weeks to Friday for me if baby decides to make an appearance on his due date...Got our next-to-me delivered today, hospital bags are pretty much packed so feeling ready for his arrival now.
@Thamantha I hope the dates and red raspberry leaf tea work for you - I'm trying this as well so would be great to hear if they have any effect.

Srs12 · 06/12/2023 19:22

@Thamantha I’m also doing the dates and raspberry leaf tea but keep forgetting to eat/drink them, I’m blaming baby brain 😅!

I have had a spicy curry for tea tonight though and regret it now as it’s given me stomach ache (even though I suppose that is sort of the point 🤣). I’m 38+3 so very similar to you and not in a rush really but it feels like a right of passage once you get to 37 weeks to try all of the natural induction methods 🤣

Flowers90 · 06/12/2023 19:49

Thanks for the new thread. I'm still unsure as to wether to go ahead with planned induction on the 18th or give baby a chance to come on their own. Looking forward to hearing everyones Birth announcements.

GingerJanee · 06/12/2023 20:08

Thanks @Nclktnntt for the new thread looking forward to hearing everyone’s announcements!

39 weeks tomorrow for me, finding it so hard to believe we’re here it’s been like a blink of an eye! I’ve yet to find this nesting urge everyone raves about but I’m happily lying up and watching Christmas movies all day 😂

Noname112 · 06/12/2023 20:43

I think my waters may have gone (although always the possibility it’s just pee). Similar happened with my last pregnancy but no labour until 24 hours after they went. Feeling oddly anxious.

99SR · 06/12/2023 20:57

Just marking my spot! Looking forward to birth announcements too.
hopefully getting my second sweep tomorrow, last time my cervix was still closed.

chloesl1808 · 06/12/2023 21:08

Hello all.

Thanks for the new thread.

Just wondering what sleep bags people have bought for their babies and if they are doing them from newborn or swaddling first etc.

Mushroo · 06/12/2023 21:30

Thanks for the new thread! Checking in - only 36 weeks + 4 so I think I may be one of the last.

Been using my ball and also on the raspberry leaf tea. Sadly I hate dates so won’t be trying that one.

Nclktnntt · 06/12/2023 22:07

3 weeks today for my due date, we're very close @Mushroo.

Not a well known Labour starter but one of my clients was a week over her due date and came in to get her hair done - we have the same sense of humour and got on really well, sharing videos we found hilarious ... she'd heard laughing helps. She went into labour that night and baby arrived the following day.

I was laughing really hard the other night and my stomach actually went super tight and the braxton hicks took it up a notch that night lol.

OP posts:
GingerJanee · 06/12/2023 22:11

@Mushroo im with you on hating dates but I followed the TikTok trend going on with date bark and also stuffing the dates with peanut butter and dipping in chocolate. Definitely not calorie friendly but they’re like little snickers bites I actually love them now 😂 definitely seem to be helping with my dilation and cervix so I’m willing to take the calories if it’s helping.

TulipVictory · 06/12/2023 22:15

It's my due date today and not even a twinge 🙈

Nclktnntt · 06/12/2023 22:21

@chloesl1808 I have 2 sleeping bags, our midwife recommended love to dream swaddling bags but they're specific on their sizing so I'm waiting for them to arrive before purchasing any of those. I do also want to learn to swaddle, our antinatal midwife has advised that if we wish to swaddle to use a muslin cloth.

OP posts:
FlyingHighFlyingLow · 06/12/2023 22:56

Once midnight hits I'm 41+2 😱🙈

No contractions or anything but 2cm dilated and 75% effaced so waiting for a call to come and have my waters broken. Fingers crossed this baby it out by end of the week!

FirstMondayInMay · 06/12/2023 22:58

Thanks for the new thread! I’m booked for induction tomorrow so hopefully baby will be here over the weekend🤞🏼

Flower35214 · 07/12/2023 06:23

Hi guys! Congratulations to everyone who's had their babies and good luck to those being induced etc soon! Had my ELCS on Tuesday and we came home late afternoon yesterday! Feeling sore, her big brother is already obsessed and we're struggling a tiny bit with her latch but hoping to speak to the midwife who comes out today! Also extremely tired but the adrenaline gets you through!

ThomasinaLivesHere · 07/12/2023 07:01

@Flower35214 Congratulations! All the best with recovery.

Good luck to those doing inductions and trying to get labour started. I love dates but since I still have 3 weeks to c section I should avoid them. Really don’t want labour starting. I’m going to be super paranoid on Christmas Day that it’ll start then 😅So far though no real twinges.

Nclktnntt · 07/12/2023 07:33

Congratulations @Flower35214 so glad to hear you're both home and that her big brother is obsessed 😍

Good luck to anyone going for inductions, sweeps and waters being broken.

I felt like last week I was getting little twinges but it's all stopped this week. I do have a week and half left of work so they'd be too early if they came now lol.

I think babies gonna come close to Christmas for us just to show who's really boss because I selfishly want my Christmas dinner, I love Christmas dinner and because my husbands parents live abroad we normally go there over Christmas and it's a very different Christmas meal wise, gorgeous but not my Christmas, if that makes sense, so this year it'll be about 5 years since my last Christmas dinner - so baby has been told, they come early enough that I'll be happy to venture out to my moms, or they come on their due date, ideally not later 😂

OP posts:
SMG1992 · 07/12/2023 10:16

Thanks for the new thread @Nclktnntt
congrats on everyone who has had their elcs- I hope all the mamas and babies are resting and recovering

I’ve got my 39 week midwife app today and am going to have a sweep. I keep getting cramps through the night but rhen they disappear during the day. I’m ready for this baby to come now so will be on my ball as soon as the midwife app is over. I’ve been eating dates and drinking tea for a couple of weeks already but might whack out the clary sage later too - I’ve been too nervous before now but I feel ready now

clarebear111 · 07/12/2023 11:25

Thanks for the new thread - good luck all!

Mushroo · 07/12/2023 11:41

Congratulations to all those you have had their babies!!

@SMG1992 can you let me know how you get on with the sweep? I’ve got one booked for after Xmas when I’ll be 40+2 so interested to hear how it goes as I’ve heard mixed reviews!

GingerJanee · 07/12/2023 12:47

@Mushroo sorry for jumping on I got a sweep done on Tuesday (38+5) felt crampy and sore afterwards for around 12/16 hours thought ok this is obviously doing something but so far no changes! They also said to expect some spotting etc. afterwards but I was fortunate enough not to have any of this so hopefully there’s some movement over the weekend otherwise I’m back in Tuesday for another.

Mushroo · 07/12/2023 12:52

@GingerJanee ah thats helpful thank you! Sounds like it went ok then - fingers crossed for you something starts to happen soon!

GingerJanee · 07/12/2023 12:58

@Mushroo I built it up a lot in my head beforehand which meant I was very tense and worked up going in, it only takes 2 minutes and although I don’t think anyone would volunteer for one it definitely wasn’t as bad as I had expected/built up. I’m happy to have another Tuesday now I know the reality and it is for the benefit of the baby (I keep telling myself this 😃)

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