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Best dishwashers 2024: freestanding and integrated models for spotless cleaning

A decent dishwasher not only saves time and elbow grease, but it’ll conserve energy, water and money too. We’ve rounded up the best dishwashers to do the dirty work so that you don’t have to.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Selection of the best dishwashers

A sinkful of dirty dishes is never a sight to behold, but the best dishwasher can – quite literally – take a load off your mind. Convenient and cost-effective, this time-saving appliance is one modern-day invention for which any busy parent is grateful, particularly for its ability to shorten a long list of chores.

Yet with most dishwashers looking alike and so many on the market, deciding which one to buy can be as draining as hand washing a stack of greasy pans and grimy plates. Kitchen appliances can be a pretty big investment initially too, so whether you’re after the top dishwasher or the best fridge freezer, you want to know you’re spending your money wisely.

The good news is that we’ve researched the very best appliances with the help of countless consumer reviews and Mumsnet users, who have come clean about this conscientious kitchen hero, having tried and tested all shapes, sizes and brands of dishwashers in their own homes. Rated on design, efficiency, capacity and value for money, there’s sure to be one in our selection to suit every household – whatever your budget or kitchen size.

From freestanding and integrated to eco-friendly and quiet, we dish the dirt on quality cleaning machines for all your crockery, cookware and cutlery. Here are the best dishwashers you can buy in 2024.

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Best overall integrated dishwasher
What we like
  • Smart voice controls

  • Incredibly quiet

  • Flexible racks and drawers

What we don't like
  • More costly than some

Key specs

Price on writing: £741 | Energy rating: C | Programmes: 6 | Capacity: 14 place settings | Dimensions: H81.5 x W59.8 x D55cm | Noise level: 44dB | Type: Fully integrated

What Mumsnet users say
skippy67 · Recommended brand
We have a Bosch. Cutlery tray, not basket. Fab. Do it.
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PickAChew · Tried & tested brand
We love our newish Bosch Serie 6, cutlery rack, weird drying stone and everything. It's easy to start and things do come out of it mostly dry, apart from deep dimples in the bottom of cups.
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Our verdict

With flexible baskets and height-adjustable racks, this spacious dishwasher has the capacity for up to 14 place settings, and it has the option to adjust the racks to accommodate pots, pans and chopping boards as required. It’s packed full of innovative features including auto stop leak protection, smart home capabilities and even a time light projector, allowing you to easily see how long is left on the cycle without needing to open the door.

The Bosch Serie 6 SMV6ZCX01G includes an easy-to-use drawer rather than the logistical challenge of a basket for simple and convenient cleaning of cutlery and utensils. It also boasts ‘PerfectDry’ capabilities, absorbing humidity from your dishes to ensure they can go straight from the washer to your cupboards without needing a once-over with a tea towel.

Bosch gets mentioned time and time again on our forums, with Mumsnet users praising the brand for quality, reliable cleaning power and ease of use. Voted a Which ‘best buy’ and ‘eco buy’, the Bosch Series 6 SMV6ZCX01G was a clear choice for our best integrated dishwasher award and is packed full of practical features to save parents time and energy.

Best overall freestanding dishwasher

Siemens IQ-300 SN23EC14CG Wi-Fi Connected Standard Dishwasher

What we like
  • Ability to control via app and smart devices

  • Intensive zone for heavily soiled pans

  • Auto programme that adjusts the cycle to save energy

  • Height-adjustable rack

  • Very quiet

What we don't like
  • Some of the smart features whilst clever, may end up unused

  • Pricey

Key specs

Price on writing: £769 | Energy rating: C | Programmes: 5 | Capacity: 13 place settings | Dimensions: H84.5 x W60 x D60cm | Noise level: 44dB | Type: Freestanding

What Mumsnet users say
Nickynackynooo · Tried & Tested
A Seimens. It even texts me when it’s finished!! And I can put it on from anywhere with the internet!!
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Our verdict

If you always seem to be rushing around and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, a smart dishwasher can certainly make your life a great deal easier. Connecting to your phone or tablet via the Home Connect app, the Siemens iQ300 can be controlled remotely both inside and outside of the home, from selecting programmes and starting the machine to adjusting timers and even seeing how long is left - all without stepping foot in the kitchen.

If you’ve emptied what residue you can into your kitchen bin and there’s food stuck to the bottom, we love the ‘Intensive Zone’ option which will increase the spray speed and temperature on the bottom basket for tackling heavily soiled pots and pans. There’s also an intelligent auto cycle, which uses sensors to measure how dirty your pots are and adjusts the cycle accordingly for maximum efficiency.

What's more, it also has an eco and half-load option to cut back on energy usage, so while it's pricey initially, it could save you money in the long run compared to a cheaper, less efficient model.

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Best budget integrated dishwasher
What we like
  • Budget-friendly price tag

  • Six programmes including 30-minute cycle

  • Adjustable basket heights

What we don't like
  • Some reviewers found instructions difficult to follow

  • No residual heat drying feature

Key specs

Price on writing: £369 | Energy rating: D | Cycle options: 6 | Capacity: 14 place settings | Dimensions: H81.8 x W59.8 x D55.0cm | Noise level: 48dB | Type: Integrated

What Mumsnet users say
ElizaPancakes · Brand recommended
We’ve got a Beko. Cheap as chips and works absolutely fine. No issues whatsoever.
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LovingBob · Brand tried & tested
We have a Beko fridge and two Beko freezers. We also have a Beko dishwasher which was a Which best buy. Happy with them all.
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Our verdict

With a choice of six varied programmes, this affordable Beko integrated dishwasher has a variety of time-saving settings that are ideal for busy families. We love the handy half-load function - a great option when you’ve run out of cutlery but haven’t quite filled the whole space. With a reduced cycle length and lower water consumption, it ensures lower energy use too compared to other cycles.

Large enough to fit up to 14 place settings, the adjustable shelves come with three different height settings, helping you easily accommodate larger glasses, pots and pans as required. Thanks to the LED spot which projects a red light onto the floor during a cycle, you can also easily see when the machine is in use.

If you’re looking to add an integrated dishwasher to your kitchen, but are a little limited on budget, the Beko offers a feature-rich, full-sized dishwasher that is surprisingly good value for money. Mumsnet users rate their other appliances too if you’re looking to kit out your whole kitchen - they’re also featured in our best freezer guide.

Best budget freestanding dishwasher

Indesit D2FHK26UK Freestanding Start Delay Dishwasher

What we like
  • Bargain price tag

  • Easy to use

  • 30-minute quick wash

  • Reviewers rave about how effective it is

  • Height-adjustable top basket

What we don't like
  • Basic model

  • Not the most efficient option

  • Delay timer limited to four hours

Key specs

Price on writing: £289 | Energy rating: E | Cycle options: 6 | Capacity: 14 place settings | Dimensions: H85 x W60 x D59cm | Noise level: 46dB | Type: Freestanding

What Mumsnet users say
Babdoc · Recommended brand
I’ve always had dirt cheap Indesit dishwashers. They last between 10 and 15 years, do an excellent cleaning job, and need no care or maintenance.
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Mrsjayy · Tried and tested brand
I have an Indesit dishwasher. It was just under £400 and it's good for the money. Try AO, that's where we always get our appliances.
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Our verdict

While our pick for the top overall freestanding dishwasher, the Siemens IQ-300, comes with all the bells and whistles, it also has a price tag to match. If you're looking for something much more pocket-friendly and can forgo smart features, the Indesit D2FHK26UK is our best dishwasher under £300.

It's a basic model, but it still has six programmes to choose between and users consistently rave about how effectively it cleans pots and pans, returning them to their former glory every time. Ideal for medium-sized families, it can hold up to 14 place settings and the 30-minute quick wash is a nice touch for those days when you're in a hurry before the school run.

The downside? With an 'E' energy rating, it's not the most efficient model out there, but we still think this is an absolute steal for the price.

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Best slimline dishwasher
What we like
  • A slimline design ideal for smaller kitchens

  • Extra drying option

  • Flexible racking and cutlery tray

What we don't like
  • Less ideal for large families

  • Requires more creativity when loading

  • Less efficient than other options

Key specs

Price on writing: £599 | Energy rating: E | Cycle options: 6 | Capacity: 9 place settings | Dimensions: H84.5 x W45 x D60cm | Noise level: 45dB | Type: Freestanding

What Mumsnet users say
woodhill · Tried & Tested
Bosch slimline was excellent.
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rabbit123 · Recommended
My Mum has a Bosch slimline which is brilliant. It's pretty much the same as our full-sized one but smaller. Very quiet and it washes well.
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Our verdict

Small but perfectly formed, the Bosch SPS4HMW53G may be a slimline dishwasher, but with space to accommodate up to nine place settings and ‘Rackmatic’ flexible shelving, you’ll be surprised just how much this compact design can accommodate.

Thanks to the smart connectivity, you can start your dishwasher remotely and check the time left on the cycle, whilst programmes such as the extra dry and quick wash cycle offer flexibility depending on your family’s needs.

Whilst there's a handy time delay option if you need it, you can also put this dishwasher on silence mode when required, operating at ultra-quiet noise levels - ideal if you work from home and don't want to disturb your morning Teams calls.

Best dishwasher for a quick wash
What we like
  • Automatic door opening to reduce condensation

  • Rapid 20-minute quick wash

  • Half-load function

What we don't like
  • No delay timer

  • Can be difficult to arrange larger dishes and containers

Key specs

Price on writing: £399 | Energy rating: D | Cycle options: 5 | Capacity: 14 place settings | Dimensions: (H)84.5 x (W)59.8 x (D)60cm | Noise level: 45dB | Type: Freestanding

What Mumsnet users say
JadeSeahorse · Recommended brand
I bought a Hisense which is brilliant... Also quite a bit cheaper than Bosch but still really sturdy.
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Our verdict

With a 20-minute quick wash programme, the Hisense HS620D10XUK offers one of the fastest dishwasher cycles we’ve seen, allowing families to get their washing up done and dusted and the plates put away straight after finishing their evening meal.

With a stylish stainless steel design, this spacious dishwasher can accommodate up to 14 place settings and has a fairly good energy rating (D) when compared to some other full-sized machines.

Parents will love the easy-load cutlery tray for organising knives, forks and utensils and the auto-opening door which can reduce condensation and moisture. The half-load option is a convenient way to wash smaller loads and automatically reduces water and energy consumption.

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Best mid-range smart dishwasher

Neff N30 S153HAX02G Fully Integrated Dishwasher

What we like
  • Smart home connectivity

  • Flexible shelving

What we don't like
  • Some reviewers found shelving tricky to adjust

  • Cutlery basket offers less flexibility than a tray

Key specs

Price on writing: £549 | Energy rating: D | Cycle options: 5 | Capacity: 13 place settings | Dimensions: H81.5 x W59.8 x D55cm | Noise level: 48dB | Type: Integrated

What Mumsnet users say
MT2017 · Tried and tested brand
Ours is an inbuilt Neff and has been going for 17 years. We had not expected it to last that long!
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Anjo2011 · Recommended brand
We have a Neff one, purchased last year. Has been great, always use the quick 55min cycle and have had no problems with it [at] all. We live in a hard water area so make sure we use salt and I clean filters regularly. Have no reason not to recommend it.
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Our verdict

This smart dishwasher has five unique programmes that solve the most common cleaning challenges. From extra speed (which cleans three times faster for when you’re in a hurry) to the Pro Chef 70-degree setting that can tackle even the most stubborn soiled pots and pans, you can tailor your programmes to get great cleaning results from your dishwasher tablets, every single wash.

When you’ve cleared your dishes away, the Neff N30 S153HAX02G can accommodate up to 13 place settings. It also has a height-adjustable top basket and foldable racks on the shelves to allow different-sized dishes, glasses, pots and pans to be added and removed with ease.

Fully integrated, it blends seamlessly into your kitchen design, with automatic leak detection that will shut off automatically in the event of a fault. Thanks to Home Connect, you can even ask your smart devices to select programmes, start your dishwasher or see how long is left on the cycle, whilst the light projects on the floor as a visual reminder that the dishwasher is in use.

Best dishwasher for large families

Hotpoint H8IHP42LUK Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher

What we like
  • Sensor adjusts the cycle to your pots

  • Good capacity that makes optimum use of space

  • Door automatically opens at end of cycle to speed up drying

  • Very quiet

What we don't like
  • Not ideal for those wanting a freestanding model

  • Some cycles take a while

Key specs

Price on writing: £470 | Energy rating: C | Cycle options: 10 | Capacity: 14 place settings | Dimensions: H82 x W59.8 x D55.5cm | Noise level: 42dB | Type: Integrated

What Mumsnet users say
GrumpyHoonMain · Tried and tested brand
Hotpoint for me. They last the longest - left one at my old place that was nearly 20 years old and working perfectly.
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Collidascope · Recommended brand
I think ours is Hotpoint, but the amazing thing about it is it has a quick cycle which still gets everything completely clean. It's great for when you're doing a big dinner for lots of people because you can load it up after a course, and then it'll be done by the time you've finished the next one. I'm evangelical about it.
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Our verdict

This sleek and discrete integrated dishwasher is ideal for large households thanks to its clever use of space. It holds 14 place settings, which is standard for full-sized dishwashers, however, the Maxi Space technology makes the most of the layout with three racks for your pots and pans, giving you 10% more space than other Hotpoint models.

It's a good choice for tackling stubborn stains too; with an impressive 10 settings to choose between including an intensive option, users praise its effectiveness at lifting dirt and food residue. And, while some reviewers found certain cycles took longer than they'd like, the rapid 30-minute quick wash cycle is perfect for a quick kitchen tidy up after your evening meal. What's more, the door opens automatically when the cycle is complete, preventing moisture build-up and leaving your dishes sparkling clean and bone dry. Not bad for under £500.

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Best dishwasher for energy efficiency
What we like
  • Excellent energy rating

  • Brand trusted by Mumsnetters

  • Very quiet

  • Great cleaning power

What we don't like
  • Premium price tag

Key specs

Price on writing: £949 | Energy rating: A | Cycle options: 6 | Capacity: 14 place settings | Dimensions: H84.5 x W60 x D60cm | Noise level: 44dB | Type: Freestanding

What Mumsnet users say
RedToothBrush · Recommended brand
I'd swear by Bosch. Reasonably priced for efficiency.
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Our verdict

As you can probably tell from the brand's previous mentions in this round-up, Mumsnetters are big fans of Bosch dishwashers. What really sets this pick apart from the rest, however, is its excellent energy rating, A (the highest possible grade on the scale). So, while the initial price may seem steep, it could actually help to cut down on energy bills in the long run. In fact, according to AO it could save you around £494 over its lifetime when compared to the least efficient model on the market.

Users also love how quiet it is, and it has a handy 'silence' program, making it ideal if you're working from home in the same room as your dishwasher. It's highly effective too, leaving pots and pans sparking clean and free of streaks, even on lower temperatures. We like that it dries them completely too using efficient Zeolith technology, so they're ready to use or store straight away.

There's plenty of room in the dishwasher, enough for 14 place settings, and it features a VarioDrawer, which can easily be adjusted to make more space. Fans of high tech will be thrilled that it can be controlled on your phone via Wi-Fi, though we think this is a nice-to-have feature rather than a make-or-break must-have.

Best high-end dishwasher

Miele G5350 SCVi Active Plus Fully Integrated Dishwasher

What we like
  • Premium, quality brand

  • Tested to the equivalent of 20 years of use 

  • Quiet

What we don't like
  • Expensive

  • Long quick wash

Key specs

Price on writing: £1,149 | Energy rating: C | Cycle options: 7 | Capacity: 14 place settings | Dimensions: H81 x W60 x D55cm | Noise level: 44dB | Type: Integrated

What Mumsnet users say
DobbyTheHouseElk · Tried and tested brand
I now have a Miele. It’s fabulous. The stacking baskets are so clever, I can fit so much more inside, there’s no wasted space. Also, it only uses 6l of water per wash. So it’s much better for our water meter. Everything comes out gleaming on the quickest wash. It’s really good.
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Our verdict

Miele comes well regarded amongst Mumsnet users for producing high-quality kitchen goods that are tested over a 20-year lifespan. Despite their high price tag, you certainly get your money's worth, with a premium product that is packed full of innovative features and is built to stand the test of time.

The door opens automatically at the end of the cycle, so you won’t need to worry about drying up water that's pooled in your bowls and glasses or leave your pots to dry on your dish rack after a wash. Humidity is released through the door and prevents condensation build-up, resulting in cupboard dry, sparkling clean dishes every single time.

With space for 14 place settings, you can easily wash up after large gatherings and dinner parties. The included 3D Multiflex Tray comes with a variety of adjustable height positions that make it simple to accommodate different-sized crockery and cutlery, as well as pots, pans and utensils. We also love the powerful intensive mode that can easily tackle more stubborn dried-on stains. The quick wash is very effective too, though at 58 minutes, it has a longer duration than other models if you're needing a quick spruce up.

What type of dishwasher should I get?

There are four main types of dishwasher and which one is right for you will very much depend upon your kitchen size and whether you wish to have the dishwasher blend into your kitchen or be visible, out on display.

Freestanding - Freestanding dishwashers are self-contained dishwashers that fit beneath your regular kitchen countertops. They don't require a fascia to match your kitchen cupboards, and as such, they are often cheaper and easier to install.

Integrated - Integrated dishwashers are designed to blend into your kitchen surroundings, fitting behind a fascia that matches your cupboard fronts. Integrated dishwashers have the benefit of creating a consistent, uniform look in your kitchen. However, the matching fascia will need to be purchased separately, so you’ll need to factor that into the overall cost.

Full-sized - With a capacity ranging from 10 - 14 place settings, these larger-sized dishwashers are ideal for medium to large families and can accommodate a wide range of plates, pans and cutlery, usually with a variety of shelf settings. If you are a small household, you may manage with a slimline dishwasher, but if you have the space, a larger machine can reduce washing up by having the additional capacity for pots, pans and chopping boards too.

Slimline - If your kitchen is more limited on space or you’d rather prioritise kitchen storage but still want to avoid being stuck at your kitchen sink for hours, a slimline dishwasher is a smaller, narrower unit, normally accommodating around nine place settings. Whilst they may need a bit more thought when loading to make the most of the available space, they can still offer an efficient dishwashing solution on a smaller scale.

What are the best dishwasher features to consider?

There are several factors to bear in mind when in the market for a new dishwasher:

  • Size: The amount of space you have available will dictate whether you opt for a full-size, slimline or compact model.

  • Capacity: Consider the number of people in your household and how often you’re likely to use the dishwasher and choose one that caters for the appropriate number of place settings.

  • Reliability: There’s no sure-fire way of knowing how long an appliance will last or how reliable it’ll be, but reading as many reviews as possible and asking for recommendations from friends and family members is often the best method of finding a decent dishwasher.

  • Features and programmes: Does the dishwasher do everything you want it to do? Does it have a good range of cycles? A simple machine will suffice for some users, while others will prefer an all-singing, all-dancing model. It’s worth remembering that the more complicated it is, the more there is to go wrong. Parents should also be on the lookout for any safety features, such as a child lock.

  • Finish: If you opt for a freestanding model, choose one that pleases your eye, whether that be white, black or stainless steel.

  • Noise level: Check the specifications for the dishwasher’s decibel level – the lower it is, the quieter it’ll be. Those with a rating in the early-40dBs or lower are so quiet that you’ll hardly know they’re in operation.

  • Guarantee: Most models will come with a warranty, yet with many of them being for only two or three years, the likelihood of it being used is (hopefully) fairly slim.

  • Budget: Dishwashers vary vastly in price, from a couple of hundred pounds to more than £1,000. Choose one to suit your budget and bear in mind that, if you pay double the price of a basic model, in theory it needs to last twice as long to be worth the outlay.

How efficient are dishwashers?

Most dishwasher brands have become more conscious of environmental issues in recent years, adding innovative features to reduce the amount of electricity and water their dishwashers consume; something which has become even more important to customers during a cost of living crisis.

The universally used energy efficiency scale was revised in March 2021, and appliances are now given an energy rating from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient. These ratings take into account both water consumption and energy use. Due to the amount of water used, dishwashers generally aren’t the most energy-efficient devices, so a machine with a C or D rating can generally be considered as good. You can get A rated dishwashers but they tend to come with a premium price tag.

Is hand washing cheaper than running a dishwasher?

As a general rule, washing by hand is cheaper than running a dishwasher. That said, not all of us want to spend hours at our kitchen sink.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average dishwasher typically costs between £50-100 a year to run (slightly less for a slimline) - around 8% of our electricity bill.

It’s cheaper to run your dishwasher during quiet times when electricity is cheaper (typically between 10pm and 8am) but you should avoid running appliances when you're in bed, as this could pose a fire hazard.

As a general rule, you should also wait until your dishwasher is full to run your dishwasher most efficiently (unless your machine offers an energy-saving half-load programme).

What size dishwasher should I get?

When considering which size dishwasher to buy, you should consider both the available kitchen space and the size of your family. For smaller, more compact living spaces, a slimline dishwasher can be a great option, saving valuable space that could be used for storage or other appliances.

For larger families, however, a slimline dishwasher has a more limited capacity which may mean you need to run it more regularly. It's important to find a balance that works for you and your family.

How to look after your dishwasher

While there’s no specific time frame for a dishwasher’s anticipated longevity, the average life expectancy is around 10 years. This will vary depending on how often the machine is used, its quality and whether or not it’s regularly maintained, cleaned and unclogged. Treated properly, dishwashers have been known to last a couple of decades – and sometimes more.

To keep your dishes sparkling clean, it’s crucial you clean your dishwasher too.

Clearing the filter weekly can prevent the build-up of food waste that can block or damage your machine. Around once a month (or when your dishwasher prompts you) you should also use a rinse aid and top-up dishwasher salt, which can prevent limescale and grease build-up, clear the pipes and ensure your dishwasher stays hygienic and clean.

Running an empty dishwasher with a dose of the best dishwasher cleaner every so often can also help freshen up your appliance and keep it smelling fresh.

How we chose our recommendations

Recommendations from real parents

To bring you our definitive list of the best dishwashers you can buy today, we first sought the trusted opinions of Mumsnet users, getting their feedback on the dishwashers that they rate, recommend and use in their own kitchens.

We also looked out for any negative reviews, where Mumsnet users highlighted products that they felt were poor quality, overpriced or performed badly when returning dishes to their former glory.

Expert opinions

Next up, we considered reviews and feedback from trusted industry experts. We want to be confident that the products we recommend are fit for purpose, so we looked out for award-winning products or those that were well regarded in the marketplace, including those recommended by consumer champions such as Which.

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the best dishwashers on the market, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites such as Amazon, Currys, and John Lewis to get wider consumer experiences regarding the products on our shortlist.

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After buying her first ever dishwasher in 2022, Lucy knows only too well the benefits that a clean and high-performing dishwasher can bring when juggling family life. Lucy's also written a numerous Mumsnet round-ups on highly-rated home buys, including the best slimline dishwashers, integrated dishwashers and dishwasher cleaners, so she's the resident MNHQ expert when it comes to sniffing out the top dishwashers for families.

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