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Best wireless keyboards for 2022

Do cluttered desks drive you crazy? Do you need portable tech for a hybrid of office and home working? Or are you after a keyboard that can be put away to stop any curious children from adding their input? A wireless keyboard could be your solution.

By Hannah Wilson | Last updated Feb 4, 2022

Desk Set Up with Mac, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Shopping for a wireless keyboard, as with any piece of tech, can be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with all the different features. Luckily, we’re on hand to help you choose the right bit of kit no matter where you’re working.

The first thing to do is think about how and where you plan to use your keyboard. A portable keyboard is ideal for those who split their time between working from home and the office. A backlit, quiet keyboard is a great choice for parents who find it easier to get more work done at night after the kids have gone to bed.

The second thing to do is try some keyboards out in person (if you can). We know not everyone has the time or energy to try out products in-store, but it can help to determine which type of wireless keyboard you’d prefer.

But of course, if you can’t test them in person, then the second-best thing you can do is discover honest and in-depth reviews (like this one) to determine which keyboard to choose. All of the wireless keyboards in our round-up have been vetted and recommended by real people from the Mumsnet forums, trusted consumer review sites (such as Which) and consumer reviews on retail websites, such as Amazon and Argos.

Our top picks include a range of wireless keyboards, from ones that are ideal for typing to ones that are perfect for gaming. So whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it in this round-up.

Here are the eight best wireless keyboards to buy in 2022.

1. Best overall wireless keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard

White Apple Magic Keyboard

Price: £89.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“My daughter loves using my iPad with a connected keyboard (iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard) to write stories.” (Rated by Mumsnet user MamaNell)

Whether you have a Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod, Mumsnetters rate the wireless and rechargeable Apple Magic Keyboard. It has a long battery life of up to a month, which means you can get plenty of use out of it before charging it with the USB-C to Lightning Cable (included with keyboard).

Using Apple Scissor Switches, the keyboard is a delight to type on thanks to the tactile feedback of every keystroke. The minimalist and compact design makes it ideal for those who split their time between work/school and home working. 

We like that you can sync this keyboard with multiple Apple devices, though you can only use it with macOS 11.3 or later, an iPadOS 14.5, or an iPhone/iPod touch running an iOS system of 14.5 or later. As such, those who have earlier Apple products might want to consider the cheaper ASHU Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, which is suitable for Mac OS 10.13 and iOS 10.3.2 devices and beyond.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is great for busy folk who want a keyboard with a simple set-up and a great typing experience. However, it has limited features, so it's not suitable for those wanting more from their keyboards, such as gamers or programmers.


  • Minimalist and portable design
  • Lightweight but sturdy keyboard
  • Typing is easy, and the keys feel light and responsive
  • Up to a month of battery life
  • Quiet


  • Only partially compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Keyboard has limited features

Key specs

  • Switches: Apple Scissor Switch
  • Backlighting: No
  • Size: ‎29.7 x 12.8 x 1.9cm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

2. Best budget wireless keyboard: Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows

Black Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Mouse

Price: From £21.75 | Buy now from Amazon

“[I have the] Logitech Keyboard & Mouse.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user ProtectAll)

Although it looks basic, the Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo has plenty of features that’ll appeal to those who want a budget-friendly keyboard primarily for typing and working. 

Our favourites include an easy plug-in dongle set-up (with a wireless range of 10 metres), a long battery life (up to 36 months for the keyboard and 12 months for the mouse), and comfortable, quiet keys. The spill-resistant design is an added bonus.

You can also make use of the eight multimedia hotkeys (three of which are programmable), so you can gain instant access to the internet, emails or switch applications. This keyboard is compatible with Windows, but it can also be compatible with Mac systems - however, you can’t customise the hotkeys on a Mac.

The wireless mouse doesn’t use the most advanced tech, but it does have a handy middle button that can be programmed to minimise windows, open programmes and, most importantly for parents, lock your screen.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Spill-resistant and durable keys
  • Programmable keys and mouse 
  • Easy to set up


  • Not portable due to it being a full-size keyboard
  • Primarily for Windows (not Mac systems)
  • Loud keyboard
  • Flimsy mouse

Key specs

  • Switches: Membrane Romer-G
  • Backlighting: No
  • Size: ‎3.8 x 14.8 x 51cm
  • Connectivity: USB wireless

3. Best silent wireless keyboard: Logitech K800 Illuminated Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Black Logitech Illuminated Wireless Keyboard with Mouse

Price: From £116.98 | Buy now from Amazon

Parents who get more work done after the kids have gone to sleep and the house is quiet need a reliable keyboard with backlighting, which is what the Logitech K800 Illuminated Wireless Keyboard provides. And what’s more, the backlighting can be manually altered or can automatically adjust to the darkness of the room. 

The overall typing experience of this keyboard is comfortable and ergonomic, making it the ideal choice for typists and working professionals. Thanks to the PerfectStroke key system, you can enjoy a smoother keys feeling, and a faster feedback and response time. The keys are also quiet, so you won’t wake anybody up while you’re tapping away.

Setting the wireless keyboard and mouse up is easy as all you need to do is plug in the Logitech’s unifying receiver dongle. We like that you can use the USB Unifying receiver to pair the keyboard up with six compatible devices.

The SilentTouch technology, installed in the Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse, can reduce over 90% of clicking sounds. And unlike some other keyboard and mouse combos, such as the Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows, the design of the mouse isn’t overlooked as it has contoured rubber grips to provide additional comfort.


  • Comes with adjustable backlighting
  • Comfortable, ergonomic and quiet
  • Connectivity that is pairable with up to six devices
  • Keyboard has a battery life of 10 days, and recharging it (with the universal micro-USB) only takes three to six hours
  • Mouse battery can last up to 24 months


  • The keyboard is only compatible with Windows
  • The keyboard battery is non-replaceable
  • Keys might stick

Key specs

  • Switches: Scissor
  • Backlighting: Yes
  • Size: ‎20.8 x 5.87 x 46.84cm
  • Connectivity: USB wireless

4. Best ergonomic wireless keyboard: Microsoft L5V-00006 Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard, Number Pad and Mouse

Price: £60 | Buy now from Amazon

“I use the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard at home. I have their wireless Sculpt keyboard at work.”  (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user EggysMom)

The Microsoft L5V-00006 Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard is perfectly suited for typing. However, the ergonomic design may also attract programmers and gamers as the split keyboard and reverse incline encourage you to sit and type in a more natural way, which can help to prevent discomfort.

While the layout is quirky, which may take some getting used to, you’ll find a cushioned rest to help support your wrist, provide you with extra comfort and prevent repetitive strain injuries. With tactile bump feedback and quiet keys, typing on this keyboard is enjoyable and easy. And the mouse has an ergonomic design, with a raised thumb scoop to help support your hand throughout the day.

The use of disposable batteries and the way the key printing can fade over time are two things that sadly let this keyboard down.


  • Helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Enjoyable and easy to type on
  • Good ergonomics, as the split keyboard design helps with natural body alignment


  • Uses disposable batteries
  • Key printing may fade over time
  • Number pad wireless connection isn’t reliable 

Key specs

  • Switches: Scissor
  • Backlighting: No
  • Size: ‎39.19 x 22.81 x 3.51cm
  • Connectivity: USB wireless

5. Best wireless mechanical keyboard: Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Black Corsair Wireless Keyboard with Blue Backlight

Price: £131.98 | Buy now from Amazon

The Cherry MX Red switches, which offer a light, quick and responsive key feel, attract many gamers to the Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. 

But this keyboard design has something for everyone. The easy-to-use keyboard and detachable wrist rest appeal to workers, gamers and programmers. After all, who doesn't want ultimate desk comfort? But if you’d rather game or work from the sofa, then you’re in luck, as this keyboard pairs with the Corsair Lapboard, which can be bought separately. 

We like that this keyboard has the flexible connectivity option of either a USB receiver or Bluetooth, which can connect to two devices. It’s also boosted with advanced 1ms 2.4GHz wireless technology, allowing you to connect quickly and start playing sooner.

This keyboard has a blue backlight, making it ideal for night owls, late-night gamers and parents who work at night. It’s fully compatible with Windows and partially compatible with other systems (including macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and iPadOS).


  • Two connectivity options (USB receiver and Bluetooth)
  • Backlighting
  • Responsive Cherry MX Red switch keys
  • Has dedicated media keys and macro programmable keys


  • Expensive
  • Lacks onboard memory and can’t connect to the Cloud
  • Battery life of up to 15 hours

Key specs

  • Switches: Cherry MX Red
  • Backlighting: Yes
  • Size: ‎36.58 x 17.27 x 4.06cm
  • Connectivity: USB wireless or Bluetooth

6. Best wireless gaming keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Keyboard

Razer Wireless Keyboard with Colourful Backlight

Price: £202.58 | Buy now from Amazon

“My employer has just bought me a Razer mechanical keyboard - meant for gamers, but it's been a remarkable help for my arthritic joints.” (Rated by Mumsnet user Bingobango69)

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Keyboard comes with a comfortable, ergonomic wrist rest, a full set of media control keys, RGB backlighting and Razer Yellow Mechanical linear switches that give you a smooth and silent typing experience. 

No detail was too small to overlook when this keyboard was designed. Even the keycaps are doubleshot ABS, meaning no matter how furiously or repetitively you press on the keys, the labelling won’t wear off.

In terms of connectivity, you can either use the USB receiver or Bluetooth, and connecting with Bluetooth allows you to pair with three other devices. While pricey, the macro-programmable keys make this keyboard ideal for gamers and programmers alike.


  • Has macro-programmable keys and media keys
  • Quiet and easy to type on
  • Keys are durable and built to last
  • Can pair with three other devices


  • Expensive
  • RGB backlighting drains battery fast
  • Not portable

Key specs

  • Switches: Razer Yellow Mechanical (linear)
  • Backlighting: Yes
  • Size: 17.7 x 9.8 x 1.7‎cm
  • Connectivity: USB wireless or Bluetooth

7. Best wireless keyboard with touchpad: Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Price: £32.99 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re always on the go or need an ultra-portable keyboard, then this Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad by Achort should do the trick. Due to its compact and thin design, the keyboard may look tricky to type on at first glance, but when extended, it's almost full-size, meaning you can quickly send emails or write up reports whether you’re in the office or on the train.

It’s compatible with Windows, Android and iOS systems (however, the touchpad doesn’t work for iOS systems). We recommend using this keyboard when commuting or for short periods as the battery life only lasts up to 48 hours. Although if you need to use it for longer, then charging is simple and only takes two hours for a full charge.

Connecting your device is straightforward as all you need to do is pair your device with the keyboard via Bluetooth. And the sensitive integrated touchpad is the ideal mouse replacement, making it a great keyboard travel companion.


  • Very portable 
  • Has useful integrated touchpad
  • Affordable


  • Disconnects from devices when not in close range
  • Short 48-hour battery life

Key specs

  • Switches: Scissor switch
  • Backlighting: No
  • Size: 31.4 x 9.1 x 0.6cm (when folded: 16.1 x 9.1 x 1.2cm)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

8. Best wireless keyboard and mouse: Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

Black Cherry Stream Keyboard and Mouse

Price: £71.72 | Buy now from Amazon

The Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard and Mouse set is about as universal as they get. Although the design is simple, it has plenty of handy features, such as large keys which are responsive and comfortable to use, programmable function keys, and no lagging or loss of connection. 

The easy set-up makes this keyboard ideal for everyone as all you need to do is insert two AA batteries, plug the USB wireless receiver in (which connects both keyboard and mouse), switch them both on, and you’re ready to start typing. 

If you want something practical and budget-friendly, and intend to use it for typing, then this keyboard and mouse set is a great choice. However, if you want a keyboard for gaming, programming or creative tasks, we’d suggest opting for one with more features, such as the Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to type on
  • Adjustable keyboard height


  • Plain/simple design
  • Lacks additional features
  • The keyboard is large (not portable)

Key specs

  • Switches: Cherry SX scissor
  • Backlighting: No
  • Size: ‎46.23 x 16.23 x 2.29cm
  • Connectivity: USB wireless

Are wireless keyboards any good? 

Wireless keyboards have many practical benefits that can transform how you work, giving you more flexibility. Here are a few considerations to help you decide whether a wireless keyboard is right for you.

They're portable

Portable wireless keyboards bring a lot of freedom and flexibility. For example, those who work from home full-time can benefit from freely moving between rooms without the hassle of rearranging wires. Those who split their time between home and the office can easily transport their laptop and keyboard and enjoy a quick set-up wherever they are.

They help to prevent clutter

Keyboards with wires can make a desk look cluttered and messy, while wireless keyboards can prevent clutter and even boost productivity.

A wireless keyboard also helps you save time if you need to quickly clear your desk (as you don't need to faff with untangling wires), which is useful for those who have a home office/guest room or for those who need to have a clear space for paperwork.

They're comfortable to use

As well as allowing you to work from wherever you like, a wireless keyboard also brings comfort in the form of ergonomics. With a clear and clutter-free desk, you can align your keyboard and mouse wherever feels most comfortable for you and your posture.

Practising good posture while you work can help to reduce aches and pains. We recommend keeping your keyboard and mouse central to your body and ensuring your monitor or laptop is at eye level. And don’t forget to sit upright and avoid slouching or hunching over.

They protect your eyes

Without adequate screen breaks and distance between you and the screen, you might be damaging your eyes. If you primarily work from a laptop or smaller screen, it can be difficult to create a safe distance. 

But a wireless keyboard can help you maintain distance from your screen and protect your vision. USB receiver wireless keyboards have a range of between six and 30 feet, and Bluetooth wireless keyboards often have a range of up to 33 feet.

Multiple device connectivity 

Unlike wired keyboards, Bluetooth wireless keyboards can connect to several different devices, so you can work on a variety of screens all at once or effortlessly switch between them.

How do I choose the best wireless keyboard?

We all have different typing habits and requirements, which is why, when it comes to choosing the best wireless keyboard, you need to think about what your specific needs are. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when looking for the best wireless keyboard.

  • Purpose: Choose a keyboard based on what you want to use it for: typing, gaming, or programming. Our advice is to choose a sculpted keyboard (or one that offers wrist support) with keys that are well spaced if you want to do a lot of typing. We recommend that gamers opt for a mechanical keyboard because they’re faster, more tactile and have greater durability than a membrane keyboard, while programmers should opt for a keyboard with plenty of macro-programmable keys.
  • Size: If you want a wireless keyboard that’s easy to transport, then you should think about getting a compact keyboard that’s portable and travel-friendly. If you’re mostly going to keep the wireless keyboard on your desk or at home, then a larger one might be more useful as these often have extra features that can help enhance the way you work.
  • Price: Think about how much you want to spend and how many features you need. Budget-friendly wireless keyboards often have fewer features but can fulfill basic needs. Top-of-the-range wireless keyboards can come with backlighting, multiple switches, media keys or programmable keys (but are more expensive).
  • Switch: Mechanical keyboards cost more, but they often last longer than membrane keyboards and have different switch options. Three common switches to choose from include:
  1. Linear - ideal for gamers because these keys are easier to repeatedly press
  2. Tactile - ideal for programmers or typists because these keys provide feedback to let you know you correctly pressed the key down
  3. Clicky switches - ideal for typists again because they make a clicking sound to indicate that you pressed the key

If you choose a non-mechanical keyboard, you can expect to save money, but they might not last as long. Non-mechanical keyboards, or membrane keyboards, often accompany laptops and all-in-one desktops. Membrane keyboards might be more family-friendly because they fare better against liquids.

  • Batteries: All wireless keyboards need batteries to operate, so you should think about which battery options work best for you. Some wireless keyboards need AA or AAA batteries, while others have an external rechargeable lithium battery and charger or an integrated lithium battery.
  • Backlighting: If you plan to work late in a dimly lit office, or you’re a late-night gamer, then you might want to think about getting a keyboard with backlighting. There are wireless keyboards with single colours or multiple coloured RGB keyboards to choose from.
  • Bluetooth vs USB plug-in: Another thing to consider before buying a wireless keyboard is the connectivity. A Bluetooth connection is great if you want to connect to different devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or several devices all at once. Whereas a wireless keyboard with a USB plug-in connection might be easier and quicker to set up.

Which wireless keyboard is best? 

Whether you want a clutter-free desk, a quieter keyboard or a better typing experience, the Apple Magic Keyboard has everything you need. Users rate the minimalist design and long battery life and it’s lightweight, making it a great portable, travel-friendly option.

How we chose our recommendations

We spent six hours weighing up, analysing and researching the best wireless keyboards. Our recommendations came from our Mumsnet forums and have been tried and tested by real people, so you can be more confident when choosing which wireless keyboard is right for you.

As well as investigating our forums, we also scoured expert review sites, such as Which, and browsed online retail reviews from the likes of Amazon and Argos to get a thorough and fair overview of which keyboards are best for different people and their needs.

Why you should trust us

We work hard to provide unbiased, independent advice you can trust. We do sometimes earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links in our articles. This helps us fund more helpful articles like this one.