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37 top toys for Christmas 2021: the most popular toys according to parents

Is that the sound of Santa’s ‘nice list’ being drawn up? Don’t worry, we’ve got this year's most popular Christmas toys for kids of every age.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Nov 22, 2021

Child unwrapping a Christmas present

Trying to predict what this year’s Buzz Lightyear or LOL Glamper Van will be? We’ve done the research by consulting parents and looking at industry predictions to make our best guesses at what the bestselling toys for Christmas 2021 will be - and we’ve thrown in a few more we think will bring a smile to your children’s faces too. 

From dolls and cuddly toys to coding games and Lego sets, we’re sure you’ll find something on our 2021 top Christmas toys list for the kids in your life. Brace your wallet, take a seat and let us do all the legwork for you.

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The top toys for Christmas 2021

1. Kaloo Tendresse Jade Doll

Kaloo Tendresse Jade Doll

Price: £20 | Buy now from JoJo Maman Bebe 

"Jojo Maman Bebe does a range of rag dolls, including black ones.They’re good quality dolls and machine washable. My daughter has one" ModgePodge

JoJo’s soft and beautiful Kaloo Tendresse dolls are a gorgeous present for a first Christmas but much older children will love them just as much. The Kaloo range is really lovely and features different dolls with a variety of hair and skin colours and styles. This Jade Kaloo wears a pretty ‘hearst’ dress, which can be customised with your child’s name if you wish, and a stylish red hat and matching boots. With no ‘hard bits’ on her she’s perfect for bedtime as well as taking to nursery or in the car, and is machine washable in case of any spills. 

Age: From birth

2. Triclimb Single Rainbow

Triclimb rainbow

Price: £230 | Buy now from Babipur

"My grandson has the double Rainbow Triclimb with Miri slide from Babipur. He has had it over a year now and I’d say it gets played with daily and looks beautiful"  - Isadora2007

It can be tricky to find gifts that are suitable from birth but believe it or not, this baby climbing frame is. Designed to help babies pull themselves up and eventually learn to climb, it works really well as a den too. The Triclimb is beautifully designed, it has rainbow colours on one side and is made from natural wood.

It’s suitable up to 100kg, so will have years of play in it and you can add accessories such as a slide for them to clamber on and roll cars down, to change it up a bit as they grow. 

Age: From birth upwards

3. Fisher-Price Rollin’ Rovee

Price: £58 | Buy now from Amazon

"Hopefully the Rollin Rovee will be half price in the January sales so I can get one for DD’s 1st birthday" - InDreamland

Lights, sounds and music. What more could a baby want? Rollin’ Rovee may not be for life, but he’s certainly not just for Christmas either. Suitable from six months all the way up to preschool age, there are four play modes to choose from, which means Rollin’ Rovee grows with your child, teaching the alphabet, numbers, directions, opposites and more. He even teaches little ones to play catch. Babies love Rovee’s fluffy hair and light-up face but the play value in this toy and developmental opportunities for your child right up to preschool really make Rovee worth his price tag. 

Little ones will love the light-up face and soft arms, while bigger kids will enjoy learning the alphabet, opposites and following directions. Just don’t forget to buy five AA batteries (not included).

Age: 6 months+

4. Grimm’s Large Rainbow

Price: £69 | Buy now from Babipur

"The rainbow, bought 10 years ago, was worth every penny and is still enjoyed occasionally now" - JuiceyBetty 

Grimm’s Rainbow has long been a favourite with Mumsnetters thanks to its colourful design and educational credentials (it’s inspired by the Steiner educational movement that believes in learning through open-ended play). Each rainbow is cut from a single block of lime wood and naturally stained using non-toxic, water-based colour, which means it’s totally safe for babies and looks beautiful, too.

While it’s definitely on the pricey side, it’s surprisingly versatile. Babies love the tactile wood and colours, while toddlers can balance the rainbow in a variety of different ways and make elaborate creations – think shelters for animals, tunnels for vehicles and cots for dolls. Mumsnetters who bought it years ago say their children played with it all the way through primary school. Another Christmas buy that you’ll still be pleased you made years down the road.

Age: 6 months+

5. Brio My First Railway Set

Brio My First Train Set

Price: £39 | Buy now from Amazon

"We bought a Brio box set for my son’s second birthday. He loves it, and on the plus side, once you've bought a boxed set like that, there's no need to get any more" - LuluPop

A wooden train set is a bit of a must-have for any child and they usually see years of use. This starter set by Brio (the gold standard of wooden train sets) will give them a quality base to build on in years to come. You can add tunnels, more track, level crossings and signal boxes for birthdays and Christmases as they grow older. Brio tracks are also compatible with most of the other wooden railway tracks on the market, which makes it a really good buy; you can always add on cheaper bits from Ikea or elsewhere to stretch your railway further. This set comes with some track, plenty of ramps, stackers and curves and also a battery-powered engine and carriage. They’ll be chuffed to bits!

Age: 18 months+

6. Race and Chase Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas Race and Chase Train Set

Price: £30 | Buy now from Amazon

"My DD won't go anywhere without her Gordon and Henry trains. She has a big brother who is a Thomas superfan which probably explains a lot. She really does love them though!" - ZGaze

Fans of Thomas and the rest of his Sodor friends will love this new Race and Chase toy from Fisher Price. Like all Fisher Price toys, it’s bright, appealing and chunky enough for little hands to master easily. Your toddler can send the engines backwards and forwards, chasing after each other, and linked by the cloud of steam that also works as a carry-handle. They’ll recognise the character phrases and enjoy the realistic train sounds as they manipulate the remote control to chug the trains across the floor. 

Age: 2+

7. Bilibo Rocking Toy

Price: £28 | Buy now from Amazon

"My daughter at about three,  pretended to be a tortoise in it, that it was a hill to jump off, a boat, a spare doll's cot, a fairground ride. Oh and as a water bucket in summer" - Pollywollydoodle

Described on Mumsnet as a “funny shell-shaped piece of plastic,” this is the ultimate imagination toy. Perfect for pretending to be a tortoise or a sailor, or rocking dolls to sleep, most older toddlers will also use it to spin around really fast. Recommended for toddlers aged two upwards, the Bilibo also gets good reviews from parents whose children have Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Age: 2+

8. Zog Tonies Audio Character

Zog Tonies Audio Character

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

"We’ve got a Tonie and love it. We have three figures so far, and two of them we can load up with whatever we want" - ThePenIsBlue

Toniebox is a portable audio player (if you don’t have one it’s an excellent idea for a ‘big’ Christmas present) which plays ‘Tonies’ (essentially audiobooks). The genius part is that you place a Tonie character on the Toniebox to make it play and simply remove it to stop it. It’s designed to be simple enough for a toddler to use alone and the chunky Tonie characters are really appealing and easy to handle. We particularly like this Zog Tonie, a perfect bedtime pal, and one of our favourite bedtime stories, too. 

Age: 3+

9. Paw Patrol Movie Ultimate City Tower Playset

Paw Patrol Ultimate City

Price: £140 | Buy now from Amazon

"The giant plastic monstrosity of Paw Patrol Lookout with vehicles was the massive hit this Christmas. He hasn’t even finished opening his Christmas presents yet as he’s so absorbed in playing with that" FizzingWhizzbee123

This one’s bound to be popular, so if you have a tiny Paw Patrol super fan on your hands, perhaps put your order in with Santa soon. Paw Patrol releases new giant towers regularly and this one looks to be the best yet, with six action figures, a car, lights and sounds. At 91cm it is the tallest tower to date and little ones will love sending the pups and vehicles to the top of it. You can also launch vehicles down the extendable ramp and watch them light up - just like in the movie. The set comes with Chase’s car but other vehicles are available and compatible with the set. 

There’s lots of play value in this and it comes in a satisfyingly huge box - tricky to hide but very exciting to rip open on Christmas Day. 

Age: 3+

10. Paw Patrol Dino Rescue Team

Paw Patrol Dino Truck

Price: £85 | Buy now from Amazon

"My son is 3 and a half. For Christmas he is getting some Paw Patrol toys, maybe some Duplo and he has asked for a station for his wooden train track" - NerrSnerr

This toy combines two things that most preschoolers say are their absolute favourites – dinosaurs and Paw Patrol. It’s the first-ever motorised Paw Patrol team vehicle. Just push the button and watch the truck go, then launch the nets and catch the dinosaurs. What’s more, batteries are included.

Even though there is room for all six pups, it only comes with Chase (as well as one dinosaur figure and two projectiles) so, despite the high price, you unfortunately still have to buy the rest of the Adventure Bay crew separately.

Age: 3+

11. John Lewis wooden Waitrose Supermarket

Waitrose Wooden Supermarket

Price: £49 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners 

"My DD is 2.5 and she loves  her shopping trolley and till - she has a little Waitrose trolley it's very cute!" - LikeSilver

Stereotypically Mumsnet? Maybe. Extremely cute? Definitely. Your kids will get hours of fun out of this role play checkout, which comes with a built-in calculator, pretend credit card, Waitrose paper bags and a range of toy groceries (including croissants, obviously). Naice ham and Pom Bears, anyone? 

Age: 3+

12. FRIUSATE Wooden Stacking Dinosaurs

Friusate Dinosaur Stacking Toy

Price: £8 | Buy now from Amazon

"Wooden toys are more durable than their plastic counterparts, and often able to be used in a variety of ways" AaronPur

Pre-schoolers will find as much fun in stacking and balancing these dinosaurs (and learning their names) as big kids and adults will. Highly addictive, these colourful wooden dinos feel lovely to hold and look very pretty on the nursery shelf, too. They help teach colour and shape recognition (and dinosaur recognition!) as well as improving focus and concentration skills, and developing logic. Fun to stack, and even more fun to knock over. Perhaps this is the real reason the dinosaurs became extinct?

Age: 4+

13. L.O.L Surprise Colour Change Doll

LOL Surprise Colour Change Doll

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

With seven surprises to unwrap, these L.O.L dolls will keep them busy a fair while and little kids love the unwrapping element so beloved of YouTubers. Don’t ask us why, but it’s a fact. These dolls are nice and chunky for little ones to hold and they’ll love the magic of running them under water to reveal the colour change effects. There are 12 different dolls, each with their own style and wardrobe, plus ‘Little Sisters’ now available too. Excellent stocking fodder for Santa. 

Age: 4

14. Little Live Pets Gotta Go Flamingo

Price: £34 | Buy now from Amazon

"OMG. I would have wanted this as a kid for sure!" - Fizzypop

A flamingo that sits on the loo and does a poo. Yes, really! We’ll be honest, we wouldn’t be over the moon to see this on any Sants list ourselves but we can think of plenty of poo-obsessed children in our orbit who would be thrilled to receive one. 

Feed Sherbert the Flamingo special powder, watch it sing the ‘Gotta Go’ song and then wait for the result. Just be careful not to lose the powder as you can’t buy replacements. Sure to be a hit with young kids with a penchant for toilet humour.

Age: 4 (with adult supervision)

15. L.O.L Surprise Clubhouse

LOL Surprise Clubhouse

Price: £55 | Buy now from Amazon

"There's a lot of new L.O.L stuff coming out. Including a new massive double sided house. My daughter loves L.O.L Dolls so will end up with a few dolls" Nocutsnobuttsnococonuts

As full of surprises as ever, the L.O.L Surprise Clubhouse is basically a tiny shipping container that folds out to reveal no less than 40 surprises. It’s essentially a very cool dolls’ house, with a bedroom and a kitchen etc as you’d expect, but also a movie room, a hammock, a stargazing space and a skateboarding room. There’s even a foosball table. The set includes a boy and a girl doll to play with, and would also make a great new pad for any existing L.O.L dolls in your child’s bedroom. 

Age: 5

16. Push Popper Fidget Toy

Pop Up Fidget Toy

Price: £5 | Buy now from Amazon

"I added them to a party bag this week, you would have thought I was handing out gold from the reactions!" - JellyBellies

In case you missed the playground madness over these this year, Push Poppers (also known as Poppits) are essentially everlasting bubble wrap, which is all any parent needs to know. They’re made of silicone and come in various colours and sizes, don’t break the bank and seem to make children very happy indeed. You can play a tic tac toe kind of game with them but they’re best used as a fidget toy and parents of children with SEN, particularly sensory issues, report that they’re very soothing. They also bend neatly into any size and shape of stocking. Handy, that. 

Age: 5

17. DesignaFriend Sisi doll

Price: £29 | Buy now from Amazon

"DesignaFriend dolls are lovely and come in beautiful packaging which makes them feel slightly high-end" - HappyGoDucky 

"My daughter loves DesignaFriend dolls. Great quality and they get played with A LOT!" - Journeytotheplacentaoftheearth 

The DesignaFriend Sisi Doll already features on many a Christmas list. The soft-bodied doll wears a blue cropped sweatshirt with a silver 'Dance till you drop' glitter print and matching silver trainers. Sisi is 45cm tall and comes with a charm bracelet too.

Children love the doll’s smiley face, which looks friendly and not too grown-up, and Mumsnetters report that Sisi is excellent quality and can withstand a lot of play, as well as coming beautifully packaged for Christmas.

Age: 5 

18. Lego Super Mario Adventures Starter Course

Lego Super Mario Adventure Set

Price: £50 | Buy now from Amazon

"My 6 year old DS loves his! The starter kit isn't expensive (he got that for his birthday to see if he would play with it), but he also got two expansions for Christmas and it's his favourite toy at present!" - KateWitch

The computer game comes to life! At under £50, this toy is on the expensive side, but the set contains 231 pieces and a Mario character that has colour sensors, as well as LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and stomach. He can also display over 100 different instant reactions to movement. Like the 90s game (how well do you remember it?), the aim is to earn virtual coins as you send Mario round the course. For the fully authentic experience, it comes with a speaker that plays the Mario game sounds. A Luigi starter kit is also now on sale for Christmas 2021. 

Age: 5+

19. Draw with Rob book

Price: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

"Discovered Draw with Rob from the Sunday times yesterday - that entertained my kids for a couple of hours today" ComeOnGordon

Were your children among the millions who followed Rob Biddulph’s online art classes during lockdown? One session even earned him a Guinness World Record.

Whether your children joined in or not, this book is great for budding artists and will make an excellent stocking filler. They can learn to draw their favourite characters like Penguin Blue and a very Hot Dog. It also has perforated pages so you can display their works of art on the fridge once they’re done.

Age: 6

20. Dobble 360

Dobble 360

Price: £23 | Buy now from Argos

"It's magic. That's all you need to know. Dobble is the Best. Game. Ever." - GeorgietheGorgeousGoat

Whether your children already love Dobble – the hit matching card game – or not, this latest update is inspired. Hello, 360 degrees!

Like the original game, every card is different and has just one picture in common with every other card in the deck. The aim is to match one of the pictures on your card with a picture on the main card. Sounds easy? No. The pictures are different sizes and in different places on every single card, which makes them hard to spot.

Dobble 360 adds another layer of difficulty as now the cards are moving. If it sounds too tricky, there are versions for younger children too, including matching letters and numbers, and one for Harry Potter fans.

Age: 6+

21. Hatchimals Pixie Flyer

Price: £35 | Buy now from Amazon

"Dd has just introduced this at the top of the Christmas gift list having been to friend's houses who have them" - OneDayAtATime73 

It’s not Christmas without a Hatchimal! Choose from Krystalina Rose or Violet Onyx (the main difference is colour).

There’s an auto-stop feature, so the wings will safely stop if, or when, they get touched by accident. They also come with a crystal egg display case and base. And, for once, the battery and USB charging cable are both included.

Age: 7

22. Harry Potter Labyrinth board game

Harry Potter Labyrinth game

Price: £22 | Buy now from Amazon

"Love the Labyrinth board game! Really fun! Just love it!" - BramblePie

The (new classic) and hugely popular board game Labyrinth is now available in several ‘themes’ and we love this Harry Potter version. It’s a brilliantly designed game, in which you move the board itself as well as your pieces, to find your way through the labyrinth and thwart your opponents as you go. A great game that every member of the family will enjoy. 

Age: 7+

23. Playmobil Back to the Future Delorean

Playmobil Back to the Future

Price: £34 | Buy now from Amazon

"Have you got your child a present you secretly want yourself? Yes! My youngest DS is getting the playmobil Back to the Future Delorean Car. He hasn't asked for it but I love Playmobil" - Ginormarse

There must be a spot for Playmobil on any Christmas gift list and this Delorean set from Back to the Future will thrill parents as much as their children on Christmas Day. It comes (of course) with Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Einstein the dog, and the Delorean itself is fitted with a plutonium tank, a flux capacitor and a dashboard time travel indicator. You’ll never wince when your child asks you to ‘play with me’ again. Only if we can be Doc Brown, kid. 

Age: 7

24. Barbie Dreamhouse 2021

Barbie Dreamhouse

Price: £309 | Buy now from Amazon

"My DD had one for Christmas last year from her grandparents. She loves it and has had a lot of use out of it. The L.O.Ls, Vampirina, Equestria Girls and Disney Princesses hang out there as well as Barbies. So it’s very expensive, but pretty sturdy and she plays with it every day" - Atla

This is quite an outlay, we must be frank. But if you have a huge Barbie fan in your life, this really is the dreamhouse to end them all. It comes with a working lift, a party room with a DJ booth, a balcony with a hammock, a pool and a puppy play area with its own pool… It’s pretty much our dream house, too. The grass feels like real grass, there are soft blankets and reversible accessories, sounds, soundscapes and light effects. There’s not much it doesn’t do to be fair. There’s a puppy and a kitten included, but no Barbies. We think they could have thrown one in at that price to be honest, but you’re probably not short of a Barbie or 10. 

Age: 7

25. Blokus Game by Mattel

Blokus game

Price: £19 | Buy now from Amazon

"This Blokus game is brilliant. We all love it in our family from aged 5 up!" - Kollamoolitumarellipawkyrollo

Blokus (say it: ‘Block-us’) was a huge hit in the board games market last year and looks set to be popular again for Christmas 2021. It’s a great game to play with the family because so much of it is intuitive so younger members of the family have as much chance of winning as a grown-up once they’ve got the hang of it. The aim is to be the first person to get rid of all your coloured, differently shaped pieces onto the board. The catch is they can’t lie next to each other but must touch only by one corner - kind of like the opposite of Tetris. A good one for Boxing Day. 

Age: 7+

26. Artie 3000 Colouring Robot

Artie coding robot

Price: £60 | Buy now from Amazon

"I’m getting my 7 year old an Artie drawing robot to teach coding while she draws!" - DarkLikeVader

This hi-tech robot is more than just a sweet face. Artie makes learning programming, geometry and maths fun for children aged seven to 11.

Compatible with Macs, PCs and tablets, Artie can teach Javascript and Python, as well as several other programming languages. As such, we think this is the best STEM toy to buy this Christmas.

Age: 7

27. Gravitrax XXL Starter Kit Marble Run

Gravitrax Starter Set

Price: £100 | Buy now from Amazon

"My son got it for his birthday. He loves it! There are loads of different tracks to make. My 9 and 7 year olds enjoy playing it as well. Must admit I like it too, something satisfying about it!" - LER83

A fab STEM toy that will be brought out again and again, this contains 240 pieces that kids can design themselves into runs to race their marbles to the finish. As they build (and scream) they’ll be using gravity, magnetism, kinetix and engineering skills and improving their reasoning skills and spatial ability too. There are lots of add-ons you can buy later, so the fun need never stop!

Age: 8+ 

28. Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Animatronic

Star Wars Snackin Grogu

Price: £85 | Buy now from Amazon

"He’s adorable. I’ve got one for DS, 9. He’s at that age where of course he’s much too old for cuddly toys but this will definitely be acceptable. And I’ll get Baby Yoda cuddles too" - TheMethodicalMeerkat

Baby Yoda mania continues this Christmas and we have to say we’re quite fond of this Grogu toy. His head, ears and eyes all move, and he gurgles and chuckles away, responding to your touch. He’ll hold his hands out to be picked up, respond to being given a snack with yummy or yucky sound effects and even ‘use the force’ when tapped twice on the head. If only our own children were as biddable. Four accessories (bowl with tentacles, shifter knob, spoon and cookie) are included. 

Age: 8+

29. Scalextric Batman vs Joker Slot Car Racing Set

Batman Scalextric

Price: £120 | Buy now from Amazon

"Oh, love Scalextric! DS, DH and I are getting one this year. Thanks Uncle Tony!" HairyIrene

Is it even Christmas if the grown ups aren’t taking over the new Scalextric while children sulk in the corner having given up asking if they can have a go? This Batman and The Joker version is lots of fun for everyone, with more than 5.3 metres of track, a crossover and jump piece and two smart plug dongles so you can race from your smart device. 

Age: 8

30. Space Jam 2 LeBron James Launch and Dunk Set

Space Jame Launch and Dunk

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

"DD really wanted a basketball hoop but they were sold out for months and she gave up on the idea. Really chuffed to have got one" - BikeRunSki

Basketball has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past year and LeBron James’s appearance in the new Space Jam film this year definitely helped. This game is suitable from three plus but we think slightly older kids will get more out of helping LeBron launch and dunk the ball, and challenging their friends to a Dunk Marathon. Great for days when it’s too wet or cold to be out in the garden shooting hoops.

Age: 9

31. Hover 1 Hoverboard 

Hover1 Hoverboard

Price: £189 | Buy now from Amazon

Hoverboards are tipped to be a hot gift this Christmas. This one is suitable from eight and up but they must be used with adult supervision and we think a slightly older child will get more out of it. Jump (or rather balance carefully) on this hoverboard and cruise around the house or outside, while the board plays your favourite songs via bluetooth and lights up. Your child will never feel cooler. Don’t worry - the maximum speed is only 6mph so your little pavement hogs won’t get too far ahead of you. 

Age: 10

32. Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

Hollywood Hair Extensions

Price: £13 | Buy now from Amazon

"My eight year old DD is getting hair stuff. We always buy her hair stuff" - SisyphusAndTheRockOfUntidiness 

Children who love a bit of hair fiddling but have grown beyond styling heads and Rapunzel dolls will love the chance to start styling their own hair. This set allows you to make 12 customisable extensions, from waves to curls to sweet, straight locks. It includes rollers, clips, markers, a spray bottle and everything else you need to experiment with different looks. 

Age: 10

33. Rock Jam Keyboard Piano with sheet music stand

RockJam keyboard

Price: £48 | Buy now from Amazon

"I'm wondering about a keyboard for Christmas that she can keep in her room and use with headphones. She can't play piano in the evening due to younger sibling. It's loud!" - IHeartKingThistle

For the teen that’s hard to buy for, many parents suggest a keyboard. This RockJam version includes a music stand to help with practice. It has 200 rhythms and tones and Simply Piano app content for both IOS and Android.

Age: 11

34. Moon Lamp

Moon lamp

Price: £17 | Buy now from Amazon

"My DS wants a space themed bedroom. I particularly love the lamp, and we need a new one, so will order that" - Equimum

A great gift for teens and tweens, both of the astronomically inclined type and those who just like cool accessories to make their bedrooms a bit cosier. It has a realistic moon type surface, four modes, 16 colours and touch controls. It also comes with a remote control so you can change the mood without getting up. 

Age: 11

35. Fortnite Nerf Blaster

Fortnite Blasters

Price: £45 | Buy now from Amazon

"My three aren’t allowed to play Fortnite on a school night, just on the weekend, I was a bit lax over the holiday and they’ve had it on every day, but only for a couple of hours then I make them play outside, today they’ve been on our street playing fortnight IRL with nerf guns with the neighbours kids" - MadamGinger

The Nerf Blaster combines two key interests of many children and tweens – Nerf and Fortnite. It's a replica of the real blaster from the game, with a detachable barrel that can be customised. Take cover!

Age: 12

36. Urban Ears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones

Urbanears Headphones

Price: £30 | Buy now from Amazon

"They are fab, battery last for ages and you can run in them and they’re still comfortable" - DeepFriedPizza

Most teens love to be plugged in, and over-ear headphones are hugely popular. These Urbanears Plattan Bluetooth headphones are a Mumsnet best buy.

Connect your device and enjoy a massive 30+ hours of uninterrupted listening at a 10-metre range, and collapse for packing convenience. These headphones also come with a navigation knob so you can skip tracks or easily adjust the volume when on the move.

With seven colours to choose from, and the ability to share music (you can plug another pair into the set), they make a great gift for any music-lover.

Age: 13

37. Lego Elf Clubhouse

Lego Elf Clubhouse

Price: £85 | Buy now from Amazon

"My sons are Lego-mad and we’ll get them a set each for every birthday and Christmas" - ElphabaTheGreen

Another must-have for Christmas - a giant box of Lego! This Elf Clubhouse is very festive indeed and everyone will enjoy chipping in with putting together the 1,192 pieces. Some adult help will be required but it will provide hours of fun and look very pretty on display once finished. A great way to spend your Boxing Day and beyond. 

Age: Teens


When should I buy toys for Christmas 2021?

For those who like to be organised in the lead-up to Christmas, the good news is that industry experts recommend buying Christmas toys as early as October this year.

With some highly popular toys likely to fly off the shelves (we're looking at you, L.O.L Surprise Clubhouse and Barbie Dreamhouse), as well as supply chain issues and shortages due to port delays, buying in advance will ensure you avoid disappointment on the big day.

What's the hottest Christmas toy for 2021?

It’s still early to tell but we think the Hover-1 Hoverboard is likely to be popular for kids from mid-primary age up to teens. Who doesn’t want to cruise around town on a set of wheels playing their top tunes, after all?

How we chose our recommendations

We worked with a mix of industry predictions and recommendations from Mumsnetters on the Mumsnet Talk boards. We looked for parents discussing both toys that their children already owned and had brought lots of pleasure as well as the things that were featuring on Christmas lists for this year. We put together a list of the items that appeared most regularly across the board to come up with this list of the best Christmas toys for 2021. 

Why you should trust us

Mumsnet’s Talk boards have been the place for parents to come to discuss their Christmas List Plan of Attack for more than two decades. Our members are excellent at coming up with ideas and coming up with the goods in terms of hints and tips on where and when to find the best deals.

Here at Mumsnet HQ we have excellent links with all the biggest shops and manufacturers too, so always have our eye on what’s new and which products are going to be the biggest toys in Christmas list terms.