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The definitive list of the best condoms for 2023

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right condoms for you. Here’s our roundup of the best condoms to help you find the right size, shape and fit.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Sep 19, 2023

Best condoms according to Mumsnetters

When it comes to sex, pleasure and safety are paramount. With plenty of options on the market, finding the best condoms to elevate sex can feel overwhelming. To help you in your search, start with checking two key things, as Lucy Rowett, Sex Coach at The Lowdown, explains: "When choosing condoms, make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the materials– as some people have latex allergies– and make sure it is in date! Yes, condoms go out of date, and when they go it makes them more likely to rupture, so always check the expiry date on the packet before using."

We've researched condoms on the market that have innovative designs and cutting-edge materials that heighten sensitivity, including options for sensitive skin. You'll find different price points, as well as latex and non-latex varieties in our trusted guide. Our recommendations are based on expert opinions and have been tested by Mumsnet users themselves. Whether you're spicing things up in a long-term relationship or exploring preferences with a new partner, our list of the top condoms has you covered.

Keep reading to find our handpicked collection of the best condoms for sex. Don't forget to pick up some water-based lube or silicone-based lubricants! Here's our guide to the best lubes to help you. And for enhanced pleasure - whether solo or with a partner - here's our roundup of the best vibrators that Mumsnetters swear by.

Top five condoms at a glance


Best ultra-thin

What we like
  • Recreates a natural skin on skin feel

  • Non-latex, good for allergies

What we don't like
  • Only 12 in a pack

Key specs

RRP on writing: £17 | Size: Regular | Material: Non-latex | Colour: Transparent | Special feature: Lubricated, real feel

What Mumsnet users say
zarek · Tried & Tested
The best we have found is Durex Real Feel, which is made of a different polymer which is more inherently slippery.
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Our verdict

If there's one thing we're certain of, it's that Mumsnet users don't enjoy using ones that dampen sensations. Which is why it's unsurprising that Durex's real Feel Condoms are top of our list of the best condoms. These next generation wrappers have been created by Durex to offer a real feel, with all the protection. They're made from non-latex material, recreating a natural skin-on-skin feel, helping to enhance sexual intercourse and maximise pleasure for both of you.


Best extra safe contraception

Durex Extra Safe Thick Condom, £11

What we like
  • Extra safe

  • Lubricated

  • Makes sex last longer

  • Comes in different sizes

What we don't like
  • Relatively thick - less sensitivity

Key specs

RRP on writing: £11 for pack of 12 | Size: Regular, close, wide | Material: Latex | Colour: Transparent | Special feature: Lubricated

What Mumsnet users say
Kenny69 · Recommended
Tend to stick with regular Durex ones, seem to make sex last longer.
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Our verdict

Durex have been in the game a long time. With over 90 years of experience making protection, you can trust them when it comes to reliable and safe products. Designed to offer you maximum protection, Durex Extra Safe condoms are slightly thicker and extra lubricated for comfort, enabling you to enjoy great safe sex with added peace of mind. A great choice if you’re looking for something easy, widely stocked and might have the added bonus of creating longer lasting sex because of its thickness.


Best for lasting longer

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms, £13

What we like
  • Makes sex last longer

  • Odourless

  • Tasteless

What we don't like
  • Loss of sensation

Key specs

RRP on writing: £13 for pack of 12 | Size: Regular | Material: Latex | Colour: Transparent | Special feature: Contains Benzocaine lubrication

What Mumsnet users say
AverageGuy · Tried & Tested
I have used the Durex delay ones, and they work for me.
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Our verdict

Featuring a special lubricant infused with Benzocaine, a gentle desensitising agent, Durex Extended Pleasure condoms help you achieve longevity without sacrificing enjoyment. The perfect choice if you’re looking to improve your performance. A great feature of these is the lack of latex smell and taste, making it a great choice.

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Best latex-free

What we like
  • Hypoallergenic

  • ‘Skin feel’ good for increasing sensitivity

What we don't like
  • Cost more than latex ones

Key specs

RRP on writing: £11 for pack of 10 | Size: Regular | Material: Polyisoprene | Colour: Transparent

What Mumsnet users say
FromageFrais · Tried & Tested
Best thing since sliced bread. To me it feels like he isn't wearing anything. To him he can feel more sensation than wearing any other brand. Win win.
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Our verdict

Ranked best overall by GQ magazine, Mates SKYN Original Condoms are a great, non-latex choice on our list of the best condom for those who have an allergy or just prefer a more natural feel. A potential drawback lies in their slightly higher price point compared to traditional latex options, but the comfort and heightened sensitivity they deliver make them a worthwhile investment for the discerning pleasure-seeker. Skyn condoms are the tried and true classic that's generally easy to find, too.


Best eco-friendly

XO High Sensation, £14

What we like
  • Eco-friendly

  • Ultra thin for added sensation

  • Lubricated

What we don't like
  • Still made of latex

  • No extra features like ribbing or scent

Key specs

RRP on writing: £14 for a pack of 12 | Size: Regular | Material: Sustainable natural rubber latex | Colour: Transparent

Our verdict

On the positive side, these condoms are specially designed to provide heightened pleasure and an intensified experience, ensuring a thrilling encounter for both partners. Not only are they ultra thin, they are also eco-friendly, earning them a place on our guide to the best condoms. So you can feel good without damaging the earth’s resources. On the other hand, the increased sensation may also contribute to a shorter duration of use, as some individuals may find the intensity overwhelming.


Best value for penises

Boots Ultra Endurance, £8

What we like
  • Small amount of local anaesthetic, Lidocaine, means longer lasting

  • Great value

  • Average thickness

  • Lubricated

What we don't like
  • Reduced sensitivity

Key specs

RRP on writing: £8 for a pack of 12 | Size: Regular | Material: Latex | Colour: Transparent

Our verdict

These condoms are crafted with durability in mind, with a small amount of local anaesthetic allowing the male partner to go on longer and overcome the challenge of premature ejaculation. The extended endurance factor allows for longer-lasting pleasure, promising a fulfilling experience for both partners. Of course, this comes at the price of sensation. Overall, these Boots Ultra Endurance ones earned their place on our roundup of the best condoms thanks to their value and their ability to provide long-lasting pleasure!


Best vegan condoms

What we like
  • Designed by women for women

  • Vegan

  • No harsh chemicals

What we don't like
  • Expensive

Key specs

RRP on writing: £13 for a pack of 10 | Size: Regular, large | Material: Vegan natural latex | Colour: Transparent

What Mumsnet users say
BookLover1990 · Tried & Tested
I've been using HANX for a bit and really like them - gentle and much less irritating than the ones I was using! Like the lube too.
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Our verdict

HANX condoms boast an impressive array of benefits that make them a popular choice for the discerning pleasure-seeker. With sleek branding, developed by women for women, they are made of premium natural latex. Their main selling point is that they are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a gentle and skin-friendly experience. We like it!


Most stimulating with lube

What we like
  • Ribbed and dotted for extra sensation

  • Made to smell better

  • Good value

What we don't like
  • Can cause irritation

Key specs

RRP on writing: £13 for a pack of 12 | Size: Regular | Material: Latex | Colour: Transparent

What Mumsnet users say
Whataretheodds · Recommended
Get ribbed or dotted!
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Our verdict

A textured condom can stimulate the nerves that are present in the vagina better than a non textured condom does, which can enhance pleasure. But the risk of this extra friction can be irritation, so make sure you use extra lube!

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Best for a true feeling

RFSU True Feeling, £18

What we like
  • Super thin

  • Odourless

  • RSFU is dedicated to inclusive sex education

  • Lubricated

What we don't like
  • No extra ribbing or texture

Key specs

RRP on writing: £18 for a pack of 8 | Size: Regular | Material: Silicone | Colour: Transparent

Our verdict

On the positive side, these ones provide a natural and comfortable fit, allowing for a more pleasurable and intimate experience. They are designed to be ultra-thin, enhancing sensitivity and maximising sensation.

Additionally, RFSU True Feeling Condoms are made from high-quality materials, ensuring reliability and protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. However, it's important to note that the thinness of these ones may slightly increase the risk of breakage compared to thicker alternatives.

Individuals who prefer a more substantial feel might find the ultra-thin nature of these less satisfying. These ones on our list of the best condoms are great for if you’re in search of that natural feel whilst staying protected.


Best for a larger penis

What we like
  • Extra lubrication included

  • There’s no latex smell

  • Great for larger guys

What we don't like
  • Wouldn’t be suitable for average or smaller gents

Key specs

RRP on writing: £7 for pack of 12 | Size: Extra large, 20.5cms (8 inches) in length and 5.7cms (2.25 inches) wide | Material: Natural latex | Colour: Transparent

Our verdict

Introducing the ultimate solution for well-endowed men. Designed specifically for those who need a larger size, these condoms ensure a comfortable fit and unbeatable pleasure. Measuring an impressive 20.5cms (8 inches) in length and 5.7cms (2.25 inches) in width, these provide the perfect fit for larger guys, eliminating any worries about discomfort or restricted movement. Say goodbye to awkward moments and hello to confident, worry-free intimacy!


Best female condoms for the vagina

What we like
  • Recommended by the NHS

  • Comfortable fit for woman

  • Material transmits heat and sensation

  • Compatible with all lubricants

What we don't like
  • More expensive than regular ones for penises

Key specs

RRP on writing: £9 for pack of three | Size: Length: 170mm, Width: 80mm, average thickness: 50 microns | Material: Non-latex Nitrile | Colour: Transparent

Our verdict

These female condoms - or femidoms - are the world’s only non-spermicidal lubricated and non-latex option, which sets them apart from the rest. With a length of 170mm, width of 80mm, and an average thickness of 50 microns, they ensure a secure fit without sacrificing comfort.

Recommended by the NHS, these provide reliable protection against both pregnancy and STIs. Their new and improved FC2 design, featuring two rings, offers maximum safety and peace of mind. Crafted from skin-safe Nitrile, these condoms are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for those with latex allergies. Plus, the smooth, inert material allows for a comfortable and natural feel, transmitting heat and sensation for heightened pleasure for both partners.

How do you find the right type of condom for you?

Everyone has different needs. When searching for the perfect condom, it's crucial to consider factors like comfort, sensitivity, and personal preferences, plus whether you'll be using it with a partner or with sex toys.

Start by exploring the diverse range of types available, such as ultra-thin ones for enhanced sensation, ribbed or textured ones for added pleasure, or latex-free options for those with allergies. You can also try different sizes, such as snugger fit or larger sizes, to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. When testing your choice of protection, remember to pinch the different types you have to make sure they fit correctly.

Experimenting with various brands and materials, like latex, polyisoprene, or polyurethane, can help you find the best condoms for you and your partner.

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What are the best overall condoms?

The most recognisable and long lasting brand is probably Durex. Durex offers a wide range of options, including ultra-thin ones for heightened sensitivity, ribbed or textured condoms for increased pleasure, and latex-free alternatives for those with allergies.

But when thinking about what to look for in a condom, you are really concerned about safety and pleasure - especially birth control and protection from STIs. People’s needs in the bedroom vary drastically, so, think about what’s important to you.

Which condom feels the best?

Based on our research, the most stimulating condoms were HANXSKYN and RFSU True Feeling.

The truth is though, many people want different things. The best way to find the condom that feels the best is to figure out what you like, and try some different products. There are plenty of options on the market!

Are lambskin condoms effective?

Like latex condoms, lambskin condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy if used correctly when you have sex. However, they are not effective at protecting against STIs. This is due to tiny, natural pores that are large enough for bacteria - like gonorrhoea, chlamydia and HIV - to pass through, but are too small for sperm to swim through.

Beyond this risk, lambskin condoms do offer some benefits. They're great for individuals who are allergic to latex, they have a more natural feel and a thinner texture than other external condom types. They can't be damaged by jelly or oil-based lubes, and they're biodegradable.

It's worth mentioning though, that they tend to be the most expensive external condoms to buy.

Guide to the best condoms

How do female condoms feel?

Made from soft, thin materials like polyurethane or nitrile, they are designed to provide a comfortable fit and allow for natural sensation. The inner ring of the female condom is inserted into the vagina, while the outer ring remains outside to provide stability and prevent the condom from slipping.

Users often report that female condoms offer a more natural and unrestricted feel compared to male condoms. Additionally, the external ring can provide gentle stimulation to the clitoral area during intercourse, enhancing pleasure for the woman.

How effective are condoms?

The best condoms, when used correctly and consistently, are highly effective in preventing pregnancy and reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). According to various studies and statistics, condoms have a high level of efficacy. When used consistently and correctly, they can have a pregnancy prevention rate of about 98% or higher. They create a barrier against STIs by preventing semen and other bodily fluids from entering the vagina, rectum, and mouth.

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Where can I get free condoms?

People aged 13 and above may request free condoms from sexual health clinics across the UK. The NHS has a search function to help you find the one nearest to you.

How we chose our recommendations

Recommendations from real Mumsnet users

Mumsnetters have certainly put the best condom brands through their paces when in the bedroom, with many Mumsnet users sharing experiences (both good and bad) of the condoms they’ve personally tried and tested.

First up, we sought out the trusted opinions of Mumsnet users to get their feedback on their favourite condoms, as well as the brands that they have tried, rated, and would recommend to their friends.

We also looked out for any negative reviews, where Mumsetters highlighted products that they felt were poor quality, ineffective, broke, didn’t fit or simply failed to do the job.

Expert opinions

We then cross-checked our recommendations with the best condoms praised by sex experts to ensure we were bringing you the best products that are rated across the board.

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the best condoms, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites such as Ann Summers, Boots, Lovehoney, and Amazon, and independent sites to get broader consumer experiences regarding the products on our shortlist.

Why you should trust us

We work hard to provide unbiased, independent advice you can trust. We do sometimes earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links in our articles. This helps us fund more helpful reviews like this one.

About the expert

Lucy Rowett is a certified sexologist and sex coach who is passionate about helping women let go of sexual shame and hangups. She uses a combination of mind-body tools with evidence-based sexuality education. Her speciality is working with people who come from faith backgrounds who are struggling to let go of sexual shame and enjoy pleasurable relationships again.

About the author

Rebecca Roberts is a writer, editor, and content marketing expert hailing from Leeds. Here at Mumsnet, she commissions, writes, and edits to bring parents content designed to make life easier. After falling pregnant with DC2 when her first was just six months old, Rebecca knows all too well the importance of using a condom. Of course, while she wouldn’t change a thing, she’s also the first to admit that these days - condoms are a priority purchase for her and her DH. That’s why, when on the hunt for the best condom for you, you can trust her experience and advice when it comes to finding the right ones.

Beyond her role as an editor here at Mumsnet, Rebecca can be found balancing life as a working mum of two toddlers and when she’s not at her desk, you’ll likely find her at a local playgroup, in a nearby coffee shop, walking the dog, or hiding from her neighbour as she attempts to buy condoms during her weekly “Big Food Shop”.