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Best women's dressing gowns for 2023

Whether you're curling up on the sofa before bed or having a lazy day around the house, the best women's dressing gown is a must-have for keeping you warm and snug. Take a look at our selection of the best dressing gowns for women.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Jan 12, 2023

Woman in dressing gown

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up on the sofa in your best dressing gown, cuppa in hand, while the winter weather does its worst outside. And if you’ve experienced those early days at home with a newborn, then you’ll no doubt be particularly familiar with wearing your dressing gown as nightwear, daywear and everything-in-between-wear. But which dressing gown for women is the best dressing gown for women?

With the cost of living rising by the day, many of us are seeking ways to keep warm at home without turning up the central heating. Alongside hunkering down with the best heated throw or kitting little ones out with a kids' blanket hoodie, dressing gowns certainly come high on the list of must-have items for the winter months. 

Not all of the best ladies' dressing gowns are made equal though, and if yours has seen better days, it’s time to find one that ticks all your boxes, whatever they may be. For some, nothing beats a big, cosy, towelling dressing gown to bring hotel luxury into your own home. Fleece is also popular for its softness and warmth with a hood for the ultimate in hibernation vibes (think along the lines of your best blanket hoodie but easier to shrug on and off). Others find heavy dressing gowns too hot, preferring to opt for a lightweight option like a robe made from waffle material or even satin.

Here are the best women's dressing gowns UK 2023. Plus, if you're looking for other methods to keep you warm this winter, our round-ups of the best winter coats for women and best draught excluders will keep you nice and toasty as the temperatures plummet. 

1. Best overall dressing gown: Fleece Hooded Dressing Gown

Price on writing: £30 | Buy now from Marks and Spencer

Key specs

Material: 100% polyester | Size range: XS to XL 

Reasons to buy

  • Soft and cosy fleece material
  • Large hood
  • Pockets
  • Longer length available

Reasons to avoid

  • Not many colour options available

What Mumsnet users say

"My daughter bought me an M&S fluffy grey one with a hood 2 years ago, I wear it all winter and it's still like new it very large, warm and cosy with 2 pockets." (Brand recommended by Mumsnetter Greenybluetowel)

"I've got a really nice thick fluffy warm dressing gown, with hood, and pockets, from Marks." (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user ImFree2doasiwant)

Our verdict

Our favourite features? This regular-fit dressing gown is super soft and snuggly, with a long length that’ll keep you warm and cosy from top to toe (and if it's not long enough, there is a longer option available too). 

Look up any of the discussions about dressing gowns within the Mumsnet forums and M&S is a brand that comes up time and time again. Mumsnetters rate the retailer's durable designs and affordable prices, often reporting their trusty M&S dressing gown has lasted longer than more expensive options.

The belt fastening provides the freedom to wear loosely or wrap snuggly around the front, whilst the large hood means you can pretty much hide from the world whilst still leaving enough space to insert your snacks. Best of all - it has pockets! Just pair with the best heated throw for the ultimate cosy combo - although, be warned, you may never want to take it off.

2. Best budget dressing gown: Sainsbury's TU Women's Cream Chevron Dressing Gown

Price on writing: £16 | Buy now from TU at Sainsbury’s 

Key specs

Material: 100% polyester | Size range: XS to XXL 

Reasons to buy

  • Super-soft plush fabric
  • Affordable price tag
  • Trendy chevron design

Reasons to avoid

  • No hood
  • Shorter length dressing gown

What Mumsnet users say

“I bought one from Sainsbury’s last year and it's so soft and fluffy. I hate taking it off when I have to leave the house!”  (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user FourFuxxakes)

“I got a lovely warm dressing gown from Sainsbury’s a few years ago.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user mrssmiling

Our verdict

Our favourite features? Retailing at under £20, this subtle chevron design is a super soft and cosy ‘cloud-like’ gown that comes with deep pockets and a shawl-style collar. 

If your old dressing gown has seen better days but you don’t want to spend a fortune replacing it, Sainsbury’s has a wide range of super soft yet affordable dressing gowns in a variety of colours and designs.

We think this chevron dressing gown from TU is perfect for snuggling up in alongside one of our best hot water bottles or throwing over your pyjamas when your doorbell rings unexpectedly on a Sunday. The downsides? It only reaches just above the knee and doesn’t have a hood, so some may prefer a dressing gown with a little more coverage. 

3. Best warm dressing gown: The White Company Hooded Velour Robe

The White Company Hooded Velour Robe

Price on writing: £75 | Buy now from The White Company

Key specs

Material: 100% cotton | Size range: XS to XL

Reasons to buy 

  • Luxurious towelling design
  • Generous hood 
  • Ankle length 

Reasons to avoid

  • Costly
  • Not the most practical colour 

What Mumsnet users say

“I definitely agree with The White Company velour robes. I'm on my second. My first lasted five years. They are so cosy and comfortable.”  (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Housewife2010)

“I have the hooded velour one from The White Company. I love it so much. Really toasty warm and comfy” (Recommended by Mumsnet user EssexLioness

Our verdict

Our favourite features? Made from super-soft white velour with an absorbent cotton towelling interior, it’s perfect for wrapping up straight out of the shower, or to wear whilst getting ready for a well-earned night out.

If you want to slip into your dressing gown at the end of a long day and imagine you’re relaxing at a luxurious spa, this one’s about as close as you can get without booking into your nearest 5* hotel. 

This bestselling The White Company design cocoons your entire body, with a generously sized hood and large patch pockets. Granted, the colour choice may not be the most practical with kids, but you can pop it in the washing machine and it dries quickly, ensuring you can be wrapped up warm again in no time. 

4. Best lightweight dressing gown: Cyberjammies Long Dressing Gown

Clarrisa Jersey Long Dressing Gown

Price on writing: From £29.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Material: 95% modal, 5% elastane | Size range: UK size 8 to 18

Reasons to buy

  • Traditional, classic design
  • Lightweight modal jersey suitable all year round 

Reasons to avoid

  • No hood 
  • Not as warm and cosy as some

What Mumsnet users say

“I have a practical well-worn Cyberjammies dressing gown. It’s like a cotton modal, very light (but I am menopausal and it's cooling on the skin I wear it year round).”  (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Wordlewobble)

Our verdict

Our favourite features? In a classic ruby red shade with white piped trim, this longer-length dressing down has an elegant and traditional design, perfect for wearing over your best pyjamas or best thermal underwear.

If you’re prone to overheating in thick fleece robes (or have the occasional hot flush), these modal jersey dressing gowns from Cyberjammies are an excellent choice. They’re lightweight and suitable to wear all year round, whilst still providing a comfortable outer layer during the colder months.

5. Best fleece dressing gown: John Lewis Sheared Fleece Robe

John Lewis Sheared Fleece Robe

Price on writing: £45 | Buy now from John Lewis

Key specs

Material: 100% polyester | Size range: Men’s Small - XL (check the size chart) 

Reasons to buy

  • Practical colour
  • Super-soft sheared fabric
  • Machine washable and fast drying 


  • Men’s sizing - so check the size chart
  • Sleeves may be on the long side for petite wearers 

What Mumsnet users say

“I have a men's Sheared Fleece Robe from John Lewis. The cosiest, most enveloping piece of clothing ever. Two pockets. 100% polyester, comes out of the machine almost dry.”  (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user PerkingFaintly)

“Another one who has the JL men's one! It is super warm and yes, does come out almost dry from washing. One thing to note, sleeves are very long so much rolling is needed.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user BringMeTea)

Our verdict

Our favourite features? We love that this super cosy dressing gown comes in such a practical shade for everyday wear, far less likely to show up spills from your make-up or sticky finger marks from your kids’ morning cuddles. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort and luxury, Mumsnetters couldn’t praise this John Lewis Sheared Fleece Robe enough. Yes, it’s one of the best men's dressing gowns, rather than from the women's range, but don’t let that put you off - its velvety-sheered fabric is like wrapping yourself up in a cloud before heading up to bed.

You’ll need to check your sizing in inches using the online size chart and the sleeves may be on the generous side, but Mumsnetters praised this dressing gown not only for its comfort and warmth but for its fast drying time too. 

6. Best waffle dressing gown: Vlazom Waffle Dressing Gown

Waffle dressing gown

Price on writing: From £23.39 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester | Size range: S - XL 

Reasons to buy

  • Lightweight and breathable fabric 
  • Flattering fit with belt 

Reasons to avoid

  • May not be warm enough for the coldest nights 
  • Not as soft as fleece or plush designs

What Mumsnet users say

“Yes, for a cotton waffle dressing gown. Nice and cool. Hate the satin ones.”  (Style of dressing gown recommended by Mumsnet user pearlylum)

Our verdict

Our favourite features? Whilst it doesn’t offer quite the same softness as a fleece or cotton robe, the fabric that in the words of Goldilocks is ‘just right’ - not too thick or too thin. 

Another lightweight option for those looking for more breathable fabric, this waffle dressing gown offers a flattering fit and is ideal for popping over your best thermal underwear to keep warm whilst doing your make-up or blow-drying your hair. 

Overall, it’s a great year-round option that will protect you from the chill in winter, and help you feel less exposed in summer.

7. Best hooded dressing gown: Adore Home Men’s & Ladies 100% Cotton Terry Towelling Hooded Dressing Gown

Adore Home Men’s & Ladies 100% Cotton Terry Towelling Hooded Dressing Gown

Price on writing: £22.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Material: 100% cotton  | Size range: S to 3XXL

Reasons to buy

  • Large hood
  • Soft and comfortable terry towelling 
  • Choice of colours 

Reasons to avoid

  • Not the highest quality but a low-cost option 

What Mumsnet users say

“Amazon is my go-to place for hooded towelling robes now.”  (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user HPandTheNeverEndingBedtime)

“I have two of these - they are very good for the money.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user cortex10

Our verdict

Our favourite features? This soft and comfortable unisex design comes with a generously sized hood, perfect for snuggling up in while you curl up on the sofa with a good romcom or repeats of your favourite Friends episode.

For many, hoods are a dressing gown essential, but somewhat surprisingly, not all designs have them, particularly if they have a shawl-style collar at the front. 

As well as traditional muted shades of grey, white and black, this dressing gown comes with some bold and bright colour choices too, including aqua, aubergine and royal blue.

8. Best full-length dressing gown: Oksun Women’s Full-Length Fleece Dressing Gown with Zipper

Oksun Women’s Full-Length Fleece Dressing Gown with Zipper

Price on writing: From £28.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Material: Polyester blend | Size range: 8-10, 10-14, 14-20

Reasons to buy

  • Maximum coverage 
  • Warm and soft fleece fabric
  • Choice of hooded or hood-free designs 

Reasons to avoid

  • Some reviewers found the pockets a little bulky 
  • Reviewers found sizing comes up small - so may want to size up

What Mumsnet users say 

“I bought myself this one. It is seriously soft and cosy with a zip so no accidently flashing the postie.”  (Brand recommended  by Mumsnet user StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes)

Our verdict

Our favourite features? The Oksun dressing gown is soft and warm, available in a range of colours and comes with a choice of hooded or hood-free designs.  

Quite possibly the closest thing you can get to actually wearing a sleeping bag, the Oksun full-length fleece dressing gown comes with a full zip that runs from top to toe. Once you’ve stepped inside, there’s no constantly adjusting a belt, no accidental flashing and no chills getting in around your legs - you’ve pretty much created your own life-sized cocoon, trapping the heat and keeping you warm and cosy all night long.

9. Most luxurious dressing gown: One Hundred Stars KEW Protea Duck Egg Gown

One Hundred Stars KEW Protea Duck Egg Gown

Price on writing: £85 | Buy now from One Hundred Stars

Key specs

Material: 50% modal, 50% cupro | Size range: One size fits most (UK sizes 8-18) 

Reasons to buy

  • Stunning design and print
  • Stylish ‘house coat’ design
  • Suitable for use all year round 

Reasons to avoid

  • Costly 
  • Not the warmest choice for colder nights 

What Mumsnet users say

“One Hundred Stars absolutely. The patterns are gorgeous and they are beautifully cut and hang perfectly. I want them to make me a dress.”  (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user beguilingeyes)

“Try A Hundred Stars. I love mine. Fluffy dressing gowns make me look like a furry, fat, sausage roll. My Hundred Stars one makes me look like the leading role in an Agatha Christie film.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user wantanotherdog

Our verdict

Our favourite features?  The best thing about this stylish dressing gown? If you have unexpected guests, you’ll answer the door screaming fab rather than drab, even after a sleep-deprived night of parenting.

Whilst it comes with a fairly significant price tag, this One Hundred Stars dressing gown definitely offers style and luxury as well as comfort. It’s so luxurious, that the brand refers to it not as a dressing gown - but as a house coat. Who knew? 

One of a wide range of stunningly beautiful designs, this particular gown, ahem - house coat, is inspired by Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, with a striking protea print. Made from a combination of modal and cupro fabrics, it’s lightweight and moisture-wicking, suitable to wear all year round. 

What’s the best fabric for a dressing gown?

The best fabric for a dressing gown depends on when you intend to wear it. For the summer months or use all year round, lightweight and breathable fabrics such as cotton or modal are a sensible choice, moisture wicking and preventing overheating.

During the winter months, when you want to be warm, comfortable and cosy, fabrics such as fleece, polyester blends and cotton terry towelling offer a thick and comforting hug against your skin. 

How can I keep a dressing gown soft and fluffy? 

We’ve all been there - you buy a soft and fluffy dressing gown, only for it to come out of the wash feeling flat and rough against your skin. 

To keep your dressing gown soft and fluffy, it’s recommended to wash on a cool setting, potentially adding an extra rinse and spin to ensure no laundry detergent is left caught in the fabric. You may also want to wash inside out and separate from other clothes to allow maximum space to spin inside the drum. 

Whilst many dressing gowns can dry naturally, using the tumble dryer (where fabric instructions allow) can help restore fullness and softness before you pop it straight back on, fresh from the machine. 

What’s the difference between a dressing gown and a bathrobe?

Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, but as a general rule, bathrobes are made from absorbent towelling material and can be worn straight out of the bath or shower. Dressing gowns, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily absorbent and tend to be more focused on warmth and comfort than their drying capabilities. 

How often should you wash a dressing gown?

To ensure the life span of your dressing gown, it’s important not to over-wash it. That said, given their regular use, the odd mark or stain is inevitable, Many Mumsnetters admitted that they wash theirs ‘when it needs it’, essentially adding it to the machine when it needs freshening up. Obviously the lighter the colour, the more often you’ll need to wash it (perhaps that’s why the darker shades are so popular!) 

What’s the best women’s dressing gown to buy?

The verdict was pretty unanimous on this one, for a soft and cosy dressing gown with a hood and pockets that is both comfortable and friendly on the bank balance, the Rosie M&S dressing gown certainly earns its place at the top spot for the best women’s dressing gown. 

How we chose our recommendations

Recommendations from real Mumsnet users 

Given the cost of living crisis, there are lots of discussions within the Mumsnet forums on how to keep warm at home this winter, with many users sharing their hints and tips for saving money on energy bills, wrapping up warm, and keeping cosy and comfortable at home.  

First, we sought out the trusted opinions of Mumsnet users, to get their feedback on their favourite dressing gowns, as well as the dressing gowns they have worn, rated and would recommend to friends and family.

We also looked out for any negative reviews, where Mumsetters highlighted products that they felt were poor quality or overpriced. 

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the best dressing gowns on the market, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites such as Amazon, Marks and Spencer and John Lewis to get wider consumer experiences regarding the products on our shortlist. 

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