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Here are 9 of the best washing machines for your home

Behind every happy household is a workhorse of a washing machine that’s holding it all together, so finding the right one for you and your family's needs is essential. Take a look at our pick of the best washing machines for 2022.

By Natasha Gregson | Last updated May 6, 2022

Best washing machines

Getting the right washing machine for your household is so important, and it's worth taking the time to do a little bit of research and consider exactly what features are essential to you.

With so much choice, it can be an overwhelming decision to make, so we’ve done some research for you to help make the wonderful world of washers a bit more straightforward.

You may have a large family that generates the laundry of a small army so it’s worth considering a washing machine with a larger drum size to get through bigger piles with each wash.

Or you may want to focus more on energy efficiency and cost, in which case we’ve found some great options for you. The most important thing is that you choose wisely and make that seemingly bottomless pile of dirty laundry look a little more manageable.

There’s no shortage of washing machines currently on the market so to help you whittle down which one is right for you, we’ve combined the knowledge and experience of real parents with expert recommendations to ensure we found the best machines that cover a range of budgets. 

How we chose our recommendations

Advice from real parents

To ensure we find products that can withstand family life, we always look for recommendations from our trusted Mumsnet users. With over 7 million users each month, we know we’re getting products that have been thoroughly put to the test in everyday situations.

Expert guidance  

When compiling our list of recommendations, our trusted and experienced parenting journalists spend hours researching each product category, using a variety of sources to evaluate which products are the best.  

This means checking that it is highly recommended by experts and stands up to scrutiny. We consulted expert review sites, such as Which? to help us work out which products stand up to the test. 

Consumer feedback 

Knowing that the real experts are you, we make sure to check online reviews on retailers such as Argos, John Lewis, Currys, AO and Amazon, to make sure the products are up to scratch. We look out for both negative and positive feedback, considering the quality, safety, value for money and extra features to ensure they performed well across the board. 

Celebrated best products 

We also look out for any products that have received industry awards and recognition from trusted sources to help us work out which products to recommend so you can make sure you’re spending your money wisely. 

Here are the best washing machines to buy in 2022.

Mumsnet HQ's Best Buys at a Glance

Which is the best washing machine?

1. Best overall washing machine: Samsung WW90K6414QW with AddWash

Best washing machines

Price: £469 | Buy now from Amazon

"We’ve got two Samsung EcoBubbles and I love them, these are my second and third Samsung washing machines and I would never have any other make now." Tried and tested by Eggsandwich.

How often have you put on a wash and then suddenly remembered you need to add some school uniform or a work shirt? Samsung’s AddWash feature is great for busy families as it means you can quickly open the door to add extra bits of clothing or detergent to the wash. 

The Samsung Series 5+ washing machine also comes with their EcoBubble technology, which mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that wash your clothes even at cooler temperatures. This not only helps keep your clothes cleaner but can help keep your energy bills down too. 

Another stand out feature is the smart control panel which has been designed to remember your laundry habits, making it even quicker to select your favourite cycle when you’re in a rush. When the washing is ready to take out, it lets you know on your phone through the SmartThings app (it also plays a tune when the cycle is finished, which some of our Mumsnetters love) and you can also schedule a wash. 

This machine is energy efficient, has a decent 9kg drum and up to 1400 rpm spin, with other handy features including the hygiene steam, which aims to keep the inside of your drum clean and remove 99.9% of bacteria, and a StayClean drawer so you don’t have to keep cleaning it out. 


  • Good size drum for families
  • 10-year warranty
  • Digital Inverter Technology makes it quieter and smoother
  • EcoBubble technology for washing on low temperatures
  • AddWash feature 
  • Hygiene steam to remove 99.9% of bacteria and allergens 


  • Some users found the controls aren’t very intuitive
  • Customers have claimed the cycles should be shorter 

Key specs 

  • Drum size: 9kg
  • Energy efficiency: A (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1400 rpm

2. Best budget washing machine: Candy Smart Pro CS148TBBE

Candy smart best washing machines

Price: £270 | Buy it now from Amazon 

“I have a Candy 9kg one. It does the job and wasn’t too pricey.” Recommended by Fridainexile.

If you’re on a tighter budget, the Candy Smart Pro CS148TBBE washing machine comes at a reasonable price while offering plenty of the key features a busy family will need.  

Available in size 8, 9 or 10kg drum size to suit different households, it weighs the load of washing during the first four minutes so that it can adjust the length of the programme and water consumption required, which can help reduce waste. There are three options for a quick wash, all under an hour and 16 programmes altogether - which could be a bit too much if you’re only going to use the same few - but includes a half load setting, delicates, woollen cycle and hand wash, as well as different spin and temperature settings. 

It also comes with smart connectivity so you can connect to your smartphone, allowing you to download additional cycles and start cycles wherever you are. 

This is not one of the quietest machines on the market or as energy efficient as the likes of the Miele WSH863 WCS, but it sits under the £300 mark which is a good price for a washing machine with so many functions. 


  • Budget friendly price
  • 16 programmes
  • Three quick wash options under an hour
  • Available in three drum sizes
  • Smartphone connectivity 
  • Automatically weighs your washing to adjust water and energy consumption


  • Some users claim it vibrates too much
  • It is quite noisy
  • Not as energy efficient as other machines

Key specs

  • Drum size: 8kg
  • Energy efficiency: D (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1400 rpm

3. Best 10kg washing machine: Bosch Serie 8

Bosch serie 8

Price: £959| Buy it now from Amazon 

“I have series 8, not integrated but it has a wool programme that works well for hand wash stuff. For delicately delicate stuff I put it in bags, and I drop the temperature from 30 to 20 for wool, but it is good.” Recommended by Bcnamechanger.

For those who need to do bigger loads of washing, the Bosch Serie 8 has a large 10kg drum for tackling mountains of washing and has been designed to be easy to use too. 

You can use Alexa voice control and connect your phone to the Home Connect app so you can find out how long is left on your wash, as well helping you select the right cycle for the clothes you're washing. The machine has a 1600 spin cycle, 14 programmes and a large range of temperature settings from cold up to 90, so you don’t have to worry about washing your garments on the wrong setting. 

It’s also very effective at cleaning off stubborn stains too. If you’re sick of scrubbing clothes with stain remover or even worse, throwing them away, Bosch’s AntiStain function has been designed to tackle some of the worst stains, such as red wine and tomatoes. It’s also quiet, with the option of a reduced noise function, which could come in handy when you need to do an emergency late night wash. 


  • Large drum size
  • Smartphone connectivity helps you choose the right cycle
  • Quiet
  • Good spin speed
  • Bosch AntiStain tackles tough stains
  • Alexa voice support 


  • Expensive
  • Not as energy efficient as other machines
  • Some users found the functions confusing

Key specs 

  • Drum size: 10kg
  • Energy efficiency: C (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1600 rpm

4. Best quiet washing machine under £500: Haier HW80-B14979S

Best washing machines

Price: £499 | Buy it now from Amazon 

“I recently bought a Haier and it's pretty decent. They do very quiet models and they come with additional sound baffling materials you can put underneath if you're in a flat or open plan. This one has an eco programme which takes about 2.5 hours, but also has a quick wash of about an hour (which I use plus an additional spin which takes 7 minutes) and an express 15-minute wash for very lightly soiled items.” Tried and tested by Beamur.

If you live in an open plan home or you want to do late night washes, the motor on the Haier HW80-B14979S has been specially designed to be super-quiet. 

The Direct Motion Motors make it quieter and smoother when spinning and washing, so there’s less vibrations. Available in a range of different sizes (and also in a washer/dryer combo), this machine is brilliant at keeping your clothes looking clean and fresh. You have the option to use steam to eliminate bacteria and allergens and, if you’re in a rush, you can give your clothes a quick refresh, reducing wrinkles and giving your clothes a gentle clean. 

Other stand out features include the stain cycle, which aims to tackle tough stains like grass and red wine. The machine uses sensors to adjust the amount of water and energy used for each load, which can help cut back on bills, although it isn’t as energy efficient as other machines such as the Miele WSH863 WCS. We also like that the drum lights up so you don’t miss any socks hidden at the back.


  • Effective spin
  • Brilliantly cleans cottons
  • Easy to use controls
  • Available in different drum sizes and washer/dryer 
  • 15-minute quick wash
  • Direct Motion Motors make it very quiet and less vibrations
  • 16 wash programmes 


  • Some of the cycles are slow
  • Not as energy efficient as other machines
  • Uses more water than others

Key specs 

  • Drum size: 9kg
  • Energy efficiency: A (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1400 rpm

5. Best Miele washing machine: Miele WSH863 WCS

Miele washing machine

Price: £1,099 | Buy it now from Amazon  

“Miele TwinDos. Very very quiet. Has 20 min cycles and standard cotton 40 degree wash is just under 1.5 hours. Fantastic machine.” Loved by ILoveFlumps. 

Many of our Mumsnetters claim Miele is the best brand for washing machines and though they come with a hefty price tag, there’s a lot to love. 

One of Miele WSH863’s biggest selling points is the brand’s TwinDos function which automatically dispenses a blend of two detergents, to help make sure you’re adding the right amount. It means you never have to worry about remembering to add the detergent or find undissolved tablets at the end of the wash! 

Paired with the app on your phone, you can start a load and check on its progress wherever you are and get an alert when the detergent is running low. Other notable functions include the QuickPowerWash cycle for cleaning your clothes in 49 minutes and the SingleWash programme for washing any small loads without wasting excess energy. You can also open the door mid cycle to add any socks that may have escaped on the way to the machine. 

It’s expensive but this washing machine is very quiet and energy efficient, with lots of great functions for keeping your clothes keen with ease. 


  • TwinDos automatic dosing adds right amount of detergent
  • Smartphone control
  • SingleWash allows you to wash just one item economically
  • Addload function for adding any forgotten items
  • QuickPowerWash in 49 minutes
  • Good energy usage 


  • Expensive
  • Mumsnet users claim Miele machines can be slow and problematic to get fixed
  • Not as high spin speed as other machines

Key specs 

  • Drum size: 8kg
  • Energy efficiency: A (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1400 rpm

6. Best washing machine for larger households: Samsung WW12T504DAW

Samsung best washing machines

Price: £649 | Buy now from AO 

“I have a Samsung washer and a dryer, and got those on the strength of the Samsung dishwasher I got. I flipping love them.” Recommended by Mbosnz.

If you’re a big family, a 12kg drum like the one on the Samsung WW12T504DAW washing machine may be just what you need to get through the daily piles of washing.

 Ideal for a family of around five or six, the machine comes with EcoBubble technology, like the Samsung Series 5+, and a super handy Bubble Soak feature which bathes garments for 30 minutes before the cycle to help loosen tough stains – so no more having to soak in the sink beforehand! 

With an LED display and smart control through your phone, it’s easy to use and there’s 22 programmes and a range of temperatures to choose from. We like that it steams the clothes at the end of a cycle to remove bacteria and allergens and, as you can put more washing in, this machine uses less energy and water per kg than lots of other washing machines around. Some of the programmes do take a long time to wash (around three hours) and it can be quite noisy when washing and spinning, but it does have a silent wash setting. 


  • Extra large drum suitable for big households
  • EcoBubble technology
  • Bubble Soak for help removing tough stains
  • 22 wash programmes 
  • Smart control through phone
  • Steam function removes bacteria and allergens


  • Can be quite noising when washing and spinning
  • Some of the wash cycles are quite long

Key specs 

  • Drum size: 12kg
  • Energy efficiency: A (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1400 rpm

Best washing machine for under £1000: LG Inverter Direct Drive FH4G1BCS2

LG best washing machine

Price: £999 | Buy now from John Lewis 

“I’ve got an LG Direct Drive, it’s done us proud for 10+ years. It did have to have a significant repair early on but was still in warranty. It’s huge too, 11kg which really cuts down the number of washes I do.” Tried and tested by Minipie.

Designed with clever features for keeping your clothes looking new, the LG FH4G1BCS2 washing machine makes it easy to keep your clothes clean, while helping keep your energy consumption down. 

With a large 12kg capacity, you can load up the machine so you may not need to put on as many loads. As a result of the size, the programmes can take longer than on other smaller machines, but the two Inverter Direct Drive motors wash clothes effectively while reducing the vibrations and noise, and energy consumption. The drum also moves in different directions to make sure your clothes get a good clean. 

There’s the option to pause the wash to add garments and LG’s TrueSteam function is very useful if you suffer from allergies as it steams the clothes to remove bacteria and allergens, as well as reducing wrinkles – and can be done in just 20 minutes. There’s also LG’s TurboWash technology, which uses a jet spray to clean clothes to help reduce energy and water.  

It’s expensive and does use more water than other machines, but with smart control it’s easy to use and you can download even more programmes through the app. 


  • Large capacity
  • Rinses and spins well
  • Easier to use
  • Low noise washing machine
  • Smart control through your phone
  • 14 wash programmes but you can download more
  • Energy efficient


  • Expensive
  • Water consumption is higher than other machines

Key specs

  • Drum size: 12kg
  • Energy efficiency: A (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1400 rpm

8. Best innovative washing machine: Bosch WAU28R90GB Serie 6

Bosch serie 6 best washing machines

Price: £550 | Buy now from Currys

“Our Bosch is great. Used every day and still going strong!” Recommended by SylvanasWindrunner

This popular washing machine from renowned appliance specialists Bosch comes absolutely jam-packed with functions that’ll make your life and laundry that little bit simpler.

Bosch's revolutionary brushless motor achieves maximum power with minimum energy loss making it quieter, faster and more energy efficient than most washers, while the VarioPerfect technology allows you to choose between saving time or saving energy.

So if you’re in a hurry, select SpeedPerfect and wash a full load of laundry in just one hour, or opt for EcoPerfect to conserve energy.

We particularly love the Allergy+ feature which battles against allergens that irritate sensitive skin by prolonging the maximum wash temperature, increasing the water level and adding an extra rinse.


  • Good mid-range machine
  • 15 minute quick wash
  • Reload function allows you to add things to the wash mid cycle
  • Bosch AntiStain function for removing tough stains
  • 14 wash programmes 


  • Some of the wash cycles take a long time
  • Not as energy efficient as others on the list

Key specs

  • Drum size: 9kg
  • Energy efficiency: A (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1400rpm

9. Best small washing machine: Bosch WAJ28008GB Serie 2

bosch serie 2

Price: £359 | Buy now from Amazon 

“We have a Bosch Serie 2, it's very good and was less than £400 IIRC. It does have a small drum as it's only a 7kg but that's fine for the 3 of us.” Tried and tested by Champagneforeveryone.

Compared to the likes of the Samsung WW12T504DAW , this model isn’t as energy efficient so if you’re looking to reduce your water and energy consumption this may not be the one for you. The drum size is also smaller than others, so this may be better suited to smaller families or people living on their own. 


  • Good price
  • Drum size suitable for smaller families
  • EcoSilence designed to make less noise
  • Reload function for adding to the wash mid-cycle
  • Designed to remain stable so it doesn’t vibrate
  • Automatic load adjusts to use the right amount of water and energy 


  • Isn’t as energy efficient as other models
  • No quick wash
  • Wash cycles are quite long

Key specs

  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Weight: 68.9 kg
  • Access location: Front load

10. Best integrated washing machine: Hotpoint BIWMHG71483UKN

hotpoint washing machine

Price: £389 | Buy now from Amazon 

If your kitchen or utility room has its appliance built-in, then replacing something like a washing machine can be more of a hassle.  

Not only do you need to make sure to measure up carefully before making any purchase, but also ensure that your appliance is compatible with the space available. 

This model from Hotpoint is one of the best integrated washing machines you can buy. Customers rate this device for its cleaning power, which we put down to the innovative Anti-Stain Quick technology – a shortened cycle that works alongside the ActiveMousse system to remove 40 stains in just 45 minutes. 

It’s quiet to run and comes with a choice of 16 programmes, including a certified woollen cycle, and an Eco programme which uses the right amount of water and energy for the load. Saying that, it’s not the most energy efficient machine on the market, but the price tag sits at the lower end so you’re getting a decent machine without the hefty price tag. 


  • 7kg drum size suitable for smaller families
  • Eco programme uses right amount of water and energy for the load
  • Anti-Stain setting for removing stubborn marks
  • 16 wash cycles
  • Quick wash programme
  • Low noise  


  • Not as energy efficient as other machines

Key specs

  • Drum size: 7kg
  • Energy efficiency: D (new A-G scale)
  • Max spin speed: 1400 rpm

What is the best washing machine to buy?

With Samsung’s AddWash feature, EcoBubble technology for helping keep your energy bills down and smart control, we think the Samsung Series 5+ WW90T554DAN/S1 is the best washing machine to buy right now. It comes with a decent drum size and effective spin speed and all for a decent price.

Which brand of washing machine is the most reliable?

From our list of the best buy washing machines, the brands that Mumsnetters loved were Samsung, Bosch and AEG, with Indesit also being a top make for those on a budget.

What should I look for when buying a washing machine?

As with any large household appliance you need to weigh up your requirements with your budget.

Aside from cost, the main considerations for most people when buying a washer are the size of the drum (and therefore the amount of washing that can be done in each load), the energy efficiency of the machine and the noise it makes.

1. Drum size

When it comes to drum size, consider how many washes a week you usually do, and what kinds of loads you wash.

Most families can comfortably get by on an 7kg to 8kg drum washing machine, although larger-capacity machines let you wash more at once, saving time. Larger machines often include special programmes for bulky items, such as curtains and duvets.

2. Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, most manufacturers nowadays are conscious of environmental issues. Many have added features in recent years to cut down on the amount of electricity and water their washing machines use.

There’s a universally used scale which rates washing machines on their energy efficiency. This scale was revised in March 2021 and appliances are now given an energy rating from A to G – A being the most energy efficient.

3. Noise

If your living space is open plan or you want to run your washing at night, then noise levels will be an important factor in choosing a machine.

Make sure to check the average volume of both the machine’s wash and spin cycles, which is measured in decibels (dB). Anything below 50dB will be quiet enough.

Models with new technology, like brushless or inverter motors and anti-vibration systems, should be the quietest.

4. Maximum spin speed

The higher the spin PRM (rotations per minute) the faster the drum turns and the drier the clothes are at the end of the cycle. 

The drier the clothes come out of the machine, the faster they dry on the line or in the tumble dryer. Most washes have an RPM of either 1200 or 1400, but some go up to 1600. Make sure the washing machine is level, it should come with adjustable feet, otherwise it may rattle around which is not only noisy but could damage the machine.

5. Display functions

No one wants to spend hours deciphering icons and figuring out what each wash programmed means, so we’d recommend going for a machine that’s not too difficult to use.  

You want to be able to select the right wash cycle for the fabrics, how long it takes and the temperature. All machines have the option to wash cottons and synthetics, plus half load and eco options. You may want to look out for special cycles like hand-wash, silk or wool modes to make it easier to wash delicate items. Temperature settings can range from 20 to 90 degrees depending on the machine.

6. Freestanding or integrated?

A freestanding washing machine is one that you just plug in and use, as long as it's connected to a drain. An integrated machine – one that connects to your kitchen unit – can be trickier to install and remove.

Freestanding machines are the most common, so when you're looking for a new one you'll have more choice. One drawback is that they often vibrate more than an integrated machine, and they also often have a lower spin speed which reduces overall movement, vibration and sound.

7. Safety

While all washing machines will follow the same safety directive, there are additional safety features that might be helpful to you, particularly if you have children in your household.

Watching a wash go round and round can be more interesting (apparently) than Bing and children have been known to try to open machines mid-wash which can be dangerous, messy or, at the very least, inconvenient. Little ones also have a habit of climbing into front-loading washing machines.

You can stop all that by putting child locks on your machine and lots of machines come with safety features – overflow and leak prevention – to prevent accidents or floods.

8. Connectivity 

Some machines have the option to connect to Wi-Fi and you may be wondering whether this is something you will ever actually use. This feature allows you to set a wash from wherever you are, download more cycles and check on its progress. When paired with automatic dosing – which have built-in tanks for the detergent and softener - it makes putting a wash on a doddle. All you need to do is remember to put the clothes in the machine!

Are expensive washing machines worth it?

Washing machines start at around £200 and can cost as much as £1,000 so it can be difficult to ascertain what represents good value for money. 

A larger, quieter, or more energy efficient appliance may not necessarily cost more than a machine that doesn’t score quite so highly on those features.  

As with any appliance, what’s important is to recognise that different brands build their products to different quality standards. A top-of-the-range washing machine from a cheaper brand may cost the same as an entry level one from another, more expensive, brand. 

Compare the most basic entry model of each brand of washing machine you’re interested in. So if you see a £580 washing machine, but the brand sells a basic model at just £290 you should know that the £580 washing machine is likely to be built to the same build quality as the £290 washing machine, with the rest of your money going on additional features, such as Wi-Fi control and automatic dosing. 

Decide which features matter the most to you and then weigh these up with your budget. Key features to lookout for are spin speed, quick wash, accessible filters (for removing coins and random objects from pockets), child lock and time-delay.

How long should a washing machine last?

How long your washing machine lasts will depend on how often you use it. Most people consider that a large household appliance should last at least five years, but nearer to eight or 10.

However, if you’re doing several loads of washing every day, then your appliance will not last as long as it might for another household.

Consider the length of the warranty on an appliance and take this into account if you expect to use the machine more than average.

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