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25 best stocking fillers for kids for under £10

From sweet treats and blind bags to fidget toys and family games, we’ve found the best stocking fillers for children of all ages – and all at a budget-friendly price of £10 or less!

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Nov 5, 2021

children filling stockings with presents

No matter how old you are, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas morning if there wasn’t a stocking full of small treats and toys waiting for you. But while the shops are full of ideas, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

With Christmas getting closer, we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you. Our Mumsnetters love putting together stockings for their loved ones, so we scoured the Mumsnet forums for stocking ideas to suit all ages. We then cross-checked these ideas to see which products came highly recommended on top review sites and online retailers.  

From chocolate stocking fillers to presents for babies, toddlers and teens, we’ve found the best stocking fillers for kids under £10 straight from (ahem) Santa’s workshop. 

1. Best overall stocking filler: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game

Taco Cat pizza

Price: £10.04 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 8+

“My aim is to fill the stocking with activities that they can play with on our bed while we wake up, and then other things they can pick up during downtime during the holidays.” LikeSilentRaindrops

This is exactly the sort of wacky card game you need at Christmas. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is recommended for kids over the age of eight, but we think younger children will soon learn the straightforward rules, which are similar to Snap and Dobble. It’s noisy, fast-paced and a lot of fun – just what Santa ordered.

2. Best value stocking filler: Feelava Washi Tape

Washi tape

Price: £7.99 for 12 rolls | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 7+

“Washi tape… tick!” Trumpton

For a cheap as chips gift, wrap up a roll of Washi tape. Crafters love this low-tack, decorative Japanese masking tape. Available in a huge range of gorgeous colours and patterns – including Christmas designs – Washi tape can add interest to craft projects such as scrapbooking.

Bear in mind that manufacturers don’t recommend it for kids under seven. This pack of 12 rolls will give you enough to share between all the crafters in your life.

3. Best stocking filler for babies: Dr Brown’s Coolees Watermelon Teether

Watermelon teether

Price: £4.49 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: From newborn

"A teether you can put in the fridge." Micc

Let’s be honest, very young babies don’t need much in the way of gifts so there’s no need to break the bank. A new, fun teether is sure to be appreciated though and Dr Brown’s Coolees Watermelon Teether passed stringent safety checks by trusted review site, Which?. It also looks fabulous – just the sort of thing any discerning babe will love to gnaw.

4. Cutest stocking filler: Petooties Pets Plush Toy

Plush pet toys

Price: £6 | Buy now from Claire's

Age: 3+

“My DC have things in their stockings that they'd never be allowed usually such as cuddly toys – because we have enormous numbers in the menagerie, not because I'm coldhearted!” PhilODox

If you’re in the market for some new furry friends, you can’t go far wrong with Petooties Pets. Dinky, soft and presented in their very own cardboard pet carrier, they’ll bring all the cute to your family’s Christmas morning – unless your DC are hulking teens more interested in playing Battlefield 1 than cuddling toy pets. In which case, steer well clear.

5. Best toddler stocking filler: Kinetic Sand Pot

Pot of Kinetic Sand

Price: £4.49 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 3+

“My two-and four-year-old have got chalk bombs and mini bags of Kinetic Sand so far.” Tigerbread20

For mess-free creative play, add a pot of Kinetic Sand to your toddlers stocking. Unlike the sand you find in your garden sandpit, it’s squeezable so it can be squished and moulded into whatever shape your child wants to make.

This small 141g container can be shaped into a sandcastle using the pot as a mould and you could also purchase these Kinetic Sand tools so they can make even more creations. Choose from bright purple, pink, green and blue. The great thing about Kinetic Sand is that it never dries out, so they can play with it again and again - and it’s very easy to tidy up too!

6. Best stocking filler for budding artists: Carddies Colour and Play Set

Carddies colouring set

Price: £8.99 each | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 5+

“I buy fun stuff like small colouring books for travelling.” BiddyPop

Smaller and more interesting than the average colouring set, Carddies make charming stocking fillers. Each box contains 12 double-sided, hand-drawn card characters, a hand-drawn card scene and 12 colouring pencils.

Choose from ballet dancers, cavemen, pirates, nativity, Christmas and many more. Compact enough to carry around, this set is ideal for holidays and day trips. The manufacturer advises that it’s fine for over-threes, but we think it’s better suited to slightly older children who will be more confident at colouring in.

7. Best Christmas-themed stocking filler: Happy Santa/Happy Helper Elf Keyring

Happy Santa keyring

Price: £3.99 | Buy now from LEGO

Age: 5+

“One of mine asked for Lego... so I got Lego figures blind bags for the stocking." LazyDaisey

Your little LEGO enthusiasts may have Minifigures coming out of their ears (and toy boxes), but do they have a Happy Santa or Happy Elf yet? If the answer’s no, they’re sure to love these festive-themed keyring figures.

The only downside? Yet another piece of pesky LEGO for you to tread on when it’s inevitably chucked on the floor sometime between your turkey dinner and the Queen’s Speech.

8. Best stocking filler for teens: Reindeer Memory Stick

Reindeer USB stick

Price: £9.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 12+

"Novelty USB sticks." BatleyTownswomensGuild

For a techie who’s always running out of virtual storage space, a novelty memory stick will do the job nicely. This reindeer usb stick only offers 8GB of space. But it’s sure to raise a smile, even if you fill it with embarrassing old photos of your now-teen with toothy grins and awkward fringes on Christmas Day 2010.

9. Best practical stocking filler: M&S 7 Pack Cotton Socks

M&S Rainbow Socks

Price: £6 for 7 pairs | Buy now from M&S

Age: Toddlers to teens

“Everyone gets a new pack of socks poking out the top [of their stocking]!” LikeSilentRaindrop

Is it even Christmas without new socks? Granted, it’s not the most earth-shattering of gifts, but it’s useful for any age group. M&S has produced this lovely rainbow pack of seven socks, available from toddler sizes right up to the adult size seven. They’ll never be sock-less again. 

10. Best stocking filler for L.O.L fans: L.O.L Surprise Colour Change Doll Assortment

LOL Colour Surprise

Price: £10 | Buy now from Argos

Age: 3+

“Also, some sort of L.O.L Surprise Doll for a stocking filler.” ElspethFlashman

For doll lovers, the L.O.L Surprise Colour Change Doll will add even more excitement to Christmas morning. Children will love unwrapping the ball to see which of the 12 dolls is inside.

Both the ball and doll change colour when put in water, and the pack comes with seven surprises, including an outfit, shoes and accessories – enough to keep them busy for a while. 

11. Best chocolate stocking filler: Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Hotel Chocolate salted caramel hot chocolate

Price: £8 | Buy now from Hotel Chocolat

Age: Teens

“Teen DD loves Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate served with marshmallows.” Aragog

There’s nothing cosier than a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and there was plenty of competition for the best chocolate stocking filler.

Mumsnetters rave about Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. It’s pricey, but worth it, according to the many chocoholics on our forums. You could even do your children a chocolate-themed Christmas stocking with a new mug, can of whipped cream and pack of marshmallows for good measure.

12. Best stocking filler for pampering: Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Lush intergalactic bath bomb

Price: £4.95 | Buy now from Lush

Age: 5+

“Some cool bath bombs that they wouldn't normally have.” Thecomfortador

Anything that turns the bath water blue and sparkly is a winner with most kids. Younger ones will love the magic of it all; older ones will relish the opportunity for some ‘me time.’

Lush’s bath bombs are a favourite on the Mumsnet forums and vegan-friendly minty blue bestseller, Intergalactic, gets a lot of love. As one Mumsnetter said: “Intergalactic is my absolute favourite. I save them up as a special treat and feel like I'm a mermaid in the space water.”

The only issue you’ll have with this stocking filler? Cleaning the bath afterwards.

13. Best stocking filler gadget: abeec Magnetic Ring Spinz

Magnetic Ring Spinz

Price: £4.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 8+

“I have bought the rings for DD. She likes fidget spinners.” Lovethemusic33

2021 has been the year of fidget toys – and they’re not going anywhere! While fidget poppers have been all the rage, these Magnetic Ring Spinz by abeec are great for older children.  

Simply place two of the rings on your fingers and rotate the third one, building up speed. This helps to focus the mind and keep fingers busy, which can relieve stress and anxiety. Fidget toys are particularly useful for children with autism, ADHD or sensory issues. 

Available in a range of fun colours - neon, metallic, glitter and glow – the abeec Magnetic Ring Spinz are small enough to fit in a school backpack to provide sensory relief on the go.

14. Best stocking filler game: Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal

Price: £4.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 8+

“Monopoly Deal. Great card game. Just as evil as Monopoly but only takes 15 minutes to play.” SquashedFlyBiscuits

If you can’t face sitting down for a long board game, Monopoly Deal provides all the fun of the popular family game, but at a much faster pace. In fact, it can be played in just 15 minutes - great for when that post-Christmas dinner slump hits and you need something to bring the family together. 

The game comes with 110 cards, including property, rent, house and hotel cards, and the first player to collect three complete property cards wins. 

15. Best stocking filler for LEGO fans: LEGO 76169 Super Heroes Marvel Avengers Thor Mech Armour Set

Lego Superhero Stocking Filler

Price: £8.99 | Buy from Amazon

Age: 7+

“LEGO mini set.” catgotmytongue

Add a small box of LEGO to your child’s stocking and they can get busy building while you slowly wake up. Marvel fans will love unboxing this Avengers Thor Mech Armour, with movable arms and a large hammer for acting out epic battles. 

The set also comes with a Thor mini-figure which can be placed in the mech’s opening cockpit and its own small hammer. If your child’s not an Avengers fan, there’s a huge range of small LEGO boxes like this that will fit nicely into a stocking. 

16. Best stocking filler for gamers: Minecraft Top Trumps Card Game

Minecraft Top Trumps

Price: £5.89 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 3+

“Minecraft Top Trumps.” Equimum

Top Trumps is a trusty stocking filler according to Mumsnetters, especially when the game centres around a topic your child loves. Gamers can expand their knowledge of Minecraft mobs with this fun card game. 

The Independent and Unofficial Top Trumps Guide to Minecraft contains facts on the likes of the Creeper, Blaze and Killer Bunny, including how tall and wide they are, and giving them an attack, health and Top Trump rating. 

Children can challenge each other’s knowledge and, as the cards come in a handy carry case, it can be played at home or on the go. 

17. Best stocking filler for 1-year-olds: Munchkin Undersea Explorer Bath Toy

Munchkin Undersea Bath Toy

Price: £6.75 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 12 months+ 

“My DS is 18 months old and I’ve got him chocolate coins, Peppa Pig matching cards, bubbles, Christmas socks, stickers, a bath bomb, new cup, bath boats and an orange.” Undercoverhero74

Young children love splashing about at bath time so why not treat them to a small bath toy in their stocking? The Munchkin Undersea Explorer is a yellow submarine that’s perfectly sized for little hands. 

Push the boat under water and watch the air bubbles rise and the cabin and propellers spin around. The submarine is not only great fun but helps children develop fine motor skills and teach cause and effect.

18. Best stocking filler for 2-year-olds: Melissa & Doug Animals Mini Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Mini Puzzle

Price: £7.49 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 2-4 years

“Mini puzzle.” Eastmidswarwicknightnanny

A cute wooden puzzle which is compact enough for a stocking and for taking on your travels, the Melissa & Doug Animals Mini Puzzle will make a lovely gift for young children. 

The wooden case stores four animal puzzles in different themes, including farm and sea, on trays that easily slide in and out. The pieces are raised for little hands to grasp easily and match the pictures, and they’re also colour-coded to make them simple to tidy away. 

19. Best stocking filler for 6-year-olds: Playmobil Blind Bag

Playmobil Blind Bag

Price: £3 | Buy now from The Works

Age: 5+

“LEGO mini-figure or other blind bag of something they collect (Playmobil, Imaginext, etc).” AGoatAtelt

Add to your child’s Playmobil collection with a blind bag containing one of 12 mystery figures. They’re a great low-price gift and the bags come in different series of characters for mixing and matching with other figures. 

The surprise element of the bag will add to the excitement of Christmas morning and the figures come unassembled, so your child can immediately get busy attaching all the parts.

20. Best stocking filler for 10-year-olds: Fortnite Pencil Case

Fortnite Pencil Case

Price: £9.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: Not specified

“Also, stationery - perhaps scented rubbers, gel pens, pencil case etc.” Fivemoreminutes1

You can never go wrong with a pencil case, especially if it’s a design you know your child will love. With its camo blue design and logo, Fortniters will proudly show this case off to their friends at school.

It’s practical too, with a handle and a large capacity for storing all their stationary – and hiding other presents inside. You probably won’t have to remind them to pack this in their school bag when they return after Christmas! 

21. Best toy car stocking filler: Hot Wheels 5 Gift Pack

Hot Wheels 5 Pack

Price: £9.40 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 4 years

“Something fun - like slime, putty, Hot Wheels cars.” BEE08

Car lovers will have plenty of fun pushing these Hot Wheels cars around on Christmas morning. The toy cars come in a range of fun designs, eye-catching paintwork and authentic details.

Each pack contains five different die-cast toy cars. At less than £7 for five, this is a great value for money gift that will be played with again and again.

22. Best stocking filler book: Would You Rather Game Book

Would You Rather Book

Price: £7.97 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 6-12 years

“I buy things that'll actually be used/played with, not cheap tat that'll break in five minutes because it's a 'stocking filler'. Small toys, small colouring book, small book or two, crayons/pencils/felt tips, bubbles, socks, chocolate coins. Those sorts of things!” ThreeLittleDuckies

Your child doesn’t have to be a bookworm to enjoy this gift. The book is based on the fun game ‘Would you rather?’ in which you choose between two tricky scenarios.

Aimed at children aged six and over, the book has fun illustrations and poses questions like ‘Would you rather… be able to read an entire book in a couple of minutes or write an essay in your sleep?’ Children can play the game alone or with their friends or family, and it’s a great way to start fun conversations during the festive season.

23. Best novelty stocking filler: Whoopie Cushion

Whoopie Cushion

Price: £2.94 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 12 months+ 

“Whoopie cushion (essential).” Pascha

It’s an oldie but it’s a goodie. Who doesn’t love a Whoopie Cushion for a bit of old-school humour? Children (and, let’s face it, adults) of all ages will have plenty of fun leaving it on chairs for unsuspecting members of their family.  

It’s low cost, compact and fun, which makes it a great stocking filler that will provide a lot of laughs on Christmas day – and beyond! 

24. Best creative stocking filler: Crayola Silly Scents Twistable Pencils

Silly Scents Stocking Filler

Price: £4.37 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 36 months+

“Scented Crayons (stocking).” 17caterpillas1mouse

These pencils offer double the fun for drawing and colouring. With 12 colours to choose from, children will enjoy twisting the pencils and smelling the different scents, including cherry fruit punch and cotton candy beach. 

The Silly Scents pencils never need sharpening either, all you do is twist them for more colouring fun – and minimal mess to boot.

25. Best animal stocking filler: Schleich Sloth Figure

Sloth Schleich Toy

Price: £4.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Age: 3+

“Schleich or Papo animals. My DC are four and two and both go mad for them. They're so realistic and do pretty much any animal you can think of. They get a couple of different ones every Christmas and birthday.” CarolinaWeeper

If your children love animals, Schleich makes lovely hand-painted, authentic figures that are ideal for a stocking. This friendly-looking sloth has a cute smile and curved claws for gripping trees, just like the real animals do in the rainforest.

The small, plastic figures are fun for role play and help children learn about animals. With a large range of animal Schleich figures, the sloth could be added to a collection or start a new one. 

Do you need to wrap Christmas stocking presents?

This is very much up to you and will vary from family to family as everyone has their own traditions. Traditionally, stocking presents aren’t wrapped so you can pop them in and save yourself time, money, and waste. 

However, wrapping each present individually (you can probably leave the obligatory tangerines though) will make the stocking last a bit longer and each gift will be a nice surprise.

What is the best stocking filler for kids?

For babies, we love the Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Coolees Soothing Teether , while the best stocking filler for toddlers is the Melissa and Doug Animals Mini Puzzle - four lovely wooden puzzles in a compact case.

Older children will enjoy choosing between tricky scenarios in the Would You Rather Game Book, while the best stocking filler for teens is the Reindeer Memory Stick – both practical and fun!

But, overall, we think that the best stocking filler for kids is Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – a brilliant card game for entertaining kids (little and big), and the rest of the family on Christmas Day and beyond.

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