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Best sex toys for women that'll elevate PIV and masturbation

Whether you’re looking for some quality ‘me time’ or want to make your sex life with your partner a bit more exciting, there’s something out there for you. Here's the best sex toys for women on the market, tried and tested by Mumsnetters.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Feb 15, 2024

Best sex toys for women

From discreet sex toys for beginners just dipping their toes into the water, to the newest, whizziest (and buzziest) models for women wanting to experiment a bit more, we’ve rounded up the best sex toys for women, recommended by Mumsnetters who’ve been there, done that and got the orgasm.

Sex toys have come a long way since the days of pornographic-looking dildos with ‘realistic’ veins and lumps and bumps. (If that’s still your thing, we’re not judging though). These days there are toys that are discreet enough to keep in your handbag and stylish enough to sit proudly on your bedside table (unless your in-laws are staying perhaps). There are even toys that are waterproof enough to use in the shower, and others that offer remote control use for a surprise while your partner is away. In short, if you’re buying, they’re selling. From tiny, discreet bullets to huge rabbits with all the bells and whistles, we’ve found a sex toy to suit every woman and her needs. Here’s our round-up of the best sex toys for women to try in 2024.

Need to stock up on some essentials? Don't forget to check out our guides to the best condoms and best lube. We've also got a roundup of the best vibrators if that's what you're specifically looking for.

Best sex toys for women at a glance

1. Best sex toy for women overall: Womanizer Pro40

2. Best wand vibrator for women: LELO Smart Wand 2

3. Best clitoral suction stimulator for women: Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3

4. Best bullet vibrator for women: Moregasm+ Bullet Vibrator

5. Best sex toy for your G spot: Womanizer OG Vibrator

6. Best women's sex toy for PIV: We Vibe Sync Lite Couples Vibrator

7. Best nipple toys for women: Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers

8. Best luxury sex toy for women: LELO SILA Cruise

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Best sex toy for women overall
What we like
  • Long run time

  • Silicone head (replacement ones available)

  • Contactless stimulation 

  • Waterproof and submersible

  • Five year warranty included

What we don't like
  • Very firm, little flexibility on the head

  • Only six intensity levels 

  • Dearer than other clit suckers available

Key specs

Material: ABS, silicone | Weight: 140g | Dimensions: 120mm x 46mm | Power: USB rechargeable | Run time: 240 minutes | Settings: Six intensity levels, Pleasure Air Technology, contactless stimulation | Waterproof: Submersible | Allergens: Latex-free, phthalate-free | Flexibility: Firm | Warranty: Five years | Targets: Clitoris | Vibrator type: Suction

What Mumsnet users say
Fredelliottisayfredelliott · Recommended
Get a womanizer. You're welcome.
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NCSexForum · Tried & Tested
I love it! I would use it everyday if I could. Fantastic or should that be orgasmic!
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FellatrixLestrange · Recommended
It is a fantastic design, the first toy that I was aware of that was made for my experience of masturbation- focusing on the clitoris. The name is crap though- I’m totally with you there!
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Our verdict

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A little bit of subtlety goes a long way, and the huge success of the Womanizer is largely down to its subtlety and the fact that it offers something just a little bit different. Rather than being designed to simulate intercourse with a man, which many sex toys are, the Womanizer’s focus is solely on bringing pleasure to women and their bodies.

Ergonomically designed, the silicone head of the Womanizer surrounds the clitoris and uses ‘Pleasure Air Technology’ to build sensations from a soft flutter through to a strong pulse with its six settings. It’s recommended to be used for ‘edging’, where you’re brought close to orgasm, before stopping or slowing down and then slowly building the intensity again. Reviews suggest that it does the job exceedingly well, with many very well satisfied customers, both on Mumsnet and across the internet. Like we say, something a little ‘different’ and sometimes, a change is just what you need.

How we chose our recommendations

Recommendations from real Mumsnet users

It's clear that Mumsnet users over on our sex Talk board know a thing or two when it comes to the best sex toys for women. So, we first considered the sex toys that they have tried, rated, and would recommend to their friends. We also looked out for any negative reviews, where users highlighted toys that they felt were poor quality, ineffective, broke or simply failed to do the job.

Expert opinions

We then cross-checked our recommendations with the sex toys for women praised by sex experts to ensure we were bringing you the best ones that are rated across the board.

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the best women's sex toys, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites such as Lovehoney, Ann Summers and Boots, and independent sites to get broader consumer experiences regarding the products on our shortlist.

Best wand vibrator for women
What we like
  • Fully waterproof and submersible for aquatic fun 

  • Whisper-quiet and discreet during use

  • Can be used for all-over body massages, too

  • Comes in medium or large size

  • Cordless so not restrictive

What we don't like
  • The large size is… Very large!

  • Higher price tag

Key specs

RRP on writing: £180 Material: Silicone | Allergens: Latexfree, phthalate free | Waterproof: Submersible | Function settings: 10 vibration settings | Power: Rechargeable via magnetic cable (included) | Run time: Four hours | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes, on all body parts | Colours: Available in three

What Mumsnet users say
Sallystyle · Tried & Tested
Lelo Magic wand thing.I can't remember the name off hand, but it's huge, it's a massager as well but my god that gives some powerful orgasms. Expensive but worth every penny.
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Our verdict

Don't miss: our in depth LELO Smart Wand 2 review

There’s no denying that this is quite a lot to spend on a wand massager, but if you are looking to splurge on something that will bring you pleasure, this wand by LELO is a safe bet - and definitely makes your invested money worth it in the long run.

With a sleek design, the Smart Wand 2 is a great improvement of the original favourite from LELO, and is made with smooth silicone for a stylish finish. Best of all, it’s cordless so you don’t need to worry about buying batteries or plugging it in to work. Its standout feature though, is the Smart Silence technology, which means the vibrator only starts when in contact with the skin - meaning it’s discreet and won’t start until it’s already in place! It’s very quiet during use and it’s fully submersible and waterproof, making it versatile for use in different environments like the shower or in a hot tub.

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Best clitoral suction stimulator for women

Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3, £40

What we like
  • Two different suction modes, Liquid Air and Pressure Wave

  • Waterproof for bathtime fun

  • Connects to the Satisfyer Connect app 

  • Soft material and longer design for easy handling

What we don't like
  • Quite noisy vibrations when on highest setting

  • Rigid body isn’t flexible

  • Power button needs a little pressure to operate

  • No storage pouch included

Key specs

Material: Body-friendly silicone | Guarantee: 15 years | Settings: 11 pressure wave programs, five vibration speeds, seven vibration patterns | Waterproof: Yes, IPX7 | Power: Rechargeable via magnetic USB cable (included) | Special features: Extra cap included and Liquid Air technology | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes | Colours: Available in three

What Mumsnet users say
scrumpledtitskin · Recommended
Well I swear by mine. We're all different of course, but it works better than anything else for me.
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ReginaTheEvilQueen · Tried & Tested
I can highly recommend the Satisfyer pro 2 on Amazon. It’s a clitoral suction toy and amazing!
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Our verdict

Don't miss: our full review of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3

Renowned for their air pulse technology, Satisfyer’s latest iteration of their popular vibrator boasts enhanced features, a fine-tuned design and brand-new Liquid Air technology that will make it feel like an extension of your body. The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 toy is the company’s fifth version of their classic air pulse toy design. And if there’s one thing Satisfyer understands, it's that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. 

The Satisfyer Pro has a similar style to the Womanizer listed above, only it’s about a third of the price. So, it's a great one to try out to see if you like the feel of a clitoral suction stimulator before you splash out on the Womanizer.

Best bullet vibrator for women

Moregasm+ Bullet Vibrator, £48

What we like
  • Incredibly soft tip with ridged texture

  • Easy-to-use settings

  • Great for beginners

  • Not too big and easy to hold during intercourse

What we don't like
  • Highest setting is quite strong, start off slow

Key specs

Material: Dual density silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Function settings: 10 settings (five speeds, five vibrating patterns) | Power: Rechargeable via magnetic cable (included) | Suitable for internal use: No | Suitable for external use: Yes, on all body parts

What Mumsnet users say
jainaproudm · Recommended
The Moregasm set is very couple friendly in that the shape of the vibrator is perfect to put in your hand and use either on yourself or someone else.
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Our verdict

Don't miss: our full review of the Moregasm+ Bullet

The new and improved Moregasm+ Bullet is designed to deliver intense sensations, thanks to Ann Summers’ exclusive Climax Technology housed within a layer of the softest silicone. The bullet vibrator takes pleasure to new heights by sending strong, low-frequency vibrations throughout the body, targeting all 15,000+ nerve endings you have. The flexible tip of the bullet gently moulds to your body, providing a comfortable fit, while the ridges along the length of the shaft offer additional stimulation for an all-encompassing orgasmic pleasure that's different to any you've experienced before.

With the easy-to-use single control button, you can effortlessly explore the 10 different settings, including give increasing speeds and give vibration patterns. Hold the bullet against your clitoris for direct stimulation, or if you prefer a gentler touch, explore the surrounding areas and other external pleasure points on you or your partner.

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Best sex toy for your G spot
What we like
  • Smart Silence feature for discreet use

  • Afterglow feature to wind down after climax

  • Waterproof and body safe

  • Multi-functional toy for blended, multiple orgasms

  • Pleasure Air Technology pulsates and massages

What we don't like
  • The price tag

  • Magnetic charging fiddly to setup

  • Not strong enough for G-spot stimulation

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Settings: Three vibrations, 12 pulsating intensities | Power: Rechargeable via USB charging cable (included) | Targets: Clitoris and G-spot

What Mumsnet users say
thebrollies · Tried & Tested
Womanizer! It takes a little getting used to, but omg it’s life changing.
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7thlevelofthecandycaneforest · Tried & Tested
Haha I was going to suggest Womanizer too! Definitely worth the money.
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Our verdict

Don't miss: our full review of the Womanizer OG

With plenty of recommendations from Mumsnet users on our Talk boards, it’s easy to see why the Womanizer OG is a favourite if you achieve climax via your G-spot. This vibrator is crafted to tantalise both your clitoris and G-spot (with the latter being its main target), and boasts an array of features - including Pleasure Air Technology. There’s three vibration levels, complete with suction technology as well as 12 pulsating sensations that resonate throughout your erogenous zones. Whether you decide to enjoy the Womanizer OG vibrator solo or invite a partner to join you, the key is to start leisurely and gradually escalate the intensity to reach climax.

At £180, the Womanizer OG Vibrator is one of the more expensive vibrators on the market. Although, the price is justifiable given its patented technology, ergonomic, high-quality silicone design. Plus, with two hours run time, it's one of the longest running sex toys available.

Best women's sex toy for PIV
What we like
  • Dual stimulation for clit and G-spot

  • Penetration-friendly

  • Quiet when in use

  • We Vibe app for long-distance control

  • Works as a standalone vibrator

  • Adjustable size for a comfortable fit

What we don't like
  • May slip out when using solo

  • Only 45 minutes run time

  • No Bluetooth remote

  • Not waterproof

  • No charging dock included

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Settings: 10 functions | Special feature: Bluetooth and app controlled | Power: Rechargeable via USB | Waterproof: Not submersible, but splashproof

What Mumsnet users say
fizzingwhizbee · Recommended
DH and I use a wevibe during PIV sex. I would definitely say use lube. I also find it works best if I'm on my front as it helps keep the wevibe in place. At least to start with.
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MephistophelesApprentice · Tried & Tested
My partner and I use Wevibe now and then, it's great fun. Takes a little getting used to (and lube, lube is good).
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Our verdict

Don't miss: read our full review of the We Vibe Sync Lite

If there's one toy that's great for women during PIV, it's the We Vibe Sync Lite. This couple's toy offers everything that the popular We Vibe Sync 2 does but with a more affordable price tag. It covers all bases; solo play, use during PIV sex and long-distance relationships. So, if you're hesitant to spend a small fortune on the Sync 2 for you and your partner to use, the We Vibe Sync Lite is a great option.

At less than £80, it's much more affordable than the original Sync vibrator. It’s also smoother and easier to use, with one-button control to navigate the 10 different vibration modes. That’s not all - with the We Vibe App you have extra control of your toy and is a great choice for couples in long-distance relationships or with a DP who travel a lot. 

Best nipple toys for women

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers, £10

What we like
  • Very affordable price tag

  • Soft and beginner-friendly

  • Applies localised suction

  • Great if you have inverted nipples

What we don't like
  • Don't stay on for too long

  • May not work for everyone

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Length: Two inches | Allergens: Latex-free, phthalate-free

What Mumsnet users say
Charmanderchick · Recommended
If you enjoy nipple play you definitely want to invest in a pair. You can work up how long you use them for but after ten minutes your nipples will be huge and I can only describe as throbbing in an amazing way ready for action.
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Our verdict

Don't forget to give your nipples the attention they deserve with Lovehoney's Perfect Pair nipple suckers. These handy gadgets gently increase sensitivity through subtle suction, making them perfect for those new to nipple play.

These nipple suckers trigger the production of oxytocin in your brain, the hormone needed for that 'big O' moment. With their simple suction design, these suckers stay in place hands-free, allowing you to use your hands for other activities. After around 10 minutes of use, remove the suckers and follow up with some nipple strokes, licks, and pinches to fully enjoy their newfound sensitivity to touch.

Best luxury sex toy for women
What we like
  • Sonic wave intensities for maximum pleasure

  • Rechargeable and fully waterproof

  • Easy to use and place

What we don't like
  • Higher price tag

Key specs

Type: Clitoral sonic massager | Waterproof? Yes | Material: Extra soft silicone | Vibration modes: Eight sonic wave intensities| Battery type: Rechargeable battery

What Mumsnet users say
RosieBenenden · Tried & Tested
Lelo are superb... I rarely enjoy sex with my DH now in my late 40s so masturbating has really become centre stage.
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Our verdict

The price of this Lelo Sila clitoral massager is enough to make your eye water - but investing in this means your eyes will be watering for another, better reason. Inspired by the brand's most famous clitoral massager, the Lelo Sila gently allows you to explore new ways to climax.

It has eight sonic wave intensities for maximum pleasure, and a mouth that is easy to place and lightly encompasses your clitoris for progressive satisfaction. It's rechargeable for continuous use, and is fully waterproof so you can enjoy play in the bath or shower, too.

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How to choose the best sex toy

Peruse the more interesting corners of the internet for just a few moments and you’ll see that when it comes to sex toys, there really is something for every occasion and proclivity.

From the very best vibrators to the most wonderful wands, and everything in between, here’s how to choose the right sex toy for you and what to consider before you buy.

How will you use it?

Alone? With a partner? Both? Is it for your pleasure or your partner’s? Consider what you typically enjoy in the bedroom and then go from there.

What is a sex toy for?

Well, yes, OBVIOUSLY that. But are you looking to spice up your sex life a bit, or something just for a bit of a stress buster? The reviews and product information will give you ideas about how each toy is used.

What type of toy interests you?

Consider whether you want a bullet (mostly for clitoral stimulation), a dildo (used for actual penetration), something that vibrates like a wand or something more inanimate. Then there are jiggle balls that you wear inside, remote control couples toys that can be stopped and started by your partner from another room, smaller toys such as cock rings, bullets and eggs, toys for anal play, various lubes that have different effects and also toys designed for men.

Have a look at various products to see what’s out there and read reviews, which often tell you more about how they can be used, and see what floats your boat.

What does it for you?

Do you want something that is just for clitoral stimulation or a toy you put inside you like a dildo? And what are preferences in general during sex? Some toys get you there fast (and hard!) while others are a more slow-and-steady-wins-the-race type of thing.

Is volume a factor?

Nothing wrong with saying (or screaming) when you enjoy something, but if you have kids in the house or paper thin walls and less-than-understanding neighbours, it’s worth looking for toys that are advertised as ‘quiet’. Or start saving for a sound-proofed sex dungeon.

Does size matter?

Well, it might. Although some women, particularly if new to sex toys, actually prefer something manageable. An eight-inch flashing plastic penis might seem very erotic in the shop, but if you’re using it alone and you find you need two hands on the thing at all times, suddenly the whole event can feel like a chore.

Starting out with a smaller bullet or wand might be an idea. Once you’re feeling more confident, think about what sort of size might suit, or work your way up to the eight-inch flashing plastic penis slowly.

What about power and speed?

Try and put all thoughts of DIY tools out of your mind; that’s a totally different kind of speed and power required. Vibrating sex toys can have several speeds, which allows you to experiment with the effect you want and turn it up or down according to how you feel. Some also have different types of vibrate to switch between, such as a pulse and a faster buzz, which you might like, but some women can find distracting.

Think about what sort of effect you might like - some vibrators have a light buzz, while others have more of a 'rumble’ which isn’t necessarily more powerful but somehow has a lower, deeper effect. What you prefer is a matter of personal choice, but there’s something for everyone.

Finally, don’t forget to check the power source for your chosen toy and make sure you have the right batteries in if necessary. Many are also USB rechargeable. There’s nothing quite so irritating your rabbit being let down by the Duracell Bunny.

What do you want it to look like?

There are some fairly (how can we put this?) ‘lifelike’ sex toys on the market. Some people love them while others find them a massive turn-off. If you prefer something a little more discreet, there are plenty that could easily be mistaken for a massage tool or a lipstick… or at least don’t just look like a giant, veiny, purple penis. Though if that’s your thing, that’s fine too.

What’s your budget?

You don’t want to spend too much if it’s your first sex toy, but you definitely get what you pay for. If you’re happy to spend between £20 and £50, there’s plenty of choice and good products out there to choose from, but you can obviously spend a lot more if you want to.

Best sex toys for women

What materials are best for sex toys?

It really depends on what the toy aims to do. As long as you’re buying from a reputable supplier, you should be fine. Most sex toys are made of various safe plastics but they vary in texture a lot. Some are a hard plastic, while others have a soft jelly feel or just a bit of squish. Don’t be put off by glass dildos - they’re not going to smash. They’re made of really tough, unbreakable glass and the bonus is they’re one of the easiest materials to clean.

Do vibrators need to be waterproof?

Most are, though it’s not essential. However, if you want to use one in the bath or shower, obviously it will have to be fully waterproof.

How to clean and store sex toys

There's certainly no shame in having sex toys, however, they're probably not something you want your children or even house guests stumbling over. While a bedside drawer might suffice as a temporary fix, storing toys effectively is also a matter of good hygiene.

If you're just starting out, a simple cosmetic bag designed to protect gadgets can do the trick. And before you put them away, don't forget to clean your toy after use. For peace of mind, there are specific sex toy cleaners, such as the Buzz Fresh Toy Cleaner from Ann Summers.

How often should you replace your sex toys

There's no real rule about this. Sex Toys don’t have a best before date and some can last forever. However, there are some clues to look out for that would suggest it’s time to say goodbye to your faithful friend and invest in something new. Chuck it out if:

  • The colour is fading (that’s a sign things inside might be wearing out, too)

  • It’s losing its shape. The jelly dildos in particular can start to look like they’re melting.

  • The buzz isn’t as strong, even with new batteries or a recharge.

  • You notice any cracks or damage - bacteria can work its way inside and that’s not nice.

  • It’s just starting to look a bit worn out and dirty. No one needs that.

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