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Tina Williams

Tina Williams

Head of Editorial Content

Tina joined Mumsnet as a fresh-faced grad way back in 2013. Little did she know that this fiery bunch of campaigners and entrepreneurs would become her colleagues for the next decade.

After cutting her teeth in digital content with Mumsnet Books, Tina stepped into the role of Head of Reviews in 2017, where she worked with parents and journalists to develop a comprehensive testing system that rigorously reviewed baby essentials. From tried and tested Mumsnet favourites to new product innovations (self-driving pushchair anyone?) Mumsnet Reviews dedicated itself to finding and recommending genuinely good products to parents.

Now as Head of Editorial Content, she’s leading a team of expert writers and editors to develop Mumsnet Swears By, the new home for product reviews and buying advice, where parents test and recommend the products they love.

While she’ll never make the cut for the Mumsnet football team (turns out football is more than enthusiastically running around a field), she is always up for a summertime dip in the local ponds. And if anyone wants to talk to her about the benefits of a dehumidifier and heated drying rack combo for drying laundry, she’s there for it.