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Clearblue Digital Ultra Early review: the pregnancy test which does everything but hold your hand

If the most important thing you're looking for in a pregnancy test is reassurance that you're taking it correctly, the Clearblue Digital Ultra Early pregnancy test offers that in spades. But is it worth the hefty price tag? MNHQ tester Tina finds out.

By Tina Williams | Last updated Feb 29, 2024

Clearblue pregnancy test early detection

Price on writing: £16 for two | Buy now from Amazon

The verdict

This pregnancy test offers bags of reassurance, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Our rating:
What we like
  • Very clear instructions

  • Very strong reassurances that you're taking the test correctly

  • Flashing light indicates when the test has absorbed enough urine to work correctly

What we don't like
  • Pricey

  • Doesn't show a result as fast as other cheaper tests

  • Need to remove the battery before disposing of the test

  • Not environmentally friendly

Key specs

Price on writing: £15 for two | Results time: 1 to 5 minutes | Display method: Digital test | Number of tests: Two | Type of test: Stick test

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How we tested

I tested six of the most popular pregnancy tests to see how they compared. From budget bulk buys to the premium tests on the market, I wanted to find out which tests explained the process most clearly, how easy it was to take the test, how much reassurance you get that you're doing it correctly and how much packaging would go to landfill when the test was complete.

I also timed how long it took to get a result and how easy (or not) the result was to read. But, at the time of testing I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, which probably impacted how quickly the test returned a result.

Ultimately I wanted to find out if there really was a benefit to shelling out £15 for a pregnancy test, when you could spend just 20p.

Clearblue tests are much more sensitive than regular ones. I got a BFP [big fat positive] on a Clearblue and BFN [big fat negative] on others, and then about a week later, I got BFP on the others.


Clearblue Ultra Early Digital Pregnancy Test

£16 for two

Buy now from Amazon

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How easy are the Clearblue Ultra Early test instructions to follow?

The test comes with a small instruction leaflet with pictures. It's clearly laid out to make it as simple as possible to understand and I think that’s really important when you’re in the throes of trying to conceive.

It really offers a lot of confidence that if the test shows a positive results you actually are pregnant, which in practice is the case for almost all tests, but this one really hammers it home in the instructions.

If you’re worried about taking a pregnancy test incorrectly this test pretty much does everything apart from hold your hand as you pee to reassure you that you’re doing it right.

How does the Clearblue Ultra Early pregnancy test work?

You can either POAS (hold the test midstream as you pee) or dip the test in a sample of collected urine. There’s a spongy strip to pee on/ dip up to, but the most reassuring thing was that there is a light that flashes when enough urine has been collected. 

Once the test has been taken you can secure the cap and watch the countdown bar work while you wait for five minutes.

How long did it take to show a result?

The box says one to five minutes. My result showed up in one minute, 26 seconds.

Clearblue pregnancy test early detection

There were two things I was worried about getting wrong the first time I ever took a pregnancy test. Firstly, did I get the pee in the right place, and secondly did I hold the urine sample for long enough. This pregnancy test really makes both things crystal clear. 

MNHQ tester Tina

Clearblue Ultra Early Pregnancy Test

£16 for two

Buy now from Amazon

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How does the Clearblue Ultra Early Pregnancy Test compare to others?

This test offers all the reassurance it possibly could that you’re taking the test correctly. And  I can definitely see the appeal. However, the test results actually took a lot longer to come through than some of the cheaper options. 

It also has a battery that you need to remove before you can dispose of the test. From an environmental point of view, there’s just so much plastic here and ultimately the result is as accurate as other tests on the market, and actually slower to obtain than other tests I tried.

Does the test offer good value for money?

At £8 per test, the one thing that’s clear to me is that this is not a budget friendly option. There was a part of me that really liked the light which showed when enough urine had been collected, but I don’t think it’s really worth the money.

Would you recommend this pregnancy test to others?

For someone who’s nervous about doing a test incorrectly this is probably a really good first test to take, but once you’ve done one pregnancy test, you kind of get the hang of it. If you’re really unhappy about the idea of decoding faint lines, then this is a good option.   

Overall verdict

Ease of use:
Value for money:

I really liked the reassurance offered by this test that you're taking it correctly, which is something I worried about the first time I took a pregnancy test. Having taken a few tests now, I can see that the features like the light indicator and countdown bar are actually a bit unnecessary, but if you're new to TTC and want that extra confidence, you can't really go wrong with this test.

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