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Best heated clothes airers for drying clothes quickly

Trying to dry laundry around the Great British weather can leave your head spinning like a rinse cycle. If drying indoors is the only option, a heated clothes airer could save you time, space and money this winter.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Jan 24, 2023

A picture of a heated airer by a kitchen window. In the background is a fridge with children's pictures on.

When it's too wet to use your washing line, and the energy and cost of living crisis have rendered your tumble dryer off-limits, a heated clothes airer could be the solution to all your washing woes this winter. Costing around a third of the price of running a tumble dryer and with the added benefit of reducing your ironing pile, it's no wonder that heated clothes airers are selling phenomenally fast (remember to sign up to back-in-stock emails from the retailer if a popular item is out of stock, they are often replenished regularly!). 

When used correctly, a heated airer can revolutionise your laundry routine, drying an entire wash load in hours, whilst taking the chill off the room they're in - great news for your heating bill. Mumsnetters recommend using a cover where possible and positioning the airer near an excellent dehumidifier to get the most out of one. 

So, we've done the hard work for you, whether you’re after the best value heated clothes airer, a folding dryer or an electric airer big enough for large families. Using our triple-check verification process, we've collated the most recommended heated airers by Mumsnet users and cross-referenced these against verified consumer reviews and expert recommendations. 

For more expertise on how to get through your laundry without sending your energy bill through the roof this winter, check out our guides to the best tumble dryers and best dehumidifiers

Here are the best heated clothes airers UK 2023.

1. Best overall heated clothes airer: Dry:Soon 3 Tier Heated Airer and Cover

A picture of the DrySoon 3 Tier Heated Airer.

Price on writing: £159.99 | Buy now from Lakeland

Key specs

Size: ‎73 x 75 x 137cm | Capacity: 15kg | Energy use: 300 Watts (estimated 10p per hour of use from October 22) Source for all energy use estimations: Sust-it Energy calculator | Drying time settings: No timer | Foldable: Yes | Cable length: 135cm | Tiers: Three

Reasons to buy

  • Most recommended by Mumsnet users 
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Low cost to run 

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive
  • Frequently out of stock 

What Mumsnet users say

“I have one of these – they are the bomb! Put the stuff on before bed, put the cover on and it’s dry by morning, and everywhere feels warm and smells of lovely, clean washing.” lockedownloretta

“I've got the Lakeland 3-Tier Heated Airer and it's honestly changed my life - a bit of a drastic statement I know, but I can dry two loads of washing in 24 hours, washing is done for the week and no wet washing hanging around and taking up the spare room in the winter/wet days.” Westiegirl3

"Lakeland 3 tier. Had for 15+ years. Fabulous." Oblomov22

"I bought the 3 tier Lakeland 12 years ago when had first baby. It’s great, all my sisters and my mum have them now, they really make a difference. Would definitely recommend." HerbertChops  

Our verdict

Our favourite features? This large airer provides ample drying room for damp washing – 21 metres to be exact, so it’s perfect for bigger households. If you have a smaller space or only a few items to dry, you can opt to only open the shelves on one side. Although one of the priciest models in our selection, we can’t ignore the rave reviews of Dry:Soon’s superb 3-Tier Heated Airer within the Mumsnet forums, combined with over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon.  

Whilst you can buy this heated airer without the cover to bring the price down, Mumsnet users recommend investing in one with the washable poly-cotton cover, as it can significantly speed up the drying process by trapping heat. It also doubles up as a handy storage bag when the airers are not in use. Depending on how long you run it for and how often it’s used, the Dry:Soon is also a much cheaper option than a tumble dryer – especially with rising energy prices. It may be lightweight to the point of feeling almost flimsy, but this heated clothes airer is far sturdier than it may appear. Compact and easy to store when not in use, it can fold down to just 8cm wide when you finish your laundry for the week.

2. Best budget heated clothes airer: Argos Home Indoor Heated Electric Clothes Airer

A picture of the Argos Heated Airer 11.5m.

Price on writing: £55 | Buy now from Argos

Key specs

Size: H93, W84, D54cm | Capacity: 10kg | Drying time settings: No timer | Foldable: Yes | Cable length: 140cm | Tiers: Winged design - three sections | Energy use: 220 Watts (estimated 8p per hour of use from October 22)

Reasons to buy

  • Affordable price point
  • Lightweight and compact fold for storage
  • Best for light clothing 
  • Cheap to run 

Reasons to avoid

  • No cover
  • Not as tall as a tiered design 

What Mumsnet users say 

"I have a cheap one and find it far better than my washer/dryer." TestingTestingWonTooFree

"We have one from Argos, it was a wedding present but I think was about £50. It’s brilliant, we can fry a load on it with the dehumidifier on in about 2-3hrs. But you need to move stuff around on it." PandaOrLion

Our verdict

Our favourite feature? Argos' heated airer is the budget-friendly, Mumsnetter recommended answer to the price of Lakeland's three tier Dry:Soon. Compact, practical and affordably-priced, this heated airer is the perfect low-cost alternative to running your tumble dryer. 

Big enough to hold up to 10kg of clothing (around 11.5 metres worth of drying space), this heated clothes airer from Argos may not have the capacity of some larger models, but at literally a third of the price you really couldn't ask for more. Its fold-out ‘winged’ design is ideal for the flat drying of your best white t-shirts or kids' school uniform so they're toasty and dry for the morning, or you can regularly move the clothing on the rails to ensure it dries evenly. Many Mumsnetters recommend chucking an old sheet over it, too, to speed up the process. The downside? This design stands a little lower compared to an upright ‘tiered’ design, so longer items like trousers and dresses may not fit so neatly. 

3. Best heated clothes airer for large households: Concise Home Electric Clothes Dryer

Concise Airer

Price on writing: £112.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 170 x 46 x 70 cm | Capacity: 15kg | Drying time settings: Up to 180 minutes | Foldable: No, requires assembly | Cable length: 1.5 metres | Tiers: Three | Energy use: 1000 watts (estimated 34p per hour of use from October 22). Can go up to 1500 watts too. 

Reasons to buy

  • Large capacity
  • Ideal for bed linen and large towels
  • De-wrinkling from steam 
  • Doubles up as a portable wardrobe 
  • 30kg of clothing 

Reasons to avoid

  • Fans are quite noisy
  • Pole ends are sharp when assembling
  • Relatively expensive to run

What Mumsnet users think

“If it's too cold for the airer I have a Concise Home Electric Clothes Dryer. Better than a tumble dryer as it can also do knitwear without it shrinking.” Notallowedtobesick

"I got this a couple of years ago, and it's still going strong! About the size of a nursery wardrobe and fits loads in, I wouldn't be without it, only things that go on radiators are towels and bedding, as they won't fit inside. Great for clothes though, and very cheap to run." Toomanyplant

Our verdict

Our favourite features? Endless cycles of washing go with the territory when you’re a parent, so Concise Home Electric Clothes Dryer is a great choice for families as it can accommodate twice as much as most of its counterparts. While it’s great to be able to really blitz the entire contents of your laundry basket all in one go, be aware that this model is something of a monster, so you’ll need plenty of space to put it up and it doesn’t exactly fade into the background!  

Like a small wardrobe on wheels and with two fans to blast warm air at your laundry, it has a three-hour timer and offers peace of mind by automatically shutting off if it gets too hot. Its instructions aren’t the easiest to follow though, and whilst the cover could be better quality, it helps maximise the dryer’s efficiency and even gets your best jeans cupboard-dry in no time. Costing around 34p per hour to run, it is more expensive to use than some heated airers, but that's pretty standard for these hot air fan style of dryers.

4. Best pod-design heated clothes airer: Dry:Soon Drying Pod

Dry:Soon Drying Pod

Price on writing: £99.99 | Buy now from Lakeland

Key specs

Size: 62 x 62 x 146 cm | Capacity: ‎10kg | Drying time settings: Optional timer up to three hours | Foldable: No (needs assembly) | Cable length: 1.85m | Tiers: One (up to 12 items using hangers) | Energy use: 1000W (estimated 34p per hour of use from October 22). Source for all energy use estimations: Sust-it Energy calculator

Reasons to buy

  • Dries items quickly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Gentle drying process
  • Reduces creases 
  • Auto-shut off 

Reasons to avoid

  • More costly to run than some alternatives  
  • Limited capacity

What Mumsnet users think

“I love my Pod! Everything dries nicely using hangers. I would not be without it!” Nohomemadecandles

"Dri:soon pod is really good. I've had mine years. Dries about 10 things on hangers (plus I hang bras over the arms). I'd replace it same day if it broke" Gr33ngr33ngr4ss

Our verdict

Our favourite features? Forgotten to wash the school uniform and desperately need it dry for the morning? Capable of drying lightweight fabrics in under an hour and even thicker items – such as your best blanket hoodie or favourite jeans – in just a couple of hours, Dry:Soon’s speedy Drying Pod is ideal for when you want your washing wardrobe-ready in a hurry. 

The pod holds 12 t-shirts or tops but you can also hang items like trousers over the bottom rungs of your hangers or even peg smalls to them. It dries via a fan that blows hot air up into the clothes, drying them gently but quickly. While the pod itself is reasonably priced, it does cost more to run than many of its competitors at 34p an hour. That said, it’s fairly quiet for a fan-powered model and has a timer and auto-shut-off function plus, as it dries clothes so quickly, you may be using it for a shorter duration than other styles of dryer.

5. Best robust heated clothes airer: Dry:Soon 3-Tier Deluxe Heated Airer

Dry:Soon 3-Tier Deluxe Heated Airer

Price on writing: £199.99 | Buy now from Lakeland

Key specs

Size: 70 x 74 x 132.5cm | Capacity: 15kg | Energy use: 300 watts (estimated 10p per hour of use from October 22) | Drying time settings: Timer can be set up to 12 hours | Foldable: Yes | Cable length: 1.35 metres | Tiers: Three

Reasons to buy

  • Built-in timer 
  • Easy to move around once loaded
  • 15kg capacity
  • Timer 
  • Easy to fold away 

Reasons to avoid

  • Cover sold separately
  • Large size

What Mumsnet users say

“Deluxe heated airer (or the largest normal one) with the cover is fantastic. Works very well and is so worth the investment. As flat dwellers, we couldn't live without it!”   selly24

“Ours is the bigger Lakeland one, and I wouldn’t be without it.” BobMortimersPocketMeat

Our verdict

Our favourite features? This slightly bigger version of the Dry:Soon Lakeland dryer comes with all the reliability of the original design, but with a few additional extras to make your life easier, all based on customer feedback. 

Firstly, this Deluxe model has the option to fit casters (sold separately) and also has an integrated carry handle, which can be really useful if you need to move it around the home once the clothes are loaded.  It also comes with a built-in timer, so you can set it to heat for as long as you like without risking damage to more delicate clothing. The control panel has been moved to eye level so you don’t need to bend down to change the settings and there’s even a clip, which holds the sides together when folded flat. 

6. Best lightweight heated clothes airer: JML DriBuddi Indoor Airer

JML Dri Buddi Indoor Airer

Price on writing: £75 | Buy now from Argos

Key specs

Size: H160, W70, D70cm | Capacity: 10kg | Drying time settings: Unspecified | Foldable: Yes | Cable length: Approx 140 cm | Tiers: One | Energy use: 1200 watts (estimated 40p per hour of use from October 22)

Reasons to buy

  • Reduced need for ironing 
  • Efficient 
  • Helps to de-wrinkle clothing 
  • Space-saving 

Reasons to avoid

  • Some other airers are cheaper to run 

What Mumsnet users say

“I have one and I love it. I honestly wouldn’t be without it. It also heats the room but doesn’t cause any damp or condensation. If you hang correctly, things don’t need to be ironed too!” Thislittlekitten

"I had a DriBuddi in my old house when I didn't have room for a tumble dryer. I would put it up in my kitchen when tea was done and my load would be dry before I went to bed, it saved lots of ironing as well."Nat6999

"My friend had a Dri Buddy before getting a tumble dryer and really liked it." hotcrosswhat

Our verdict

Our favourite features? If you can excuse the fact that it looks a little like something you’d see in a retro hairdresser, the JML DriBuddi Indoor Airer is an affordable and efficient dryer with a powerful motor, claiming to use 25% less energy than some other dryers. It holds up to 10kg of clothing, saves time on ironing (which, let's be honest, is such a tedious task!) and saves on space with its compact frame. 

We know running costs are more important than ever, so we double-checked this. Drawing 1200 watts, it will cost you around 40p an hour based on October energy prices, so whilst it’s likely to be cheaper than your tumble dryer, there are more energy-efficient options available. 

*Limited stock at Argos. Awaiting restock for other retailers* 

7. Best user-friendly heated clothes airer: AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer

AMOS heated clothes airer

Price on writing: £81.98 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: ‎48 x 70 x 186 cm | Capacity: 15kg (although recommended capacity is 8kg) | Drying time settings: From 20 - 240 minutes | Foldable: Yes | Cable length: 140cm | Tiers: Two | Energy use: 1300 watts (estimated 44p per hour of use from October 22)

Reasons to buy

  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Simple to operate
  • Ideal for longer items

Reasons to avoid

  • Poles bend fairly easily
  • It may be slower to dry than expected
  • Uses a higher amount of energy than some 

What Mumsnet users say

“I've got the AMOS Eezy-Dry Pro which is like a DriBuddy but a better shape (the DriBuddy kept falling over). It's brilliant, it dries a machine load in less than two hours and really cuts down on ironing time”. Gemma2019

Our verdict

Our favourite features? Non-practical folk will appreciate this clothes dryer that’s Eezy by name and easy by nature. Simple to assemble in just 10 minutes (despite the somewhat sketchy instructions), there are no tools required. You just place clothes on hangers inside, zip up the cover, choose a drying time and let it get to work. While this extra-tall appliance can house up to 15kg of washing (around 25 garments or up to 50 small items), the suggested optimum capacity is just 8kg. But it does come with a pair of useful six-peg airers, which are ideal for babygrows, socks and vests, for example. There are also castors for easy manoeuvrability. 

Some reviews say that it can cause the room it’s in to fog up a bit. To be honest, lots of heated airers will do this, but perhaps you notice it more with the covered airers because the humidity escapes in large quantities when you open the cover. Either way, it’s worth cracking a window open when you’re drying clothes or pairing with a good dehumidifier.

8. Best heated airer with cover: Minky Wing Heated Airer with Cover

Minky Wing Heated Airer with Cover

Price on writing: £55 | Buy now from Argos

Key specs

Size: H114, W55, D6cm | Capacity: 10kg | Drying time settings: No timer | Foldable: Yes | Cable length: 135cm | Tiers: Winged (three sections) | Energy use: 240 watts (estimated 8p per hour of use from October 22)

Reasons to buy

  • Comes with a cover
  • Good price
  • Cheap to run
  • Better for longer items 

Reasons to avoid

  • Takes up more space than an upright version when open
  • Only takes one wash

What Mumsnet users say

“I use an oblong one with 'wings'. It fits our room better and the wings heat up.”  Davros

"I have the minky and it is good for lighter stuff and I can fit a few loads on it. I also hang stuff off it on hangers e.g the kids polo shirts. I hang towels from the ends of it too using clothes pegs. I have another concertina one for jeans, heavy jumpers, etc" ilovepowerhoop 

"I have the Minky one its great for lighter things but I only hang things off every other row because the bars are too close together to dry anything otherwise." Noisytoys 

Our verdict

Our favourite features? You need a bit of room for this heated airer from popular cleaning brand, Minky, but if you have the space, it’s super easy to load up and unload and there’s lots of rail room to space out your clothing nicely. It takes one wash, with 12 metres of drying space and has a cover which speeds up the drying process.

The airer is much more lightweight than some as it’s made from aluminium, but also it doesn’t have as much drying room as many of the best models, so it is lighter and easier to manoeuvre when folded. We’d like this to take just a few more clothes, but if you’d rather have the height to allow jeans, towels and longer items (such as your favourite midi dress) to dry and don’t need to be able to hang out more than one load at once, this is a good buy and definitely one of the best ‘wings’ models we saw. 

9. Best budget-friendly 3-Tier alternative heated-airer: Argos Home 3 Tier Heated Airer

A picture of Argos' 3 tier heated airer.

Price on writing: £105 | Buy now from Argos

Key specs

Size: H144, W75, D75cm | Capacity: 15kg | Drying time settings: No timer | Foldable: Yes | Cable length: N/A | Tiers: 3 | Energy use: (estimated 11p per hour of use from October 22)

Reasons to buy

  • Comparably affordable
  • Folds away 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Efficient and cheap to run 

Reasons to avoid 

  • Some previous customers thought the bars should be wider apart 

What Mumsnet users say 

"I have a 3 tier one and have had it for about 9 years, I could not be without it. It also heats up the space for little money so I think this winter it’ll be an added bonus." HippeePrincess

Our verdict

Favourite features? Love the look of the Lakeland 3-Tier heated airer, but don't love the price. Then Argos' model is the answer to your prayers. Priced at a much less heart-attack inducing £105 and only 11p more per hour of use, this 3-tier airer is perfect for any home. 

For the price, you can fit 15kg of washing, and you get 21m worth of drying space, making this a great value buy. When you're done, fold it neatly away to save space, perfect for if you have a small house or flat. The design is lightweight and sturdy, except some felt that the bars should be a little further apart for more effective drying power. However, most previous customers are thrilled with it and don't report any breaking. With a 85% product recommendation by previous customers, you can't go far wrong with this budget-friendly alternative. 

10. Best heated airer with shoe rack: John Lewis 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer

John Lewis' 3-Tier heated-airer

Price on writing: £100 | Buy now from John Lewis

Key specs

Size: H135, W66, D72.8cm | Capacity: 15kg | Drying time settings: No timer | Foldable: Yes | Cable length: N/A | Tiers: 3 and a shoe rack | Energy use: 300 watts (estimated 10p per hour of use from October 22)

Reasons to buy

  • Highly recommended by Mumsnetters
  • Comparably affordable price
  • High-powered heat 
  • Robust
  • Lightweight 
  • In-built shoe rack 
  • Foldable 

Reasons to avoid 

  • No cover included 
  • Some previous customers felt it was hard to collapse 
  • Short cord 

What Mumsnet users say 

"Bought the John Lewis 3 tier airer and used it for the first time on Monday. Think its going to be a game changer between washing less often, using economy 30 min wash for everything except bedding and towels and me going back in the office 4 days per week. I guess time will tell but so far so good" Glorieta 

"I have one from John Lewis and it's great!" Avocadotofu

"I have this John Lewis one and it's fantastic. I wouldn't be without it." HiHoHiHoBackToSchoolWeGo

Our verdict

Favourite features? John Lewis has a brilliant reputation for its household goods, and their 3-Tier Heated Airer is no exception. A little more expensive than the one above, but equally cost-effective, you get the bonus of a shoe rack for the extra £5. That's a unique addition that no other heated airer has on this list! 

Able to fit 15kg of clothing, its robust and sturdy design makes light work of large loads, especially with its max heat of 50 degrees! Some previous customers think it is a little too sturdy, as it can be stiff to fold; however, with a little bit of UB40, you should be fine. It also doesn't come with a cover like other options, but one previous customer recommended tucking a fitted sheet around it for a money-saving hack! 

What is an electric heated clothes airer?

Unlike a traditional clothes horse or airer, heated airers are electric powered and have bars that heat up. When used with a cover, the drying effects are maximised. Some styles of heated dryers have fans that blow hot air inside a covered stand that looks like a small wardrobe. These are generally more expensive to run but can dry a small laundry load in under two hours. The terms 'heated airer' and 'heated dryer' are often used interchangeably.  

Is a heated clothes airer worth it?

In a word, yes. The UK’s unpredictable climate can wreak havoc on our laundry plans, which is why many families see the humble heated airer as a household hero that’s well worth splashing out on and which they couldn’t live without, particularly on cold or rainy days. 

Priced from as little as £55 and relatively cheap to run, one of these appliances will soon pay for itself – you won't need to use the tumble dryer or leave the central heating on for longer when damp washing is hung over radiators. It’s also a worthy purchase for its minimal environmental cost.

How much do heated dryers cost to run?

In the current energy crisis, heated airers aren't as cheap as they used to be, but are still relatively low on energy use. 

A heated clothes airer or dryer currently costs between 7p and 45p per hour to run, making the cheaper models extremely economical when compared to even the most energy-efficient tumble dryer – even if it takes several hours longer than expected to dry your washing. 

Heated dryers with a fan cost more to run than non-fan models, but as a result, they also complete the drying process more quickly. As well as being more economical, heated clothes airers and dryers can also leave garments crease-free, cutting down ironing time. Unlike their spinning rivals, heated clothes airers also pose little risk of clothes damage or shrinkage, particularly to delicate items like underwear or woollens.

Do heated clothes airers use a lot of electricity?

While a heated airer cannot compete with a tumble dryer in terms of speed, it’ll nevertheless dry laundry in a matter of hours and use up to 90% less electricity depending on appliance models – welcome news when energy bills are soaring. For the heated clothes airers on our list, electricity use varies from around 200 watts up to 1500.

How hot do heated clothes dryers get? 

Whilst the exact temperature will vary from one brand to the next, the average heated clothes airer can reach temperatures of up to 60 degrees. You may find you need to turn clothes regularly as the part in contact with the bars will dry more quickly.

For maximum efficiency, covers can keep the generated heat contained, creating a bubble of warmth that helps speed up the drying process. 

Are heated clothes airers safe?

Heated clothes airers are generally safe to use, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety advice. Many have timers and are thermostatically controlled to avoid overheating.

While the bars do become warm (the clue’s in the name), they shouldn’t be too hot to touch, which is good news for parents of inquisitive infants and toddlers.

Can you leave a heated clothes airer on overnight?

Leaving any plug-in electrical item on overnight can be a risk, but many heated airers have a timer that will switch the appliance off once the time is up, while others have a thermostat and automatically shut off beyond a certain temperature. Always check the safety features of your particular model.

How to choose the best heated clothes airer

There are a variety of different heated airers on the market, so here are some things to consider when making your choice:

  • Cost to run - To ensure your airer is economical to run, you should consider the wattage of the product in order to calculate the average energy use per hour.
  • Capacity - How much washing do you want to hang? Do you wish to dry a full load, or simply focus on the essential items you need the next day? Some dryers have a 10kg capacity, whereas other brands have up to 15kg – enough to carry a big load.
  • Ease of use - How easy is the heated airer to run? Does it have a timer? Can you set a drying time that auto shuts off once reached?
  • Size - How big is the heated airer and how much space do you need? Some airers can be on the large side, whereas other tiered dryers tend to be more compact.
  • How easy is it to store? - Does the heated airer fold? Does it lie flat to enable simple storage?
  • Does it come with accessories? - Some heated airers come with accessories such as covers and casters included, whereas other brands have them available as an optional extra. 

Which is the best heated clothes airer?

We think the Dry:Soon 3-Tier Heated Airer is the best heated clothes airer to buy. Although it is often out of stock, it's worth checking with Lakeland and Amazon regularly as stock often comes back in.

How we chose the best heated clothes airer

Recommendations from real parents

The most useful reviews always come from mums and dads who have been there and bought the products. Before recommending anything, we always check what Mumsnet users have tried, tested and loved. We don’t believe in recommending products off the back of press releases; we think trusted reviews from real people are worth so much more. 

Expert advice

We always ensure our information represents the latest recommendations from experts so you can rely on it, and we research each product thoroughly to ensure it follows the latest expert advice and stands up to scrutiny. Here, we consulted information from the Energy Saving Trust on buying energy-efficient products, as well as tips on getting laundry done more easily from

Authentic consumer reviews

We also scoured the internet outside of Mumsnet, checking out real reviews from customers who have bought the products themselves, reviewing both positive and negative feedback to ensure every product we recommend comes with a considerable number of good reviews. This also helps us weigh up the pros and cons for each product so you can make an informed purchase.

Celebrated best products

Finally, we checked to see which heated laundry airers had won industry awards and accolades or received recognition from trusted sources and fed this into our analysis too.

Why you should trust us

We work hard to provide unbiased, independent advice you can trust. We do sometimes earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links in our articles. This helps us fund more helpful articles like this one.

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