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Boots Pregnancy Test Strips review: a reliable option from a trusted brand

Mumsnetters have trusted Boots Pregnancy Test Strips for years, but with far cheaper strip tests available elsewhere, how does the brand measure up in comparison? MNHQ tester Tina finds out.

By Tina Williams | Last updated Feb 29, 2024

Price on writing: £5 | Buy now from Boots

The verdict

A really good alternative to branded pee-on-a-stick tests. The test requires a little bit of set up, but the instructions are clear and the test result is fairly easy to read.

Our rating:
What we like
  • Trusted brand gives extra reassurance

  • Good value for money

  • Accurate results

What we don't like
  • Instructions are quite text-heavy with a some medical jargon

  • You'll need a sample pot to hand and a non-absorbent surface on which to place the test while you await results

  • Results were not as speedy as other pregnancy test brands tried out

Key specs

Price on writing: £5 for five tests | Results time: Up to 5 minutes | Display method: Line test | Type of test: Strip test

How we tested

I tested six of the most popular pregnancy tests to see how they compared. From budget bulk buys to the premium tests on the market, I wanted to find out which tests explained the process most clearly, how easy it was to take the test, how much reassurance you get that you're doing it correctly and how much packaging would go to landfill when the test was complete.

I also timed how long it took to get a result and how easy (or not) the result was to read. At the time of testing I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, which probably impacted how quickly the test returned a result.

Ultimately I wanted to find out if there really was a benefit to shelling out £15 for a pregnancy test, when you could spend just 20p.

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Boots pregnancy test strips

I got a clear positive at 10 DPO [days past ovulation] with my Boots test strips, which was four days before my period was due.


Boots Pregnancy Test Strips

£5 for 5

Buy now from Boots

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How does the test work?

You pee in a cup, dip the test in for three seconds and then lie it on a flat, non-absorbent surface to await the result. There's a line on the test strip that shows where to dip up to, so it's very simple to make sure you're doing it correctly.

How easy is the test to use?

The test comes with a small black and white instruction leaflet which is fairly easy to digest. You need a sample pot or cup to pee in and there’s no cap or place to put your test once you’ve completed it. You can’t use a paper towel because it needs to be a non-absorbent surface.

Thankfully we had a sample pot in the house that I could use and the test was so small I was able to rest it on top of the plastic pot.

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How long did it take to show a result?

The box says up to five minutes with the possibility of a positive result showing at one minute. My test took one minute to show a faint positive.

How do the Boots Pregnancy Test Strips compare to other pregnancy tests?

The lines were much fainter on this test compared to the One Step test I did, if it was the only test I was taking I probably would have taken a second test to be sure I’ve read it correctly. But the instructions were a little clearer than the One Step which makes a big difference when it’s your first test, or you haven’t taken one for a while.

This test can be taken from the day after your period is due whereas the One Step can be taken six days before your period is due.

Taking a pregnancy test is so fraught with emotion that most of us just want some kind of reassurance that we’re doing it correctly, and that the result is accurate.

Do the Boots Pregnancy Test Strips offer good value for money?

Yes, I think these tests offer really good value for money. Obviously they require a few more bits of kit than the classic POAS [pee on a stick] option, but if you're okay with that, I'd really recommend them.

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Overall verdict

Ease of use:
Value for money:

If you're happy to pee in a cup, I think these Boots tests are really good. Taking a pregnancy test is so fraught with emotion that most of us want some sort of reassurance that we're doing it correctly and that the result is accurate.

While the positive result didn't show up as quickly or as clearly on the Boots test as it did on the One Step, I think there's something comforting about the test being from a brand I've heard of and trust. If it were the only test I was taking, however, I'd probably take a second one just to be sure as the line was quite faint. Luckily it comes in a pack of five so this isn't an issue.

Trying out these strip tests really made me question the need for the larger, premium tests - which are essentially just test strips like these ones covered in a larger piece of plastic.

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