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LiquidNano™ Steri-Wipe® wins Mumsnet Rated

After 111 Mumsnet families tested LiquidNano's Steri-Wipe®, 86% said they’d recommend it to a friend or family member

By Tina Williams | Last updated Aug 18, 2021


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Now more than ever we’re aware of the importance of regular hand washing and keeping high touch areas clean and free from viruses and bacteria. Created with feedback from Mumsnet users, LiquidNano Steri-Wipe® offer added peace of mind with their unique slow-release disinfectant formula which continues to keep surfaces clean and disinfected for 7-10 days.

About Steri-Wipe®

The science behind Steri-Wipe® is quite remarkable. With just one easy wipe the Steri-Wipe® deposits a nanoscale porous liquid glass coating which allows the slow release of the active disinfectant.

This creates an antimicrobial protective coating that not only kills pathogens on application but will continue to provide protection from recontamination for 7-10 days without the need to re-apply.

Now the kids are back in school, they’ll be sharing their phones, stationery and games with each other – you’ll be reminding them to wash their hands and wear their masks. Applying Steri-Wipe® to their belongings once a week can give extra protection against cross-contamination.

Conventional disinfectants (like the ones used in your normal cleaning routine) are effective for a short period only, killing only on application but after approximately five minutes the area cleaned will be open again to recontamination. Steri-Wipe® provides protection from cross-contamination for 7-10 days, meaning you can continue with your normal weekly cleaning routine knowing that these high touch areas are protected.

Steri-Wipes® are effective against 181+ pathogens including Coronavirus and Influenza and work on any hard surface, providing peace of mind in making recognised high contamination points such as door handles, light switches and games controllers safe.

What Mumsnet testers said about Steri-Wipe®

“They’re really easy to use, a good size to cover a lot of surface area and strong so they don't rip when used. I really liked the convenience of the wipes and felt reassured that they were keeping things clean for such a long time.” NewPage

“I felt like I didn't worry about putting my phone to my face as much once I had wiped it down.” Undercoverhero74

“I used the wipes for mobile phones, door handles, the car steering wheel and bike handles. Areas which I often touch without having a chance to wash my hands first. I liked them very much. The individual packaging is great and the small size works well – it reminds us that they are 'special' wipes to be used sparingly.” DownRightAmazing

“It did encourage peace of mind. My children are used to washing their hands but devices which get used a lot, especially phones which are used outside of the house, feel riskier. Having a really easy way to keep them clean is good.” MyBestFriendKenny

What LiquidNano™ has to say:

At this time everyone is concerned about touching surfaces in or out of our homes, children sharing toys, friends and family coming round and switching on a light or using the TV remote. Even the delivery driver that drops off your parcel at the door using the doorbell.

These high touch areas are so important to keep clean for the prevention of cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses and of course, right now for Coronavirus in particular. We’re so pleased to hear that Steri-Wipe® gave Mumsnet testers extra peace of mind and we’re proud to carry the Mumsnet Rated badge on LiquidNano Steri-Wipe®