Mumsnet users share their tips for managing eczema

Child with cream on face

Itchy, sore skin and sleepless nights – the bane of parenting life. Although eczema may be a common skin condition amongst children, trying to manage it can feel like a difficult and lonely process.

La Roche-Posay have come to your rescue and asked Mumsnet users to share their top tips on managing eczema. Trying to find new ideas to cope with this problematic condition will no longer be a head scratcher!

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Baby gangster

“No synthetics or wool against the skin. Wear cotton only. Cotton also for bedding. And no tight clothes – let the skin breathe!”

Time for a soak!
Baby in bath

“Bathe in a non-soap bath cream. Same for shampoo. The GP can prescribe these. Salt water is also soothing. I include Himalayan salt in the bath.”

… But not too often
Child washing face

“For us, what seemed to help was not bathing them too often. Just give them a strip wash whenever possible.”

It may take baby steps, but keep on going
Baby steps

“If your child has a bad time with eczema my advice would be to persevere, keep trying different creams, return to your GP as often as necessary and also talk to your local pharmacist, who may have more advice to offer.”

The doctor is your friend
Child Doctor

“Don't be afraid to use steroids – much better to use them when needed than not and end up with a severe infection.”

Chill out
Child chilling out

“Keeping central heating low to prevent overheating. Wear light layers. Take lukewarm showers no longer than five minutes. Keep the bedroom cool at night and use a lighter duvet.”

Keep it slick
mother and toddler

“Moisturise constantly. When the eczema flares up, that means 10-12 times a day if necessary. Have emollients all over the house, so there's always one close at hand, and, as soon as you notice an itch, cover them in it. We use heavier emollients at night (Hydromol and 50:50, mainly) and lighter creams during the day (Diprobase and CV Cream are our preferred ones).”

Just keep swimming
Dori just keep swimming

“When we go swimming, we cover our daughter in emulsifying ointment before getting in the pool and she wears a sunsafe swimsuit that covers her arms and legs so she isn't slippery to hold. Afterwards, we wash her straight away with a very gentle wash (we've found the Dove baby wash to be the best for her so far) then we apply lots of moisturiser before getting her dressed.”

Wash day

“Use non-bio washing powder and gentle fabric conditioner. Always wash new clothes before wearing them.”

Layer it up, pampering style
Baby being pampered

“We layer the moisturiser. Vitamin E first if needed, then a thinner moisturiser like cocoa butter, then a thicker Vaseline-like moisturiser over the top and then clothes. We have to stick to non-scented soap and accept it will get worse in hay fever season.”

Child sleeping

“I tend to put more emollient on the kids at night than in the morning, partially because it can soak in overnight and partially because I'd otherwise get it stuck on uniforms and my work clothes – the thicker emollients are a nightmare to get out of clothes.”

And finally….

“You can ask for a referral to dermatology. They really know their stuff.”

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