Babies | Parenting tips, sleep and feeding

Babies and sleep

Sleeping baby

Too much, too little (and that's just the parents) – find out what other mums have found really helps when trying to settle babies to sleep.


Baby self-feeding pasta

Introducing your baby to solid food is a messy but essential mission. Get the full enchilada about when to start, foods to avoid, baby-led weaning, and more.


Babies and crying

Cross baby

If your infant's wailing is getting you close to tears yourself, get Mumsnetters' tips on techniques to help soothe your crying baby.


Holidaying with babies

baby on beach

To help you navigate the sometimes challenging world of taking your little one on holiday, get advice gleaned from Mumsnetters about how to keep your baby safe and comfortable in warmer climes.

Looking after your baby's health

Keeping an eye on your baby's health – from how to take his temperature to when to have certain vaccinations – is naturally top priority. Here are some answers that will hopefully put your mind at ease.

Your baby's body: burping and the basics

Learning to wind your baby can take a bit of time, but you will develop your own knack for doing it – and it's a good idea to know the basics around what to do.


Newborn breastfeeding

Advice to help you get breastfeeding established, deal with common problems, breastfeed in public, express milk and more.

Bottle feeding

bottle feeding

If your baby is bottle fed, or if you're doing mixed feeding, then there's some essential stuff you need to know about preparing and storing formula milk to ensure you protect your baby's health.


Newborn essentials list

Baby car seat

Trying to separate the must-haves from the mostly useless? We've created a starter for 10 of things Mumsnetters have on their essentials list for new babies.

Precious first borns (PFB)

Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way – other times you can steal nifty tricks from those who've already been there.

Preparing for life with a newborn

parent with newborn baby

About to welcome a new baby into the world? Feel (somewhat) prepared for impending parenthood with advice and reassurance from others who've been there.

Babies' health

mum kissing baby

Find out more about some common health issues that affect babies and what to look out for.

Development calendar

Baby asleep on mum's shoulder

Find out about the milestones ahead for your baby – and you.


Introducing a new baby

Toddler with new baby sibling

Advice on what you can do to try to make introducing a new baby into the family better for your older child, or children.


Postnatal depression

Woman holding baby

Find our about the symptoms, possible risk factors and treatment for postnatal depression (PND). It's more common than people realise and important it's diagnosed quickly.


Babies and skin

Your baby's skin is his largest organ and, just like any other organ, it is still developing. While it's worth being aware of the more serious conditions that can cause a rash, most rashes are mild and many can be treated at home.

Baby names

baby names

If you're in the process of choosing a name for your new arrival, our dos, don'ts and top tips will help you get there in no time.