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Pura Kiki review

Best Eco-Friendly Baby Bottle 2020

Pura Kiki's big seller is that with six bottle sizes and five compatible silicone lids, these bottles are totally adaptable as your child gets older, which is why we've decided they deserve our Sustainability Award

By Rachel Jeffcoat | Last updated Mar 1, 2023

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Show us a parent with several children, and we’ll show you their cupboard of battered and rejected bottles. But what’s out there for the environmentally conscious parent, who wants to buy one bottle and have it last through babyhood, toddlerhood and even off to school?

Step forward the Pura Kiki: the world’s only 100% plastic-free vacuum insulated bottle. The bottle and collar are made from stainless steel, and the infant teat (available in four different flow rates) is silicone. Once your baby has outgrown all four teats, the teat can be swapped for a toddler spout, and then eventually for a silicone straw (all sold separately). Even the lid is made from flexible silicone, which didn’t leak when carried around or knocked over.

Pura Kiki bottles

If there was ever a bottle to stand out in the crowd, it’s this one. Tall, elegant and available in a range of gorgeous colours, the Kiki fits well into changing bag pockets and stands up to any number of knocks and bumps. The insulated bottle keeps the milk warm for longer, and the steel collar also fits wide-neck Dr Brown’s teats in case your baby prefers these.

Of course, you can’t hike this far off the beaten track without finding challenges, and there are some disadvantages to the Pura at infant stage. There’s no denying that the infrastructure of baby equipment was built for plastic bottles: no compatibility with breastpumps for the Pura, and obviously no sterilising in the microwave. There are volume markings inside the bottle, but no way to tell how much your baby has left to drink without taking off the teat. And the 250ml model is heavier than any plastic equivalent. (There is a smaller 150ml version, not vacuum insulated, which might be more easily handled at baby stage.)

Pura kiki lifestyle

Thanks to the unusual materials, the bottle was the most expensive we tested: £22.00 for the 250ml vacuum insulated model, and £15.00 for the smaller 150ml version. Still, if you’re looking to keep one environmentally friendly bottle in circulation for the next few years, you could hardly do better than this. Also, as the bottle is made of fully-recyclable stainless steel, there should be no concerns for the environmentally-savvy out there.

The Stats

Bottles: available in a single 150ml volume (RRP £15.00), or a 250ml volume (RRP 22.00)

Teats: available in four flow rates

Materials: stainless steel, silicone

Available in green, aqua, pink, aquaswirl, and natural.