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Superlove Merino review

Best Luxury Baby Sleeping Bag 2018

Who wouldn’t want to be snuggled up in Merino wool all night long? This gorgeous sleeping bag is luxurious in every way imaginable

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 15, 2021

Superlove sleeping bag main Mumsnet Best

Superlove baby sleeping bags come in at the top end of the price scale, but they feature such gorgeous Merino wool (proven to keep your baby cool in the heat and warm in the cold), they are totally worth investing in if you have the cash to splash.


  • You don’t need to buy various tog weights as the sleeping bag is made from Merino wool so can be worn in all seasons
  • Incredibly luxurious feel and look


  • Must be washed at 30C
  • Expensive

Key features of the Superlove Merino

  • Available in 'all season' and 'winter' weights and in both baby and toddler sizes
  • Made from Merino wool
  • Side zip does up from top to bottom
  • Available in a range of unisex designs
  • RRP: £79
  • Machine washable at 30C
Superlove Toddler sleeping

How easy it is to use day to day?

The Superlove Merino sleeping bag is made from 100% natural wool fibres which means the material adapts to different temperatures – keeping your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Magic.

But listen up, sleep-deprived parents – here’s the best bit: studies have shown Merino wool actually improves babies sleep patterns by creating a cosy and breathable microclimate.

We were really impressed with the temperature and wearing guide that comes with the sleeping bag (and can also be found online, too) which explains exactly what clothes and layering should be worn underneath the sleeping bag in various temperatures.

There are easy-to-follow diagrams showing when your baby should wear a vest, trousers or just a nappy with the sleeping bag. It made bedtime mid-British-heatwave much less stressful for our tester, as she had all the information she needed to hand.

If you travel regularly or like to be able to move your sleeping baby from cot to pram or car seat, this sleeping bag is ideal. It has a fabulous transitional system. For those who aren’t familiar, this is when the sleeping bag has a hole in the front and the back so you can feed a car seat or pram straps through. It means you don’t have to disturb your baby if you’re coming in from the car or need to go out and they’re still snoozing.

Our tester was grateful for this feature when her son fell asleep in the sleeping bag on a flight and she could scoop him out of the aeroplane seat and into a pram without waking him.

The Superlove Merino also comes with a useful storage bag – another handy extra for when you’re on the move.

How does the Superlove Merino sleeping bag look?

Full marks here – it looks amazing. There are loads of gorgeous prints and colours to choose from, including bright and patterned, and others in sweet and simple muted shade. We love the woodland creature design with hand-drawn animals on a white background, as well as the mint chevron design for something more eye-catching.

The packaging is as lovely as its contents, so one of these would make a really attractive (and very welcome) new baby gift.

How does the Superlove Merino sleeping bag feel?

When our tester first unwrapped the sleeping bag she said she couldn’t stop stroking it! The filling is not bulky (unlike other, slightly cheaper, sleeping bags) and this means it doesn’t bunch up and restrict movement if your baby is a bit of a wriggle monster during the night.

Superlove bag close up

How do I wash the Superlove Merino sleeping bag?

You might think Merino Wool would be a faff to wash but Superlove couldn’t have made it any easier for tired parents.

There is a whole leaflet included in the pack, which gives tips and advice on ensuring your sleeping bag looks and performs as good post-wash as it did before. Superlove gives you tips on how to treat certain stains and how to deal with piling or bobbling. They also give a list of things not to do when washing your sleeping bag, for example: don’t use fabric softener as this will “clog” the natural fibres. The leaflet is a bit of a dense read but the information is clear.

Superlove Merino can be ironed and tumble-dried which is a huge bonus in the sleep-deprived first year.

Is the Superlove Merino safe?

Easily the best safety feature of this sleeping bag is you don’t need to worry about your baby over-heating or getting too cold, because the Merino wool regulates temperature. The zip (which is on the side of the bag and does up from top to bottom) is incredibly hard-wearing (we yanked on it many times and it didn’t break) and the bag also has poppers on the shoulders, making it very easy to get a baby in and out of (even when they are tired and emotional at bedtime or grouchy first thing in the morning).

Is the Superlove Merino good value for money?

You might initially take an inward breath at the cost of the sleeping bag – £79! – but unlike other sleeping bags that we tested, the Superlove Merino can be used all year-round. This means you don’t have to buy a heavier one for the winter and a lighter one for the summer, which certainly helps justify the cost. Its excellent quality means it can be worn again and again, and could easily be passed down to a second baby and still look and feel like brand new.