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The ultimate baby shopping list: discover Ocado’s one-stop baby shop

To help you save time and money, we’ve handpicked some of the best deals on pregnancy and baby items on Ocado that you shouldn’t miss.

By Hannah Wilson | Last updated Jul 6, 2022

Ocado one-stop baby shop

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Whether you’re preparing for a newborn or raising a child, things cost money. And as we’re all feeling the pinch right now, many parents are shopping around for the best deals to try and make their money go further. 

But venturing to multiple supermarkets and comparing prices is a time-consuming task that doesn’t always fit into our busy lives, especially when you’re pregnant or have children. That’s where Ocado comes in.

Why Choose Ocado?

Ocado is a trusted, one-stop destination for all the needs of your family. Aiming to make your life easier, Ocado offers convenient delivery slots, shopping from the web or via the app, and offers you the ability to save your shopping list and regular purchases to save you time when making future orders. 

Ocado offers more variety than any other grocer, so you can find your essential items on a weekly basis. But that’s not the best part… It’s not just groceries that Ocado stock. They have everything expectant parents and little ones need in their one-stop baby shop

When it comes to baby items, you’ll find a huge range of big brands at fantastic, lower prices and great deals on all the essentials you and your baby need as they grow. It’s the perfect place to find what you need on your baby shopping list. 

From pregnancy vitamins to nappies and baby wipes, and from baby weaning equipment to baby bottles and formulas, this handy online supermarket has it all - helping you to easily combine your baby products with your regular weekly food shop. And as a special thank you to all our lovely, loyal Mumsnetters, we teamed up with Ocado to help you save even more money. Until 9th September 2022, use the voucher code ‘VOU3053886’ and get £20 off when you spend £60 on your first shop (T&Cs apply). 

Baby shopping list essentials

You’ve read all the baby books and attended your ultrasounds and doctor appointments, but as you’re getting closer to the end of your pregnancy, you also need to think about your newborn baby shopping list. 

And we’re here to help you prepare for your newborn’s arrival, with our list of every baby item at Ocado that you’ll need. 

1. Nappies and nappy sacks

Pampers active fit jumbo

Pampers Active Fit (Jumbo - sizes 5 & 6), price: £18 for two packs | Buy now from Ocado

“Pampers were always excellent for us”, loved by Clangus00

Stock up this summer on your nappy necessities for less, thanks to Ocado’s excellent offers. Calling all parents who love buying in bulk and saving money, from 06/07/2022 to 02/08/2022 you can get two packs of Pampers Active Fit (Jumbo in sizes 5 and 6) for just £18.

Pampers Active Fit nappies offer a comfortable experience for babies and a stress-free experience for mums and dads, thanks to the 12-hour leakage protection. With strong grips, wide locking tapes and soft-stretchy waist wings, your baby can crawl and run around comfortably to their heart’s content.

Pampers baby dry pants jumbo

Pampers Baby - Dry Nappies/ Nappy pants (Jumbo - sizes 5 & 6), price: £19 for two packs | Buy now from Ocado

“Pampers are the only ones that don’t bring my baby out in a rash”, tried and tested by IDontDrinkTea

To give parents a helping hand this summer, Ocado has competitive offers on their Pampers range. And while it might be difficult to get excited about nappies, these savings should be able to solve that problem. From 06/07/2022 to 02/08/2022 you can get two packs of jumbo Pampers Baby - Dry Nappies/ Nappy pants for £19. That’s 120 nappies for less than £20!

These nappies are a real game-changer when it comes to your little one wriggling around, especially during nappy changes, as they’re super easy to pull on. And thanks to the design, you can just tear these nappies off for a quick removal, then roll them up and secure them with the tape to dispose of them.

As well as ease of use, parents love that these nappies offer a 360° fit, flexible and comfortable waistband, an absorbent core, and double leg cuffs - so your little one can enjoy a peaceful and dry sleep. 

pampers harmonie

Pampers Harmonie Nappies (Essential - size 2), price: £6 | Buy now from Ocado

“Pampers were always excellent for us”, loved by Clangus00

Want to enjoy some quality summer savings? Well, Ocado has great deals on their Pampers range this summer, including this not-to-be-missed gem. You can save a third on the Pampers Harmonie Nappies from 06/07/2022 to 02/08/2022 - now £6 (was £9) for 39 nappies.

Pampers Harmonie Nappies are perfect for babies with sensitive skin, as they’re made from premium cotton and soft plant-based materials and contain no perfume, lotion or EU allergens. Plus, they guarantee up to 12 hours of Pampers dryness.

The cute prints and wetness indicator are just another two reasons why parents love these gentle, plant-based nappies. And we love that these nappies use responsibly sourced cellulose, are dermatologically tested and have a certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

Don’t forget to also add some nappy sacks to your basket - these will really come in handy for hygienically disposing of dirty nappies.

2. Baby bottles and baby formula

MAM Anti-Colic Easy Start 260ml Bottles, price: £15.50 | Buy now from Ocado

“MAM bottles are the best. I think it’s the shape of the teat which helps them to latch onto the bottle…” Tried and tested by Chocolatecoffeeaddict 

This two-pack of grey MAM Anti-Colic Easy Start Bottles at Ocado is a must-have for mums who are bottle-feeding or switching from breast to bottle.

What mums love about these 260ml bottles is the shape and feel of the teat, as it’s designed to feel silky soft and shaped similar to that of your nipple. Other mum-approved features include an anti-colic vented base, easy self-sterilisation and both bottles are also microwavable safe.

Looking for stage 1 first milk too? Not to worry, Ocado also has a great range of baby milk from all the well-loved brands, such as Aptamil, HiPP Organic, Cow & Gate, SMA, and Kendamil.

3. Baby wipes

Pura baby wipes

Pura Flushable Eco Baby Wipes, price £2.70 | Buy now from Ocado

“They were nice and soft. Obviously they are eco-friendly which is a big plus”. Tried and tested by ivfbabymomma1

The Pura Flushable Eco Baby Wipes were the winner of Mumsnet Rated 2021 and we still think these baby must-haves are a winner! Made with 99% water and organic aloe vera, these wipes contain plant fibres - making them friendly to the environment. They also have no traces of perfume, alcohol or chlorine, contain no plastic, and are 100% flushable and 100% biodegradable. 

Just as baby wipes are a necessity, so is nappy rash cream, and luckily, Ocado stocks plenty of creams to soothe your baby’s nappy rashes.

4. Baby wash and shampoo

Childs farm

Childs Farm Baby Unfragranced Body Wash, price: £4.50 | Buy now from Ocado

“We use Child's Farm for 6 month old DD but they don't need anything but water for the first 4-6 weeks”. Loved by tryinganewname

To avoid drying out your baby’s skin, it’s recommended that you bathe your baby between two to four times a week and use a mild soap or body wash. Childs Farm Baby Unfragranced Body Wash is the perfect bath accompaniment (along with a couple of bath toys, of course!).

Made from 98% naturally derived ingredients, and with moisturising argan oil, this fragrance-free body wash can be used on your baby’s body and hair, to clean grime, dirt and milky leftovers. The gentle and mild body wash is suitable for newborns and babies with all skin types. And it’s been approved by paediatricians and dermatologists, so you can be sure that it’s safe.

Childs farm baby wash

Childs Farm Kids Organic Tangerine Bubble Bath, price: £4.50 | Buy now from Ocado

And if your little one loves splashing around in bubbles, then the Childs Farm Kids Organic Tangerine Bubble Bath is the perfect bath time accompaniment. Similar to Childs Farm Baby Body Wash, their organic bubble bath is suitable for newborns and upwards, and has been approved by dermatologists for use on sensitive and eczema-prone skin. It’s also made with 98% naturally derived ingredients and free from parabens, SLSs, PEGs, mineral oils, and artificial colours.

The bubble bath helps to moisturise your baby’s skin, while the sweet organic tangerine scent will help to calm them down just before bedtime. 

5. Teething gel/granules and pain relief

Teetha teething granules

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules, price: £4.40 for 24 sachets or £7 for 40 sachets | Buy now from Ocado

When your little one starts teething, it can be a frustrating time for both baby and parents. Luckily, with the likes of Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules and other pain relief medicines, you can combat their pain.

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules are a homoeopathic way to relieve teething symptoms, such as sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling.

And you guessed it, Ocado’s one-stop baby shop is on hand to help (and save you money). For just £4.40 you can get 24 sachets (which is cheaper than Boots) and for £7 you can get 40 sachets, so your little one can get back to being their happy, bubbly selves again.

Alternatively, Ocado also has teething herbal powders by Ashton & Parsons and well-known brands like Calpol or Nurofen for pain relief… All price-matched with Boots and Tesco.

6. Baby lotion

burt's bees baby lotion

Burt's Bees Baby Nourishing Lotion, price: £11 | Buy now from Ocado

“Love the products myself so would love to try them on my baby too especially because they are natural!”. Recommended by xJune88

As well as caring for your baby’s skin with body wash, bubble bath and nappy rash cream, another way to look after their skin is by using body lotion. And who better to trust than fellow Mumsnetters, who have been there and done that? 96% of Mumsnetters who tested Burt’s Bees Baby Range said that they’d recommend it.

This body lotion has a combination of buttermilk, shea butter and sunflower seed oil, to help nourish your baby’s skin and keep it soft and smooth, for up to 24 hours of moisturisation. We also love the fresh, clean scent of this lotion.

As a product that is made from 99% natural ingredients, and one that has been approved by paediatricians, it’s safe to use on your baby’s face and body. 

7. Baby weaning food

Little freddie

Little Freddie Pink Lady Apple Greek Style Yoghurt, price: From 95p | Buy now from Ocado

“'Freddie's does great pouches that my little one loves. They're usually veg based, and are organic.” Recommended by summeryet

When your little one gets to around the six-month mark, you can start thinking about weaning them onto food, and Little Freddie has a great range of weaning-friendly healthy, organic yoghurts and snacks to try - all available at Ocado from 95p.

Little Freddie pouches are all 100% organic baby food and are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. And from 15/06/2022 to 05/07/2022, Ocado has excellent deals on their Little Freddie range, to help you save on your baby’s snacks.

If you prefer HiPP Organic baby food, then Ocado also has offers where you can save £1 on multiple products until 05/07/2022. Or perhaps you’re looking for healthy snacks for your toddler? Then don’t forget the delicious, on-the-go snacks, like Organix Oaty Bars and Kiddylicious Smoothie Melts (both 12+ months).

8. Baby weaning equipment

“The best BPA-free baby feeding products I've tried are the ones from Vital Baby. I've had very good experience using Vital Baby products.” Tried and tested by Sandrurris

When your baby is around six months old, as well as weaning food, you’ll need to be armed with weaning equipment. 

Vital baby weaning cutlery

Vital Baby Start Weaning Spoons, price: £2.50 | Buy now from Ocado

This five-pack of Vital Baby Start Weaning Spoons will help your baby learn how to use utensils and eat their food. The spoons are made from soft BPA-free plastic, and have a narrow tip and a long easy-grip handle, so feeding time is much easier.

These colourful weaning spoons, which are ideal for purees and solids, also have a hygiene rest, are phthalate and latex-free, and are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Vital baby nourish pots

Vital Baby Store & Wean Pots, price: £5 | Buy now from Ocado

Vital Baby Store & Wean Pots are another must-have supermarket baby item, as these six pots are perfectly sized (60 ml) for the early weaning days. For ease of use, these pots are safe to freeze and microwave and they’re also fully leak-proof and stackable.

And again, these Vital Wean Pots are made from safe phthalate-free, latex-free and BPA-free materials.

Wondering what else to buy for a baby? Don’t forget to get a sippy cup - Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup was voted the best overall sippy cup by Mumsnetters! 

Don’t forget about mum

From pregnancy to maternity care, Ocado’s one-stop baby shop has everything you need to take care of yourself, ante- and post-natal. 

Browse their large collection of pregnancy must-haves and plan your postpartum shopping list… After all, the last thing you want to be doing close to birth and soon after delivery is heading to the supermarket. 

Let Ocado do the physical work and bring your shopping directly to you.

1. Multivitamins for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond

Pregnacare multivitamins

Vitabiotics Pregnacare Original, price: £4.25 | Buy now from Ocado

“I took the original pregnacare and was glad I did as I suffered from such bad sickness and nausea in the first trimester, there is no way baby was getting all the nutrients they need as I was literally surviving on salted crackers and crisps.” Recommended by sel2223

Self-care is vital during pregnancy and so it’s important to make sure you’re getting all the right vitamins and minerals. Something that Vitabiotics Pregnacare Original can help with. Packed with 19 vitamins and minerals, these supplements help you get enough iron, zinc, vitamin A, B, C, D, folic acid and much more. 

Vitabiotics Pregnacare Original are gluten-free, free from preservatives, lactose, artificial colours, gelatin and yeast, and are suitable for vegetarians. And until August, you can buy any three supplements and get the cheapest free.

2. Nursing breast pads and nipple cream

Lansinoh breast pads

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Breast Pads, price: £6 | Buy now from Ocado

“I never tried the reusable but the lansinoh disposable ones are very absorbent and very comfortable.” Loved by moreismore

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Breast Pads were voted the best overall breast pads by Mumsnetters and experts - so they’re definitely worth stocking up on in preparation for breastfeeding. 

These super absorbent breast pads fit all breast sizes, come with two non-slip tapes for a secure fit and are made with a soft and breathable material, to ensure maximum comfort no matter what you’re doing. We love that these breast pads are also discreet and naturally contoured - so nobody will be any the wiser that you’re wearing them! Combine the breast pads with Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream (for just £10 for 40ml) and relieve your sore nipples and cracked skin.

3. Sanitary towels

Always ultra sanitary towels

Always Sanitary Towels Ultra Night (Size 3) Wings, price: £3 | Buy now from Ocado

“Always do a good thick one.” Recommended by NotaWagon

For postpartum comfort, you’ll need thick sanitary towels, and Ocado has the perfect protection for you with their Always Sanitary Towels Ultra Night (Size 3) Wings. With an InstantDry system and LeakGuard technology, these sanitary towels offer a quick-absorbing towel and the ultimate protection, for both night and daytime wear.

Always not your first choice? Browse Ocado’s selection of fantastic offers on sanitary pads here.

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