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Best baby moisturiser and lotion

You’re never too young to appreciate well-hydrated skin – even if you’re too tiny to acknowledge it. From luxury to fragrance-free, we’ve rounded up the 10 best baby moisturisers and lotions that’ll keep fragile skin quenched, comfortable and protected. 

By Louise Cole | Last updated Jan 21, 2022

Mother rubbing lotion on baby's back

Infants are renowned for their smooth, sweet-smelling and super-soft skin, so surely lotions are a baby-step too far? Not so. While a newborn’s skin often needs no extra moisturisation for the first few weeks outside the womb thanks to the protective vernix layer, it can become dry once this waxy coating is no longer there to shield it. 

Being so delicate, babies’ skin is susceptible to sensitivity, dryness and irritation, particularly around the elbows, knees, hands, feet and ankles. And while little ones are oblivious to the benefits of skincare, we parents can appreciate the unpleasantness of rough, itchy or flaky skin and the nighttime restlessness that comes with it.

So not only can the right skin-quenching product help to protect, hydrate and soothe your child’s skin, it can also keep them comfortable and aid a good night’s sleep – for both baby and parents.

Here are the best baby moisturisers and lotions to buy this year as recommended by parents. 

1. Best overall baby lotion: Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion

weleda baby lotion

Price: £7 | Buy now from Amazon

“I really love Weleda baby stuff.” 

“The Weleda Calendula baby range is fantastic.” 

 “Another vote for Weleda.” 

Celebrated for centuries for its soothing properties, the calendula flower is an ideal ingredient to include in a designated baby skincare product, such as this calming body lotion from Weleda.

With a milky consistency that absorbs quickly, it provides long-lasting protection from moisture loss and is gentle enough to use from birth, should parents so choose.

While its smell fails to appeal to some users, the majority adore the aroma of this non-greasy lotion that’s 100% natural and organic. 

2. Best budget baby lotion: Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser

child's farm baby moisturiser

Price: £2.90 | Buy now from Amazon

“Childs Farm is the only stuff that doesn’t flare my kids’ skin up.” 

 “Yes, I second Childs Farm – it’s very good.” 

 “Another vote for Childs Farm. It’s the only thing that has helped my DD’s eczema and dry skin.”

Those on a budget will get lots of lotion for their loot with this moisturiser from Childs Farm – and a little of this product goes a long way too, making it a great-value choice. 

Lightly fragranced, it smells fab yet is unlikely to irritate your baby’s skin so is ideal for newborns and babies who need additional skin hydration anywhere from their face to their feet.

Keep expectations in check, however. While this moisturiser is safe for use on children with sensitive skin and eczema, curing skin conditions altogether isn’t its purpose. 

3. Best eco-friendly baby moisturiser: Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Baby Body Lotion

neal's yard baby lotion

Price: £16 | Buy now from Amazon

“I really like Neal’s Yard – natural but effective.” 

“I am a big Neal’s Yard fan – love the brand, love the image, love what they are trying to achieve. I think they appeal to people who want good-quality stuff to put on their skin.”

“My postnatal midwife recommended Neal's Yard. Seems good.” 

Those wanting to leave the lightest environmental footprint possible will appreciate the ethos of Neal’s Yard Remedies. This ethical British brand is fully climate-conscious, boasting an eco factory and being carbon-neutral since 2008.

Featuring starflower and shea butter for their softening qualities, other ingredients include lavender and chamomile to naturally soothe and calm delicate skin. While buying this hypoallergenic lotion will result in a lighter wallet, it’ll also leave you with a clean conscience and a well-moisturised baby.

Although the product’s fragrance is too faint for some customers and getting the product out of the bottle (100% recycled, of course) can be somewhat tricky, it’s arguably a small price to pay for the lack of cost to planet Earth. 

4. Best natural baby lotion: Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Lotion

burt's bees baby lotion

Price: £8.24 | Buy now from Amazon

“Burt’s Bees. I prefer more natural products.” 

“I love Burt's Bees stuff.”  

“I use Burt’s Bees for myself with terribly dry skin – it's lovely and really helps. I use Burt’s Bees Baby for my toddler too, which is really good and milder than the adult version.” 

This nourishing and 99% natural baby lotion is perfect for tackling skin issues from cradle cap to rashes and everything in between.

Tested by paediatricians, it’s made from ingredients including shea butter, beeswax, sunflower seed oil and a hint of buttermilk. The resulting heaven-sent honey scent divides buyers though, who describe it as ‘awful’ or ‘weird’, ‘amazing’ or ‘delicious,’ depending on personal preference.

Love the smell or loathe it, this creamy product will leave your baby’s skin super-soft either way, making dry skin a thing of the past. 

5. Best luxury baby lotion: Chantecaille Bébé Wild Moss Rose Body Lotion

Chantecaille baby lotion

Price: £29.89 | Buy now from Amazon

“I do love Chantecaille.” 

“If you’re looking for premium, cruelty-free skincare, Chantecaille is good.” 

At the opulent end of the market is this sumptuous offering from Chantecaille. Free from harmful chemicals, this body lotion is more like a thick cream that can be used either sporadically on a baby or on a regular basis (if you’re feeling as rich as the product itself).

With a subtle, earthy scent, its superior effectiveness at tackling dry skin, itchiness and redness has resulted in many buyers succumbing to its temptation, using it on themselves as well as their child.

While there’s no denying that this thick, baby-friendly lotion has a high-end price tag, at least you’re likely to be over the free-delivery threshold if you decide to buy it online. 

6. Best baby moisturiser for eczema-prone skin: Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Emollient Cream

aveeno baby cream

Price: £6 | Buy now from Amazon

“We all use Aveeno in our family. It works for us.” 

“Aveeno is AMAZING!” 

Being oily, emollient creams retain water more efficiently and for longer than regular lotions, making them ideal for babies with eczema.

This one from Aveeno is proven to moisturise for 24 hours and its lack of scent is another plus for sufferers of this irksome and itchy condition. Once applied, the product helps to relieve irritable skin and curb the scratching that comes with it, keeping skin flare-ups at bay in the process.

While this cream cannot work miracles – and in some cases may not improve your little one’s eczema-prone skin at all – countless parents are delighted with the difference it’s made. 

7. Best lotion for baby massage: Kokoso Baby Premium Quality Organic Coconut Oil

kokoso coconut oil

Price: £7.49 | Buy now from Amazon

“100% recommend coconut oil. It’s amazing stuff, all natural, easily absorbed… Get some ASAP!” 

“Another one for coconut oil. I used Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil.” 

The benefits of baby massage are widely known – it’s soothing for your newborn, helps them to sleep better, aids digestion and, best of all, it can be a wonderful bonding experience for parent and baby. It can also  reduce your little one’s crying.

The Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is up to the job, whatever your baby’s skin type. It’s packed with nourishing nutrients and is also a multi-tasker that acts as a body butter or bottom balm too. Solid at room temperature, the oil melts in your hands (and also in hot weather, which is worth remembering when you unscrew the lid on summer’s days).

This mini pot is perfect for keeping in your changing bag for when you’re out and about, but a larger size is also available, as is a more lightweight option. 

8. Best vegan baby lotion: Cowshed Baby Milky Body Lotion

cowshed baby lotion

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

“I’ve bought Cowshed baby products as new baby gifts for a couple of friends and received very positive feedback about them.”  

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, against animal testing or a supporter of British-made products, you can rest assured that you’re buying a moisturiser that aligns with your values with this one from Cowshed, whose ‘milky’ consistency fits well with the brand name.

Free from parabens, sulphates and silicones, so containing no nasties, this all-natural body lotion lists cocoa butter, evening primrose and meadowfoam – a safe vegetable oil – among its ingredients to gently moisturise and soothe your child’s skin. 

9. Best organic baby lotion: Organic Babies by Green People Softening Baby Lotion

green people baby lotion

Price: £9.01 | Buy now from Amazon

“The Green People baby range is meant to be amazing. I use their adult products and bought the baby ones for my friend, who said they were wonderful.” 

For organic dry skin relief, look no further than natural skincare brand Green People (the clue’s in the name). It has a loyal following who admire its ethical responsibility and nature-friendly products.

With 95% certified organic ingredients, we love that this softening baby lotion comes in plant-based packaging that’s fully recyclable and completely carbon-neutral, made from renewable sugar cane.

It may not be as moisturising as some lotions, but it’s non-sticky and suitable for sensitive skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It can also be used to clean your baby’s nappy area. 

10. Best fragrance-free baby lotion: Aquamax Cream

aquamax cream

Price: £8.35 | Buy now from Amazon

“There is a cream called Aquamax. I buy it on Amazon. It's unscented and very good.” 

When your baby has sensitive skin, fragrances often exacerbate any dryness or irritation issues. Aquamax Cream is scent-free, making it a reliable go-to product for children with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions, as well as a lifesaver for pregnant mums with a heightened sense of smell who cannot stomach fragrance.

Although this is a thick emollient, it’s also non-greasy, long-lasting and extremely moisturising. Smooth it into your little one’s skin in the direction of hair growth as and when required. 

Can I put lotion on my newborn’s face? 

Most baby lotions and moisturisers are suitable for use on your child’s face, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions – some are intended for use on the body only, while others should only be used once your baby is a few months old. Use all-natural products wherever possible on your infant’s face and always avoid the eye area when applying.

Is baby lotion safe to use?

It goes without saying that the fewer harmful chemicals used to make a product, the safer it will be for your baby, so always take a look at the label – less is more here. Steer clear of lotions that list reams of ingredients and go for those with minimal components, preferably natural ones.

Be aware that some baby moisturisers contain alcohol – sometimes listed as ‘ethanol’ in the ingredients – which can dehydrate skin and will sting your baby’s eyes if it gets in them by accident. Fragrance-free creams and lotions are less likely to have alcohol in them than scented ones.

Always rub the moisturiser in well to prevent it getting in your baby’s eyes or mouth. 

When should I use baby lotion?

Your baby is unlikely to need any extra moisturisation for the first few weeks of life, after which you can use lotion whenever your little one’s skin needs some TLC, as well as after bathing, swimming, exposure to the sun and spending time in dry or cold air either inside or outside the home. Introduce creams and moisturisers to your baby sparingly and ensure that you have clean hands when applying.

If your baby has eczema or another skin condition that isn’t improving or appears to be painful, you should consult a doctor.  

How do I choose a baby moisturiser or lotion?

Whether or not your child has a particular skin concern will influence which baby moisturiser or lotion you choose. Those with eczema will benefit from an unscented one, for example. Babies with normal skin will, unsurprisingly, have a wider choice of products than their sensitive-skinned counterparts, but there are certain factors to take into consideration no matter what their skin type.

All baby skincare products should be mild and gentle, so look for those with natural ingredients and be mindful that the more nasty ingredients they contain – such as sulphates and parabens – the higher the likelihood of a skin reaction. Avoid heavily fragranced, alcohol-based and dyed ones that could irritate delicate skin. Hypoallergenic lotions are a good choice.

What will suit one baby will be unsuitable for another, so it’s often a case of trial and error and ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget, with lotions varying in price from just a few pounds to almost £50 – and sometimes more. 

Which moisturiser is best for babies?

The best moisturiser for babies is the Baby Calendula Body Lotion from Weleda – a brand that crops up time and time again in the Mumsnet forums, with users impressed by this mid-range product’s velvety-soft results. Realistically priced and free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colourants, countless happy parents give it a fully-hydrated thumbs-up.  

How we chose our recommendations

We first headed to the Mumsnet forums to find out which baby moisturisers and lotions discerning Mumsnetters recommended and had bought themselves, noting their feedback about these brands. We then drew up a shortlist of those that were repeatedly mentioned.

From there, we did some research across the wider web, consulting independent review sites and taking into account what customer reviews said about the products featured. Having collated all that information, we picked the baby moisturisers and lotions we thought were worthy of taking the titles in an array of interest categories.

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